A trip to the beach.

Evan woke up from the sun beating on his face. It was warm even through the window. He smiled to himself and stretched his muscles before leaning over to kiss Ariella’s head. He sat up, swinging his legs over the side. Today he was going to the beach with Gulianna. He was looking forward to spending the day with her. He moved towards the bathroom down the hall to take a shower. He didn’t want to wake Ella up. Getting to the other bathroom he put the water on and got under. The heat drawing out some of the tension his body held. The wounds on his back were almost all fully closed. Some had closed already, but, not all of them. His shower had only lasted about 15 minutes before he was grabbing the towel and wrapping it around his waist.

He made his way into his bedroom for clothes. He decided on wearing basketball shorts, and a sleeveless shirt. He didn’t even want to bring a shirt really since they were spending the day at the beach, but, in case they went up on the boardwalk to eat or shop, he didn’t need the whole world seeing his back. He sighed as he grabbed his backpack, adding his wallet, keys to the house, and some bottles of water. 

He sent a text to Gulianna telling her he was ready and that whenever she wanted to meet they could. He smiled and went downstairs to make himself some breakfast as he waited for what to do next.