started as an exercise then i kind of liked it idk


Alright, HERE we go! Awhile ago I had an idea for a MP100/Voltron crossover, and after mentioning it to @x-i-l-verify​ and loooots of brainstorming later, we have…*gestures vaguely* this. These are more or less screenshot redraws just to kind of get across who is who. :) More info, reasonings and musings under the cut, because well…it got long…

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❛ i need a reasonable paying job, something like $2,000 an hour. nothing too wild. ❜
❛ idc (i do care) ❜
❛ ‘are you taken?’ yes bitch, taken for granted ❜
❛ half of me is a hopeless romantic and the other half is, well, an asshole ❜
❛ you’re yelling? at ME? the one person who has never done anything wrong ever?????? ❜
❛ you will find your home, you will find your place. you will find your people. give it a little bit of time but it will happen. ❜
❛ in order lead a happy life i’m gonna have to disappoint my parents a bit. ❜
❛ any body else here not good at anything??? ❜
❛ you can’t force people to appreciate you. ❜
❛ *puts on baseball cap* i am the dad now… ❜
❛ i fake smart.. like i’m honestly a dumbass idk shit but i know how to seem like i do.. i’m smart-passing.. ❜
❛ every straight woman who ever called her platonic friend her ‘girlfriend’ owes me $50 ❜
❛ i am a professional at misreading tones and overreacting to problems that most likely don’t exist ❜
❛ honestly if i survive the next 3 years of my life, i will be impressed with myself ❜
❛ you can’t cure sadnesses with a shower but honestly there is no purer place to suffer ❜
❛ patiently waiting for a kind soul to come along and make everything a little softer, brighter. ❜
❛ honestly i don’t even play an active role in my life, shit just happens and i’m like oh this is what we’re doing now? ok ❜
❛ no offense but if i die and no one uses a ouija board to keep me updated on memes i will literally haunt you all ❜
❛ imma start charging people for hurting my feelings $3 an hour ❜
❛ i have finally reached the age of most young adult protagonists yet my life is still uneventful??? where is my cool story??? my cool talents??? @ universe i’m pissed ❜
❛ hello, police? i accidentally stepped on my cats foot and need to be arrested ❜
❛ *tries to watch 45 minute episode in 20 minutes ❜
❛ please don’t just come in my life, take my heart and leave. please don’t do that. ❜
❛ concept: me, 10 years from now, living in a pretty house with my love, sipping a hot cappuccino on a rainy autumn afternoon. our dog curls up next to me in the window bench while our cat snoozes on the bed. i’m financially stable and i’m never tired anymore. the bees are safe. ❜
❛ i can’t believe what walkie talkies are called ❜
❛ the gorilla could have died and been done with in like a week but none of you know how to be normal ❜
❛ me: *is bitter but is also right* ❜
❛ just saw a girl in high heels long boarding to class. godspeed, my queen. ❜
❛ i’ve never belonged anywhere, i’m always just in between ❜
❛ too young for unnecessary stress, i gotta live ❜
❛ i may not be beautiful but at least i know a lot of useless information ❜
❛ i’m like always sleepy. i feel like i should be used to this by now and stop complaining about being sleepy but i can’t. always, i’m sleepy. ❜
❛ lmao no offense… but what’s the point of being mean to people for no reason ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk ❜
❛ “alcohol isn’t supposed to taste good” buddy watch me drink the fruitiest/sweetest shit i can find and enjoy it because i don’t hate myself enough to even begin to consider drinking like.. beer ❜
❛ tfw you’re already fully aware of the unnecessary self destructive bullshit you’re doing but you can’t bring yourself to do anything to stop it ❜
❛ hey sorry for not replying i didn’t want to ❜
❛ honestly how am i gonna make it in the world???? i get a little teary eyed any time someone compliments my personality ❜
❛ true bonding is when you and your friends are all angry about the same thing ❜
❛ *touches your hand and looks seriously into your eyes* i am a piece of shit ❜
❛ lets play ‘how rude can i be until you realize i don’t like you’ ❜
❛ i love drunk me but i don’t trust her ❜
❛ hate when i am wearing makeup and still look shitty like what else am i supposed to do? get enough sleep? eat right and exercise??? as if ❜
❛ i’m not on a high horse. i’m not even on a horse. i’m face down in a ditch on the road of life ❜
❛ i hate when people ask me what i would do in their situation because 9 times out of 10 i would literally never be in that situation in the first place ❜
❛ i barely remember the last 6 months honestly like am i even alive ❜
❛ you had me at ‘hello’ and lost me at ‘i think your friend is cute’ ❜
❛ i’m pretty sure by now ‘tired’ is just a part of my personality description ❜
❛ wow i really liked that song now i think i’ll listen to it another seventy times in a row ❜
❛ ‘shit it’s 2 a.m.’ i say every day at 2 a.m. as if i’m surprised ❜
❛ i’ve been stressed out since like the third day of second grade ❜
❛ telling other girls they look pretty is like cracking a glow stick full of positivity and female friendship ❜
❛ i want to be sun kissed and also people kissed ❜
❛ about me: glowing, eating peaches, drinking wine in lingerie, not texting your desperate ass back  ❜
❛ i highly recommend never having feelings ❜
❛ due to unfortunate circumstances, i am awake ❜
❛ i’m gonna solve mysteries so fucking good ❜
❛ what did people even wear in 2008 ❜
❛ i’ll just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  my way through life ❜
❛ you know what sucks? everything bye ❜
❛ me? overreacting? probably ❜
❛ people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience ❜
❛ honestly if i survive the next 3 years of my life i will be impressed with myself ❜
❛ if you listen carefully you can hear me whisper ‘shut the fuck up’ at least once every five minutes ❜
❛ any time you like a boy just know you played yourself. always keep that stored in your mind for later ❜
❛ hopeless romantic with trust issues and a sex drive out the roof ❜
❛ what i lack in personality i make up for in…….. nothing ❜
❛ me? cancelled ❜
❛ an app that tells you how raven something is ❜
❛ be with someone who will take care of you. not materialistically but takes care of your soul, your well being, your heart, and everything that’s you ❜
❛ i love the infinite multiverse theory because that means there’s a universe where i’ve pulled every single fire alarm i’ve ever seen ❜
❛ name a more iconic duo than the lengths i’ll go to both get attention and to avoid it… i’ll wait ❜
❛ i just want to be treated very gently and smell like vanilla and wear only matte dusty rose lipstick ❜
❛ 2017 is going to be a very healing year because it’s going to force us to accept that 2007 was ten years ago not three and i think that’s the root of our collective issues ❜
❛ i just wanna do cute things with you like crush the patriarchy, fight for gender equality, and help to destroy racism ❜
❛ i may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented… i forgot where i was going with this ❜
❛ how is 2016 already almost over?? like this bitch came in, fucked us up, then left like she gave us a gift ❜
❛ supercalifragilisticextentialcrisis ❜
❛ stop breaking your own motherfucking heart ❜
❛ co-napping is a beautiful thing. knock out with me so i know it’s real ❜
❛ *on the verge of tears* ok not that i care, but ❜
❛ it’s not you…. it’s your zodiac sign ❜
❛ i want to be loved so bad it’s pathetic and embarrassing ❜
❛ my heart is filled with hate and swag ❜
❛ ‘i don’t care’ i say, caringly, as i care deeply ❜
❛ i highly recommend never having feelings ❜
❛ we all ugly to somebody, don’t trip ❜
❛ do i have a crush or am i just idolizing this person for being vaguely nice to me? ❜
❛ my parents were arguing today and my mom said that justin timberlake wouldn’t treat her like this ❜
❛ kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad ❜
❛ everyone’s having their mid-life crisis at like 19 ❜
❛ there are just people out there that are the embodiment of the sun like the things they say do light up the world and make you feel warm they are human sunshine ❜
❛ dermatologists HATE me… everyone hates me. i’m so alone ❜
❛ you know when you realize and you just… realize ❜
❛ a girl can respect herself and still take booty pics wtf y’all talkin about ❜
❛ i’m not badass i’m sadass i cry about everything ❜
❛ inspired by animal crossing, i’ve started doing this thing where i mail my best friends a framed picture of myself and then never speak to them again ❜
❛ i didn’t know double texting was such a big deal?? i have a lot to say ❜
❛ can someone please just be proud of me like fuck i’m trying ❜
❛ cosmo sex tip #367: when you’re in the mood, tell you partner ‘my spidey senses are tingling’ ❜

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Paladin Tattoos

So I’ve been scrolling through the the ‘humans are space orcs’ tag and I had a thought

Maybe Altean’s didn’t do tattoos, but another species does. Or maybe tattoos were developed in the 10k years that Allura and Coran were in cryo-pods. IDK, just, they don’t know about/ understand tattoos.

