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Yuri on Festival voice drama (detailed report)

I went to watch the next-day viewing of yesterday’s Yuri on Festival event, and this time I took notes for the drama so I’ll write a more detailed summary, also because this one isn’t going to be sold on DVD. I believe other people have probably written reports too, but in cases such as this I think “the more the merrier” because it’s not recorded so it’s better to have more accounts. Also, now you’ll start seeing more Japanese reports & art too. Most people were keeping quiet out of consideration for the ones who could only watch the viewing and didn’t want spoilers.

Official title of the drama: “Fundoshi da yo!!! Sekai Metsubou Daipinchi Hasetsu Kunchi Spiritual!!” which roughly translates to “Fundoshi!!! The world is in danger of being destroyed. Hasetsu Kunchi Spiritual!!”

It was in 3 parts, separated by game and information corners.
I hope it’s not too confusing, but especially the last part is impossible to summarize decently because they talked a lot and I couldn’t possibly take note of everything, not to mention what they say is mostly crazy stuff, lol. For some parts and lines I double-checked looking at other Japanese comments online. If something is not clear feel free to send me an ask.

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For those who want to watch Johnny Weir’s Yuri On Ice and more Q&A~

The part where they start talking about Yuri On Ice starts on 14:51.

Q:This is kind of a silly question but do you have gold blades because of Yuri On Ice?

J:I got the gold blades before I knew about Yuri On Ice, It’s so funny that Yuri On Ice; I loved it, I watched it before the show yesterday, and I think it’s awesome for skating. I never realized how many people watched anime, I never realized the wild world that it is and I’m happy that I’m part of that fandom but the gold blades were just something I wanted to do because I like gold. But it’s funny where people will say on Instagram like “Oh, that looks like Victor’s costume, oh that looks like Victor’s blades,” and I said, I am older than Victor, if anything, they’re mine.

I think Yuri On Ice is great in so many ways and getting into the gay aspect of the anime and it’s more relationship than just gay, some people that aren’t gay aren’t from that world who’ll definitely look and be oh, that’s a gay love story and gay gay gay gay gay, but for me it’s just a relationship and in figure skating there’s a lot of history of appropriate relationships between people that work together.

Yuri On Ice, is ground breaking because it’s about figure skating, I think they portrayed the world—

*Talks about what Yuri On Ice is*

Yuri On Ice, I think, has opened a lot of people from the anime world. They’ve opened them up to figure skating, and that’s a really cool thing because there is costume, pageantry, appreciation of music, movement and artistry and I think that goes hand in hand with anime in a lot of ways, and just as a skater, the way they depict hotels, different ice arenas that I’ve skated in, different things that happen backstage or with other skaters and it’s right on. I think that the creators of Yuri On Ice have brought in real skaters, very high level real skaters into the mix, it’s awesome and the fact that Kenji Miyamoto is the choreographer of the series is awesome. I’ve worked with him, and knew immediately before knowing he was associated with the project, the first time I sat down and watched it, I could tell he had some part in the thing.

Q:And you do think it’s done a pretty good job portraying figure skating realistically?

J: Oh yea, I mean, of course there’s nothing like watching a real figure skater, but they really took time to make sure that if the are commentating on an element, it’s that element in the picture.

The fact that somebodies actually depicted skating in a real way, despite being an anime, I think that’s why so many skaters themselves in the skating world embraced this.

Yuri on Ice is very respectful of skating and the skating world so I think that’s why it does well, with us.

“… When grey andsere our hair hath turned.. we shall still revere the lessons learned in our days at dear old Shiz…"

it’s been awhile tumblr! :D so.. I watched Wicked the other day here in Manila and I was so happy you guys have no idea!! I CRIED WHEN THE SHOW STARTED!! AND I JUST.. CRIED.. THE WHOLE SHOW!! I FELL IN LOVE! o.o

anyway. .. Yesterday was their last show.. and I’m kinda sad.. I wanna watch them again.. and geez.. I fell in love with their Elphaba.. like.. so in love I would go poor to see her in every show… o.o 💚💚💚

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Something with reader who has had a crush on Genji since his blackwatch days, but only after he's learned to accept himself with zenyattas help does Genji realise they were sincere?


Note: This one was a bit of a struggle for me, as I am still doing my best to characterize cast members effectively and to the best of my ability. This features a degree of angst, but not too much. For as much as I love the Shimada, they give me the most anxiety when writing! This also became so much longer than I initially envisioned, so I apologize for the length! I do hope I wrote your prompt well enough for your liking!

