I’M MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS WORKING ON THIS TAEHYUNG CHRISTMAS STORY WHEN I OPEN MY PHONE FOR LIKE 0.2 SECONDS AND FIND OUT THAT @jungkxook aka my actual favorite jungkook stan who loves him as much as i do who i would fight for his love i mean what STARTED FOLLOWING ME AND LIKE??? I HAVE NO CHILL ANYMORE?? CAUSE LIKE I DONT?? DESERVE THIS DO I??? 

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4, 5, 10, 29 :))) also wtf is with people debating your weight??? I'm so confused ahaha

do you like your name? why?

Ahhhh not really. I wish it was short for something else like Alyson, it’s a little boring on it’s own.

what is your relationship status?

Single and ready to mingle but too introverted to make any moves

how would you describe your style?

Daggy 90s dad

whats the worst thing you have ever done?

This can’t be it but one time I forgot I had a babysitting commitment and even though it’s years later now I still feel so awful in my stomach every day for that, letting someone down is one of my biggest fears. Probably the worst thing would be lying or breaking someone’s heart.

RE the weight thing, I think someone who has just recently started following me saw a message I answered and interpreted it the wrong way, I’m not sure.

i love following ppl for long periods of time on here bc u get to see people go through so many changes, wether it be the fact they changed their hair colour like 20 times or the fact they graduated, or that they are rediscovering their gender/sexuality, or that they are getting in and out of relationships, and you were there from the first mention of the person they were interested in, to the last time they were. it just makes me remember how real the people on here are, that they are changing just like you

Okay. Normally I don’t make posts like this, but I have a Gravity Falls theory that I need to get off my chest. Forgive me if someone has already made a similar post.

I think the “substantial sacrifice” the Pines family is going to make in Weirdmageddon III is the Mystery Shack.

I got this idea while thinking about the poster given out at the 2015 Comic Con. (Click the link to take a look.)

The top half of the image is clearly the Mystery Shack, right? But it’s been transformed into something living. It has teeth, a tongue, an eye, and a heart. There’s a gold pyramid inside - with a top hat. I assumed this was just the artist’s interpretation, but I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that.

Bill has been turning inanimate objects into monsters. He turned the town water tower into a monster as well. If the unicorn hair barrier around the Shack gets broken somehow, he could possibly turn the entire Shack into a monster - and the Pines might need to destroy the Shack in order to defeat Bill.

This would constitute a “substantial sacrifice” for the Pines family. What does Stan care about most besides his friends and family? His business. Running the Mystery Shack represents something he was finally good at after years of failed attempts. What does Ford tell Stan to give up? His house, the place where all his research took place. And for Dipper and Mabel, the Shack is home base for all their summer adventures.

By giving up the Shack, both Stan and Ford would be letting go of their pasts in a way, allowing them to start with a clean slate. One thing standing in the way of their reconciliation (i.e. the argument over which brother keeps the Shack) would be gone. They’d be free to either rebuild a new Shack together or rebuild the Stan O’ War and leave Gravity Falls.

Also, the Mystery Shack is a kind of character itself. It’s been in every episode in the series. I’m not saying destroying it would count as the rumored character death, but it would certainly have the same emotional impact without killing off any main characters.

Or, you know, I could just be crazy. *shrugs*

let's do sleepover friday!!

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I really would love to see like the origin of PTA Sans: 

like Frisk starts going to school and Toriel works there, but when it comes to the PTA meetings either Asgore doesn’t go cause a) he’s too busy with king stuff and b) Toriel would rather him NOT be there while she’s there, so Sans is like “sure whatever it’ll be a breeze”.

Though while he just assumes he’ll be hearing the regular spiel about this and that (not really needing to worry given Frisk is such a good kid so he’ll just sit near the back of a classroom and enjoy some lemon squares), it turns out a lot of bullshit is brought up by the mothers complaining about the vaccinations and other things like “why are monsters allowed to come to this school, that makes it unsafe for our children” so of course Sans starts making witty remarks and trying to tell jokes to lighten the mood.

Then we introduce Linda, who obviously seems the most high strung on all of these things. She’s the one who starts to talk down to Sans, and usually Sans isn’t that easily cheesed off, but with Linda, he throws down the gauntlet.

Sans gives Linda the low down and mocks her tone of seeming oh-so-much better than everyone else in that room. He basically hands it to her straight and lastly remarks that her lemon squares are shit.

From then on Sans sees the BS that is with this school and the parents sending their kids here, so he starts to become more involved with school stuff (bake sales, field trips, sporting events, anything and everything) just to try and flip it all on its head and to make all the other parents who are assholes get dunked on.

Though there are a lot of other cool parents that Sans starts to make friends with too who were all tired of Linda’s garbage excuses and have started to catch on to also keep things correctly in line with the school. Making one of the more softer spoken parents raise their voice, and Sans is in the back just rooting for them going “YEAH YOU TELL ‘EM, ATIFA!”

In conclusion, this AU has me smitten.

Taylor Swift has that music that you could either listen to in your room alone and cry and relfect on life or you could jam out to it with your girlfriends while baking cookies and getting ready or you could dance around to it with your boyfriend at midnight and be all cute or you could sing along to it with your family on long car rides and I think that’s why she’s so universal and loved.