So now one day the paladins are hanging out at idk another space mall? Not important and someone notices a tattoo parlor, maybe because it’s the opposite of a stereotypical earth tattoo parlor all bright and happy with pastels and shit, maybe because this is after they find out about Lance’s tattoo, if you accept that headcanon(see my post Headcanon Time) and they feel the need to point this out to him and maybe he responses to this by “sarcastically” suggesting that they all get matching tattoos and of course at least one of them takes this as a challenge(*cough* KIETH *cough*) and they end up in the parlor arguing about what to get

Lance, being the little shit he is, suggests getting Voltron. The entire robot, across their backs
Hunk replies by saying that just getting their own lions would be more reasonable, and affordable, we kind of have limited funds, do I need to remind you of our last space mall experience
Pidge says they should get their names in computer code… she’s shot down
“We’re getting team tattoos Pidge we should probably get something related to Voltron, or Altea” - Hunk probably
“Or at least something we all understand” - Lance
Paw prints in the color of our lions - Kieth’s only thought
Shiro suggests the v that is on the chest of their armor, again in the colors of their lions

They eventually decide that Shiro’s v idea is most reasonable and the argument over placement begins

I say arguement it’s really just Kieth and Lance shouting at one another Kieth repeatedly defending right shoulder and Lance suggesting increasingly ridiculous ideas such as across the forehead or left butt cheek just to tick Kieth off and no it’s not because he’s cute when mad how dare you suggest that

Meanwhile Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk decide that their right shoulder is a good place and start checking out prices which are not as expensive as if they were on earth as tattoos for aliens are cultural milestones so even the poorest people have to be able to afford them

Long story short they leave the parlor four hours later Kieth and Lance still arguing, now about who’s tattoo hurt more, but they all agree not to tell the Alteans just to see if they notice

They don’t.

That is until a week or so later when they have a day off and Allura remembers Kieth and Lance expressing irritation because of “stupid Altean pools”
And she decides to show the paladins what it’s about

Allura: Good Morning Paladins! Today Coran and I have decided to show you the trick to using an Altean pool

Paladins: Can’t.

Coran: Why ever not?

Lance: We’re not supposed to swim for the next like… week and a half

Allura, excited: Oh! Is this some Earth custom Coran and I don’t know about?

Kieth: No, we just got tattoos when we were at the space mall and aren’t supposed to swim for two to three weeks afterward.

Coran: Tattoos?

Pidge: Yeah

After Allura and Coran continue to express confusion each of the paladins take of their jackets/ roll up their sleeves to shore them and explain

Allura: So you subjected yourself to physical injury and pain plus getting stuck with a pattern that could have been botched during the healing process as a bonding exercise?

Hunk: That pretty much sums it up

Coran: What prompted you to do this?

Pidge: It was a matter of pride

Coran: It was? How?

Pidge, completely blank faced: Lance suggested that maybe we couldn’t

Coran: Okay then

Alternatively, they notice immediately because one of the paladins says some thing particularly irritating and another punches them right in the tattoo (probably Pidge and Lance you’ve seen episode one) and the before mentioned conversation ensues

Sperm Donor

Prompt: Idk if requests are open now, pretty sure they are??? Can I make a request between the batfamily with a batsis who’s like a year younger than Tim and she discovered she was Bruce’s daughter out of wedlock and it becomes this huge scandal or something in Gotham and her mom has her live with Bruce cus the dad who brought her up starts becoming more abusive? Also she has half siblings from her mom lol. Thanks!

Requested by: ANON

AN: I really enjoyed writing this, hopefully you enjoy it too!

“You know, I used to wonder what it would be like to be famous.”

           “And now?”

           You glance at your best friend, “I don’t like it so much. Everywhere I go there’s some jerk trying to take my picture, and I can’t even go to the grocery store without there being some kind of whispering.”

           Artemis sighs, “I guess all that stuff about the grass being greener on the other side is true.”

           You let out a small grunt,  “My step-dad tried to sneak pictures of me to sell the other day.”

           “He’s scum. You’ve known that since your mom brought him home.”

           You nod, “You’re sure it’s okay that I stay at your place?”

           Artemis’ smile is kind, “Totally. I’ve got the guest bed all made up, and my mom is totally down for it. Lord knows you spend more time at our place than yours anyway.” You smile. That was completely true. From the time you had met Artemis back in elementary school, the two of you had been best friends.

           You had bonded over less than stellar parental figures, and the friendship had grown into a sisterhood from there. “Speaking of dads, have you heard anything from yours?”

           “Nope. Haven’t heard anything since I took him down during the New Year.”

           You nod, as the final bell rings. One glance out the window reveals the waiting paparazzi. Artemis’ solution and quick and simple, “Sneak out the back?”

           You nod, “Right behind you.” It’s a bit difficult in the standard issue Gotham Academy skirt, but the two of you make it over the wall with few problems. The alley way you’re forced to walk down is more than a little sketchy, but you’re both prepared.

           You’ve almost cleared it when the first guy appears. The others come seconds later. You’re outnumbered ten to two, but you know they don’t stand a chance. You take Artemis’s bag, and you watch her go to work.

           You watch with mild fascination, you’d seen her do it countless times before, most of them against you or Sportsmaster. You know the name of every move she performs, and how to execute it. You choose not to.

           When you had called her your sister you had meant it. Sportsmaster had seen something in you from the first time he had caught you hanging out with Artemis outside of the school. What had followed was years of training, and excuses to your mother. More than once, you had thought about leaving; finding the first bus out and never looking back.

           But you had stayed for your sister. The two of you had fallen together, bled together, and fought together. Artemis had chosen to keep using her abilities even after her mother had scared the man off. You had chosen to let them fade… except you couldn’t.

           Somehow, you still found yourself going through the same exercises on a daily basis. More often than not, you found a reason to spar with Artemis, or put yourself in some sort of danger that would require your skills. The adrenaline high was addictive, and you were at its mercy.

           Which is why, when that first thug breaks through and charges you, you drop the bags and charge him back. Several quick jabs have him on the ground. Your legs propel you forward, and on instinct, Artemis crouches, you use her back as a stepping point, so that when you jump you have enough momentum to bring down three of the guys. You tuck and roll into a standing position, before taking out another one. Artemis uses your shoulders as a spring-off point as she flips backwards, nailing a guy in the teeth.

           By the time you’re done, the both of you are scraped up and bruised, but you don’t feel the pain. All you can feel is the rush. The two of you walk to her apartment, where her mother meets you at the door. You can see the worry on her face, and all you can do is offer a smile before you go and shower.

           You spend the weekend there, more at home with Artemis and her mom than with your own parents. Even better, the paparazzi have no clue as to where you are. You suspect even your parents don’t know. You prefer it that way.

           Which is why, when there’s a knock on the door, you and Artemis are both a bit surprised. No one knocks in this neighborhood, and no one just stops by. Mrs. Crock however, doesn’t look surprised.

           The two of you make your way to the door, and when you open it you’re met with the face of your sperm donor.

Cheer me up (Sirius x Reader)

Can you do a high school AU where Young Sirius is the football captain and and the reader is a cheerleader and at a game, Sirius get’s hurt and the reader just stops cheering and runs up to him and you can make up the rest? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Idk if this is what you imagined but i hope you like it. I did my best but there are probably mistakes due to the fact i wrote it late at night. Still, please let me know what you think ♥

Warnings: none

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

This evening was the first football match for the season and our school was a host so everything had to be perfect. To be one of the best students in school and at the same time a cheerleader is not an easy job especially in those kinds of situations. My graphic was full and I barely found time for things such as talking or even thinking.

