started the show hating each other


Just because you ship Stonathan, doesn’t mean you hate Nancy.

Just because you ship Jancy, doesn’t mean you hate Steve.

Just because you ship Stancy, doesn’t mean you hate Jonathan.

Just because you ship Byeler, doesn’t mean you hate Eleven.

Just because you ship Mileven, doesn’t mean you hate Will.

Just because you ship Bancy, doesn’t mean you hate Jonathan or Steve.

It’s time we stop pinning ourselves against each other and start realizing that we support the same show, the same characters, and we have the same interest. That interest being Stranger Things.

Me watching any show

Start of episode 1: oh this show is pretty cute I like- WHO ARE THESE PRETTY PEOPLE



Send me a symbol for an established relationship

🌟 old high school friends who lost touch for a while

(distant) family members who meet each other at the funeral of one of their grandparents / parents

known each other since kindergarten but didn’t start getting along until recently

🌙 good friends who sometimes don’t talk for months, but suddenly show up on each other’s doorsteps and have a laugh like they talked just yesterday

muse A is the new doctor / nurse / caretaker of muse B

💫 arch-enemies since the day they could talk

muse A works in muse B’s favourite restaurant

love / hate relationship in which they totally need each other’s constant reassurance, but hate each other’s every move

 they tried a relationship once, but it didn’t work out and now they’re the best and closest friends who tell each other everything

they live in the same apartment building and greet each other in the hallways, not yet aware of how alike they are and how much they could mean to one another

💙 muse A is muse B’s biggest fan and they finally get to meet them backstage

used to be co-workers a few summer jobs ago

💰 business partners who always agree on the work related topics, but never on anything else

Winchesterprincessbride’s Favorite Fics of 2016

I have read many great pieces of fanfiction in 2016. I decided to go back thru my archive and pick one for each month and share with you all. Hopefully you will find something you haven’t read.  And since it’s my list I am including my favorite story that I wrote this year because I can :)   Enjoy!

January-Faking it series by @ilostmyshoe-79      This series starts out with the reader telling Dean she has faked it before.  Dean says you wouldn’t with me.  Add a makeup mag full of things each want to try and you have an amazing series. NSFW

February- Getting Warmer by @kittenofdoomage My favorite A/B/O of all time, and the one that motivated me to write my own.  Alpha! Sam and Omega! Reader hate each other, or do they? When the reader gets hurt and is forced to recover at the bunker, does her feelings change? NSFW

March- Amazing by @dancingalone21   Jensen and Reader who is the caterer on the show constantly butt heads.  In the second part Jared locks them in his basement during a Halloween party.  She SAID she was gonna write a third part.  I am patiently waiting…….(not really)

April- Close Every Door- by @jotink78   The reader is kidnapped, and Team Free Will+Crowley move Heaven and Earth to find her.  But who took her is a BIG surprise.  The torture the reader goes through breaks her mind but not her spirit.

May-Finally by @dirtysupernaturalimagines   Soulless! Sam smut. OMG! So very hot! One of my all-time favorites. This Sam is truly frightening, and he doesn’t think of the reader as a sister like the old Sam did.  And the reader is terrified of him.  Or is she? NSFW

June-Hunter heal thyself by @khorybannefin  This one is a riot!  The guys leave the sick reader in Castiel and Gadreel’s while on a hunt.  Chaos ensues. I laughed out loud at this one!

July-Dean Winchester & Donna Hanscum drabbles by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog    Every since I read the first one of these, I have been shipping these two so hard I swear I have internal injuries! Mimi writes Donna so well, and the progression of Dean and Donna’s relationship is a pleasure to read. (Some NSFW)

August- Choose Your Own Supernatural Adventure-Sept 2016 by @littlegreenplasticsoldier     I was lucky enough to be involved in this twice and it was a blast both times.  Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you loved as a kid? Here they are in Supernatural form.  The organization this took was crazy!

September- A perfect Storm by @nichelle-my-belle   This was one of the most original stories I have ever read, and it had me on the edge of my seat. It starts out as a reverse French Mistake.  Just when you think you know where it’s going, YOU DON”T.

