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Moffat Appreciation from a cynical twit

The Empty Child is one of three stories that solidified my love of Doctor Who. While anyone can go through my tags and see that my views of the Moff are a rollercoaster of emotions, I will stand by and say that Moffat IS a brilliant writer who IS capable of writing excellent stories. And The Empty Child is not only my favorite Moffat story, but my favorite Doctor Who story of all time and one of the greatest Doctor Who stories to grace our screens.

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Can you tell us about your opinion and criticism on Spongebob Squarepants show within all season and episode , throught season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 please

i havent watched past season 4 but i heard the show starts getting good again at season 7-8+

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*sees post about best friend being dramatic again* What did that ball-and-chain of an ex-wife do now? Nevermind, it's Kimmy... what happened? *gets to the bottom of the post where there is a gif of this dark haired cutie being all cute* yum *starts drooling*

The dark haired cutie is called Alec Lightwood. *snorts amused*

So, the count so far is:

Sebastian Verlac wins for prettiest eyes. King of eyes.

Jace Wayland wins as queen of prettiest eyes.

And Alec Lightwood is the dark haired cutie.



get to know me meme: [8/∞] tv shows » brooklyn nine-nine

I want to say, it has been a pleasure to have worked alongside all of you for the past twenty-one and a half months.


I did that speculative junk what I love to Steven Universe. Basically, gems look like semi-transparent hologram dolls with visible energy lines (sorta their nervous system?) and homeworld gems have almost robotic looking bodies designed for pure function and/or an alien aesthetic appeal. The Crystal Gems assumed humanoid forms a few hundred years ago so that they are less terrifying to humans. Steven has the glowy glowy nerves too, but his opaque meat body normally hides them.


“ You were anointed by God, blessed by the Sun. But you do not yet possess what really matters: the power!  Without it you will perish and all the France along with you. For the king without a castle is no king at all. And now, you dream of paradise, but you must build it for yourself and let the whole world know Louis the Great has arrived. “

(Versailles, 2015)


favorite character meme
one character
➤ sam winchester
i’ve got demon blood in me, dean! this disease pumping through my veins, and i can’t ever rip it out or scrub it clean! i’m a whole new level of freak! and i’m just trying to take this - this curse, and make something good out of it. because i have to.