“Miss (Y/L/N), I hope you are ready with the preparations for today.”, the headmaster asked me for maybe the 10th time.

“Oh, yes. We did everything we could to make the coming team feel comfortable.”, I answered nicely putting a fake smile on my face. Making an excuse I managed to get away from him and went straight to the football pitch.

We used to have training like two hours ago, but I had to fucking search for special towels for our guests. So here I was, hours later, dressed in my tiny skirt, exhausted as hell, going to have a three hour long exercise for tonight…

“Hey, (Y/L/N)! How are you today?”, a familiar voice appeared just behind my back.

“Not in the mood for you flirtations.”, annoyed I didn’t bother to spin around and see the well-known boy in the whole school – Sirius Black, the captain of the football match, the most hot and sexy guy, probably the heartbreaker of the school. Usually I flirted back as a joke but now, hungry, tired, sleepy and angry I wasn’t able to deal with this.

“Don’t worry, babe. I am not gonna flirt for now. Just wanted to make sure you’ll be screaming my name tonight.”, and the famous smirk was now on his beautiful and yet irritating face.

“You wish! Can you leave me alone, cause I wanna finish with everything as soon as possible and go home and fucking rest for god sake!”, kind of screaming I turned away and went straight to the girls waiting for me to began.

Hours passed and due to my eyes shutting almost every minute we had to repeat some of the movements but everything was just perfect. While the boys were practicing and so were we, I couldn’t stop the feeling of someone’s eyes landing on my back. But me, being me, I didn’t give a fuck and continued my job.

I hate when people tend to think that of you are a cheerleader, you are definitely a stupid hollow bitch. My dear human beings, stop believing at what you see on your favorite TV shows. Not all of us are that bad! As one of the main cheerleaders, we are too occupied to find time for you. Honestly, you are not that special and you would never be. And we are definitely not sluts!

“(Y/n), wait!”, someone screamed and got me out of my trans of anger. When I looked beside me I saw the pretty footballer coming my way.

“What do you want?”, I retorted back.

“You don’t have to be so sharp, sweetheart. I just wanted to ask your pretty little angry face on a date.”, he stated while walking next to me.

“Okay”, was the only word I gave to him.

“So, that’s a yes?”


“But you said ‘okay’.”

“Look at me Black! I don’t have time for you! My schedule is full and even now you are losing my time! Don’t offend but you better find another girl to mess up with.”

“I am not messing with you!”

I didn’t say anything neither he did. He just stopped and went another direction while I continued my way towards home.

It was 7pm. The match was about to start after 30 minutes. I remember how at the beginning I was so anxious to go out and dance in front of so many people, but now it’s like a routine. As I was checking if everything and everyone was ready, Roxanne came towards me for chitchat as per usual.

“I heard you ditched Black.”

“Yes, I did. Why?”

“I’m just interested why you did so. I heard you really hurt him and that’s not good for tonight match.”, the girl stated.

“Better him that me.”, Roxanne gave me a confused look so I explained, “Come on, Rox, a guy like him wouldn’t date a girl like me if it’s not a prank or something.” The stern look on her face suddenly turned into a smile.

“Whatever you say, leader.”, patting my shoulder she came closer and whispered, “But you better clarify with yourself.”

The truth was that I liked that boy. He wasn’t a bad guy as far as I knew him. But better play not interested instead of showing your affection and getting hurt.

The time came so I put the smile on my face, encouraged my girls and ran towards the pitch to show all the people what we are capable of. When we appeared the audience got wild, they cheered us and welcomed the team of our school. I and the girls sat on our seats and waited for the breaks to do our job. When I saw Sirius, my heart skipped a beat. He was smiling yes, but the way he was moving, that fact that selfish façade wasn’t turn on showed me that each word Roxanne told me was true.

The match wasn’t going well. We were losing and mainly it was Sirius who messed up something. And the fact that the crowd was cheering as much as dead person would, I decided to do something.

“Come on, girls! Let’s bring back the spirit of the game.”

“(Y/N), we are…”

“I don’t care! You are a cheerleader! Your job is to lift up the spirit and courage of the team and the audience! So move your asses and dance!”

Hopefully, the girls knew my temper so my word actually encouraged them rather that offend them.

When I need motivation
My one solution is my queen
‘Cause she stay strong (yeah yeah)
She is always in my corner
Right there when I want her

We sang a part of a famous cheerleader song. As we were dancing I suggested making a pyramid. Everything was going fine, the public was up and clapping for us. But suddenly everything went dead. I turned around and saw somebody lying on the ground, somebody wearing the number 9. I jumped and ran towards the body. Pushing all the boys all around it I fell down on my knees.

“Oh my god! Sirius, are you okay?!”

“Yes, I think so…”

“Good. Now stand up and kick some asses for me, okay?”


“Because if you do it, I will find a way to cheer you up after what happened.”

“And how is that going to happen? Because I don’t believe y-”

I did something I would never normally do – kiss him in front of everyone. It was a short one of course but the feeling was amazing. I’d wanted this for such a long time.

“If you win, you might, maybe, probably, 50% have the chance of getting more.”

“You know how to cheer me up, babe.”, he smiled and I helped him got up. He wasn’t hurt that bad so the match continued. I think there’s no need to tell you who won and what price the winner received.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: amy having a bad panic attack at home before jake is home from work and he walks in and sees her on the floor hyperventilating

thank you!! I was worried I wouldn’t get this one… right? idk it took me a moment but I got there eventually

The last fifteen minutes of Amy Santiago’s evening have passed by in a whirring, gut-wrenching blur, fear and worry kicking and twisting at her insides until she can barely think straight.

Perhaps that’s how she ended up on the floor, she thinks, cradling her knees so tight her fingernails dig through the fabric of her sweats.

The breathing exercises aren’t helping anymore- her chest is tightening, her muscles are freezing, that horrendous overwhelming desire to become smaller, smaller, begging in desperation at the back of her head.

She’s dealt with this long enough- an occasional panic attack or an anxious breakdown isn’t exactly unheard of, working in the line of duty. Let them come, let them go.

She should be grateful, she supposes; she hasn’t had one this bad for months. Then again, she hasn’t worked a case as haunting, as difficult, as dragging, in months. Normally, though, it’ll overwhelm her, take over, and then she can get it out of her system. Once it’s done she’ll feel ill, horrifyingly exhausted, let herself rest without the threat of those battery-powered alarms, if she can, then get back to her life.

But this, this one here, now, it isn’t going away.

And she’s got no idea what to do.

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anonymous asked:

did you like the new video? were there any special parts?

oh my god yes, i’m shocked we got the follow-up so soon but i loved it just as much as yesterday’s??? a lot of the same thoughts apply here–dan being so proud, phil being so happy about dan’s praise, both of them bonding over the music from classic games, dan’s interest in phil’s childhood and wanting to know all of these details about how phil made it and how his friends reacted, etc. some standout moments for me: 

