kick ass, go to space, represent the human race (with u)
kick ass, go to space, represent the human race (with u)

so i made another fan song!! this one’s klance, and no it’s not sad, this one’s more cute n happy?? we need positive vibes after that langst song… anyway, this song is based around keith and lance’s interactions in season 3 in mullet’s point of view. 


i don’t know when it started
it just slowly became
a feeling, a feeling
warm in my chest

somewhere in the midst of this
our hardships and battles
you began to mean more
more than i expected

i never thought that i would be
smiling so foolishly
at you
another fool

your hand on my shoulder
your words finding me a way
you were almost like the break of light
when my strength had worn away

and you can lean on me
like i’ve leaned on you
and though i’m not the best
at knowing what to say

maybe along the way
i want to grow with you
empower you

be a better team
a team of red and blue
with you

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Shima Comforting his S/O After a Particularly Rough Day:

  • the day was long and it had only just started
  • it was just a really off day where nothing could go right honestly 
  • you felt like everything was against you (even if it really wasn’t) 
  • you decided the best mode of action - was to go back to bed 
  • but you wanted to be comforted - you wanted to be with someone
  • with Shima
  • so (even though it was still early morning) you headed to his dorm and knocked 
  • you heard Bon’s voice respond with a ‘Come in’ (Bon - that’s dangerous) 
  • so you opened the door and popped your head in, looking for Shima
  • all eyes were on you 
  • Bon’s, Koneko’s and Shima’s 
  • Shima sat up on hi bed, putting his manga down and smiling at you with a ‘Hey babe’
  • you crossed the room - heading right over to him -
  • and curled up in the bed with a huff
  • Bon and Koneko shared a glance at each other before they looked to Shima 
  • ‘Baby, are you okay..?’ he questioned softly, laying next to you - facing you - one arm draped over you 
  • you shook your head, your bottom lip trembling and Shima glanced back up at Bon who was already getting up from the desk, Koneko following his lead
  • Shima gently rubbed your back as Bon and Koneko quietly exited the dorm room - probably heading down to the library or to get something to eat - Shima didn’t know and didn’t care right now 
  • he finally convinced you to tell him what was wrong, wiping the tears off of your cheeks for you and murmuring very quietly to try and sooth you enough to get you talking 
  • you felt stupid for crying, but you knew Shima wouldn’t judge you - and he didn’t 
  • he listened to everything you had to say, carefully shushing you whenever you got too overwhelmed to speak and soothing you back down enough so you could continue talking to him 
  • When you were finished explaining he ran his hand through your hair before offering up a weak but comforting smile 
  • “It’s okay baby. I know it doesn’t seem like it right now - but in just a few years - you won’t even remember this. And if you do it’ll seem so small and insignificant - you won’t even know why you were upset in the first place. Trust me. ‘This too shall pass’ - or something like that, right?” he explained with a careful laugh - trying to make you at least grin (but he was hoping for a laugh) 
  • he’d relax a bit more if he managed to get a grin out of you - his own smile becoming more real as he began cracking so many jokes trying to make you laugh 
  • and if he had too…
  • tICKLEs
  • merciless tickles! 
  • making you laugh so hard your sides hurt! 
  • when Bon pops his head back in a few hours later you and Shima are laid up in bed together, watching a comedy and snacking on sweets (like strawberry pocky!) 
  • (he shuts the door back though, not letting ya’ll know he’d checked in and him and Koneko go to bother Rin for a few hours before he sends Shima a text asking if him and you want to come to Rin’s for some lunch/dinner) 
  • Shima would leave the decision up to you 
  • cause he would love to spend time alone with you in his dorm 
  • /if you know what i mean/ 
  • //but also thats your decision too//
  • ///you make him any either way and he hopes that he’s helped at least a little bit and is so thankful that you knew to come to him when you needed him///
  • ////is also super thankful that Bon and Koneko were completely chill with bouncing for a few hours for ya’ll two//// 
Dancing w/ Hansol
  • omg i just got my first hansol request everrr i’m so happy