October- It’s the Great Pumpkin Dean Winchester by @zepppie   Dean gets his head stuck in a pumpkin.  “nuff said.  I was crying I was laughing so hard reading this!

November- Prophet City by @winchesterenthusiast   This is an AU where the reader is a reporter and Dean is a Batman-type superhero called the Hunter and Charlie is his tech genius. The Marvel/DC geek in me LOVES this series!

December- None of Your Business- by @winchesterprincessbride Another A/B/O because let’s be honest I am A/B/O trash.  A/B/O AU with Alpha! Sam Wesson and Alpha! Dean Smith fighting over Omega! reader at Wesson Technology. So many twists and cliffhangers, and one MOTHER of a twist at the end! (Chapters 4&5 NSFW)

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Types of heterosexual romance:

-They hate each other but then one day they have an argument and start aggressively making out and are suddenly in love.

-He falls in “love” with her the second he sees her and prolly stalks her, but she totally Friendzones him until one day he awkwardly confesses his love and kisses her and she realizes she’s actually loved him The Whole Time.

-He obnoxiously hits on her all the time and she’s annoyed on the outside but on the inside she loves him and eventually he Wins Her Over.

-They start off as best friends and show absolutely no hints of liking each other and have an out of nowhere kiss because that’s how it works.

-The guy is in love with Some Other Chick and the girl is his friend who secretly loves him. The guy either A)dates the Other Chick for a bit or B)asks the Other Chick out but gets rejected. Either way, it causes him to realize that Other Chick is actually a bitch and that his friend is the one he really wants to be with.

-They’re kids and the girl stalks the guy who repeatedly rejects her in comedic fashion. Future episode reveals that they will eventually get married.

-Guy is a nerd and in love with girl who is a Hot Cheerleader, but she’s dating the Asshole Jock who is mean to the guy, but she falls in love with him and dumps the Asshole Jock to become a nerd.

Where would you be without me? (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by anon and @mariamahashi9. It’s two requests together cause I thought they fitted perfectly with each other. Enjoy!

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You were always a strong woman, you got on your own two feet and you were not afraid to face the world head on. When Kiseok met you you had just started giving love a chance, you were so focused on your career and making a name for yourself that your love life had taken a back seat. You hadn’t realised how lonely you were until you met him.

He broke every barrier down, you showed each other every scar- mental and physical- your love was strong and you could see in each others eyes the adoration and care you had for one another. So when the relationship went to the public you thought nothing of it, he was too busy and you were too naive to actually consider what can happen.

The hate hits you like a truck. You knew that hate comments would come in but not the extent of them, and especially how dangerous they could get, you even had to get a taser and pepper spray just in case someone really did try to put those comments in action. It scared you and it made you a bit cold towards Kiseok. He didn’t know why or when this change occured, but what he did know was that he did not like it at all.


“Why did you post the god damn picture?!”

“Cause it was a good one, why are you acting crazy? I had to grind on her and you did not say anything”

“That’s in the past, why don’t you use your brain you claim you have for once?”

You knew that the picture was not a big deal, the comments were. Honey J was a great girl, you’ve met up with her a couple of times, she was also a gorgeous woman and people loved to compare you two, of course they sided with her. It had gotten to the point were you started blaming him, making up stories that he did it on purporse and secretly siding with the public.

“You are acting like a pshycopath! what is wrong with you?”

“and you are acting like an insensitive piece of shit”

“Really? where would you be without me? you were a cold hearted woman before I came in the picture! don’t act all tough when you are the one that said that this is relationship worked because of me!”

“and it will end because of you!”

You started walking away from him, not even bothering to keep the tears back or wipe them away, it just wasn’t worth it anymore, you were tired and this was your cry for help. It was put out the wrong way and it only made things worse but it happened.


You stayed with Jessi. She took you in and let you cry in her arms all night, she was the reason you met Kiseok so she knew damn well how much you loved it and the pain you went through those months, she was the one you runned to whenever you wanted to complain about the comments. You didn’t listen to her, she told you countless times that you should talk to him and tell him how you feel.