  • i mean obviously the angel threesome. what even. i feel like the point i’ve worn out to death on here about phil is that he’s been pushing back on the innocence trope for some months now, and has been increasingly comfortable w sexual comments/innuendo/teasing (and not innuendos that are made in a way where he seems to not be aware of what he’s saying.) and yet i was still hashtag shook to see him discussing threesomes so casually and giggling about it, and honestly weirdly startled to be reminded that phil was just like any other sex-crazed 14 year old boy lmao. i loved that whole bit so much. i love that they kept it in despite the break with phil’s mostly g-rated commentary. i laughed so hard at the way they were trying their best to make it seem innocent with those “tea party” comments,, but there was just no salvaging it. i was obsessed with the way dan was rendered nearly speechless, and how phil just stayed completely calm and was being super cheeky and kind of teasing dan for his reactions. also .. interesting that it was a MMF threesome rather than phil just wanting the main protagonist to have a threesome w two of the angels .. hmmm. then phil saying that alex would be worn out after the second round like …… .. i think i actually blushed wtf
  • the part when they were walking through the space maze and you could see little bits of the sky and phil pointed at one of the stars and said “we’re there, i can see our house” and dan went “awww” and i started to cry lmao. the way phil’s mind works is so beautiful i dont’ even get it ,, like he was just looking at the space background and thought to make this cute af remark that kind of acknowledges the sheer enormity of space but that he and dan exist in that space together, in one home wtf?? ? ? and he said it just to make dan smile??? ? ? and it was so casually done as like a throwaway comment that probs anyone would’ve missed amidst this 40-min behemoth of a video but they kept it in anyway and it was so sweet :( i was rly fucking emotional about it  :( also “our house” in general in any context,,, pls 
  • “this is tumblr we’re talking about, they need that gay shit.” uhhhhh. interesting comment from dan. it hit me in a strange way bc like,, i’ve heard this exact thing said about tumblr way too much by The Straights™ as a way of criticizing this platform and also a way of criticizing the driving force of a lot of fandom (which is obvi a need for more queer representation across all media basically.) but it’s interesting bc it’s also kind of a joke-y thing that people on tumblr and inside of those fandom spaces say a lot (like, ‘gimme more of that gay shit’ lol) and they (we) sort of own up to in a self-aware and humorous way. it’s interesting to me that dan decided to make that comment bc from the most objective evaluation it honestly comes across as derisive/rude/offensive, but he’s sort of implicitly asking us to view him as a Tumblr Resident himself (or even a queer person himself lol) and interpret the comment in a humorous way, rather than a critical one and that seems important to me. like a (hetero) outsider can’t rly make that comment without being completely offensive and horrible but dan felt like he could make it, and in so doing, he sort of puts himself on the same level as us in a way? idk. i need to think about this more 

just generally these two videos have given me so much to think about regarding phil and also dnp’s partnership. both videos felt like such a soft and lovely reminder of exactly why i love them so much. the level to which they are able to celebrate each other and demonstrate how much they have in common, how much their senses of humor align, how much they value each others’ opinions and minds, it’s all just so incredible to watch. and phil… like. this was such an important reminder to me of just how deep his creative talent probably runs. if he was making this at 14 (with all the time and effort and dedication and complex thought that that required), i can’t begin to fathom what he could make now, at 30, with 16 more years of knowledge and experience and exposure to all kinds of films and games and books. i feel like phil could make almost anything he wanted. he probably has innate writing talent and ability, and he clearly has the capacity to imagine and construct original characters and worlds. it brings me back to a central question i’ve always had about phil which is why he doesn’t exercise this creative energy more and why he is happy making things for AP that are, to be frank, somewhat formulaic and frequently just vlogs about his own life. i could ramble on that subject for a while as there are a few ideas in my mind for why he put himself into the AP box (security probably foremost on that list) but i’ll save that for another time. i’m just so happy they chose to make these videos though. it was so incredibly original and refreshing and beautiful to see them have so much fun and share in their love for each other. some of the best dapg content ever, for sure.

(mark of oxin 2

Coach Steven Rewrite

I had a bunch of ideas for how to make this episode better, along with a redesign of Sugilite, so I’ll start out my rewrites with this one, because I feel the episodes before it are fine. I’ll be rewriting a bunch of other Steven Universe episodes, too. 

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Got7 Reaction to You Telling Them That Only Their Voice Can Calm You When You Are Stressed

anonymous  asked:

Hiiii~~ could I ask a GOT7 reaction please? Actually it’s something that happen to me frequently and I was curious about how they would react (to your mind, of course)! So… it’d be a reaction when they hear from their s/o that she/he has tachycardia and that the only thing that can calm her/him is their voice? (Idk if i’m clear but for example when JB’s s/o have a crisis, his voice is the only thing that can calm her heart race ?) thank youuu~ have a good day & stay healthy ! 💙

Here it is, I hope you like it! I am really sorry to hear that it happens to you frequently. I struggled with it for a while too, and I hate the helpless and negative feelings that come along with it. I really hope you found or will find something that helps you <3

Mark Yi En Tuan 

Although he is usually a quiet person, he would be very talkative and energetic in your relationship since he feels safe and comfortable around you. When he finds out that only his voice can calm you when your heart is racing, he would make sure to  talk to you more often in general, as prevention. He would tell you to call him whenever you are feeling stressed, and he would really try to pick up his phone wherever he is. Even if it were in the middle of a photo or MV shooting, he would ask for a short break and call you back immediately. Since he cares so much about you, he would be sad about the fact that he cannot always be with you when you have a crisis, but he would be grateful to know that hearing his voice means so much to you.

Im Jaebum (JB)

Hearing that only his voice can calm you in very stressful situations would make him both sad and happy. Sad, because he cannot always be with you due to his busy schedule, but also happy because he could at least do something to make you feel better. He would tell you to call him whenever you feel your heartbeat quicken, because even if he cannot answer the phone immediately, he would hope that his automatic response before leaving a voice message could help you until he calls back. If he thinks that you are stressed too often or that your condition is getting worse, he would record a few messages for you to listen to when he cannot be with you (encouraging words, random talks about the weather and music, funny stories about the other members).

Wang Ka Yee (Jackson)

When you first tell him that only his voice can make you feel better when your heart is beating too fast, he would look at you worriedly and pull you into a hug. He would whisper something like: “Don’t worry, I’ll always be there for you if you need to hear my voice.” Although he would joke that now he doesn’t need to feel bad about being too talkative around you anymore, he would be very serious in situations when you are under too much stress. Then, he would talk in a low an soothing voice, comforting you effortlessly. Since he knows you very well, he would always know exactly what to talk about to make you feel better.

Park Jinyoung

He would be very worried about you and even feel a bit pressured. He would ask himself questions like: “What if my voice will not be enough after a while? “What if he/she gets used to it and it will not work anymore at all? “What if I am not there, will he/she miss me even more and feel worse if I don’t talk to him/her immediately?” If there are any stressful events coming up, Jinyoung would tell you to rest or take a breaks often. He would also look online for how other people have dealt with situations in which their hearts beat too fast. Although he would definitely talk to you whenever you feel stressed, he would also try his best to find something that can be a substitute for his voice when he cannot be there for you. Every now and then, he would suggest new methods you should try, such as yoga, stretching or listening to music.

Choi Youngjae

He would get dead serious when you tell him about your condition and ask you how often you feel your heart racing due to stress. Even if you tell him that it does not happen often, he would think about it and worry about you anyways. You would notice that, at the beginning, he would watch you more carefully and make sure to help you out in any stressful situation. Of course he cannot prevent every single negative event or feeling from occurring, so when your heart starts racing, he would tell you reassuring words and try to cheer you up by talking about good things. He would even try to sing for you or do vocal exercises, just to see if that would help more.

Kunpimook Bhuwakul (BamBam)

He would be happy in the sense that he can talk to you more often, especially since he never knew whether you want to be left alone or comforted when you are in a stressful situation. Of course, he would still be concerned about you. Instead of telling you to call him when you feel your heart race, he would send you voice messages every few days so that you can listen to his voice later during the day. Sometimes he would even send you videos so that you could also see him talk to you. When he is at home with you, he would joke a lot and try to be as positive as possible so that negative feelings would not arise in the first place.

Kim Yugyeom

After you tell him that his voice is the only remedy for your racing heart, he would give you a warm smile and assure you that he will always be there for you if you need him. Although he is worried, he would never show you so that you feel more comfortable around him. He would be your pillar of strength during rough times since he would often check if you are doing alright and talk about all kinds of things immediately when he notices that you are feeling stressed. When he is not with you, he would encourage you to watch videos of him online, often showing you new interviews, practice videos, etc. By being calm and positive around you as much as he can, he would hope to dispel any negative thoughts.

little comets (1/?)

okay so this is a tumblr-exclusive ficlet for the kids who came with me when i had to jump ship on my old blog and move to this one. 

like in 12″ by 8″, Kara and Lena have been canon through s1 in this story. i’m sure this prompt has been done a thousand times, but i promised fluff, and i’ve always wanted to do plotless fluff on this prompt lmao.

it’s mostly just little snippets.