  • i love this baby so muchhh
  • i miss him a lot too, when is he going to debut
  • my heart is in pain, i srs miss him
  • shoutout to the anon who requested this
  • man, i miss blonde hansol
  • it was a blessing for this world right
  • also, please support and love him a lot
  • he may be a giant but he’s actually a baby inside didn’t u see him doing aegyo
  • anyways, let’s start~~
  • so
  • you and hansol were besties
  • even though u didn’t know each other for thaaat long, just like half of a year or smth
  • and the whole time hansol has been having the biggest crush on you
  • you’re just so beautiful and unique and he’s just so in love with you
  • and you like him too
  • like he looks so hot while he’s dancing and idk singing or rapping and breathing u know
  • like everyone is low-key a hansol stan in life u know
  • but what i’m trying to say here is that he would constantly invite you to his dance practices
  • he shows you new choreographies that he invented and you can see how strong he passion for dancing is
  • and how talented he is and how ethereal he looks while being so focused in his moves and so into the music
  • jesus christ i’m so in love with him
  • but after seeing him practice for so many time while u do nothing is boring right
  • so he would aaaaaaaaaaalways try to teach you
  • but ur like nah thx bro next time lmao
  • but the true is that you’re just too embarrased of how bad your dance moves are
  • and specially if you’re by the side of this dancing king u know
  • u are always constantly comparing yourself and yeah not cool man
  • until there was a day when he actually asked why u know
  • “y/n, i can’t believe that i know you for so long i have seeing you dancing not even once”
  • “hansol, when i dance it looks like I have two left feets just, stop trying honey”
  • but no bitch, ji hansol is not giving up so easy do u hear me??¿
  • so next week he’s asking you again
  • “hansol, no”
  • “after what you told me last week i have been searching and i found this really easy choreography and we’re not leaving this room until you try to dance at least a half of it”
  • you were so nervous
  • you begged him but nope, u had no option
  • “fine, j-just don’t laugh at me, please”
  • “i would never, y/n”
  • so the lesson started
  • it was a couple coreography so you had to do a lot of shit together
  • but he even learned the parts of the dance that corresponded to you so he was able to guide you perfectly
  • and damn he learned the whole thing in a wEEK
  • and it was so hard for you to remember everything, jfc
  • even if it wasn’t too hard or too long, still that was so sweet of him
  • and he was so nice towards you, helping you and never getting angry or tired when you do something wrong
  • actually, he would motivate you to continue
  • “move you feet a bit more to the left.. perfect y/n, you’re doing great”
  • “that was amazing y/n!”
  • “wow, you learn so fast!”
  • and you were super blushy the whole time
  • sometimes he would look at your face in the mirror and smile at how precious you are
  • but, going to the interesting part
  • there was this specific dance move
  • ;)
  • and let me tell you that it wasn’t a innocent and cute choreography
  • cube entertainment please forget about triple h, we want troublemaker 
  • but seriously, just like imagine that okay
  • him being beside you, his heavy breath in your neck and his hands in your waist, moving in slow and sensual ways
  • i’m going to faint if i keep writing i swear
  • you turned your head and there he was, looking right into your eyes
  • but it was just for a few seconds before his gaze goes to your pretty lips
  • and oh boy
  • “can i..?”
  • and he didn’t need the answer because you were already kissing him with the same passion that he was dancing a few minutes ago
  • both of you were out of breath once the kiss ended, but you were so blushy and smiley and awww
  • both of you hugged each other and you could listen to his heart beating as fast as yours
  • omg this is adorable i’m dying
  • “i told you we were going to have good results from this”
  • “shut up hansol”
  • and hE LAUGHS OMG
  • you know that cute little giggle of him omg i’m so soft
  • “let’s rest a bit, baby”
  • man this was so cute
  • i hope yall like it
G20 violence prompts calls for new curbs on anti-capitalist militants
German politicians call for Europe-wide extremism database as minister says events highlight ‘leftwing scene’s readiness to use violence’
By Kate Connolly

