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If I were to start making a garden for witchcraft/spells, what would be the best things to grow?

Omg I love this question! (thanks for asking!) any chance for me to talk about plants YESSS

okay! Here’s a list of good starter plants you can find just about anywhere. Walmart, Home Depot and lowes or any nursery. :)

•Garden Sage-astringent//protection, purification, wishes. Dry it out and burn it for smoke cleansing or use small amounts of dried leaves in tea.

•Lavender-nervous disorders, insomnia, anxiety disorders//love, protection, sleep, purification, peace, happiness. Good in tea or to put under your pillow to help calm nerves and induce a peaceful sleep.

•Dandelion (yes. The weed.)-liver disorders, diabetes, anemia//divination, wishes, calling spirits. All parts of this plant are edible. The roots are good in tea, the greens are great in salad!

•Rosemary-heart palpitations, headaches, sleep//protection, purification, love, memory. Leaves are nice dried in tea and can be added fresh to salads and cooking.

•Thyme-astringent//courage, health, anti-nightmare. Same as Rosemary.

•Mint (spearmint or peppermint)-astringent//happiness, love, passion, prosperity, purification, sleep, healing, psychic powers. The greens are great fresh in cooking, smell nice when dried out and used in potpourri, and taste wonderful when used in tea.

•Marigold-bee/wasp stings, swelling, stimulant, fevers//protection, clairvoyant dreams. Rub leaves on bug bites or stings to keep swelling and pain and itching down. Dried greens in tea are helpful in combatting fevers.

•Verbena (Aka Vervain)-calms mind, relieves stress, sedative//love, protection, creativity. Dried leaves are tasty in tea. Smells great! Put some in your pillow case for a restful nights sleep. Also the blooms are multicolored and lovely.

•Mexican Heather-anti inflammatory, astringent, promotes faster healing//protection, rain-making, luck. These gorgeous flowers are amazing. Dried leaves in tea~

•Bamboo-antioxidant, regulates menstruation, indigestion//protection, luck, hex-breaking, wishes. The shoots and leaves are packed with yummy goodness.

All of these are pretty and relatively hardy! I would also recommend watering them with charged moon water, and buying jewelry with Moss Agate in it (I have a moss agate bracelet I wear). Wearing it while you work with your plants will enhance your ‘green thumb’. Also talk to them and make sure they gets lots of sunlight and water

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Susan was standing in front of the memorial plaque the school had placed in tribute
to Cedric Diggory. She would come at least once a week, sometimes bringing flowers
or little notes. She would mostly look at it in silence while crying. She still had troubles
to believe he was gone. Dead. Hearing someone coming closer, she just had time to
wipe her eyes before seeing Lee Jordan had joined her at Cedric’s three. 

❝ I…I was almost done. You can have the place to yourself.❞

The plant is aggressive || Wake || open || Prologue

Wake finally regained consciousness ater touching the plant. Though he still laid on the ground unable to move. How could a plant be so dangerous. He takes note of the plant and decides to stay away from it.

He still found himself unable to get himself up.

“Is uh, anyone there?”

But today was nice coz I got my starter plants at the garden and I saw so many great ppl I know and then I figured since I was in the area I would visit my friend at the coffee shop she works at n that was cool and her coworker didn’t make me pay 4 my coffee, and then when I was walking to my bus stop I saw my other friend as he was leaving this bike shop and we walked down town and it was all really pleasant I don’t know why I’m talking about all of this but I thought I would anyways it just made me happy

Strawberry Growing Tips

Every spring as I get the starter plants ready to take out to the garden I can’t help but say to myself ‘This is going to be the best growing year ever!’. And here it is … THIS IS THE YEAR!!!! We spent 1 hour in the now 25’x50′ veggie garden working the soil and weeding the 8’x4′ strawberry patch, weeding and transplanting in the raspberry garden along the side of the veggie garden making it one…

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Little Things of the Day - May 19th

- I went to Ikea and I finally bought myself a plant. I got a little succulent, since i thought that was a good starter plant :)

- We went to walmart and costco to get food for our trip up to the mountain soon :)

- I was called into work, which I wasn’t like super pumped about, but it ended up being okay and I worked over four hours so that’ll be nice come payday 

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“Plant man I sorry in advance for if any reason I accidentally throw a Metal Blade, and it ends up cutting one of your roots.” Wow, what other way to start conversation. Whatever, at least the other knows not to mess with him or whatever.

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ive officially put away my seed sprouter box….why start with seeds when theres cheap starter plants all around you amirite ladies