ok for an actual gen 7 wishlist:

  • for my pokemon to walk behind me like they did in hgss (but optional)
  • for the dexnav that was in oras to come back
  • to still have pokemon amie, super training, etc
  • please no fire/fighting starter
  • a waaaay more interesting plot than x and y, a villain who actually has a good goal and you can understand their perspective. (not like. destroy the world like lysandre wanted, and not people who know they are evil like team rocket.)
  • perhaps another eeveelution?
  • more than 72 pokemon this gen
  • please at least have 100 new pokemon for gen 7 i beg of you
  • a legendary trio this generation since we didnt have one last gen
  • more type combinations never seen/used before
  • character customization to make a comeback
  • way more options than x and y offered, including even more hair colors/styles, more than 3 skin color options (seriously. white, white, and a light brown wasnt good enough), more clothing options, maybe even more accessories?
  • maybe bring back contests? like with putting accessories on your pokemon like in gen 4
  • bring back friend safaris

ok thats all i can think of for now. feel free to add onto this if u want!! :3

Send №+ and a number, and I’ll write a starter based on the number you send.  Send №+random and I’ll pick one at random.
  1. A shopping at the mall themed starter
  2. A starter of our muses exploring a new city
  3. A horror themed starter
  4. A cops and criminals themed starter
  5. A starter of our muses exploring a snowy iceland
  6. A starter of our muses exploring a jungle
  7. A starter with our muses exploring a cave
  8. A starter with our muses as captives/prisoners
  9. A starter that has something to do with music
  10. A holiday themed starter
  11. A magic show themed starter
  12. An Oregon trail themed starter
  13. A starter that has something to do with TV shows
  14. A starter that has something to do with movies
  15. A starter of our muses fighting off bad guys
  16. A starter of our muses exploring a desert
  17. A cowboys and indians themed starter
  18. A wizards and witches themed starter
  19. A starter that has something to do with video games
  20. A space themed starter

I thought the last kit was too far… I think I’m in need of some saving. 

Kit includes:

  • Two white birthday candles 
  • Four bits of parchment
  • Hibiscus flower 
  • A tiny sand dollar
  • A small chunk of charcoal 
  • One dragon’s blood dhoop cone 
  • Four matches
  • One small, black velvet pouch
  • One stick of cinnamon
  • A length of hemp cord, #20
  • A match starter
  • A tiny safety pin
  • One little feather