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For @defiantlilsheep who requested “Draco cant wink. He can do anything and everything but he cant wink. Trust me.” …. this got a bit longer than a tiny Drabble I couldn’t help it!

When Harry had returned for his eighth year at Hogwarts he had absolutely promised himself that if a certain blonde haired pointy git who may or may not have helped save his life but was also most definitely still an arsehole happened to return he would not get himself involved no matter what.

Except, once school started he realized that he had the small matter of returning Malfoy’s wand to handle, so he had to see him. I mean sure he could’ve returned it by owl but that would just been rude. He had to do it person. He had to. At least that’s what he kept telling himself.

He put it off for weeks before finally walking up to him while he was studying outside and both thanking him and apologizing for stealing his wand. And the truth was Malfoy had been so different during the exchange; solemn and pensieve and if he didn’t know better even remorseful. He had told Harry not to apologize, that he was the one who should be sorry. Harry had been so flustered he’d muttered something about studying and nearly tripped on his own feet in his haste to escape the confusing thoughts swirling through his brain and making him feel like he’d been punched in the stomach.

But still, none of that could change the fact that he was still an arse and Harry didn’t care what he did. Or at least that’s what he kept trying to tell himself. He’d always been pretty good at lying to himself, so he hoped it might work this time.

As time went on Harry realized that it was definitely not working.

He couldn’t help but be curious when twice in the same week he walked into an empty loo to find Malfoy making an odd face in the mirror. Both times the other boy had looked horrified at being caught and run away. Although Harry had no idea what exactly he’d caught Malfoy doing.

And that was a problem, because try as he might Harry didn’t like when he didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t that he was obsessed with Malfoy as a person, he just wanted to know why he seemed so different and what exactly he was doing.

Hermione told him he was nosy and to please promise not to become obsessed with Malfoy again. Harry had promised.

The thing was, he had to admit to himself he’d never actually stopped being obsessed with Malfoy and therefore when he caught himself once again searching him out on the Mauraders Map and following him around under the invisibility cloak or ducking around dark corridors he figured he wasn’t actually breaking his promise. You couldn’t exactly start doing something again if you’d never really stopped doing it in the first place.

Harry swore he would only do it a few times, just until he figured out what the other boy was up too. The problem was he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what he was doing.

Harry knew he was getting sloppy, knew he was being obvious, but by the second term he just couldn’t help himself. It was like an itch he couldn’t scratch, being away from Malfoy. And the odd faces he kept catching him making in bathroom mirrors and suits of armor had gone from weird and perplexing to confusing and adorable. Which was more than a little unsettling.

Harry however, had no excuse when he caught himself trying to figure out what kind of tea Malfoy was drinking at breakfast, or what his Potions partner said that made his lips curl up in a soft smile, or what kind of books he was reading when he sat hidden in the corner of the library pretending to study potions and thought no one could see him.


It was a bright and sunny morning. Harry had snuck out of the castle early to get a bit of flying before classes started.

The sky was so clear and the weather was just perfect for flying. Only instead of being happy to be up in the air, Harry’s only thought was of how much he wished Malfoy was up there with him, challenging him to the snitch.

It was at that exact moment that Harry realized he wasn’t obsessed with Malfoy.

He was falling in love with him. And that was definitely worse. Much worse.


“Potter!” Malfoy yelled, grabbing the back of Harry’s robe and dragging him into a darkened alcove behind a rather rusty suit of armor.

“Oi - watch it, Malfoy.”

“Watch it? Watch it?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” He shrieked and Harry had the decency to shrink back a little bit.

“You’re the one who won’t stop watching! Everywhere I look there you are! Always skulking about and staring me and interrupting me when I’m trying to- well it doesn’t matter what I’m trying to do the point is you’re a world class nuisance like always and I can’t concentrate when you’re constantly following me around like a lost kneazle.”

Harry blinked a few times then smiled, which was clearly not what Malfoy was expecting because the look of confusion on his face was priceless.

“You find me distracting?” Harry asked curiously, smiling again when Malfoy began backing up as Harry walked forward.

“Of course you’re distracting, Potter. You bumble around noisily like the obnoxious twat you are. I don’t know how you could possibly think I hadn’t noticed you. You’re everywhere, making a nuisance of yourself.”