The night is alive around them, neon lights flickering in city windows and creating the illusion that they are surrounded by quiet fireflies. 
Kara stares at the pod, J’onn’s hand on her shoulder, the cold air hovering like a lookout, watching over them. There is a moment – an infinite moment that is somehow also far too short – where anything could be in the pod, anyone.
Her mother.
Her father.
Her best friend from school when she was young. 
A complete and total stranger who shares her culture and history, and has come to lessen the ever-aching weight on her spine.
She wants to stay frozen in that world of possibility forever, where nothing ever must be real or unreal ever again. 
But she can’t, so she uses her super-speed to rip off the band-aid, and tears the pod open in a fraction of a second. The faster the less painful. 
She looks down, bracing herself the renewed loss of all the people it turns out not to be. 

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dragonthorku  asked:

Jax quick question about Abs. Ive been training mine but Idk how to get them to pop up? My friends said to do crunches everyday and to eat a lot of seafood, but Im not sure what to do. Can you help me get my Abs ripped?

Of COURSE!!! First things first we need to find out what type of Abs you are going for/have. and Yes there are differences and we will talk about 

the Main 4 Abs there are

First things first though, if your diet is shit you are gonna fuck yourself over. Always remember this

Now lets get to it. Like I said there are 4 Main different types of abs out there. So we need to see where you are


I’ve seen this GOD KNOWS how many times from when I was growing up. To nowadays. This is literally when you are a kid and your abs just naturally develop on their own. like they literally just appear. I remember in the locker room these skinny kids would have abs and we thought they were so jacked haha it was funny. But heres the part that makes me so Jealous. I keep it real with teenagers who are naturally cut If you have the genetics for that. you have HIT THE GOLD MINE my friend if you start working out! When you are a beginner working out you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. So the fact that you are already have Abs is gonna make you look super Impressive when you add size to your frame


and Legit if you are training consistently you can Eat a LOT of FUN FOODS! Some of my best friends bragged about how when they were training they knew they had to eat big to get big so they feasted on Burgers, Protein Shakes, Pizza, Chickens, Eggs and Steaks and they got huge and every cheerleader wanted them. If you got the genetics for it, you are teenager and you havent started training yet. Enjoy the Fun times of high school


these are kind of similar to naturally cut abs but they take a while to get depending on the amount of flab covering your body. They mainly come from when your body fat percentage is low enough from training and dieting and you can see them. 

You literally don’t have to do any ab work to see these ones. They come eventually from fat loss But training them does make them look nicer. They dont have any Bulk to them so sometimes you have to get really lean if you want them to feel nice. These are the type of abs most fighters have and are worked/maintained with High Reps and Ab circuits. you know like 8 minute abs everyday


These are abs with Deep Crevices, The TYPE that people want to feel on and want to punch a lot haha. These are Abs built by Weight Training the Abs like any other muscle and letting them rest and regrow. 

Originally posted by want-it-all-universe-fitness

Now the cool thing about these Abs is that if you fall off from Training and get fat Since you built up so much muscle they will poke through. So next time you want have to lose as much fat to make them look nice again

These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing abs and then there is number 4


THESE ARE THE TYPE OF ABS that show they aint all just for Show, The types Gymnasts and those Calisthenic Athletes have 


Originally posted by everybodywantstobefit

Some of my best Friends Just Do Calisthenic work and their cores look amazing and they tell me they don’t do crunches, situps or anything like that. Just Core work

These static movements help work your abs in ways traditional crunches cant and work all these lil stabilizing muscles the others dont and the results (with good diet and consistent training) are something to marvel at. My Friend Myles (third picture with girl) always tells me how when he goes to beach His friends usually keep their shirts on haha cause he stands out haha

But yeah see what type of Abs you want/Have and then go for it. Wishing you the best of luck so you can get Gainz and make all the girls swoon @dragonthorku ;)

Monsta X Fitness Challenge |Day 2: Abs/Core strength |

hello again all!!! I am back with some lovely ab exercises!!! For this, please keep in mind that i actually used some of the exercises my ballet teacher makes us do, so if i use terminology for exercises that you may not know then forgive me plz bc i only know them as what my teacher calls them :(  my inspiration for the was Wonho’s beautiful honey abs and can i just thank not only God but wonho’s parents as well like you guys did really really good and the world thanks u for ur service  ~Admin H

You can either listen to the songs recommended, or your own music, whatever gets you pumped up and moving!!!

You can also do all these exercises WITHOUT the use of any equipment!


(you’ll be dong the same stretches and warm up from Day 1, just to keep some consistency.)

  • stretch your arm across your chest, using your other arm to pull it, and alternate arms back and forth, holding each arm for at least 18 seconds
  • roll your shoulders backwards for 20 seconds, then forwards for 20 seconds
  • roll your head in a circle, either direction for as long as you want, but make sure to do the same amount of time on the other side, otherwise you’ll be lopsided. 
  • hold your arms out sideways and plant your feet in a firm V shape, and GENTLY alternate touching your toes on a diagonal. Remember, you aren’t quite as warm yet, so be careful not to pull anything!! If you can’t touch your toes, then just get as far down as you can!! (this can also count as part of the warm up, if you do them fast enough.)


  • make sure to warm up in a nice warm room!! otherwise your body will be difficult to work with even if you’ve stretched and warmed up and you run a higher risk of injuring yourself.
  • first, lightly jog in place for 1 minute, it seems like a long time, but it goes fast!!
  • do jumping jacks for another minute
  • jog in place for 1 minute (If you feel like pushing yourself, you can do 1 min and 30 seconds, or 2 minutes!!)
  • jump rope for 50 seconds, if you dont have a jump rope you can just fake it like i do :’)
  • make sure to keep breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth!!! if you need to take a 10 second break between the jogging and jump rope please do so! this is supposed to be enjoyable, not a punishment! Take it at your own pace!! :) 
  • do 45-50 seconds of alternating fingertip to toe jacks
  • Then run in place one last time for 50 seconds this time.

After doing that, take a short breather and have a quick 20-30 second drink. Remember, being healthy isn’t just about working out a lot!! be sure to drink a lot lot L O T of water every day!! 


This part is going to be really easy!! All i ask is that you dance to a few of your favorite kpop songs!! it can be any fast-paced kpop song, or you could dance to these Monsta X which are my favorite for working out!!

  • Fighter
  • All In
  • Trespass (I do pushups every time they say “knock knock” and “thwack thwack” ??? wowowowwo it’s intense!!! ur doing pushups for like the whole song!)
  • Stuck

like i said, you don’t have to dance to these, if you don’t know the dance, or don’t feel like you could grasp the dances, just jam out and make sure to keep moving!! you can do more jumping jacks or jogging in place, but it’s so much fun to just dance and goof off!!!


Now bear with me, this is gonna be a long one >.< make sure to drink water during your rests!!

  • First, sit high on your butt bones with your feet out in front of you and your feet flexed, tuck your chin, and slowly roll down through each vertebra in your back, using your abs to help control your body on its way down.
  • we’re starting out fairly simple and just doing 30 rollups w/ a twist
  • then do 25-35 ankle reaches
  • the next one really,,,,really kills me okay they’re called flutters in my classes and you’re gonna do them for 30 seconds and then Die™
  • *optional, you can rest here, you dont have to but after doing this myself i super recommend it bc after the flutters ur really gonna need it*
  • 30 sec bycicle kicks
  • 45 sec elbow plank
  • 20 leg lifts
  • 30 sec mountain climbers
  • 20-30 sec eagle crunches
  • 45 sec side plank (each side)
  • 50 second criss-crosses!! they suck ass!! but hey!! abs!!(make sure to stretch your legs out ALL THE WAY!!) 
  • 20 hip ups
  • 20 crunches
  • ~rest~
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • 30 sec russian twists! If you can’t be in a perfect V then that’s totally okay!! do whatever level you feel comfortable with!
  • 25 sec plank twists!!
  • hold a 20 sec plank bc i am a kind and generous person 
  • and ta da my friend you!!! are!!! done!!!!!!


You can do the same stretches that you did before, or you can do these, or you can do both!!

