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“I never thought it would be this weird to go back to my normal everyday life..” But Amelia’s short vacation felt like she spent an eternity away from here, even if she never actually left Arcardia. “Did I miss anything important?” It most certainly felt that way - she did not even know where her own family was; all that she returned to was an empty house - but she wanted to give the other person the chance to share information that was important to them. “And how have you been? I can’t even remember the last time we had a chance to talk to each other.” 

If they ever talked before. Sometimes it was hard for Amelia to remember things - her mind was just so focused on everything that went on in her life at the moment. 

“ sorry for going mia, things got really busy and i had to go back to miami with mom and all that. but i’m finally back in la after two weeks and i’ve missed it so much.  have i missed anything??“ 

when everything i watch is ending (and no real real hint to s7 for ouat)
i just wanna crawl into a hole and be like “welp it was nice knowing ya”

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The last place Mike really wanted to be at was a party. But alas, here he was anyways, a red solo cup in hand (his good one) as he wandered around the large house. A few months ago, Mike would have loved it here. Scantily dressed women, booze, and good music? What wasn’t there to love? But now, even the little things in life seemed pointless. 

Most of his friends from back home were surprisingly cool about what happened. Mike didn’t actually think that they believed is his story or anything, but in the eyes of those who only wanted to climb up the social ladder, what happened made the guy a literal bad ass in their eyes. He felt the opposite of course, that he didn’t do enough, that he was emotionally and physically scared, as his left hand would show.

His face hurt from holding his usual smirk, but he kept the facade up anyways. Greeting everyone at the party with his usual jest and good nature. The burn of the alcohol occasionally pouring down his throat helped too, made him feel lighter, like he could forget the past even for just a minute.

Seeing the back of someone’s familiar head, he hesitated before wandering over, nudging their shoulder lightly as he moved to stand next to them. “They should hire a new DJ next time, I think. I mean, how many times are we going to have to listen to Crazy in Love?” he mused, avoiding the obvious.

Sat at an empty table, the brunette fidgeted in her seat as she stabbed her fork into the food placed before her. She wasn’t even remotely hungry, however, in her silly mind she had believed the smell of Chinese food would instantly make her stomach growl. Under different circumstances, it would. As she finally grabbed the untouched plate, the brunette stood up, intending to return it before, abruptly her body bumped into another and stumbled backwards a few steps. The petite girl plummeted to the floor, shrimps and salad splattered on her. “Fuck fuck fuck,” she cursed, her eyes fluttered shut for a brief moment. “Watch where you’re going for God’s sake!"