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Familiar Faces (starter for @breathless-swimmer)

Dreams and goals don’t always work out as planned and Makoto learned this first hand when he moved to Tokyo. His initial dream of becoming a swimming coach for kids was bypassed when he was presented with an even greater opportunity…coach for the Japanese Olympics Swim Team. He hadn’t expected the call when he got it but accepted instantly anyway. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he wasn’t about to pass it up.

He was nervous his first day when he arrived at the training facility, but tried to do his best to hide it and with his game face on, he entered and called for his team to line-up as he introduced himself. “Good Morning, I’m Coach Tachibana and I’m very excited to work with you all. First thing I would like to do is roll-call and then stretches.” When no one said a word he started reading off the names and almost dropped his clipboard when he got to the Ns.

One specific name stood out, ‘There is no way that’s him…it can’t be the same guy…’ Makoto thought as he read off the name. “Nanese Haruka.” He called out and waited to see if his suspicion was confirmed.

hear ye, hear ye! what ya gonna do when the big bad has been defeated and your organization just won the mad respect of thedas? why throw a huge party to celebrate, of course!

the inquisition would like to hereby invite you to the inaugural skyhold grand tourney. bring your companions, champions, and warden heroes along for maximum fun times!

[this is an rp event beginning from 29th January 10:00 EST and ending on 6th February 10:00 EST (approximately a week)]:

  • no signing up required! just post an open starter (or a planned one–work things out with an rp partner!) related to the tourney and tag it with: event: the grand tourney. others will find your post in the tag and (hopefully) respond to you!
  • everyone is welcome to join regardless of fandom, as long as you have a dragon age verse and it makes sense for your character to be at skyhold. (yes, even you, solas)
  • there is no pre-determined list of activities that will take place in the tourney thus far, but here are a few ideas to get you started:  jousting, melee, archery contests, wrestling, throwing horseshoes, throwing hammers, throwing logs, sprint races, feasting, drinking, storytelling, singing, dancingyou get the gist of it, right?
  • most importantly: have fun!!