ok for an actual gen 7 wishlist:

  • for my pokemon to walk behind me like they did in hgss (but optional)
  • for the dexnav that was in oras to come back
  • to still have pokemon amie, super training, etc
  • please no fire/fighting starter
  • a waaaay more interesting plot than x and y, a villain who actually has a good goal and you can understand their perspective. (not like. destroy the world like lysandre wanted, and not people who know they are evil like team rocket.)
  • perhaps another eeveelution?
  • more than 72 pokemon this gen
  • please at least have 100 new pokemon for gen 7 i beg of you
  • a legendary trio this generation since we didnt have one last gen
  • more type combinations never seen/used before
  • character customization to make a comeback
  • way more options than x and y offered, including even more hair colors/styles, more than 3 skin color options (seriously. white, white, and a light brown wasnt good enough), more clothing options, maybe even more accessories?
  • maybe bring back contests? like with putting accessories on your pokemon like in gen 4
  • bring back friend safaris

ok thats all i can think of for now. feel free to add onto this if u want!! :3

Ситуацията е psycho,
положението е жалко,
защото простотията настъпва бързо и не по-малко,
и е хайко да намерим по-приятен път,
защото bad и fault се опитват да ни спрат.

@endrethesly liked for m!a possessed starter

As much as Loki wanted to leave Asgard, he knew Sif couldn’t just disappear without a trace. It would raise too much attention. So, he had to linger around and make plans first.

Meaning Loki had to pretend being Sif; participate in weapons practice, and eat and drink with her friends. Luckily Sif was unpopular as always, and had only a small circle of friends he all knew.

Except for this one. He cocked his -hers- head and tried to figure out who the boy with black hair was. He seemed to be familiar with, very much so, although he had no quality on him that Loki could see Sif liking about. His first thought was to send the boy away, it would have not been at all uncharacteristic of Sif to just order people around. But leaving a thread untied might be a problem later.

Loki had spent the last night practicing in front of a mirror, and a friendly smile spread on Sif’s features.

“Well well, look what the cat dragged in.”


I thought the last kit was too far… I think I’m in need of some saving. 

Kit includes:

  • Two white birthday candles 
  • Four bits of parchment
  • Hibiscus flower 
  • A tiny sand dollar
  • A small chunk of charcoal 
  • One dragon’s blood dhoop cone 
  • Four matches
  • One small, black velvet pouch
  • One stick of cinnamon
  • A length of hemp cord, #20
  • A match starter
  • A tiny safety pin
  • One little feather