starter apparel

I was too upset yesterday to post this, but I wanted to. Wednesday evening I was training and I felt really good. I was only supposed to hit 285 lbs as my heaviest lift that night but I had just gotten this new shirt (from an IG friends starter apparel company – she’s @ironalliance on IG, check her out!!) and I wanted to show it off while playing with some serious weight.

Initially I hit 385 and that was the heaviest I wanted to go, but 385 flew up. So 405 went on the bar. Ez-pz. This was the IG post that apparently pissed off those two guys that tried to rudely “call me out” yesterday.

I know it might be hard to believe on occasion, but I don’t run steroids. I don’t even have the money to afford my own place, let alone afford expensive illegal drugs. I will be the first to defend someone’s right to use steroids as much and as often as they like, but right now it’s not in the cards for me to play with that stuff, especially given my reproductive health issues (which I’ve documented on tumblr for the last few months).

Logically, I don’t have anything to gain by lying about this kind of thing. And I wouldn’t want to lie to all the awesome people I’ve connected with through social media over the years. So when I say I’m natural, I am being 100% honest.

That said, I can’t wait to do a drug-free meet/ competition and pass any drug test with flying colors, lol.