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One of my fave things about nbc’s hannibal is that when its starts out you think its going to be the classic love triangle, and you think, oh i know this, Alana is clearly Wills love interest and hannibal and will are gonna fight for her. But by the end, shes gone off with a girl, and the guys have gone off with each other.

—  Deer Darkiplier

I watched  Markiplier’s “Deer Man” video again so I remembered how much I like Deers, and I also started to watch Hannibal, só now I associate deer horns deer antler to something evil so I decided to use it in one of my AUs…


I’m not on drugs, i swear.

Like… Y'all. Its been only like 2 weeks after starting to watch Hannibal and I can’t believe how amazing this fandom is. You guys create the most amazing art and fanfics and I love our crazy sense of humor and cannibal jokes. Y'all are also super welcoming and sweet and ugh I’ve never really experienced that in a fandom before! I’m on the third episode of season 3 now and I’m not ready :’) :’) :’)

Also, kind of on that note, I’m hitting kind of a low spot with my depression and am looking for something to do lmao… Anyone need beta readers for their fics? I’d be fucking honored to read the masterpieces y'all write :D


some shots from tonight’s back-to-back Hannibal events at the Split Screens Festival! i was happy to get some pictures of Raul while he wore his flower crown for a few minutes (he admitted he didnt like them much, but was willing to wear it for the Fannibals ♥︎♥︎♥︎ such a sweetie ;D). i wished his single panel went on for longer; i wouldve been totally fine watching and listening to him talk for another hour or more 😍 but the final episode had to start soon…

honestly, watching Hannibal episodes on a theater screen is the best way. the cinematography translates beautifully. the surround sound atmosphere in a darkened room is perfect for all the drama and suspense build ups. i cant believe this was a television show 😳😳😳

and it was amazing fun being in a room (for 4+hrs?!?) with all these creators, crew members, and just general fans who LOVE THE WORK SO FUCKING MUCH, and hearing everyone talk about how the show has inspired them to do more art, music, writing… more creativity!
i just really appreciate this year for all the chances ive taken to see, in person, the wonderfully talented people i admire.

“good art inspires you to make more art.”

Hannibal's Snarl and Smile

I’m I the only one who loves when Hannibal shows emotion? Or expressions? Personally I love how everytime he is upset his lips kind of twitches into a kind of held back snarl. Like that time in Season 2, episode 5:Mukozuke where Will’s admirer is trying to kill Hannibal. In that specific moment where he tells him that maybe he could claim Hannibal’s murders as his own. Even hanging from the ceiling Hannibal’s lips start to twitch back with disgust or anger or maybe both. (Where it would go back to where Hannibal told Abel how horrible it is to have one’s identity stolen from them, aka him talking about the Chesapeake Ripper’s identity.) Then another moment when he does is the last episode in season 3, The Wrath of the Lamb where the Red Dragon stabbed Will in the cheek. There you can clearly see the anger pouring into his face, seeing the man he cares for, (in his own way) being stabbed. Then those rare moments in Season 1 and 2 where everytime Hannibal talks about Will with Bedelia his lips yet again twitch with a familiarity and a sort of cute held back way. Maybe thinking, “Dang it, I freaken love Will.” But in season 3 we are bombarded with Hannibal being more “lose” and more explicit with his emotions. How we get to see his more playful teasing side right along his longing and more intense attempts to get to Will? I mean come on, can we talk about the part where he made a Lesbian joke to Alana?? About her loving to “wag her fingers”? He has never before said anything that teasing before yet if he has it’s only rarely either maybe with Will or with Killers. I honestly am in love with whenever Hannibal shows more of his personality. Showing snippets to those who only see him as a “monster, or a “psycho” that he has more depth than possibly anybody? That he isn’t just some insane killer but a witty artist that only wants to be seen? Hannibal is probably one of the most beautifully complex characters I’ve ever seen, (besides Sherlock). How this man practically thrives on artwork and beauty, how this man is so undeniably intelligent and how hard he tries to hide his insecurities with closing off his heart? How he doesn’t want to be hurt, how uniquely he sees the world like nobody can? Maybe that’s why he was so intrigued with Will at first, because he knew that Will was just like him, because Will almost immediately saw right threw him? Where people have tried and failed? But it only took Will a few months to discover him and maybe sooner if Hannibal didn’t mess with Will mind? But then again I see Hannibal deciding right at that first moment where they meet the exact moment he knew that he was going to let Will “see” him as only he can. Edit:By the way sorry if this is late. I actually started watching Hannibal around last summer but I never watched/finished seasson 3 until like last week when I binged watched the entire Season 3. To be honest I never thought I would love Hannibal so much as I do, I just thought it would be another stereotypical crime show with either some type of queer baiting, or with overuse idiotic elements. But boy did Bryan Fuller shut me up. I honestly applaud him and everyone else who helped make Hannibal and I hope maybe Fuller could find a way to make Season 4 possible to bring back these characters in a new light. Also could someone recommend me some fanfictions of Hannibal with Will please! Because I swear this ship is my new obsession, besides the actually show. XD

