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Closed Starter || The Plant Menagerie

~ @prophetxmyungsoo ~

His office looked barren. Too barren. Even with the books that he had brought in to fill the bookcases, and the antique armoire he had had brought in and shoved into the corner by the window, something was still missing. And Kibum knew exactly what that thing was. The room was missing life; the very thing that he had come to teach there was a deficiency of in his own office. Plants. He had been making an awful lot of shopping trips lately, but there were things he simply needed. And it wasn’t like plants were terribly expensive. He would simply have to fill the room with them. So he wished his bonsai tree goodbye and hurried into the fireplace on the right side of the room opposite the stairs. He would have to get some more Floo Powder too.

When Kibum finally reached Diagon Alley, feeling more than a little ruffled by the trip, he set out for a plant shop. He didn’t really enjoy magical travel, but it was unarguably the fastest and most convenient method of travel. Even if he always came out a bit dusty afterwards. He found the plant shop easily, following the scent of earth and leaves. It wasn’t an extremely large shop, but it would suit his needs. And probably be fairly empty by the end of the day. One by one Kibum, went around the shop and looked at each plant, pulling a small notebook out of one of his pockets along with a regular ball point pen. They were two items that he had learned were always convenient to carry when going out, even if they weren’t traditional wizarding items. He wrote down the names of each plant that he came across that he wanted for his office, most of which had some kind of magical or medicinal purpose but some of which were merely ornamental. When he was finished with his list, he handed it over to the shop owner along with payment, and the man hurried off to begin packaging them for delivery. It was only then that Kibum noticed there was anyone else in the shop at all. There was a man standing and admiring a particularly poisonous plant. Kibum felt inclined to tell him that it was. The fact that the man was quite attractive made that even more imperative.

“You’ll want to wash your hands after touching that. It’s quite poisonous.”

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This is was suppose to be the Winx Club’s vacation, a nice trip to one of Earth’s fashion capitals, Paris, France, but Flora couldn’t ignore the fight, especially since the when the villain was using plants to hurt people. What brought her into the fight the most was the scared cries of those plants being used in such an awful way.

With a burst of magic, she made villain’s attack on the superheroes fail, the plants staying still. When attention was on her, the fairy of nature called out, “How can you say speak for the plants when you can’t even hear how scared they are? They don’t want any part of what you’re doing to these humans.”

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While in New York for Musa’s birthday to see one of Earth’s famous “musicals”, Flora had wondered away from the group toward a small side street where she could feel the faint whispers of plants among the clamor of a big city. She walked right past the flower shop as it didn’t draw her attention as much as the flower boxes in front of a small restaurant. 

The flowers there talked over magic and wizards, and Flora knelt down to talk to them about the magic they knew of. “From inside? Hmm, there does seem to be a presence here. What are the people who live here like? Well, he seems very nice to keep you all healthy.”