Kiseok had seen a bunch of comments, it made him hate himself. Although most of them were towards you he couldn’t help but blame himself, he let the secret out and now the woman that he loved was suffering. He saw it as betrayal, he promised you that he would do whatever it takes to protect you, now all he could think about was that he was the cause of this.

When he saw you leave it broke him but he also could not help but think that it would benefit you, if you broke up you wouldn’t have to deal with the hate anymore. That’s what kept his feet glued to the ground and his mouth shut, the hope of you finding serenity. After an hour he started acknowledging that what he said has definetel hurt you, you were always ver insecure of your cold heartedness and not showing enough love, he stabbed you at your open wound and that was off limits.


“Jessi I know she is here, I just want to apologise you can even be there while we talk”

“Fine, come in”

As soon as you heard the knocking on the door you runned for your life to her bedroom, you heard their conversation clearly and you kind of hoped that she would let him in. Wheter you liked it or not you missed him, your heart skipped a bit when you heard that he wanted to apologise. Love could not be forgotten in just one night, that’s just what it was and that’s why you went out of the room before jessi even got to you.

“Give us a minute please, i’ll be fine”

You whispered to her in english. She just nodded with a supportive smile and went to another room, leaving you in each others presnece and silence.

“I’m guessing you are here to set things straight”

“It was not just about the picture right?”

“No, it was what came with it”

You wanted to be honest with him, that’s what your relationship was based on, honesty and you tried to crack it by keeping all your emotions in. Letting it out was the least thing you could do.

“What do you mean?”

“The comments Kiseok, I am a human being and the things they say are frightening. I admit that I was wrong for not facing the truth and talked to you”

“All you had to do was reach out to me, we always talk things out that’s why we are still together. Why were you so scared now?”

“I didn’t want to dissapoint you. I wanted to seem strong to you, I thought that I could do it by myself and that it would go away. I guess I was wrong”

You were always proud of taking care of yourself and not letting things face you. So admitting that things actually got a reaction from you it would hurt your ego, it was embarassing and very egoistic of you but it was the truth.

“Will you come back home?”

“Do you want me to come back home?”

“Of course, we can do this together, if we are honest with each other we can keep going. I love you (y/n) and you love me. Come back home baby”

alright let’s talk about Niall ‘i love showing love’ horan and how he is a very [harry styles voice] generous person

now there are mutiple instances where niall does things and you’re like ??? 

like he didn’t have to kiss these wonderful men?? but he did?? anyway?? cause like he has so much love to give?? and he’s about to show it??

and then how can we forget his infamous birthday party #tb to 2014 in vegas

like why so close niall?? so up close nialL??? i’M SCREAMING LOOK AT HIS MOUTH NEXT TO BEN’S. i digress i digress. 

and then there is the infamous kisses lets start out with #ned

Like ok?? thought y’all hated each other but guess not cause who can hate niall fucking horan?? like look at this??

and of course he’s always affectionate with his band mates




but like we all know niall is super private about his #personal relationships. never letting anyone know who he is dating. always tryna be subtle.

SUBTLE. okay neil you’re totally subtle.

don’t think i don’t see you heart eyeing harry

like ok? what was that hip thing? like did we ask? like why are you smiling like that? you tryna hide something but ??

like this ain’t your bedroom kid why you pushing his jacket to the sides?? like okay?/

ok now you think he’s funny. he ain’t even THAT funny but you look like yo herad the best joke of the century???

oh and you wish i could unsee this now don’t ya

but alas here we are totally ‘clueless’ as to who niall horan is ACTUALLY dating because ya know he’s all personal doesn’t like people knowing who he likes and that’s why doesn’t kiss them in public but…..


