starter water evolution

This came out too cute.. what the frick :|

This little one has been getting a lot of hate like it’s pre evo and I don’t see why cus it’s freaking adorable. I’ll admit I didn’t like Popplio at first but he kinda grew on me and then this one has made me want it as my starter instead of the one I was originally gonna choose. I love it <3

Brionne/Pokemon © The pokemon company & Nintendo
Art © SolarGem


I think those are still pretty boring. I’m just not creative engough for Pokémon XD
But they were fun anyways, so they did their thing.

In case anyone’s wondering:
The grass thingy is inspired by a Phylliidae,
the water bird is inspired by a Sulidae (Gannet or Boobie?)
the fire dragon is inspired by an Alpine newt.

I was wondering why people don’t seem to be freaking out quite as much about cute li’l Popplio as they are the other two new starters, but then I realized:

Try as they might, the Pokémon company’s already reached the pinnacle of adorable seals.

They can go no higher.