New things! I made a feathery cloak and finally finished the corset after testing the pattern a few too many times. I started the cloak a few months ago but I ended up waiting for ages for trim to arrive in the mail (cheap trim = slow shipping). I still have a bunch of little pearls to sew on, but everything else is hemmed and finished.

I’m not entirely sure what to do with either of these pieces anymore, so it may be a while before you see any proper, styled photos. There was a plan once but I think I’ve gone off track! I guess I’ll just wear the cloak around the house in the meanwhile and pretend I’m a magical girl <3

Thanks to swedutch for taking lovely photos as usual, bedhead and all :)

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Is anyone else really shocked that the Hannibal team only appear to up to sound mixing episode 4?!! With the show starting in 27 days how can they be so far behind in production, it's mindboggling! Hope that get it finished all in time.

it’s probably an old picture, and besides they showed us a picture of them mixing or editing episode 12 a while ago.  so i think everything’s okay in that respect.

The Beard’s Baby - Chapter 16

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Introducing a quick and crappy chapter that I started over six months ago and finished real fast just now. Maybe I’ll go back and fix it, maybe I won’t. But I came across it while hoping to start something new and decided to do this. This is also the first thing I’ve written since Zayn left and Elounor broke up IRL. So. We’ll see.


“We should be there.”

“No fucking way.” Liam sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Zayn, do you have to swear all the time?” he asked with a voice of tired frustration.

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A photo of Echo because why not?

This week is at an end for me. Which honestly is going to screw with my head. I have tomorrow off and work straight ten hour days from next Sunday until Friday.

My coworker who coincidentally is my friend and is engaged to my Ex is getting married this Saturday. I was kind enough to help her this evening finish up her last minute tasks. The poor dear is so behind. We had fun giggling about things like men and weddings while I helped her tie up the loose ends. I enjoyed myself.

I made a vow to start my seedlings tomorrow in our vegetable garden which should have been done weeks ago. Although we did have an unexpected frost so my lack of free time came in handy. Tomorrow will be spent pressing my dress also as well as doing some dog sitting and other busy life related things. Let’s pray this sprained ankle can rise up to the task!


you pull my head so close (volume goes with the truth)

this fic is actually so short im not sure why im giving it a proper title but here we are!!! i finished up some major deadlines, and i only have five weeks left of school after tomorrow, so I’m starting to come back to this verse again! :D

this was based off some of Anna’s allhailmikeybae HCs from a month ago: [x] and [x

title from FOB’s ‘Fame > Infamy’ 


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so i ended up getting dragon age 2 in that humble bundle a while ago, but i haven’t let myself start playing it because im not yet done with origins

however, it’s quickly coming to my attention that i am REALLY BAD at dragon age and will probably be unable to beat origins. 

should i just start dragon age 2 with whatever default backstory they give me, or try and suffer through to the end of origins with the knowledge that i may never actually finish?

I just want to acknowledge someone special

My mom’s best friend graduated college today, at 40+ years old.

Her husband left her 4 or 5 years ago, alone with her young daughter, and immediately started a family with another woman.

My mom’s friend attended college so she could support herself and her daughter. She finished her bachelor’s degree, all while caring for and homeschooling a child, working odd jobs to make cash, and being a caring friend to so many. She is like an aunt to me. She is so strong. I am so proud of her, you can’t even comprehend. I want to be as strong as her when I grow up; she is truly a role model. 

aaah, i finished Silver Spoon today (started it a while ago and didn’t bother finishing it). it’s really good, will we ever get a third season…Q_Q
S2 ended right about where i left off in the manga so i’m debating picking it up again.

also Hulu’s drama category for anime has a lot of series i didn’t realize had been made into anime? nice…nice. i’m looking at ep1 of this show that looks bizarre called ‘Neuro’ so we’ll see how that goes. 

Birth of the reluctant fan-noona (YG ver.)
  • me a month ago:stumbled upon smtm3 bobby perfs. "i go.. i go.. i go..난 완전히 go hard...go hard..ho hard..."
  • me 3 weeks ago:finished watching smtm3 "omggaaahddd mic check 1,2 my name is B.I"
  • me 2 weeks ago:started watching WIN. "THEY'RE HOW OLD?????" *looks up wikipedia while crying*
  • me 1 week ago:finished watching WIN after crying heart out b/c of the perfection of climax. then proceeds to obsess over all the perfs and rewatches and looks at unreleased vids then watch mix and match and then winner tv and then all the other interviews and clips i can watch on youtube meanwhile cursing my wallet because i'd have to buy their songs now.. damn you YG!!!!
  • me today:I completely accept my fan noona-hood now can you please link me to really good ikon/winner blogs so i can continue t o stan????
  • YG stan for life now. officially. I blame Kim Jiwon and his eye smile.