Always from afar had you admired the cyborg, but given the circumstances of either of your positions, your one-sided affection was highly unlikely to be reciprocated. You accepted this, but it didn’t make it any easier with how often either of you crossed paths. You kept your composure, remained professional when you could, and only disclosed your troubles with a peppy brunette who remained positive and at your side during your most conflicted times.

What made matters worse was how difficult it was for you to confront your feelings.

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may 7, 2017 // happy may!!!

i haven’t been journaling in a while bc of all my dance classes and trips. but i finally had free time and im so happy with how my spread is starting out to be like!!

ive been watching movies more often this week bc i needed some happiness back into my life and movies are the perfect remedy;; is it bad that yesterday was only the first time i ever watched the notebook?? haha my friends were so shocked!

ANYWAYS thanks so much for over 2.7k followers @-@ thats amazing! i wanna give advice and just tell u guys to listen to music that makes u feel good and brings back good memories, rewatch some of your favorite feel-good movies and shows and dont forget to rest when u can 💝 its been helping me out so much to do so.

Defensive - Kenny Omega

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Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged in any of my future writing.  Hope you enjoy!

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You felt like Barbie, a smile permanently plastered on your face ever since your boyfriend, Kenny Omega, had come from Japan to spend a week with you. Despite the last few weeks being absolute torture for you mentally and physically because of your job, he was able to make everything better by just being there with you. You had no idea how he was able to pull his magic. You could tell that he knew something was off with you, but you hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t bring it up. You wanted this week to be as perfect as possible, especially for him, and you didn’t want your work troubles to surface during time with your boyfriend. 

 As you waited for him to finish ‘freshening up’ from an early morning workout at the hotel gym, you thought back to how this whole thing started. Being best friends with Sami Zayn had its perks, and one of them was that you got introduced to all his wrestler friends. Granted, some of them you didn’t click with as well as others, but there was something about that first trip you made out to Japan to watch him wrestle that would always make it your favourite trip you ever made: that’s where you met Kenny. All those years ago, you still remember how you first laid eyes on him as he stood at Narita International Airport, waiting for you and Sami with a homemade sign that read “Generico and amiga”. 

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Those who are Broken | Chapter Two

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 2213

↬ The weekend is here, and I have a lot of homework. Where is the freedom?

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

You sat on the metal chair in a circle with several other students. You had therapy in the gym. There wasn’t even a classroom—that’s how much they cared. And to top it all off, this really wasn’t therapy, it was more like an intervention. An intervention for the Broken.

A sort of fucked up intervention.

“This is fucking stupid. Is this some sort of helping mechanism for us to cope with our planned deaths?” one of the students asked, leaning forward in his seat.

“This is to help you better yourself, and for you to express your feelings,” the therapist said from the opposite side of the circle, pushing her spectacles back up.

“Express our feelings? That’s fucking great. Good to know that this academy takes Broken, but they want us to express the reasons we act like a bunch of rebels. Also, they want us to come to terms with the fact that we’re Broken—the most frowned upon group of people who don’t have soulmates,” another student said, voice getting louder with each new sentence.

Everyone was getting riled up, and from behind the circle, you could see security take several steps towards you. They were ready for whatever you guys might do.

“Y/N,” the therapist said, turning your attention away from security and towards her. “You’ve been quiet this whole session. How are you feeling about this?”

The entire group was quiet, their eyes on you expectantly. You sighed, hoping to not be called on, but that was false hope. “I feel like the rest of these people. Pissed.” Several nodded in agreement. “You don’t understand how we feel, and you never will.” The therapist adjusted in her seat. “You can go home today to your loving husband or wife, or whoever. You don’t even have to be with your soulmate because it really isn’t mandatory. They give you a fucking name of the person you are meant to be with, but you could sleep around with the rest of the world and be perfectly fine while the Broken go home wondering if their time will begin to countdown. We’re the ones who have every right to be pissed, scared, sad and every other feeling in the fucking book—except being in love. You non-Broken don’t have a right to look down on us, criticize us for being Broken because we didn’t ask for this.

