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A project for Art class. The second one is the original colors on the schools Pro tablet while the first one was touched up on my PC.

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what I don't get is their ship is canon. They got what they wanted? They got their boat bang. He's supposedly so in love. So why the hell are they so pressed & wasting so much energy trolling through the jonsa tag & startin shit? If we're so crazy & delusional why u even taking the time to engage?


Like you got your ship. I know you barely got development or decent scenes and the sex scene was 30 seconds of two undercooked chicken thighs awkwardly humping but isn’t this what you wanted? You got your “ice and fire” on screen and yet all you do is troll your anti tag and show how pressed you are on other posts? Listen I know Jon and Dany was underwhelming and but damn I expected people that obsessed with their ship to be more into it. They talk about anti and Jonsa more than they talk about Dany rubbing her dry cooch on Jon’s thigh. Go flick yourself to your 2 second sex scene or channel these delusions you like to spread into some decent fanfic (Lords knows yall could use some with them low numbers y'all got). Go tell each other that Jon And Dany are ice and fire and will get married and have babies 100 times until you actually believe it. Do Something, Anything besides continuously make yourself look pathetic and dumb in other people’s replies. That’s why I don’t even debate them. I don’t entertain stupid for too long, dragging not even fun when it’s that easy. Like get a life, some dick, some pussy if that’s what you’re into, some therapy, or all of the above cuz all y'all doing is providing us with entertainment and fueling my ego that gets off on controlling other people’s emotions lol

If you remember my friend @wait-a-seccond they apparently got terminated. i tried going to the blog and it came up as an error page so i would like to spread this message. Out of the blue it just, poof, disappeared. Send all ya love and support to aster and do whatever you can to help, even just a reblog would help. They didn’t even get a notification. Somebody must have done something wrong, so if you know a way to help, please do. Im now startin the tag “assist aster” spread the word like wildfire my beautiful followers