You may have noticed I seem to have disappeared (though probably not)

My hands have been hurting me when I use them too much and I’m already pushing them from schoolwork and piano, so I’m not able to draw, which sucks. I also had to deal with a play which took up all time for ages but that’s done now.

I’m working on getting a tag list up though.

There are some other, personal things that I’m also dealing with but I don’t want to disclose them because people I know irl follow me. If you want to know what’s going on you’ll have to send me an ask, and I don’t mind if you do. Especially not my friends on here because you guys are really great.

So yeah, stuff. That’s why there’s no art from me. I do have a giant piece I started a while ago to finish, maybe I’ll post some little teasers if anyone’s interested? Who knows.

Catch you later friends.


So we are getting down to the wire. Less than two months, actually 6 weeks. Have my medical clearance, starting to figure out what I am going to need over there all while trying to finish up my Masters. Today it was my 23rd birthday and I realized that after your 21st birthday, it really isn’t as exciting anymore. Spent the day working on a paper presentation for tomorrow which should have been done forever ago but was pushed off due to severe procrastination.  On top of all this shit I have to do my f*cking laptop got stolen. Honestly I’m just annoyed because it was the perfect piece-of-shit laptop to take with me to Tanzania. It would have been nicer not to have it stolen during the crapfest that is the final weeks of a quarter but I digress. Thank Jesus Couch for PK loaning me his laptop. I am so very lucky to be with him. Fortunately, we have been doing this long distance thing for almost 3 years now so why not another 3 years, we have the rest of our lives to be together what’s the rush. I am planning on coming home for Christmas this year though. Hopefully the next Christmas I can convince some people to come out and visit me. Who knows what will happen. Things are so up in the air but yet I feel like there is nothing I would rather do than have this opportunity. I’m not expecting to change the world or even much less a whole village, but if I can imprint on a few people’s minds that not all Americans are self-centered, closed minded, selfish a holes, then I will be satisfied. I have no idea what to expect. Well actually, I have read a few insightful blogs and have a slight idea of what is about to happen. One thing I am most excited/scared to learn is how to make a chicken go from bak bak to yum yum. I’ll be sure to take pictures.


I’ve had permission a while ago from one my free commissions to do a 3D model of her 2D character. This is the WIP model and I’m close to finishing it. Haven’t made progress on it since exams and assignment started popping up last 2 weeks ago. I’m done with assignments and have some free time now.

I’m still open to free 3Dfied submissions for now so if you want a 3D model of your OC or something else, please do PM me or reblog or what have you.

im not feeling too bad anymore now and i’ve done a bit of work for everything else happening tomorrow. im making food for a cake stall tomorrow which is fun. I’ve just about got everything i need to start writing so i’ll probs be up a while finishing that off. I was really scared i’d getting nothing done because i felt so so drained before

i just finished Sword Art Online and like, when i started the first season a while ago it didn’t hook me. i got about halfway through. i’m so glad i started it again though because the show takes such an incredible turn and the characters are so full and respected and it becomes about trauma, survivors, mental illness, illness, disability, and their relationships with technologies, and the strength and weakness and humanity of the people struggling through and immersed in those things.

heads up to anybody who wants to watch it, there are a few scenes of sexual assault. they aren’t throwaway or forgettable scenes. they are not treated like nothing or like porn. the characters’ agency and voices do not disappear, and the tone and narrative of the show condemn the abusers/rapists, like really condemns them.

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☑ ✾ ! (though it's Tuesday over here /shot/)

(These are so late I know. I’m so sorry. ;~;)

|| ☑ - A fact about the character.
His brother’s dead.

✾ - Why I chose my character.
This is actually kind of a sappy/depressing kinda thing but at the time I started playing Bravely Default I was going through a really hard time in my life. It turns out the only way from there was even further down in the pits, but even so, at the time I could honestly really relate to Tiz. It took me well over 100 hours to finish my first playthrough of Bravely Default, because I honestly didn’t have a drive to do anything. That’s also kinda why my first blog up and vanished a while ago. Still, I couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t sure how to relay that I was honestly in distress to anybody, and there’s honestly times that stretch for weeks that I can’t remember a thing I did.