Harry couldn’t help but notice the way Malfoy’s fingers were curling as he talked, the sweat building on his brow, and the way his breathing was quickening. To anyone else it looked like Malfoy was angry, but Harry wasn’t anyone else. He’d spent the better part of the last few months doing nothing but watching him and this wasn’t angry this was something else entirely; it was arousal. He was sure of it.

Or pretty sure of t at least. Sure enough to take a chance.

“So then Malfoy, what exactly are you up to? If you tell me I promise to stop following you.”

“So you admit you’ve been following me!” Malfoy shouts, putting his hands on Harry’s chest and shoving him gently. But it’s not aggressive, not even a little bit, and Harry just grins mischievously.

“Are you trying to get my attention?”

Malfoy splutters. “I most certainly am not!”

“Yes you are. Admit it.”

“I was not trying to get your attention I was trying to learn to wink!”

Harry stops at that. Quirking his head to the side. “To wink?”

Malfoy looks embarrassed now, smoothing down the front of his robes and staring at his feet.

“I can’t wink. I saw you wink at that Weasley girl during the first quidditch match of the season and I figured if you could do it so could I. Except I can’t and I look like a right tosser trying! Are you happy now?!”

“I could teach you.”

“Teach me? Teach me?!” He all but shrieks starting to sound a bit hysterical.

“It’s not hard, Malfoy. I can teach you….if you want me to.”

They’re so close now Harry can see Malfoy’s pupils dialating, so close their lips would be touching if he just moved forward a bit, angling his head up.

Malfoy seems to have realized the same thing because he kicks his lips, blinking a few times before muttering “Alright fine, teach me how to blink. Let me have it, Potter.”

Harry isn’t sure what posseses him but at those words he feels some of his self control snap and he leans upwards to close the distance between them, pressing their lips together.

Draco’s lips are cold and chapped and he taste almost bitter like earl grey tea without enough sugar. He smells like fresh air and parchment and the blueberry scones the house elves had sent up for tea today. It’s new and familiar all at one and Harry doesn’t think he’s ever felt more exhilarated in his life, until Draco’s shock wears of and he’s kissing him back fiercely, pulling him closer and sliding his hands into Harry’s hair almost desperately.

Harry would be embarrassed at the whimpering moans of desperation he’s making, but Draco is making them right back so he can’t be arsed to worry about it.

Much later after the desperation has turned softer, they stand there with their foreheads pressed together, out of breath but full of hope.

“So, did you still want me to teach you how to wink?” Harry all but whispers. He’s surprised when Draco just starts to laugh.

“If you must know I was only trying to learn in order to get your attention.” He seems a bit embarrassed at his admission, but something about it warms Harry’s heart.

“I knew it! You were trying to get my attention and you were up to something.”

“God you’re an wanker, Potter,” he mumbles, reaching his hands around Harry’s body to rest just above his arse.

“Well yeah…but at least now I’m your wanker.”

“Yeah?” Draco asks, a genuine smile on his face.

“Definitely,” Harry says, and he winks at him for good measure.

Draco groans, spinning them around to switch their positions and slamming Harry back against the wall, pressing their bodies together and kissing him with such intensity Harry feels like he might faint.

Oh yes Harry thinks with pleasure as Draco’s mouth attaches itself to his neck, there will definitely be a lot more winking in his future.


After a lot of blood, sweat, caffeine, and tears, my senior art show piece is complete (FINALLY). I had a critique last night with my school’s art faculty and I was overwhelmed by the positive responses they gave. They even asked for me to put all six of these pieces in a gallery invitational and I died ;A;

Here’s a preview shot of some of the bun pieces–I’ll post the final product when my show takes place!!


honestly i was feeling almost emotionally stable until they did this

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Can Light speak/write English?

Yep, he can. Japan makes English a mandatory part of the curriculum. In episode 1 of the anime, we actually see Light during English class where they’re reading passages from the Bible. 

Plus Light has conversations with the US president – two of them actually. As it seems unlikely that the potus would be speaking in Japanese, the inference would be that they’re conversing in English. Judging from the fact that neither of them appear to be under the impression that L or Kira speak with an accent, Light probably doesn’t have an accent at all. 

There’s nothing more beautiful than educating yourself guys, if you don’t know ask, google, research. There’s nothing more satisfying than expanding your knowledge of the world, trust me on this.

