started to get frustrated with this so i just decided to post it as is

THE WILBUR EFFECT (aka, why you should never give up on drawing ever)

Hey everybody! Jessica here, once again starting a text post with a wonky, odd title.  But it serves a purpose this time, honest!

So recently, I’ve seen a lot of people getting really discouraged about their art, both online and in real life.  On an unrelated note, I’ve also gotten a couple of requests to post some of my old art to show my progress.  So I decided I’d blend the two.

And to make things even more interesting, I’m not just going to pull out some old piece that’s semi-presentable but still flawed. No, I’m going to show you guys the oldest, most embarrassing, first-thing-I’d-ever-drawn-on-a-tablet-before disgrace:

…This is Wilbur. Whom my old roommate has since nicknamed “Urineface.”

I drew this originally in 2012 with literally no clue what I was doing.  As you can see, I got so frustrated with the piece that I never actually finished it—the lines were stiff, the colors were unnatural, and that poor kid’s hair is so jagged it’s about to gouge his eyes out.

As I cringe behind my computer with shame, I realize that one thing’s for sure: He came from a frustrated, embarrassed, and still-learning artist.  At the time, all of my best friends were astonishing visual artists, and, well, I was…kinda not. There were so many times during this period where I just wanted to give up, to stop drawing.  Heck, there were times when I’d actually cry myself to sleep over the fact that I’d never be a good artist.  I’m sure some of you have been in the same boat, and here’s what I have to say to you:


Need more proof? Alright, embarrassing drawing number two.  You guys are killing me here.

These were some characters from an animated film I wrote in 2012.  I am…not sure why the guys are giants compared to the girl, nor why half the sketch lines look like these people got electrocuted.  Also, everybody’s face seems…really stretched?  Their mouths are kind of melting off of their chins, that doesn’t sound safe.

I revisited the film for a college project in 2016, and:

I’d like to think these three look a little better.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. “2012? Alright, buddy, it’s 2016 now, of course you’re going to improve in like, 4 years—who wants to wait that long?” But rest assured, while improvement doesn’t come overnight, it doesn’t always take four years, too!

In all honesty, I know that creating art can feel really hopeless and discouraging at times.  We find ourselves comparing our work to other people’s, feeling obligated to work at a rapid-fire pace, or just plain giving up for whatever reason. But I’m here to tell you that you can do this, no matter how inexperienced you feel.  Even if you’re just picking up that tablet pen for the very first time: do not be afraid to keep going.

I’m far from perfect as an artist, and I still have a lot to learn. Maybe four years down the road I’ll be looking back at my 2016 art and having a cringe-fest. But that would just prove that I’d improved, and that things could only move forward from there!

Art is tricky, okay? Nobody expects you to master it in one night, or one month, or even one year.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t reach it someday!  Save a bunch of tutorials for reference.  Watch speedpaints.  Try the occasional drawing challenge. Even if you don’t get it right, at least you’re learning what to do and what not to do!  And in time, you’ll be looking back and going, “Wow…my younger self would be so astonished right now.”  That, my friend, is a magnificent feeling.

So, to end this behemoth of a post, I decided to redraw Wilbur again…for old times’ sake. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that time made things a whole lot better. In the end, all you have to do is be patient:

It really does pay off.

Study Tips- Reading

I started writing my study tips post, but it was getting waaaay long because I talk too much, so I decided to break it down~ Here are some of my tips for effective reading!

The best way to improve your reading is to, well, read! Practice reading as much as you can. Honestly, I think one of the hardest parts of doing good, effective reading practice is finding something that suits your level. I think a good thing guideline to go by is something that you can mostly (perhaps 70~80%) understand. If you’re reading something and can just breeze through it, chances are that you’re reading below your level, and while that can be good for maintaining your current level, it won’t really help you progress. On the other hand, choosing something too hard will have you running for a dictionary every few words, which will break up your flow and will ultimately be more frustrating than useful.

That brings me to my next point… avoid the urge to grab the dictionary every time you see a new word! “But how will I learn if I don’t know all the words?” In the context of whatever you’re reading, the meanings of new words should make themselves apparently, if not totally than at least enough for you to have a pretty good idea of what the words mean. Also, a lot of unfamiliar words (moreso when reading things like storybooks and novels, a lot less so when reading factual pieces) will be descriptive adjectives and adverbs without which you can still understand the bones of the sentence. Remember that you can always read something over again for deeper meaning, but especially on that first read, focusing on a ton of descriptors can be really distracting.