“This whole therapy session is fucking stupid. Having us in this fucking academy is beyond fucking stupid. Why? Because we’re on a death sentence, so we’ll be dead before you can fix us. What’s the oldest age a Broken has died? I know the youngest was five years old. Five. We don’t live long enough to grow old, and we sure as hell don’t have any children because people despise us.” You hadn’t realized you gotten to your feet. “So do us a favor and quit trying to make us see the bright side because you and I both know there is none.” The bell rung loudly in the now silent gym. You smiled. “Guess session is over.”

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boyfriend!Tom meets your parents

-so this would happen when you and tom had been dating for ~3 months and it wasn’t media-public or anything but your friends and family knew

-tom would be visiting for the week after an extended press tour and your parents coincidentally plan a spontaneous day to visit you

-you don’t tell tom until he wakes up that morning that your parents are coming and you assumed he would be really chill about it bc he had no problem meeting your friends and siblings, but he starts slightly panicking and you’re like “chill dude” and really it’s just the lack of mental prep time that has him worried and he’s feeling good about it by the time they get there

-tom would be the kind of guy to ask your mom if he could take her coat and then start having typical small talk with your dad about the drive up and the golf championship yesterday

-your mom would very audibly say to you “wow he’s even cuter in person” and basically flirt with tom and he would just laugh while you watched with an eye roll at your mom

-you go walk around the city and tom holds ALL doors for your mom no questions about this

-you end up at a museum that has an exhibit showing that your dad really wanted to see and you all start walking around and your dad just starts telling tom all this random shit about the exhibit and tom just stands there and nods along like a good sport. might even throw in a question or two

-eventually you go to rescue him and you slip your hand in his and tell him you want to show him something “over there” across the room from where he was with your dad. when you get a little farther away he’s like “what did you want to show me?” and you’re like “what? i was just saving you from my dad” “oh”

-so you and tom take your parents to your favorite restaurant in the city that you always go to when tom visits

-during dinner tom would mention that talking to your parents makes him miss his own parents and your parents would be like “oh! when do we get to meet them?” and that’s the first time tom actually thinks about your parents meeting each other and how commitment-y that is but realizes he kinda wants it to happen

-tom is DEF a hand on your knee during dinner kind of guy

-tom would sneak away during dinner and pay the bill because he didn’t want it to be a big deal but later your dad would ask for the check and the waiter would like look at tom and then back at your dad and be like “oh it’s all taken care of” and your parents would be like “tom you didn’t have to do that” and your mom would say “i wouldn’t have ordered three glasses of wine if I knew you were going to pay” and tom would be like “no no it’s my pleasure” in that aCCent bye

- you’d walk back to your apartment building with their car parked out front and tom would shake your dad’s hand and your mom would give him a big hug and he’d be like “so lovely to meet you” and they’d get in the car and tom would slip his arm around your waist and the two of you would stand there and wave until they turned down the street, your dad honking like a loser

-tom would turn to you and be like “i quite liked them” and you’d laugh and say “i think they quite liked you too”


I, of course, heard often enough about The Handmaid’s Tale over the years, being a literature student and all, but I never thought about reading it, for some reason. Then I watched a couple of episodes of the TV show adaptation and decided I just had to read it. So I did, yesterday. I woke up, made some coffee and started. Then I kept on reading and making coffee till I found myself on the last page. It’s a great book, no doubt, beautifully written and intelligent and very thoughtful, intriguing and elegant. What I kept thinking about though, what I keep thinking about, is this is NOT a dystopia. It’s pretty much a slight exaggeration of the Muslim world…more specifically Saudi Arabia, where I grew up. Women are treated like glorified cattle but the UN and rest of the world really doesn’t seem to mind much at all. In any case, it reminded me why I left. Why I had to.

Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito, firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto (Despacito Part 2)

Couldn’t wait any longer! So, here it is… Des-pa-cito Part 2! Honestly, I’ve had this scenario in my head for such a long time! Hope you enjoy!

I squinted as the sunbeams came through the huge windows, rubbing my tired eyes. I automatically reached out for Shawn but the place next to me was empty. I frowned, looking around the room. I heard him before seeing him.

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i watched the final of the get down yesterday and now im rewatching the whole show from the start bc thats how i Cope

here are some crying kids

Wedding Day

Short Tom Hiddleston drabble thing for youuu <3

Word Count: 563

Summary: Tom’s thoughts on and leading up to your wedding day

AN: I haven’t posted in a while but I got a bunch of these in storage somewhere haha. Would love feedback. Also send me requests myloves.

mwahh - Jess

She looked beautiful.