  • 20 sec quad stretch each leg, try to push your hips down instead of letting it be uneven and you’ll get a better stretch!
  • bend down and try to put your forehead to your knees, staying there and just breathing. breathing helps you ease into stretches, and is very useful if you’re trying to get more flexible!!
  • calf stretch, 20 seconds either side
  • shoulder stretch like before, 20 seconds either side
  • lower back stretch(lay on the ground and bring your knees to your chest and gently rock back and forth)
  • mermaid stretch(idk what it’s actually called, this is just what my teacher calls it lol, but lay on your stomach and use your arms to arch up) 
  • roll over and do the final stretch, go into a child’s pose and hold it for 20 seconds, just breathing, and then move your hands to one side and hold, then to the other side and hold, for a good side stretch.

IF you feel like really challenging yourself after that h e l l of a ab workout i put you through, you can do:

  • 40 sec hollow rock
  • 40 sec corkscrew
  • trust me you dont want to do anything after those they suck ass

here’s a kiss from Wonho as a reward for doing all that hard work and doing it so so well!!

When you’re dating Jaemin and Jeno feels left out

Thank you so much for requesting! I’m glad this is my first Jaemin scenario~ ^^ I hope you like this as much as I liked writing this! 

i’m crying i miss nana so much ugh i hope he’s doing okay ;-; and sorry for the shortness of this scenario, i struggled a bit with this >< the request is so cute, i’m a little scared this isn’t as good as it should be >< ANYWAY, I REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS~ 

Words: 1127

Pretty mild Fluff, somewhat cute idk man

Requested by @dinochimin17 ♥

Originally posted by lafillesansnom

You smiled, looking at the two boys who were walking down the hallway, towards your classroom. Jeno had his arm around Jaemin’s shoulders and he was probably teasing him about something, judging from their faces. It felt like it had only been yesterday when you first ran into the two in the hallway on the first day of high school.

Your locker was between their lockers and you three just happened to be at the lockers at the same time after school, ready to go home.

“Hello locker neighbor,” Jaemin grinned and opened his locker.

“Hi,” you greeted him, a little surprised by his sudden greeting.

“Do you have a name?” Jeno asked from your other side, taking some books out of his locker.

“Don’t all humans?” you asked, making the boy look at you.

“Cocky, I see,” he said and stuffed the books in his backpack.

“I’m Na Jaemin,” Jaemin said and you turned to look at him. “And he’s Lee Jeno.”

Why are they so good-looking?

“And you?” Jaemin asked when you stayed quiet for a bit.

“______,” you said with a small smile.

“We aren’t in the same class, are we?” Jeno asked.

You shook your head. “I don’t think so.”

“Well, it’s okay since we’ll see each other daily anyway,” Jaemin smiled. “We’re locker neighbors after all.”

That’s how your first meeting had been. Anyway, let’s now fast-forward to the present: you three were now best friends. You had your own little squad that consisted of just you three. There were a lot of other students who you considered friends and they occasionally hung out with you three but the three of you were always together. You spent a lot - I repeat, a lot - of time together, at school and outside of school. You even studied together sometimes, though it was usually pointless as you three just couldn’t shut up when you were together.

“Ready to go eat?” Jeno asked when the two stopped in front of you.

“I’ve been waiting for this the whole day,” you said and started walking.

“It’s still early,” Jaemin pointed out with a chuckle.

“I know,” you stated and you three went into the cafeteria, chatting about this and that.

“Yo,” another one of your friends sat down opposite you after you three had sat down at your usual table.

You greeted her with a smile.

“So, did you fail your test?” Jeno asked before stuffing some of the food in his mouth.

“No,” she grinned and gave the boy a nudge. “I got twenty points.”

Jeno almost chocked on his food while you chuckled. “That was a close call,” you commented. “One point less than that you would have failed.”

“Yeah, I’m glad I passed,” she smiled and stuffed some food in her mouth.

She and Jeno started squabbling about something and you and Jaemin just listened to them, used to this kind of stuff. It wasn’t serious, the two just liked to tease each other. 

Meanwhile, you and Jaemin ate quietly. 

“Here, try this,” he said and fed you when you opened your mouth. “Good, right?” he smiled.

You nodded your head with a wide smile. “It’s really good.”

“You should eat a lot. I know you haven’t been eating properly lately,” he said and gave you a pout.

“The exams stressed me out so much I couldn’t eat, I didn’t do it on purpose,” you defended yourself.

“Luckily you have me,” he said. “I’ll make sure you always eat enough.”

“I’m going to get fat,” you stated.

“It’s okay, I’ll exercise with you.”

You rolled your eyes with a smile. It had been a few months already since you and Jaemin had started dating. It all happened so quickly that you had no idea when you fell for him. Yes, he was popular and handsome but it’s not like those things made you fall for him. It had most likely been his great personality. He was sweet and caring and got along with pretty much anyone. The looks and popularity were just a plus, though you sometimes wondered if the real reason behind you falling for him had been that happy, bright smile he had. It was absolutely gorgeous, who wouldn’t fall for it?

After mustering up your courage, you had confessed to him and to your surprise, he answered to your confession with “I like you too”. Things worked out between you two and now you were dating happily. He always took good care of you and you sometimes wondered what you had done to receive that kind of treatment.

“You deserved it by being yourself,” Jaemin had answered when you had asked him about it. 

Jaemin handed you one of his earphones and you took it with a smile before putting it in your ear. Jaemin put the other one in his ear and you two listened to the music while walking down the street, holding hands.

“I know you two are in love and all but I’m like right here,” Jeno whined behind you two, looking at how you held hands. He wasn’t jealous, or at least that’s what he told himself. After knowing you both for quite some time, seeing you all lovey-dovey didn’t suit his taste. It was weird to him.

“You’re just jealous,” Jaemin teased with his usual phrase. 

“Yeah, as if,” Jeno rolled his eyes. He forced himself between you two, breaking you apart. “Let’s do something fun today,” he suggested. “The exams are over and we finally have some time to relax. I suggest we continue our tradition and go to the arcade.”

“We already kind of planned something,” Jaemin scratched the back of his head apologetically but Jeno missed the hint.

“Really? That’s great! What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to the movies,” Jaemin said. “We have two tickets.”

“Are we ditching her?” Jeno asked.

“No, you’re not,” you nudged him who just grinned.

“So, it’s the two of you again? Alone?” he asked.

Jaemin nodded. “Sorry Jeno.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” he said and let go of you two. “I didn’t want to hang out with you two anyways,” he joked and patted your backs. “Have fun.”

“You should do something too,” you said to him when he started to walk away.

“Not feeling like it,” Jeno waved his hand without turning around. “See you.”

After hearing your goodbyes, he stopped walking and turned around. He looked at how you two walked away, already laughing at something. He couldn’t help but feel a little salty.

I guess it’s fine as long as they don’t break up. That would be nasty.

He then turned around and continued walking while smiling a little.

Oh, well. At least they are happy together.


5.26.17 Day One (88/100 days of productivity)

So, last night Theresa went home for the weekend, which means I have the apartment to myself. It’s lonely as fuck! But, I will live. Today was my first full day alone in the apartment. 

I woke up this morning and it was pouring down rain once again, so I decided not to go to the gym. I attempted to do an at home ab workout, only to realize that in focusing on the other muscle groups of my body and neglecting my abs for the past, idk, two or three years, I’ve lost control of that muscle group. Like, most of the ab exercises I liked to do involved activating abs by moving the other parts of my body, but I just couldn’t do it. My abs wouldn’t get their shit together! So, now I know where I need to focus my attention in the coming work outs.

Waking up alone was kind of hard. I had my volunteer interview and I was extra stressed without Theresa here to prep with me. But, I got through it! I basically have the position, it’s only a matter of filling out some paper work. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with children again and I’ll get involved at my local art museum!

After the interview I went to my old job to hang out with my supervisors. I ended up starting the image above (I finished it about an hour ago). It was nice to catch up and stay out of the rain for a few hours. It was also nice to not be alone all day, and it looks like I’ll be hanging out with my supervisor on Sunday too. 

I spent the rest of the day holed up inside my apartment; drawing, binge watching SNL, and (now) watching Modern Family. Tomorrow will be much more productive, as I plan to put a dent in the homework I have due this coming week. 