So I started a business school recently and business schools tend to attract people with business backgrounds but I have an industrial engineering bachelor degree (also a dudebro told me I didn’t look like I could be an engineer because I didn’t have the looks and I felt like smashing my full gin tonic glass on his head, anywho). We have two Finance lessons at the moment and I don’t know the first thing about Finance and one of the teachers went in HARD, I mean they were talking and I didn’t understand one word. So I decided you know what I’m going to learn what all this shit means, for those of you who have no idea about Finance as me, it has it’s own language like English and French etc. So I sat down yesterday and started studying. I don’t know if you have ever heard of the life saving internet website that is Khan Academy, I sat down and took notes as I watched videos about Financial Markets and to know that now I can explain something I didn’t know existed until two days ago is ridiculously satisfying. Maybe it’s the Slytherin in me but if you are willing to educate yourself, not only on academic matters by the way, there’s nothing that can stop you. 

I hope this motivates some of you to get shit done and be even better than you already are.

dfsjdfksf SORRY. i know…i know it’s been a long long time the promo ended on january 1st, i went on vacation, school started, i’ve been a ball of stress i am sorry!! most of you don’t remember this i’m sure but i finally got around to it and i always post my promo results even if it’s months late. i think i was three months late last time so…i’m improving.

thanks everyone for entering. no hard feelings if you didn’t win anything, there were a lot of entries. mutuals are bolded, + new follows are italicized


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i was reading this fic on wattpad and it was where dan had multiple personalities and he was phils roommate in college and one of his personalities was a dancer and one was this really rude guy who always got into fights, another was like a child and then another personality had OCD sorry that was confusing tysm

Identity - (tw) Dan is definitely beyond nervous to start at the prestigious boarding school, Harrison Academy. He wants to get away from the past and start a new life, where he meets his dorm mate, Phil Lester. Phil is always happy, it seems, and wants the best for everyone, but as he continues to get to know Dan, he realizes that there’s something wrong with this particular boy that maybe even Dan isn’t aware of.


Wherever You Are || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: home is…wherever you are.}

warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story**


You were worried about your relationship with Peter. Now, this had nothing to do with his alter ego, Spider-Man, since you knew about his well-kept secret and accepted his superhero side years ago during the time when you started dating in high school. It was just the sheer fact that Peter seemed to be avoiding you recently that made you so worried.

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10 Charlie Weasley Headcanons

  1. Charlie absolutely loves his Weasley sweaters to no end and sends a formal thank you note to his mother each time she knits him one.
  2. Charlie became obsessed with dragons when Fabian brought a copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ to dinner when he was four and read parts of it to him. 
  3. Gideon actually got him his first broom and taught him to fly.
  4. When Charlie started school he regularly went to visit Hagrid and have conversations about dragons that would end up with Charlie rushing back to the castle because he stayed too late.
  5. Charlie once spent 48 hours outside. Not because he was locked out or anything…he just loves the outdoors and didn’t even notice the time passing.
  6. In fourth year while all the other kids in his grade were starting to date Charlie came to the conclusion that he was in fact. Asexual and Aromantic.  
  7. He actually had problems accepting this until a certain Hufflepuff in his year by the name of Nymphadora Tonks to shut up because at least he wasnt a teenage girl named Nymphadora. (”Seriously Charlie stop laughing”)
  8. He was actually the first person to refer to Tonks by her last name. (best friends ever since)
  9. After the war Charlie brought Hagrid to Romania to see the dragons. 
  10. The day after ‘Dora’s funeral Charlie charmed a stripe of his hair pink and never got rid of it. 

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i absolutely love your youkai au, it's so well done and thought out!!! i have a question tho, are the half-youkai siblings mortal? is that why kuroo kept convincing himself that kenma is not good enough? also, if they are mortal, what are their ages?

the twins are 17 in the beginning of the AU (a year and a half has passed since) yacchan is about to start attending school.

Yes, they live waaaay longer than an ordinary human but considerably less than a full youkai

honestly? name a better month than august . the entire month is a nostalgic sunday before school starts filled with summerlong reality tv show finales and warm evenings Just cool enough for a blanket as you watch golden sunsets .. the sunrise is late ISH so that if you want to see if you dont have to get up at 5 .. the contentment in knowing that you did as best as you could with the tools you were given to use your summer as much as possible …… the ANTICIPATION of seeing all of your friends again and saying hi to teachers and the hopes of starting off a new school year with a positive attitude …..

june and july are phenomenal but august caters to EVERYONE its the best month

So I’ve seen this come up with other characters from other fandoms but I’m going to use the Joker as an example when explaining it cause he’s the one I’ve seen mentioned the most recently.

