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hello! I wanted to ask, would you have any particular resources to recommend for beginning artists, or that you used? I'm trying to get back into drawing, just casually, but am not sure where to start, and I very much love your art so I figured I'd shoot an ask. :'D

starting out i didn’t use many resources outside of life-drawing sessions, going to museums/gardens/public spaces and taking lots of reference pictures of bones/flora/fauna. i read a shitload of comics/manga/graphic novels and i spend a lot of time practicing alone in a room but to be honest if you’re just getting into it again please do this:

start by drawing what you like. i know a lot of people talk about addressing the basics and bare bones of art and design but in all honesty start by drawing what you like. even if it isn’t that good/up to par with what you want it to be, draw the kinds of things that made you want to take it up to begin with.

understanding what you actually want to be drawing is the best way to get motivated enough to plough through learning form, perspective and planes in the first place - along with encouraging you to explore mediums that are relevant to what you’re into. it really all snowballs from there. i don’t know if you’re trying to get into the human form, flora/fauna, animation, architecture or what, and there’s a million and one different resources for all of those things, especially for beginners. please find what you like and have a blast figuring it out and be frustrated when it doesn’t turn out how you want and tell yourself you’re gonna get it right someday because you enjoy it!!

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Ok but imagine Detective Steve Rogers and cat burglar/phantom thief duo the Winter Soldier and Iron Man.

By 2100 hours, Steve completely lost track of how the night was supposed to go.

Two weeks ago, the information had come across his desk that the Winter Soldier and Iron Man both had designs to rob the new exhibit of the Henley Art Museum. Their window was on Opening Night, the only time they could get in and out before full security measures were taken.

If dealing with that alone wasn’t enough, it quickly became clear that the two thieves who had plagued his career for more than three years, were now working together.

Which was…

Steve was not excited about this.

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