Her dress fit her in all the right places, the train of it following behind. The way her eyes sparkled while she scanned the large room, even as the veil covered part of her face, I saw that amazing sparkle. Her hair was intricately pinned up allowing everyone to see that smile.

That smile.

I would give anything if it meant I could see that smile every day, even if just for a second. I wanted to be the one to make her smile. The one who makes her cheeks flush and her eyes move to her feet. It made every part of me feel warm and just happy.

She walked gracefully down the long aisle and I swear, I could feel my heart beat even faster. It felt like it was going to explode in my chest. I smiled at her and her smile grew even brighter, causing butterflies to flutter in my stomach as well as making it twist painfully.

She finally reached the altar and handed her maid of honor the bouquet she held in her hands before turning to look at him.


“Tom, you’re my best friend, right?” She spoke and looked up at me from where her head was resting on my lap.

I chuckled at her and replied, “Well, I’d like to think I am”

We were best friends. We are. I just wish I had the guts to finally ask her out instead of watch her waste her time with boys who don’t even know the half of how amazing this girl is.

“Why’d you ask?” I looked down at her when she started to fidget and sat up, turning to face me from the other side of the couch.

“Andrew and I… It was our second year anniversary yesterday.” She continued to fidget and I tried my best to hide the scowl that was threatening to show on my face.

2 years? Had it been that long? I was surprised when they had reached a year, but 2?

My gut turned with obvious jealousy thinking about how possible it was that they weren’t breaking up.

What if he is the one for her? Does that mean I’m not? I have to be, right? Nobody knows her as much as I do… And nobody knows me as much as she does.

I hummed back at her, signaling her to continue and all she did was stick out her hand to me. A hand with a very obvious engagement ring wrapped around her slim finger.

I wanted to throw up. To laugh and cry at the same time. This can’t be real. This is a prank

“I’m engaged.” She giggled, and my heart broke even more.

He proposed… And she said yes.

She’s going to be his.


And in a few minutes, she’ll already be.

I smiled at her, watching her take his hand in hers and wipe the tears that managed to escape her eyes while she giggled.

I smiled because I know that she’s happy and she’s finally found ‘the one’. Even if on the inside I’m dying because I know 'the one’ isn’t me. 'The one’ is right in front of her, pecking her lips before lifting their hands up and cheering with the crowd.

He’ll make her happy, and I’d do anything to keep her happy.

Even if I’m not.

yall i just started watching the show “please like me” and it’s ???? so good??? it’s such a great & nuanced handling of mental illness (many diff types from bipolar to anxiety disorders to depression) and the main character is gay and has gay relationships and its just normalized and treated beautifully, without stereotypes OR toxic romanticization

also this is arnold and i love him

he has an anxiety disorder and it’s portrayed so realistically and HE’S SO SOFT AND I LOVE HIM 


theyre so cute. im so

(blond guy is main character + in real life he’s the creator/main writer/producer etc of the entire show & he’s gay in real life so that’s Cool)

in conclusion please watch “please like me” and TALK TO ME ABOUT ARNOLD

My Boys: Beneath the Surface - Chapter 10 (Finale)

Hey Guys, thank you so much to everyone who’s made it here until the very end. I have always believed he relationship Amelia’s had with her family has really shaped a lot of who she is. It’s been nothing but a pleasure exploring that. 

Previous chapters are HERE.

@jia911 thank you for your very fast, very reliable help!

I want to dedicate this one to the amazing @cizavilation. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ciza! I hope you enjoy the fluff overload!

My Boys: Beneath the Surface – Chapter 10 (Finale)

Owen slowly woke up feeling the light touch of his wife’s hand idly caressing him as she rubbed her thumb on his chest while still lying with her head on his shoulder. From the angle he was in, it wasn’t possible to see the expression on her face but Owen was sure she had her blue eyes wide open, silently contemplating their surroundings while deeply lost in thought.

The trauma surgeon was aware of the importance the events from the previous day had, as well as the impact they had caused. It was too much to process and he couldn’t blame Amelia for losing her sleep over it. The things she’d said and been told, not just by her family but later also by him had been accompanied by a wave of powerful emotions. Owen was sure that Amelia would probably still take some time to catch up with everything.