Most of these points came up in one of those weird arguments(the topsy-turvy ones where you start on whether schools are secretly run by energy sucking aliens that want to take over the earth by making the new generations weaker and more apathetic and end on the dubious/controversial sexuality of villains) that I had with a friend, so hopefully it covers everything. If not feel free to pop by to talk more.

(I’ve used the terms queer and gay here as umbrella terms because the Joker’s sexuality is not confirmed and is a speculation)

Okay so with the lego batman movie lots of people are seeming to have the Holy hell is Joker gay??? Has Joker always been gay????? thought process and some are not happy with it due to the fact that Joker in most forms of canon (*cough*with the exception of the legoverse*cough*) is a terrible person(which is true. He is a completely terrible person.) and so see showing him as gay to be both terrible representation and terribly homophobic.

I’m just gonna give you my tiny opinion on why I think otherwise(it’s of course completely okay for people to have different opinions and I wouldn’t mind listening to and talking about them too) so please before you start planning to raid my house and gun me down in my sleep read on ;

Is the Joker straight? From the evidence given I’d say no in most forms of canon. (again this is up to your interpretations of canon.)

Is the Joker a good representation of the lgbtq+ community? NO.

Why do I think Joker being a terrible lgbtq+ representation can be excused because it’s not about the representation. Now HOLD UP! Before you start asking my address to bomb my house listen up

Is good lgbtq+ representation needed in media?? YES.

So why is it okay that you can’t get this from the Joker? Because the Joker as a character is someone you should never feel represented by. I mean the guy is literally a mass murdering clown??? No one should ever feel like he is there as a representation for anything. Ever. Unless of course you are ,like, Pennywise in which case Iloveyou.Pleasedontkillme

If Joker was the only character in DC that was shown as (possibly) being gay then of course a #burnthemtotheground would be appropriate (not that I’ve seen anyone use this # now but it would definitely be the one I’d start if this was the case) but DC has lgbtq+ characters who are much better people who can be used as representation

Why is making a character ,as terrible as the Joker, be (possibly) gay and having him “act” as such ‘okay’ (in my opinion) ?

(again this is totally my opinion and maybe I’m wrong and am actually a terrible person but this is actually the way I see it)

Let terrible, completely horrible people be gay. Let angelic, pure cinnamon rolls be gay. Let morally ambiguous/on the fence people be gay. Why. Because your sexuality has nothing to do with your moral compass. It’s never said or even implied that the Joker is gay cause he’s an evil person. No is it ever said or implied that he’s an evil person because he’s gay. There is ,in real life, no correlation between the two at all and ,how I see it, there shouldn’t be one in fiction either.

In conclusion lgbtq+ people are just that - people. Humans. And all humans have the ability to be either bags of dicks or the melted cheese on top of a pizza. Their sexuality has nothing to do with that. So with the Joker being (possibly) gay/acting like it (aka inappropriately hitting on men, confessing his undying love to Batman on a regular basis) I see it as the same thing. He’s gay. He’s a bag of dicks. Both true but neither have anything to do with the other.
So the way I see it that doesn’t make it homophobic. It’s not like they took their sole gay character and just so happened to turn him into a warm fizzy-less fizzy drink. No, they just had some of their queer characters be the weird black smudges you get when you use a bad eraser and had the others be that last beautiful chip at the bottom of the bag.

In contrast to these reasons why the Joker being shown as gay is okay there is this ;

there’s gonna be those few people who live completely isolated from the views of the modern world who pick up on the fact that villains can be gay and take it as absolute proof that all lgbtq+ people are villains. What can we do to prevent this?? I don’t know…These are the type of completely whacked people who’d believe a crazed killer clown who fights a man dressed as a bat for an occupation is the absolute perfect representation for the whole real life lgbtq+ community. These are the kind of people that can be set off by literally anything. If it isn’t something like a villain being gay that sets them off then it’ll be the next thing. They could literally show two pure, loving cinnamon rolls of the same gender holding hands on tv and these people would flip because “ohmigodthegaysaretakingover!!!!1!@!!1!”