I get that they’re ex’s in real life and that Ian is married to someone else now, but my god that was the most unconvincing kiss I’ve seen on screen. I’m completely aware of the many fake kisses that do happen; however, they at least still make it look much more convincing. He was kissing her jaw and she was kissing his philtrum (area between nose and lips). If Damon was kissing somebody else other than his ex then this kiss scene would have been a lot better because of obvious reasons. I shipped them since I first started watching the show but that kiss shouldn’t have even happened. They could’ve just went for Elena running to jump and hug Damon as he spins her around while they look deep into each other eyes. The reason I ship all my ships are because of the painfully obvious chemistry between two people which either one or both parties dont want to admit so they passionately hate each other until they passionately fall in love with one another. The scenes that they did get were closure, but it was not fulfilling. Klaroline (being my other ship) didn’t even get an actual scene together but just a letter and a cheque which was a lot more satisfying. It was just very inauthentic. Like compare their ‘we can finally be together after I was in a fucking coma for a long time and start our forever" finale kiss to the following:

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a fucked up modern day marriage plot where a rival mob boss marries his daughter, muse a, off to muse b to calm the tension between the families. at first they hate each other, but once forced to live together, they start warming up to each other, too stubborn to let it show. then one night he comes back from an important deal gone wrong, his face is fucked up and he’s feverish and she takes care of him all night and etc etc etc…i need it?

Dating Loki includes:

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- Pranking each other.

- Teaching each other tricks.

- Annoying the Avengers by pranking them.

- Being the person who brings out the good in Loki.

- Hating each other at first. 

- Sweet nicknames. 

- Accepting each other the way you are. 

- He’d enjoy watching you fight. 

- You’d spark a curiosity in him. 

- Completely trusting each other.

- Sassy comebacks.


- Green is his favourite colour on you. 

- Him showing you off to everyone.

- Making sure people know that your his girlfriend. 

- Cooking him your favourite food. 

- He’d always start sentences with “You humans…” only to be cut off by your ‘bitch face’. 

- Stupid arguments. 

- Cheek kisses.

- Sneaking off together whenever you get the chance.

- Cheering the other up.

- Getting him into your favourite TV shows. 

- Teaching him your favourite hobby. 

- Goofing off together.


-If you’re brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the anti brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re anti brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re jonnor af and anti joah??? Don’t search joah??? Or pick fights about why jonnor was “superior”???? Let Jude grow???

-If you basically hate a character/ship DO NOT BE MESSY

If you have any beef with anyone from any part of the fandom because of opposing ships or views on the show, squash it. It’s a new year, and I want us all to be able to coexist without bashing each other. We’re the fandom, we’re the ones that are supposed to be holding this shit down. Everyone is entitled to how they feel, but please keep the fighting to a minimum this year. It’s all unnecessary, and childish.

All this negativity gotta go.

Dylan Larkin #3

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! Can I request a Dylan Larkin one where you both hate each other at first but one day you one of you catches feelings and don’t know how to bring it up? Cause you ‘hate’ each other? [Here it is! This might have to have a part 2. We’ll see. Message me if you want a continuation! :)]

Part 2.

Word count: 848

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Dylan Larkin skated in front of you and banged his helmet on the glass before gliding away.

Your friend turned and gave you a weird look, “the game hasn’t even started yet and he’s already riled up?”

“What?” You asked, gulping down some of your beer, “don’t look at me like that. I’m just sitting here doing nothing.”

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One thing I loved about Seth in s3 is how put together and determined he was. 

A great scene was the one from 3x05 when everyone is arguing with each other because they all hate one another, and Seth is completely fed up with them and fires his gun, then starts giving orders. That moment shows such growth on his part. Seth in s1 or s2 would have been fighting right along with the rest of them, but s3 Seth sees the pointlessness and stupidity of it all. He has his priorities straight.

Seth has always been a leader, but he’s also been very biased and held personal grudges even if it put himself at risk. But in season 3 he puts everything aside to focus on the mission. It’s a new maturity of his, to not stoop to being petty or sink to everyone else’s level.

And it’s because of Kate. 

Before, all Seth had to lose was money or freedom. But in In season 3, he was fighting for Kate’s life. If he failed he would lose her, forever. And it’s that motivation that really forces him to step up and grow as a person.