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Fannibal Accent Challenge!
  • I decided to make this in honor of NBC Hannibal's 4th anniversary... which is tomorrow! You can just record your voice or you can make a video. Have fun! : )
  • 1. Say your name and where you're from.
  • 2. When did you start watching Hannibal?
  • 3. What do you call a sweet carbonated drink?
  • 4. What do you put your stuff in at the grocery store?
  • 5. Say these words: aunt, both, hannibal, syrup, pecan, envelope, mads, pajamas, about, bonsoir, crayon, caramel, gif, apricot, roof.
  • 6. What's your favorite episode from each season of Hannibal?
  • 7. If you have one, what's your favorite ship?
  • 8. Is there a character you strongly relate to? Explain why.
  • 9. Read a few sentences from any Hannibal related literature (Red Dragon, Feeding Hannibal, fanfic, etc.)
  • 10. Say anything you want!
Contributor’s spotlight: purplesocrates

How did you become a Fannibal?

I first fell in love with Mads when I saw Valhalla rising.  I have also been a huge x files fan so when my husband got very excited about this show he started watching calling Hannibal with Mads and Gillian in it he convinced me to watch it with him.  I was hooked.

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

I haven’t been here long, I’ve been a fan of the show since it first aired but only started writing fic for it recently, everyone I have encountered has been so welcoming and inspiring.  The quality of work this fandom produces is unprecedented I believe.

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham?

Ooooh, I think a nice dog walk, some hot chocolate and a snuggle in his bed in his lovely house that I want in wolf trap or his cabin either look perfect to me.

so I’ve finally started watching Hannibal approximately 50 years after everyone else (I have terrible anxiety and was worried the psychological and gore aspects would trigger some stuff, which it kind of has but w/e) and holy shit. what a show. WHAT A SHOW. 

to put things into perspective, I started this a couple of days ago and am now on episode 3 of season 2. I cannot stop watching it, despite Netflix’s best attempts at sabotage (really, fam? only one season? 2 years after it finished?) 

the humour is perfectly measured, the cinematography is sublime, the acting is [mcpoyle voice] top notch, the soundtrack is both fantastically eerie (the plink plonks! the low rumbling that seems to reverberate inside my head and could so easily be overbearing but isn’t) and joyously bombastic (beethoven! bach! stravinsky!), the meticulously crafted dishes that have inspired me to start cooking again (though admittedly with a slightly tweaked list of ingredients), the fascinating and peculiar relationship dynamics, the desaturated colour palette, the fact that there aren’t any unnecessarily lingering shots of naked women’s mutilated bodies (I’m looking at you, GoT), hugh dancy’s sad little face, the anachronistic bespoke suits, the dogs, the CHEEKBONES. just. all of it.

I cannot wait to discover how all of this unfolds and how the characters develop and I’m already dreading its inevitable, unjust end. 

so let’s just finish this with a gif of my favourite part from the previous episode

oh hannibal, you cheeky fucker! rocking up in your vinyl kill suit to appreciate a nice new avant-garde installation, like a shoreditch hipster version of patrick bateman! I love you.