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Hey! Got any johto starter lines hcs? :D


* Chikorita loves to soak up the sunlight. It loves the warmth from the sunshine and can spend all day just laying in the sun and napping.

* The leaf on a Chikorita’s head gives off a nice and soothing aroma that can create a nice and cozy atmosphere for any room or area it’s in. Having multiple Chikoritas can amplify this effect but too much can cause sleepiness.

* Chikorita is very docile and can be passive at times, it’s a pokemon used to going with the flow of things. Some pokemon tend to see this as a weakness but the Chikorita can defend itself no problem and send other pokemon running.


* Totodile likes to pick fights with other pokemon, especially those bigger than itself. It’s a tough pokemon despite it’s small size so it can actually put up a fight for the other pokemon.

* Totodile is also very playful with both other pokemon and it’s trainer. It’s very energetic and can go on for a while but when they tire out, they can sleep for most of the day.

* Totodile also has a bit of a bad habit of being lazy, especially in pokemon battles. It’ll sometimes ignore their trainer’s commands or even sleep in the middle of the battle if it gets bored. It’s especially lazy when their trainer is training them to try and evolve them.


* Cyndaquil is a very timid pokemon. It ha a hard time socializing with other pokemon and can even act shy towards it’s own trainer. It can also be very jumpy, the fire on it’s back flaring up when scared.

* Although being very shy, the Cyndaquil is very friendly. You’ll never see one act mean or cruel towards others and is always generous and shares anything it has with others.

* Surprisingly, Cyndaquils love to battle, especially when working together with a teammate. Their shyness goes right out the window in a battle and they’ll always do their hardest to win.

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any Pokemon au's like teams and types for the a1 students

ou yeah i think about this a lot, i’m gonna go with teams and i didn’t do all the students cause i’m kinda lazy but i hope you enjoy


- electrabuzz

- typhlosion (starter) 

- houndoom 

- arcanine 

- magmotar 


- golduck

- machoke 

- emboar (starter)

- metagross



- blaziken (starter)

- phantump 

- sylveon 

- pancham

- Cacturne


- rowlet (starter)

- scyther 

- skarmory 

- Aggron

- Honedge


- garchomp 

- mamoswine 

- lapras 

- darumaka 

- chikorita (starter)


- raichu (duh, it’s his starter too) 

- krokorok

- ludicolo 

- scraggy 

- AND scrafty 


- Scolipede

- Misdreavus 

- volcanrona 

- ariados 

- mudkip (starter)


- wartortle (starter)

- shellder 

- politoed 

- milotic 

- Altaria