Plant Boy? [starter with panickypeachboy]


Momotaro had been traveling as per usual when he came across a massive temple.  It was by far the largest building he’s ever seen.  It was modeled after a Gothic Cathedral, though perhaps the term “palace” would be more accurate for this place.

Two statues of a woman flanked the entrance, arms wide open as if to welcome him into the temple, as if telling him that he’s safe here.  It certainly seemed inviting enough…


He’s been wandering around his greenhouse for a good hour or so, checking the plants and taking samples (and putting them on the little cart he’s pushing around) for analysis. He can tell they’re doing very well, but the computers would tell the folks less in tune with mother nature’s medicine cabinet just how rich his plants are growing. He brushes a ladybug off his arm as he looks over he last test results, completely unaware of the other person who’d joined him.

conlotta !!!

         owen was not happy——- oh, NOT AT ALL. he was pissed, beyond
         it, and everyone knew about it, especially the raptors. they were pacing
         close to the bars of the cage, eyes shifting towards their alpha before
         flickering away when he locked eyes with them. the other trainers are
         avoiding him, not meeting his eye because they know what’s wrong
         with him. they know exactly what the problem is. W H O is causing his

            SHE was coming back. jo harvelle was returning to work in the raptor
            paddock, and he LOATHED her, absolutely hated her ever since he 
            had met her. since she had been training under him, because her 
            personality was one that he HATED. she thought she was so much 
            better than everyone else, god owen hated it. but his boss demanded
            that she was to come back, so owen had to DEAL with it. 

             the sound of gravel moving causes him to finally stop glaring at the
             plant that had OFFENDED him so much, and looks to see a car parking
             and he moves away from the cage, ignoring the whining sound blue 
             makes. his green eyes are dark as he watches the blonde get out of
             her car, his arms crossed over his chest as his jaw tightens. once 
             she’s in hearing range, he grits his teeth before he rolls his eyes. 

                      ❝     I would say ‘welcome back’ but you know…    ❞

Planting Memories || Hallen and OPEN

Hallen had finally moved into his new home and was content. It was hard being away from Halloween Town but he knew it must be done. He couldn’t live in that environment anymore and needed to take care of him and his family. He knew the town was safe now and there was no fear of monsters intruding. Everything was calm.

In his front yard he was planting some flowers to brighten up the place. His house was a little drab in the front so he thought it could use some color.

Patting down the last plant a shadow appeared over him and he looked up with a smile on his face, “Hey.” He couldn’t exactly tell who it was since the sun was right beside them so the only hint he had was their silhouette.

Klaus is leaving (resub)

Trading: Klaus the Smug Bear, Near Original
Looking for: Marina, Kiki OR items from my wishlists/saplings and plant starters
Move date: 5/10 In-game (Tomorrow, but I’d like to get him out today)
Additional info
1. He’s wearing my face.
2. He’s only missing the one Pantheon Post in his house, which I can order for you, if you want.
3. I will get rid of the bad word that is his catchphrase (unless you really want it.)
tumblr URLnerdyalterego, also see my ACNL page for more town info
Mayor Name/Town Name: Melody/T'bonia
FC: 3969-5170-4384 

queenofplants liked for a starter || Plant Queen

                         🃇 Joker sighs, tapping his pencil on his desk. Not a good idea in weeks, to Gotham he’s silent. He had told Harley to leave until he needed her for something (he assumes she went to hang out with Pam), but so far nothing has come. Rubbing his temples he groans, having not slept in weeks, and not caring enough to do so.
                     He freezes when he hears a noise, shoulders tensing more than they already were. When he confirms it to be a person, he grabs the handle of the gun that’s on his desk, not lifting it.

What do you want?! he snaps, irritated, fingers drumming on the desk.

I’m busy so just try to
give me a reason not to shoot
. 🃇



DESPITE HER ABILITIES ranging from transformation, swordplay, magic, and manipulation of EARTH itself, the princess would never find herself to be the textbook definition of perfect. That flawed essence of herself would be strongly represented in certain parts of her life; in this case, the wilting flower she had been attempting to grow for weeks now. Gifted a miniature package of seeds from Camilla, the results her care had fostered were lackluster at best.

TRULY, AID WAS required quickly in order to save this young plant’s budding life. ❛ Hey, Elise, would you happen to know anything about gardening? I’ve been trying to grow a potted plant but…. yeah, it hasn’t really worked out. ❜

مجموعه یونیتی Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2015

Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2015 با دانلود این بسته دیگه نیازی به هیچ چیز دیگری برای ساخت یک بازی رایانه ای توسط موتور بازی سازی یونیتی نخواهید داشت .

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So many plants… There were shops for plants, humans never ceased to have odd places to go for rather specific things. Fascinated eyes were finally pulled away from the plants while hands patted around for a pencil and notepad she had on hand. Flagging down the only person she could actually see, messy scribbling followed before holding it up.

Excuse me - is are there any plants here that can attract butterflies by any chance? 

The Mimosa Tree - 📹 Video with Sea Gulls and Rain

The Mimosa Tree – 📹 Video with Sea Gulls and Rain

I fell in love with this tree when I first saw it; it was in the garden of a friend’s house. ( At least I thought he was a friend.) To make a long story short – he gave me a starter shoot and I planted it. Today, it lives and thrives in my backyard. It is both beautiful and horrid at one and nearly the same time. Never witnessed a tree that was so labor intensive. When it blooms it is extremely…

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