Good night!

Beginner’s Guide to Going Gluten Free

So, just discovered you have a sensitivity or allergy? Want to see if you might be gluten or wheat intolerant? Just found out you have a thyroid issue, or your doctor wants you to try going off gluten for the two-week test? Been there, and yeah, it’s super confusing and really intimidating.

My mom had a gluten sensitivity, so I was lucky to have lived a few years in a household that navigated the gluten-free world. It really helped me out when my wheat allergy developed, but I still had to learn a lot as I went, and you don’t need me to tell you that trial and error isn’t a good way to go when health is involved. So here are some basics and tips for if you need to go gluten free.

1. Don’t do it unless you need to. Not only does it make it harder for people who need gluten-free products, people who go gluten free as a fad generally have no health benefit from it, or, at worst, get malnourished from doing it wrong. Not only that, but it’s wicked expensive. (But seriously, it makes it so hard for those of us who need it, because then food service industries see it as just a fad and cut corners, which could literally kill some of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something labeled “gluten free” and then also read a “made in a facility with wheat” warning. That’s kind of mutually exclusive.) If you are wondering if you have a sensitivity, by all means, try it out. But don’t think that gluten free is inherently healthier, because it’s not.

2. Basic Flour Blend. Yes, GF baking is really hard and it doesn’t taste the same, but I’ve found that a 2:2:1 blend of White Rice:Tapioca:Corn Starch works pretty well. 1tsp of xanthan gum per cup of blend and you’re good to go. (It’s all going to be dense, sorry, no getting around it. Dense and crumbly and dries out easily, but at least it’s a baked good. Makes a tasty pancake and crepe, tho.)

2.5, regarding flour: Don’t scoop directly from the flour into the measuring cup. Pour it (with another scoop if needed) into the measuring cup. GF flour, particularly ‘starch’ flours like tapioca and corn starch, pack down ridiculously, and it will ruin the dry/water ratio.

3. Do not knead bread made with gluten free flour. Kneading is to exercise the gluten and make it rise more. No gluten, no knead. You’ll make it turn into a dense brick.

4. Find a bulk food store and buy your flours there. Good stores for finding bulk barrels are places like WinCo or Sprouts. Pre-mixed flours are expensive, so make your own to save money. (Though if you want to splurge for a dedicated gf bread flour, go ahead, it’s worth it.) Make sure the barrels of gluten free flour are all near each other in one area. If they are spread out in and amongst gluteny flours, don’t touch it. Not everyone will use the proper scoops in the proper barrels. If your GF flours are near each other, who cares if a little rice gets in with a bit of garbanzo. On that note:

5. Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking garbanzo bean flour is a suitable substitute for wheat. You can taste the beans even after it’s cooked. It is an abomination and should only be used for things like falafel.

6. DO NOT EAT RAW GF DOUGHS OR BATTERS. It won’t hurt you or anything, they just nasty as all heck. They taste like feet, sand, and regret. That Betty Crocker GF Cookie Dough may look tempting, but it’s the actual devil in disguise.

7. Learn to read labels. Avoid Wheat (all varieties, including spelt, semolina, kamut, etc), Rye, Triticale, and Barley. Look for the bold warnings at the end of the ingredients list first. But don’t take it at face-value. Scan through that list, too. They don’t always list allergens. EX: Kit-Kat doesn’t list any allergens in bold at the bottom of the list, but a main listed ingredient is wheat flour.

7.5 ALWAYS read the label. Even if it says gluten free, scan that label. Even if you can’t see a way for gluten to be in there, scan that label. Twizzlers have wheat as a main ingredient, and idk about you, but I would never have guessed. A lot of canned foods have added wheat as filler. Not necessarily a bad thing, but bad if you can’t have it.

8. Do your research before eating out. Never trust a verbal statement in a restaurant without a dedicated menu or breakdown being shown to you, or having looked at it beforehand. Ask sit-down restaurants for an allergen menu, or ask if they have a gluten-free menu. As for fast-food, you can find allergen menus online. Personal recommendation: Chic-fil-a is a good, safe place to eat, as long as you let them know when ordering grilled chicken anything that it’s an allergy, not preference.

9. Udi’s Bagels are totally worth the cost. Treat yo self. Same with the muffins.

10. hmu for recipes if you’re stuck, but a generally good way to go is a protein, a veg, and a starch for each meal (except breakfast if you just want something like cereal or yogurt. I get it.). Frozen veggies are a amazing and easy. Beans and chicken are good, cheap protein. Rice, potatoes, and gluten free pastas are my go-to starches. Just mix and match for mealtimes until you find some good recipes. You’ll probably have to start cooking for yourself a lot more, so just buy up lots of veggies you enjoy and freeze the ones you don’t use immediately if you get fresh. Also, snack on fruit. I found when I went GF that I wasn’t as full between meals, so I gained weight at first from eating chips to fill the corners. Fruit has a lot of fiber and will help you stay full.

11. Take a multivitamin, if you don’t already. Wheat flour has a ton of added minerals and vitamins, which is great for keeping down rates of malnutrition. But it also means that if you’re not getting vitamins and minerals from the other parts of your food, you’re going to start getting low on them once you cut out wheat.

12. Eat more fiber. Not to be gross, but a lot of people get constipated when they first go gluten free. The American diet in particular relies heavily on wheat products, which also contain a lot of fiber, so cutting that out cuts out a lot of dietary fiber. Add something like Metamucil if you’re really having trouble, but adding more foods like carrots, leafy greens, corn, beans, and apples can usually get it taken care of.

13. Throw out everything that has gluten as soon as you know you’re going gluten free for good. Don’t learn the hard way that you can cross-contaminate yourself.

14. Get a new toaster. I know you can super-deep clean toasters, but it’s so difficult and you might still leave remnants behind.

15. If you live with anyone who isn’t gluten free, label everything. You do not want to be scrounging at 3am and grab the wrong toaster waffle.

16. Clean your oven and microwave, too. Spilled remnants can still get in the air and bake into your food. Plus it’s always good to have a clean oven.

17. Always ask somebody if you have questions. You can always come ask me, I’m more than happy to help! Seriously, you have no idea how much I love to cook.

anonymous asked:

hello~ idk if your still doing random aus but how does a odd jobs!seventeen one sound ahah?? i would also like to say thank you for creating amazing writing and i love the details you put into it!!

i did career!seventeen a long time ago, but this one since it’s odd jobs i decided to make it a lil more fun ^^
i only did half the members because i wasn’t sure if like,,,,,,,,,,,this was what you wanted LOL 


  • bike courier 
  • delivers express mail all over gangnam district 
  • is super athletic and is more enthusiastic about biking than he is about anything else in his life. like honestly ask him some bike facts nO oNE else would know and he’ll know them. 
  • wears a cute snapback with his companies logo on it backwards and like old jean cut offs and like probably has a cool tattoo sleeve
  • you’re carrying like forty pounds of paperwork from your office to down to block and it’s like kILLing your back and you keep having to put the pile down because ow and cracking your back and suddenly this bike comes to a stop in front of you and you look up to see this cute guy with a big grin and he’s like
  • “hey, you need help?” and you’re like “oh no im not going far-” and he’s like pointing to your hand on your back like “you look like an old person c’mon give me half your pile ill walk the block with you.” and so you hand him over half the paperwork and he like chains his bike to a nearby street pole and runs back over to you and literally effortlessly carries all of the paperwork in like one hand and you’re like holy shit
  • and he’s smiling down at you like “so, what’s your name I’m Seungcheol and my bike over there’s named Mansae.”
  • and you’re like one: who names their bike but two: he’s cute so why not give him a chance hehe