It kinda drives me insane to see people diagnose him with a lack of personality, but I think his personality is kinda hinted at here and there in his dialouge. But Tiz is entirely 100% relatable, and I really admire him for his strength.

He’s also really cute like wow let me snuggle you.

Thoughts On Learning And Other Stuff

HI! It’s been a little while since I made a long post. Events are currently reaching critical mass at the moment- lots of things going on. I just finished two weeks of AP exams- 8 exams in total, four per week. *sigh* As expected, nothing has improved. We are now doing a bunch of class projects which take a bunch of my time- part of why I’m up so early.

Anyhow, onto the story/thought I was going to share:

So, about seven or so months ago, I taught myself to rollerblade. It started like this: I go outside. I put my rollerblades on. I put my pads and helmet on. I get onto the sidewalk. *splat* I fell down,

Day two would proceed as thus: Go outside. Put on rollerblades, pads, and helmet. Go on sidewalk. *splat* Fall down again.

The next week or two would be the same as day one and two with gradual improvement, with eventually being able to travel about maybe 330 feet (1/16th a mile) without falling over.

I was stupid for not thinking of doing this earlier, but I got tired of circling the same place again and again. So, I looked on YouTube a video of someone rollerblading properly, and that day. I made the jump to going around the little neighborhood pond which is about 1/8th of a mile in circumference. It wasn’t rainbows and sunshine, but it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought it would be. I had pretended that I was the guy in the video, and I made improvement much faster.

And…. so, that brings me onto the second part of this story- the analysis:
How does this relate to learning? What does this have to do with what is currently going on right now?

From experience (first-hand- i.e. the story of rollerblading) and study, I have learned about different phases of learning, different techniques, and their applications in real life.

These are some of the phases I noticed:
-Phase 1:“I’m trying!” *splat*
-Phase 2: “Woa! I’m getting somewhere!” *splat* “Thought I knew what I was doing”
-Phase 3: “Cool! This ain’t too hard!” *thirty minutes later* “I didn’t think that would happen!”
-Phase 4: “This is a piece of cake!” *an hour later* *nothing happens* *it was a piece of cake*

Here’s what I think was going on during each phase:
-Phase 1: trial and error- you learn the most by failing (and not being discouraged by it)
-Phase 2: sticking with what works
-Phase 3: becoming adventurous and testing new things (i.e. jerry-rigging old stuff to do new stuff)
-Phase 4: putting it all together to get what you want to do done

I mentioned the watching a video part because it correlates with what I have learned in AP Biology about mirror neurons. These neurons are specialized to fire and activate when you watch someone else do something. Say, I watch a video of someone brushing their teeth; my mirror neurons fire and mimc the though process I would need to brush my own teeth. The cool thing about this is that these neurons are jumping through the mirror for you (i.e. switching the perspectives). It is as if you were the one in the video brushing your own teeth. Pretty cool, eh?

As a result, I think by watching the video of the guy rollerblading, it may have increased the speed of my progress in learning to rollerblade.

Onto the second part of the analysis:

I mentioned that I “pretended to be the guy in the video”. I think this was also important. By acting like I was someone who had experience, I may have forced myself to think differently and acquire the skills of that person through role-playing or acting essentially. This is part of why I think it is important, not just for children but for adults, too, to play role-playing games with each other. Like: I pretend to mom while you pretend to dad. The importance of these role-playing games is that they get people to shift their perspectives and act the way someone else would behave. And by changing perspectives, one learns what a role entails and how to perform that role well.

How this applies to the real world:

I do hear the phrase that “nothing can substitute for hands-on” experience get tossed around a lot. This may be true for many things, which it probably might be; however, I do not think that online learning should be looked down upon because “nothing can substitute for hands-on experience.” I think online learning combined with some at-home practice can get pretty-darned close. First, understanding what you’re trying to get done is a good starting point: reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, or what not that relates to the matter at hand. Secondly, watching other people do the task you’re trying to learn is helpful. Thirdly, trying to do it yourself.

Also, failure is not something to be afraid of, ashamed of, or worried about. It should be expected and welcomed, in my opinion.

This is part of what I think separates me from my brother. He gets very upset when he “fails” at something. The way I like to think of it is that as long as I learned something from the event, it is all fine. Also, if I have no expectations, then there is no self-fulfilling prophecy to fulfill.

Just keep calm and carry on.

By no means do I think that I have all the answers. I just thought this would be an interesting though to share with the permies communities, and as Confucius might say, “Think for your damn self!”- with the utmost respect, of course.Thoughts? Ideas?