this article is an astonishing bit of propaganda masquerading as “reporting” (far more insidious than commentary, most people read opinion pieces from a critical point of view, but they often go into reporting with ideological blinders up)

  • it quotes multiple politicians and cops regarding the G20, yet fails to quote a single protestor or organizer. the only ‘participants’ in the violence it talks about are cops
  • it catalogues a long list of police injuries (failing to note many self-inflicted, though hilariously noting multiple were “laser-pointer” induced) but fails to even once mention whether any protestors or how many were injured by police, or whether police inflicted any violence rather than just suffering it
  • it fails to note that police initiated violence by illegally demolishing the g20 protest camp before the summit started
  • it never even once critically interrogates or fact-checks a statement by its quoted sources, such as the brazen assertions that everyone who committed violence came from out of town, that protestors committed attempted murder, or that crimes committed during the G20 were linked to the rote flora social centre
  • it never once questions the need for an extremism database proposed by its various sources
  • it contains this astonishing line from the SPD Justice Minister:    “Germany has reached a historic high point in terms of politically-motivated violence”

anonymous asked:

i kind of want to write imagines, but i have no idea what to write about and i'm not sure if it'll be good anyway... any advice?

*cracks knuckles* Hopefully I can be of some use

  • Find your writing style
    • this will help you produce more content and make it easier for you to get started
    • it also keeps everything formatted so you know how to set your writing up
    • (my style is primarily past tense second person)
  • Write stuff out first
    • write your imagines and stuff out on paper before typing them up
    • this will help you proofread and its easier to do than sit at a computer bugging yourself for ideas
    • (i write everything down in a notebook and then type it up when i’m finished reading through it)
  • Get a friend to proofread
    • having someone else read your writing can help you find mistakes and it will help you reach out to make friends in the same fandom
    • it is also nice to have people to bounce ideas off of and stuff
    • i have an amazing friend, @jackaveryunlimited who does this with me
    • if you don’t have anyone to read your stuff, I WILL! :)
    • set up times to write and take notes during the day of possible ideas
    • try to be active!!
  • Things that can give you inspiration…
    • things that have actually happened-vlogs with the boys in them, shows/tours, etc.
    • MUSIC-this is a big one!-pop in your headphones and listen to a song with a story, jot some ideas down-this really helps me a lot
    • your fav movie scenes, things that you’ve experienced, fantasies you have about whoever you’re writing for
  • Lastly…it is scary to put your own content out there, but it is worth a try! You may not think much of your writing but others might love it. I would say post a bit to see how you like it! :)
  • Also, be patient with the growth of your blog and notes and stuff and try to be as active as possible. :)

I hope this helped you, you can message me if you need anything else and I will for sure follow you and help you out! :)

Keep Calm and Listen to Radio Cabel
Lizz (collected-sports-bra)

A music mix with some of my favorite Radio Cabel moments!
(Season 1 and 2, mild spoilers I guess …)

I laughed a lot while making this, and I hope my fellow fives will like it as well :)

A big shoutout to samyaoza-and-sportsbras, who seems to be going through some though times lately: Hope this will cheer you up a little. Hang in there, dear, and we’re here if you need something :)

Music: Fine (by Neil Cicierega/Lemon Demon)
Audio: Six to Start
Edit: collected-sports-bra

    KagaKuro Fanbook Submission Guidelines!


    This is joseethefirst​ and wingroad​ and we will be in charge of this project!

    We wanted to create a collective appreciation Kuroko’s Basketball fanbook that concentrates on KagaKuro as a pairing! If you’re interested, let us know! We’re looking for submissions of all kind that follow the theme we picked of this wonderful pairing!

    ❄Theme: Winter!❄


    • Rating pg-13
    • KagamixKuroko (or switched) is the main pairing allowed. Secondary pairings are okay but cannot be the priority or have a major role. It must be KagamixKuroko
    • Friendship is allowed but we are celebrating them as a couple so please try to aim more towards that
    • AUs are allowed!
    • We do not want to see porn, violence, cheating, polygamy* or abusive behavior! Try to keep it as In-Character as possible!

    ❄Submission Guidelines!❄

    For Writers:

    • the fic has to be between 1k-3k words
    • the fic must be written in English
    • we will need a small summary before you get started
    • it will be your job to find a Beta, but we will be correcting all spelling mistakes if there’s any

    For Artists/Comic Creators

    • 20x15 CM/6x8 INCHES at 300 DPI in CMKY (PNG please!)
    • bleed is highly encouraged for illustrations
    • try not to be too ambitious for comics ( try to keep it to 5-7 pages max)
    • sketches are okay! (Just finished sketches please)
    • colour/B&W
    • please submit a pitch for any and all illustration/comic, it doesn’t need to be detailed!

    For All Participants!

    • We will need a small summary/pitch for all submissions, illustrations, fics or comics
    • Submissions will be denied if the rules are broken! Pay close attention to the rules
    • If you’re not sure if your submission is breaking the rules or not, feel free to contact either one of us! But your work will not be denied due to quality but really due to content!
    • The publication date is set for January 31rst! Let’s celebrate Kuroko’s birthday with a fanbook!


    Please send us an ask or shoot us an email at to let us know that you wish to participate!

     If you don’t get a reply back within 24 hours, assume we never got it and please send it again!


    *bc of rule no.2