“So when should I use my dictionary?” If a word seems to be a key word, if it reappears a lot, or if you really can’t understand what’s going on without that word, definitely look it up. I’m not saying the dictionary is evil, but it can be way tempting, and I personally find that reading without checking every word I don’t know goes a lot more smoothly and faster and is ultimately more satisfying than making a lot of dictionary pit-stops.

Also, another good reading practice is reading out loud. And I don’t mean just whispering it to yourself—I mean reading in a conversational voice, if not a bit louder. It’s surprisingly difficult at first because you have to see the words, process and make the right sounds with the right intonation and all, AND you have to try to catch the meaning as you do all of that. It’s a workout for the brain, and I’ve found that my reading speed has gotten better since I started practicing this, and now when I read unfamiliar things out loud, I can get most of the meaning even though my brain is working in multiple directions all at once.

Remember that reading should be (at least in my opinion) enjoyable! If you want to practice reading with comics, do that! Like reading news articles? Go for it. Novels or story books? Knock yourself out :) Don’t make reading practice any harder on yourself than you need to!

Happy studying~

imagine artemis trying to bake a cake with myles and beckett and artemis is trying to act like he knows what he’s doing but in reality he has no fucking clue and beckett ends up mixing sugar and salt together bc they look alike and nobody decided to but labels on them and when they find out he mixed them up myles gets angry at beckett and starts throwing some eggs at him and beckett starts throwing the batter at him bc the batter is as good as nothing and artemis is just completely frustrated with everything and is trying to get them to stop fighting so he starts banging a pan with a spoon to get them to stop and holly and butler are in the background recording it all to embarrass them later

announcing #disabledblr

in addition to the community list of disabled studyblrs I’m creating, I’ve decided to try to get us a tag started. #disabledblr is currently unused with zero results, so I’m claiming it for us to use to post studyblr type posts that also deal with disabilities.

this can also function as an informal network, any kind of post is allowed so long as you’re disabled in any way and a studyblr or appblr, no membership application necessary. and yes, self diagnosed and suspected disabilities count, as does any mental illness if it impairs your academic life. this is a community tag, not under my control at all, but since I’m starting it I want us to all try to err on the side of inclusivity.

need encouragement and just want to post a selfie or study update with how you’re doing? great! have advice for studying while disabled or managing a good school/health balance? excellent! need to get some frustration with academic ableism off your chest? this tag is for that too, we can commiserate. All I ask is that you not start fights with someone in the tag, and tag common triggers. This is a place for support, friendship, good vibes and good studying, so either scroll past posts you dislike, or if you really need to respond, do so politely as possible. the last thing I want is for this tag to cause people more anxiety.

edit: tumblr has recently gotten rid of tracked tags/saved searches, however the new x-kit has brought them back, and I at least can still access them on the mobile app, so this should still be able to work despite tumblr’s efforts at destroying community.


Hello!! I rarely post art here but I am weak and I’m in Miraculous Ladybug hell  

This is my son, Vito! He has the mosquito miraculous and he’s an ice skater– His Kwami is named Darrah.

Edit: His super form is named Vivax! Thank you Anon, for the wonderful suggestion * 0 *

I don’t think he’d be a hero but he wouldn’t be a villain either. He’s an anti-hero, I guess! Vito’s mellow when he’s tired but when he’s awake and full of energy, he has the energy to get frustrated (very often) 

Vito’s powers are!! Summoning disease or cure spears, launching multiple at a time at people. His transformation starts timing out when he switches from one type of spear to the other so he can’t just spray attacks and switch between disease/cure as he wishes. He mainly wants to use his powers for petty revenge and mischief but tries very hard to be a good person. (Hence why he gets frustrated a lot!)


I had every intention of posting up pictures of my Moonlight Falls makeover this week, but then I decided that I just *had* to edit this cornice fencing by Awesims first. When I started, I primarily just wanted to add a fourth channel, improve the mapping, and lighten the base texture, but I ended up completely tearing apart the mesh and doing a whole bunch of little fix-ups to it. So far I’ve corrected most of the in-game flickering problems, evened out the irregular spacing of the dentil molding bits, repaired the squashed tiling on various pieces of the mesh, remade both the base texture and the mask, and re-meshed the end post so it looks nice and uniform from all sides. I still have some texture work left to do, but before I get to that I need to figure out how to make a fence tile seamlessly. So far that has completely thrown me for a loop, but I’m going to keep poking at it this weekend. :)