What can we do about these people? I don’t know…

Should characters like the Joker not be made queer in order to not set these people off? In my opinion, no. Why. Because these people are going to be set off no matter what you do. Why pander to people who can’t seem to process that a queer person is like any other regular old human and like any other regular old human they make the choice on whether they are a good or a bad person and like any other regular old human their sexuality doesn’t help determine this choice. Why pander to people who can’t seem to process that being queer doesn’t automatically equal to being evil(specially when they get this kind of conclusion from a character like the Joker…because seriously what!? )

Anywho those are my honest opinions…though of course nothing is ever fully unproblematic

Again if anyone wants to talk or give different opinions/thoughts or are pissed/offended(is2g that was not the intention) by anything I said then I’d love to talk about it (unless of course if you’re Pennywise, energy sucking aliens or my childhood friend’s older sister who I owe 20 to , in which case I’m not home please go away.)

(I can’t believe I wasted time on a fucking essay on the Joker’s sexuality……what even is my life…….)

Almost a year before we had started high school, I had been at her house, the both of us eating breakfast and playing music way too loud.  Emma’s older sister had come downstairs with the phone.  We’d turned down the music, and my dad had been on the other end, waiting to tell me in a broken voice that my mom had died in a car accident.


Well then.

I guess that prompted a week of crying herself to sleep.

See, with that context, the line gets a lot less stupidly immature and more like what I discussed regarding skilled trolls. As a former best friend, Emma knows exactly where to prod.

Emma’s sister had given me a ride to my place, and I bawled the entire way there.  I remember Emma crying too, out of sympathy, maybe.  It could have been the fact that she thought my mom was the coolest adult in the world.  Or perhaps it was because we really were best friends and she had no idea how to help me.

Once upon a time, when Emma was still a decent human bean…

I didn’t want to think about the month that had followed, but fragments came to mind without my asking.  I could remember overhearing my dad berating my mother’s body, because she’d been texting while driving, and she was the only one to blame.

…is this the incident Danny was narrating about? He got angry at her and since then he hadn’t seen her because she was already dead.


At one point, I barely ate for five straight days, because my dad was such a wreck that I wasn’t on his radar. I’d eventually turned to Emma for help, asking to eat at her place for a few days.  I think Emma’s mom figured things out, and gave my dad a talking to, because he started pulling things together.  We’d established our routine, so we wouldn’t fall apart as a family again.

It all ties together!

It was a month after my mom had died that Emma and I had found ourselves sitting on the bridge of a kid’s play structure in the park, our rear ends cold from the damp wood, sipping coffee we’d bought from the Donut Hole.

ADD tangent of the day: In the Steven Universe episode Shirt Club, Buck Dewey attempts to order off-menu at the Big Donut, only to be told (by employees and several signs) that they only sell donuts. But in other season 1 episodes, like Gem GlowLion 3: Straight to Video, Joking Victim and Future Vision, we’ve seen that they do sell other wares, such as ice cream, lunches packed by Sadie’s mom, and yes, coffee.

Krixwell Liveblogs, for all your “Steven Universe plot hole talk in the middle of a grieving process flashback” needs!

im so fuckign angry that i ever started school i hate it i hate forcing myself to complete exhaustion to try and do homework and essays and also go to work and i hate that i wasnt smart enough for any scholarships and im fucking poor but not poor enough for need-based scholarships im JUST fucked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being 15 sucks. Period. Every single psychologically educated person I’ve talked to in the past moths says that. And as a 15 (14) year old myself I can vow for this 100%. Before I started school this year the head of the student care team said they were prepared for a real chaos year, because 15 is generally the worst age for guys (maybe not for the guys themselves, but for everyone around them).

What am I saying with this? James Potters behaviour wasn’t acceptable. But it was perfectly normal for someone his age.

a selfie and an update for the followers i’ve had for years if y'all even care anymore: i started esthetics school september of last year and graduate in a week. i’m now a lash technician. still a makeup artist. i got many new tattoos and a philtrum piercing since the last time i’ve updated about myself. i’m FINALLY seeing green day in april after loving them since childhood. i’m taking a trip to seattle and aberdeen, washington in a month. march 29th will be my 19th birthday. @thejordanlovera and i are super close to celebrating 2 years together. i was super high in this pic.