'Propa' Hashbrowns (Vegetarian)

Makes 6 - 8

There is something so wonderfully comforting (and unhealthy) about a mouth full of potato alongside your morning beans. For me, after a long night of dinner service nothing but hash browns soothes my bleary eyes and sore feet. It also helps distract from the lingering smell of spilt merlot, wafting from my work clothes in the washing basket. It is the ultimate comfort food, and socially acceptable to consume before 9am (or after 1am). I don’t tend to indulge myself in these too often, because apparently eating a diet of mostly fried potato isn’t actually all that good for you (It was an upsetting realisation I can tell you that). However, when I do it’s because really what treats you better than a hot fried cake of shredded potato and red onion? Nothing.

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Leek and Goats cheese Tartlets (Vegetarian)

Serves 4

This is another recipe which I was playing around with last weekend, combining Goats cheese (aka, my favourite ingredient in the world) and leeks instead of onions. I think I’m going into an onion overload at the moment, so change was nice and delicious. I would recommend using fresh thyme for this if you can afford it, but the usual also works just as well (just don’t sprinkle it on top instead of using a sprig … it’s not that great when it isn’t cooked into anything, in my opinion). This would definitely make a lovely started if you;re having friends over and want to impress. It’s simple, low cost, but maximum taste.

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Scrambled Eggs with Onion, Sweet Pepper and Garlic (Vegetarian)

Serves 1

It’s very rare that I will eat a “proper” breakfast. Usually I’ll just grab an espresso and some form of fruit before leaving for the day. Old habits die hard it seems, but I have been trying to rectify that recently. After all your mother wasn’t lying when she told you that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Eggs are one of the best vegetarian breakfast options, because they can be cooked in so many great ways and are packed with protein! This is my favourite way to cook them, and usually sweat the garlic for a little longer than the norm for maximum flavour. Whoever said scrambled eggs had to be boring was a damn liar!

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