He also supposed that a big load had been taken off her back when, just hours before, he’d finally been able to make her see that she wasn’t to blame for most of the things that had happened to her while growing up. Amelia was far from being a disappointment and even though that notion wouldn’t change in her mind overnight, Owen knew that the first and most important step had been taken when she’d finally acknowledged the fact that her family had indeed failed her, and not the other way around.

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A Fan of What? Part 3

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Here it is, part three! I am really liking this series so far and I hope you all do to. As always, if you would like to be tagged in this series, send me an ask! I also have a forever tag list that you are more than welcome to join. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,000-ish

Warnings: Fluff, Language

The song used in this fic is “Tougher Than the Rest” by Bruce Springsteen. 

Summary: Jensen uses his fame to get the girl, but she has no idea who he his. But he’s not giving up so easily.

Chapter Summary: Before your date with Jensen, you start researching him with your friends. 

To get caught up, here is the masterlist!

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

“So what’s the deal with this guy?” Your friend stopped pouring the glass of wine immediately and looked at you like you were born yesterday. Currently, the both of you were sitting on your couch in your apartment with YouTube videos queued up of Jensen and the rest of the cast of his show at their…conventions. “And why are we watching YouTube videos of him?”

“Because,” She hissed, glaring at you. “You need to see how charming he his and why you need to go on this date with him, Y/N!” You rolled your eyes and took a large gulp of the merlot, then leaned back into the couch and sighed. “Get ready, because your world is about to be rocked by Jensen Ackles.”

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anonymous asked:

Hannigram please!

  • when or if I started shipping it:

God, when haven’t I been shipping hannigram? As soon as I was brought around to watching the first episode my immediate thoughts were ‘that hannibal looks like a sensual lizard. wow, he looks thirsty for will’s attention. wow they need to bone like, yesterday.’

But I think as far as seeing them romantically and not just….smuttily, my fate was sealed somewhere in season two? Probably when Will showed up at Hannibal’s door post-makeover. Nobody goes to that level of effort for someone they just want to get revenge on, Willy boy. Not unless it’s sexy revenge.

  • What makes me happy about them:

That in spite of everything, every bad quality each of them has and every poor choice they’ve ever made, they see each other for what they are and (mostly) accept each other.

  • What makes me sad about them:

The fact that no matter how hard they try, realistically they’re always going to end up locked in some kind of mind game that ends with them separating, if only for a while. Which isn’t really a sad feeling but rather a bittersweet one.

Also that Hannibal left his red sweater behind in Baltimore and thus there is no chance we’ll ever get a shot of Will wandering their love/hideout shack in it.

  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me:

It’s less a hannigram specific thing and more a personal issue, but I just cannot do pet names. The moment I see a mongoose or a murder muffin or mylma-whatever it is I get twitchy. But it’s not an automatic back-button trigger for me, unless it’s used like, every other sentence.

Also? Un-tagged major character death. Because I read a fic that was like 10k, got emotionally invested in their love and then Will randomly stabbed Hannibal and regretted it and I mentally have not gotten over that image despite having read it two years ago. In fact I bet that I could be on my death bed and still recall that scene and well up because why god, why would any author do that to me??

  • Things I look for in fanfic:

Case fic? Good. Smut fic? Good. Fluff fic? Gooooood. Multi-chapter? One shot? All good. I am not a picky human being when it comes to fic type. (I am, however, incredibly picky about characterization, but that’s a rant for a different post)

  • My kinks:

THOSE PITS OF WONDER. There’s like a total of three fics I know of that mention them and honestly with hannibal’s scent kink it’s a travesty there’s not more.

(also massive apology if that’s your gif. I saved it off a buzzfeed post ages ago and god knows they don’t credit)

Also, a/b/o/. Rimming. Felching. The usual suspects, really.

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

Hahahaha, no.

Okay, I would be fine with Will ending up with a plethora of dogs and Hannibal with a cell with a window that overlooks Will’s backyard, but that is my hard limit here.

  • My happily ever after for them:

Overly idealistically: A house in a country without extradition treaties. A minimum of four dogs of varying breeds. Will preparing a fish to go with Hannibal’s people-based hors d’vors. Kisses in the kitchen.

Idealistically: Adjoining cells in the BSHCI with weekly conjugal visits. Jack Crawford already safely digested by them at their wedding reception (and by wedding reception I mean they exchanged rings and promises, and then had a celebratory hunt).

Realistically: They both actually die in each other’s arms, in love, fully accepting themselves and each other, and in a glorious hail of bullets.