Don’t Leave Pt.2 Preview

You trudged wearily down the busy Seoul street, to-go coffee in hand and the heavy briefcase on your arm as you stared down at your phone, trying to find your way around this godforsaken city. You had lived here for three weeks, but had only been going to work at your new job for a week, but for some reason the buildings still confused you and turned you around when you least expected it. You cursed under your breath as you finally found the right building where you worked. 

Luckily, the university you went to recommended you to this company or you would have started out at the bottom. It definitely wasn’t your dream job, but it got your foot in the door so you could start working on your novel and also pay bills at the same time.

You sat at your desk, staring at the computer screen, waiting for inspiration to come. Journalism didn’t come easily to you, you would rather focus on your non-fiction works, but it had to be done. You sighed and stared up at the ceiling, pinching the bridge of your nose between your fingers, trying, trying to come up with something when your phone buzzed. 

Jimin (1:14): Where are you? I thought we were meeting for lunch…

Oh shit. You grabbed your phone and your wallet before sliding your briefcase into the locking drawer on your desk and closing it tightly then made your way out of the office building and down a block away at a diner he had told you about.

Jimin moved up to Seoul just six months before yourself so he was a little bit more stable in the city setting than you. He got right into a company after college, dancing back-ups for now until he could possibly weasel his way into something more important. 

The door dinged as you walked into the cozy diner then saw his bright smile immediately. You ran over and hugged him as tightly as you could since it had been your first time seeing him since you moved here.

“God, I missed you Jimin…” tears nearly pricked at your eyes as you breathed the words into his chest. Not seeing him as much for the past six months were rough, seeing as he was there when Yoongi left. He left you more broken than you ever thought any person could and if it weren’t for Jimin, you would have lost your mind.

“Aw come on Y/N. You couldn’t have missed me that much,” he beamed down at you.

“More than you know.”

“So how’s Seoul? How’s… you know?” he questioned vaguely.

“It’s… cold. And at my parents for another week.”

“Oh, okay gotcha. Settling in nicely? How’s the apartment? I need to come see it.” He mused on as he glanced from the menu and back to you as you nodded at him in approval.

“Its good enough. Hopefully this job will pull me out of the gutter so I can get something better.” You laughed at the statement lightly as you too stared at the menu. 

Then Jimin put down the laminated paper and looked at you seriously, but you refused to look at him because you had a feeling about what he was about to say. “Have you tried to contact him?”

“No. No point.”

“What do you mean no point? Y/N, you know just as well as I do he would want to know, about you being here and–” Jimin spoke a little more sternly which caught your attention.

“Look,” you cut him off. “He left, Jimin. He’s most likely moved on. You see how well his mixtape is doing. He is busy and probably long forgotten about the stupid girl who fell for him in college,” your words were laced with not only bitterness, but hurt.

You guys deserve this for being so patient with me on getting this part written. Hopefully this fuels you guys for whats to come in a couple days. Enjoy.

Are You Gonna Be My Dad Forever ||G-Eazy


You watched carefully from the kitchen as Gerald sat at the table with your 6 year old daughter. Gerald was watching her as she colored in her coloring book. It was crazy how much she looked like Gerald.

You were doing the dishes and getting everything ready for dinner, listening in on their conversation. 

“That looks pretty.” Gerald smiled resting his head on his hand, the other one draped over the back of the chair your little girl was sitting in. 

“I know.” You said kicking her feet back and forth. You let out a laugh as you dried the plates with a dish towel. 

“Soooo..” She started, coloring in the flowers at the bottom of the page. “Are you gonna be my dad forever?” She asked, still looking at the book. 

“What kinda question is that?” Gerald chuckled sitting up.

“I dunno, I just wanna get my stuff straight. I wanna make sure so I know, ya know?” She said looking up at him and pushing her messy hair behind her ear. 

“Of course I’m gonna be your dad forever, you weirdo.” He laughed pinching her cheek. 

“Okay good cause I really like you.” She nodded. 

“I really like you too.” He smiled. She gave him a big grin before sitting up on her knees and taking his face in her small hands. 

“I love you daddy.” She giggled, kissing his nose.

“I love you too, you butt.” He said kissing her nose too making her laugh even more. 

|Request closed| 

I feel broken.

I’m starting back at the bottom again. Almost 200 lbs. Can barley squat the bar at the gym. Added 20lbs and I’m strugling. I was almost at a plate before. Fuck I am horrible. I hate everything. And it’s time to fix my shit. Can’t sleep at night? Go to the gym for an hr. Time before work gym. Gym will be the answer. I don’t need no gym buddy no more. I can do this.

@ parents and families. I don’t give a shit if it’s your kids birthday or some other special day. Stop coming to chuck e cheese 30 min before we close and ordering a bunch of food and then staying until an hour after we close. Have some fucking respect like even the tiniest bit for the employees especially considering I alone have to wipe down about 60 games top to bottom and can’t start until we empty out and lock the doors because yalls kids are just gonna continue leaving fingerprints on all the glass and spilling soda everywhere
Stop fucking going to places like chuck e cheese less than an hour before they close. Stop staying at any fucking business after they close. Like we make fucking intercom announcements every 10 min and everything for our last 45 min and yet we still have people who are here an hour after we close. Stop being garbage


So I decided to give up on the 100 days of productivity. I can’t always post my notes because they aren’t tumblr worthy so it hasn’t been working for me.

But as you can see I’ve been cracking on with maths. It’s rough stuff because I’ve never been good at maths. I’ve learnt that this is because I haven’t been studying in the right way and now I’m starting to find it easier.

Keep on friends

sometimes it ticks me off when people deduce klance as this ‘i fucking hate you but you’re hot so’ trope because!! That’s not what klance is about!! Sure they argued and threw fits a lot in the first episode but besides that they barely fought post ep 5, instead it’s replaced with friendly/teasing banter and. This is the klance I want to see.

Klance where they start from the bottom- from keith barely knowing who lance is, lance being upset, arguing, bonding, playful bickering, having fun, enjoying, crushing, loving. 

Klance where they started from a mere ‘you suck keith’ 'same @ you’ to 'you’re not so bad keith’ 'we’re not so bad after all’ and finally to 'let’s do this together.’ 'don’t leave me.’. Klance where they start off being completely out of sync to being totally in sync, being able to work perfectly without words. Klance where lance is finally able to see Keith as someone on an equal ground as him, being more infatuated with him as they go on more battles together. Keith finding lance annoying at first till he saw more of him- seeing his weaknesses and strengths, his feelings slowly blossoming. 

I need a ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ klance trope.


160823 Taeyang Instagram: Started from the bottom now we here