Seth loves Kate so much, and it’s incredibly evident in s3. She inspires him to do better and be better.

yall: oh i love tyler and james’ friendship so much i wish they would just interact more!!

also yall: *starts shipping them* *starts pitting them against each other* *constantly compare them to philip & lukas*

yall: i swear to god if we don’t get season 2 i’m gonna murder usa network

also yall: *never promotes the show* *starts unnecessary drama* *hates on the actors* *does everything that will tear down the show’s reputation*


Who likes both groups? I do! Both groups are extremely talented and have their own style that different people prefer. I love award shows but I also hate them because we each have different groups that we like and support more then others and when your bias group doesn’t win, some fans feel the need to start comparing groups and tearing each other down.

I also hate how much emphasis is placed on winning the award even though Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and all these awards are subjective to each individual. All these groups are extremely hard working and talented and they’ve all been through their own hardships.

I know that winning awards has been made into a big deal but I wish there was more focus on the actual music and love for the music and culture.

Cr. lovchanyeol  

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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Because someone on Facebook asked “why SwanQueen?” This was my “quick answer.”

First off, as Adam has confirmed on multiple occasions, the start of the show has always been “Emma coming to town and meeting Mayor Regina.” Henry introduced them, and they went from hating each other to acknowledging each other as family and co-parents.

They sacrifice themselves for each other. Regina was willing to die for everyone and later on when the whole town was going back to the EF she made a point of giving Emma and Henry only good memories. She loves them, she cares about them, and for their wellbeing she was willing to give them a life without her in it (and she didn’t have to give Emma one even if it was just for Henry’s sake).

Their magic together is always the most powerful. They can defeat whatever comes to town, they can save the day, and they can do that because of each other and each other’s magic. They made an eclipse to save their son for crying out loud, and that was when they didn’t get on nearly as well.

The tattoo thing. Emma has that tattoo on her wrist of what many believe is the same flower as on Charming’s crest. It’s also commonly thought to be a dandelion or a Lyon flower. Now Regina’s soulmate was meant to have a lion flower tattoo? She later met Robin and yeah, she loved him, but he later went back to his wife, then cheated on his wife to be with her, then left town and when Regina went to save him after learning he was in danger, he didn’t believe her. None of that indicates he was who the dust referred to, and I believe that, whether the dust had been tampered with or not, that the dust was never meant to point at him at all. And regardless, soul mate does not necessarily mean true love.

They have the strongest connection. Regina and Emma understand each other more than anyone else does. And in finally comparing them to CS, SQ does everything significant before CS. That time Regina talked Emma down from murdering Lily was powerful. In a later episode they had Hook talk Emma down from murdering Merida, but with far less emotion, far less struggle, and it was a blatant “oh shit, we need Hook to have that connection with her too!”

And let’s not forget one of the most heartbreaking moments of all, by the well in Camelot. When Emma had given the dagger to Regina and Regina finally decided that she needed to get Emma to open up because she knew that something else was going on with Emma. She used the dagger to try get Emma to open up and was stopped by everyone who decided what she was doing was bad (she was crying, she didn’t want to force her but she was desperate to do what she promised Emma she would do). But that moment was crucial and yet incredibly unsatisfying, because there’s no way in hell that the big secret she couldn’t tell Regina was that she was scared to move in with Hook. That makes zero sense.

Also with that scene, was Regina talking about how Emma needed to be brave enough to tear down her own walls. That compares directly to that time Hook bragged about how he enjoying breaking down Emma’s walls himself. And in that same scene Dark Emma was wearing that dress she’d worn on the date with Hook. Emma trying to appease him. But the Emma we know was clearly not happy with that and was incredibly uncomfortable, but as with many times with Hook, she changes who she is to be was he wants her to be. She shuts down, she listens to him and not her own instincts, and that’s so unbelievably sad.

And then with Camelot there was that amazing time when Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur paralleled Regina/Emma/Hook. Not only in saving their love from the darkness (Emma and Guinevere) but also when those pink flowers referred to some kind of appearance of love on the surface but actual deception and control beneath it. That was a clear parallel and we know they don’t do them by accident.

On the themes thing too, ever noticed how often Emma and Regina will parallel Snow and Charming? With clothing choices in particular, and many times Adam has confirmed that clothing choices are very particular and the show runners get the final say for a reason, noting too that the costume designer is ranked very highly on the OUAT crew list.

And then we get back to CS, something Emma has been obligated to make work from the beginning at her parents’ enthusiasm about love. From uncomfortable dates to moving in with him, Emma sacrifices who she is and what she wants for what she thinks she wants, and you can physically see her lessen herself for that. From the time Hook’s lips were cursed and took away her magic, to the time they tried plenty of kisses for a TLK and none of them worked, they’re basically selling them as the anti-TL at this point. Every sacrifice he’s apparently made for her was either not actually a sacrifice (Dark Hook wanting to kill everyone then back tracking isn’t a selfless gesture) or was downright abusive and disgusting (suicide attempts to make someone pay attention to you is real emotional abuse and manipulation, and it traps real people in horrible situations).

And on the sacrifice thing. When Hook backtracked on mass murder and said “let me die a hero” vs Regina wanting to die for the town and saying “let me die as Regina.” She’s just trying to be better for her family, on a constant redemption arc she knows she’ll never fully reach (when Regina jokes about the heroes it truly is just her sarcastic nature), he wants his past wiped clean and tells everyone he’s good now without actually living up to it, because he’s never done anything truly selfless.

Emma and Regina’s journey is the show and the fact they’ve both been shown to have true love with Henry is not unintentional. They’re the family, the overarching fairytale that ties this entire show together and started it all, and are what I believe will be the eventual ending. To not have their own fairytale to do that to tie up all the other fairytales makes no sense and there are so many poetic moments that truly seem to slide everything into place, almost! They are truly the story that makes the most sense.

Plus let’s be real, the entire audience would ship them if one of them was a man. Henry introducing his parents alone would have been an amazing modern fairytale, making it gay would even more so, but the enemies turned lovers theme is so prevalent, and the people watching this show would have jumped on it if it was a man and woman, and certainly have for other ships on this show. But this connection is there, this story is there, and unintentionally or not, that’s the relationship development they’re selling.

You know, this show always feels like the show to me when that group is working in unison, and that first half was very hard for us to film. It was just rough. We were all separated, and we just kind of missed each other. We missed having the feeling that we had when we started this thing.
—  Norman Reedus, EW

Norman and Andy talking about how difficult it was for the cast to be separated in 7A combined with Lennie James’ beautiful rant, not to mention the fans’ hate and the decline in ratings has me hoping TPTB will think twice about separating the group for long periods of time starting season 8. 

The cast members suffer, the fans suffer, the show suffers. There is absolutely nothing positive about REPEATEDLY separating the group for LONG periods of time.
slytherin/gryffindor relationship

• the slytherin being the ‘mature’ one
• the gryffindor pranking the slytherin all the time
• introducing each other to their families being a little harder than one would like, but not as awful as they think it’ll be
• not talking to each other after the slytherin vs gryffindor quidditch matches
• showing other students that gryffindors and slytherins don’t hate each other
• playing quidditch together, and yes, the looser will always be angry
• having little fun comeptitions daily
• being there for each other when they need it
• probably started out as a love-hate thing
• teasing each other ALL the time
• trying to out do each other on valentines day and forcing their friends to tell them who’s present is better

[please do not send in more relationship requests]

- Céline

Spread the Teen Wolf love

I kind of explained it on my last post, but here’s the long explanation.

I wanted to start a blog to spread love on the teen wolf fandom. I am so done seeing people arguing over a ship or a character. I am so done of people sending hate to each other because of an opinion. 

Can’t we just enjoy the show together and appreciate everyone’s point of view? I think variety is beautiful. I find it amazing how the same show can be interpreted of lots of different ways.

So i decided to create spreadtheteenwoldlove, somewhere where you can post edits (via submissions) of any character or ship. Somewhere hate free where we can chat with eachother, give our opinions, express our selves without being afraid that someone’s gonna send hate to you. 

You might think it’s a stupid thing to do, but this show changed my life, and i’ve met lots of nice people. But this fandom is falling apart, and i want it to be like it was at the beginning, when we were watching a show about werewolves and everything was fine.

Message me if you’re interested on being part of it, or if you have any doubt about it. I wanted to keep the blog private until i found a nice theme and i had everything ready, but i decided to keep it public so you can start following it if you like the idea :)