  • flower arranger 
  • is an apprentice at a flowershop in your neighborhood 
  • likes arranging flowers for couples the most, especially when he gets to tell them what the combinations mean in flower language 
  • wears a different flower tucked behind his ear everyday
  • you see him through the window of the shop fixing the display a lot and like if you make eye contact you always look down and blush because oh my god he’s so handsome,,,,like a real life flower prince
  • jeonghan thinks your shyness is super cute and he always makes an effort to smile and wave at you even if you just run the opposite direction
  • one day you almost forget to get flowers for your friend since it’s her birthday so you run into the shop and since it’s pretty early you don’t think jeonghan will be there BUT GUESS WHOSE AT THE COUNTER 
  • jeongahn. with a pretty lil lily behind his ear and he’s like “hello ^^” and you’re like asfksllhg but you’re also like quick what are good flowers to get a friend on their birthday
  • and jeonghan is like i know just what you need! and he brings out this bouquet that is beautiful and colorful and you’re like omf thank you and he’s like no problem let me ring you up
  • and like when he tells you the price you’re like ??????? what so cheap??????? and he’s like “yeah it’s a discount we have, it’s called the “cute discount” and since you’re cute you get the discount (-:” (how smooth jeonghan)


  • camp counselor 
  • kids love him because he can play songs from their favorite cartoons on his guitar 
  • reminds everyone to say thanks before eating lunch (not necessarily in a religious way but like he makes them say thanks to the cooks or something LOL)
  • is always trying his best to give good advice and be a role model but kids still laugh about how he tripped over a twig during one of the catch the flag games two years ago
  • you’re actually one of the lifeguards out by the lake where the camp comes to swim and joshua has had a secret crush on you for like every summer since he first saw you
  • and like the kids he’s in charge of know it. the other counselors know it. the damn fish in the lake know it BUT he refuses to confess 
  • like the most he’s done is shyly ask if you had any extra water noodles for the kids to play with and when you were like “yeah, wanna come with me to grab them?” he was like uM juST TELL me WHERe i cAN Do It mYSELf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • literally joshua isn’t even the one to confess, one of the kids sneaks off and hands you like this bracelet and is like “josh hyung made this for you in arts & crafts it’s obvious because he put a little fish charm which means the lake except he didn’t want to give it to you because he’s a big baby so here you go. also: he likes you. ask him out please!!!!”
  • and you like looked down at the bracelet and burst out laughing because wow that,,,,,,,,,,,is the cutest lil thing you’ve ever heard
  • and so the next time there’s a big party being thrown and everyones over at the main campsite you tap joshua’s shoulder and he’s like oh OH oh my hello,,,,,,,,and you show him your wrist with the bracelet and he’s like 1!!!!!!! WHERe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god one of the kids,,,,,,,,
  • and you giggle like “it was cute, but you should have given it to me yourself,,,,,,,,”
  • and joshua’s damn ears turn read he’s like AH ,,,,,so adorable


  • magician
  • thinks the cap and top hat make him look “cool” and “edgy” so he wears them even though everyone’s like “you look corny”
  • mostly performs outside on the street for change but because he’s incredibly witty and handsome sometimes people will hire him to do birthday parties and things like that 
  • pulls bunnies out of hats, makes flowers appear out his sleeve, and can even sneeze out a 5,000 won bill
  • can also do a handstand on one hand and other physical stuff that gets everyone even more into his show than just bad magic tricks
  • you always pass him by when you’re on the way to study and he’s always got a crowd of people around him but one day he’s doing a trick and instead of choosing someone from his mini audience he calls out to you and you’re like looking around  with your books in hand like me??? and he’s signalling for you to come over
  • and people are looking so you like awkwardly shuffle over and he’s like “im going to let you pick a card any card” and you’re like oh my god seriously but you do and it’s the ace of hearts but you don’t show it and jun’s like “put it back in my pile” and you do and he like does a fancy hand motion and winks at you then takes the top book from your hands, opens it to a page and pulls out the ace of hearts
  • and you’re like holy shit how
  • and he’s like (———; magic
  • and the audience is clapping and you’re still trying to figure it out so jun hands you the card to see that it’s really your card but when you turn it over it has his number on it and you’re like !!! and jun just winks and bows like “thanks for helping me with my trick (-: 


  • personal trainer 
  • half personal trainer half life coach
  • thinks everyone should take up dance as serious exercise and eat egg whites everyday because it’s healthy
  • probably the kind of personal trainer that compliments you every step of the way instead of ever scolding you
  • but it works because like,,,,,,hearing him be proud of you makes you wanna work hard
  • and like he’s not even your personal trainer, he’s training a coworker of yours and like you come with them to the gym just to like see if it’s worth it to run on the treadmill for like 30min
  • and hoshi comes over and starts talking to your coworker and then he smiles at you and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he’s so………cute,,,,,,,,,,,what the hell
  • and hoshi’s like “instead of that treadmill how about taking one of the gyms dance classes. you’ll have more fun, i promise.”
  • and you’re kinda shy so you’re like ahh dancing and me don’t mix
  • and hoshi’s like “i bet you’re just fine, and if not - ill help you out.” and you’re like aklfkwf
  • your coworker standing there like “ahem i thought you were my personal trainer hoshi” and hoshi’s like “ofc, your friend’s cuteness just caught me off guard”
  • and you’re like oh my gOD
  • but we all must admit, that was a good one


  • ethical hacker 
  • works for the police department by hacking into virus filled computers and breaking algorithms set up by criminals
  • works strictly from home. spends like 95% of his time hunched over his laptop with these cute round glasses on doing complex math in his head
  • sometimes, one good days, his friend mingyu drags him out to a coffee shop but even there wonwoo’s on his laptop probably hacking into someones hard drive 
  • you know him because you work as a delivery person for a takeout place near his apartment building so you’re always the one they send to drop off his food
  • and wonwoo orders the same thing no matter what time of day it is so like you don’t even need to know his name, you know him by his order
  • and you notice every now and then how worn out he looks like he hasn’t slept in days when he opens the door so sneakily you also add in coffee to his order and like an extra order of vegetables to help 
  • and you think it goes unnoticed, but wonwoo knows and secretly he gets excited to see you at his door and one day even musters up the courage to ask you how the weather is and like you have minimal conversation and when you ask what he does all day he’s like
  • “oh, i hack computers.”
  • and you’re like oh my god. are you running some kind of illegal site or something……” and he laughs like “that’s fun! no i hack for the police!”
  • and you’re like that exists and he’s like yep it does and idk how this au would even progress one day he asks if he can take you out on a date (to his living room to play video games probably) since you’re so sweet to him LOL


  • vocal tutor 
  • is incredibly picky and strict and has no tolerance for people who don’t practice
  • WILL rip you to shreds if he finds out you’re being lazy. finds imperfection in everything
  • but like he’s the best tutor in the world, he really knows what to listen for and how to improve anyone 
  • like even people with no pitch and horrible voices become decent under him and it’s obvious that under his cold approach, he really loves singing and is proud to help other people grow their talents
  • ok tutor!woozi in a lil pink sweater vest or something imagine with his hair all neatly combed ok not the point
  • and you’re in need of a vocal tutor because in all honestly someone said you sucked at karaoke and you want to prove them wrong
  • so you find woozi in like idk the yellow pages and you’re like “i want to learn to sing” and woozi’s like “are you joking around?” and you’re like what no and he’s like “you better not be because if you are i will unleash hell. ok first lesson-”
  • and you’re like intimidated at first because his approach just seems way too hard but like the more you spend time with him and the more you learn
  • you see the passion woozi has for this and how gentle and caring he can be when it comes to like encouraging your obvious improvements 
  • and like woozi won’t say this but he went a little more easy on you because like,,,,,,,he thinks you’re kinda adorable and seeing you sad makes him also sad…………
  • but yeah once you’re ready to tackle that song that messed you up at karaoke you’re like “do you wanna come with me?” and he’s like “oh to karaoke? like to mentor you? that’s fine.”
  • and you’re like “no woozi like on a…………”
  • and woozi like his heart feels like it’s gonna jump out of his chest but he tries to play it cool like “oh, that’s fine too. pick you up at 8?”
  • but when you leave he immediately calls up seungcheol like HELP ME  

AYYY it’s Pigeon back at it again with the ooc nonsense. Somehow I managed to get 300+ followers on a blog for a character from a very old famicom game that’s never officially been localised which is just Wild™ to me, but I’ve gotta say it’s been a thrill already. This isn’t my first Fire Emblem character ( yoink, he’s second :T ) but it’s the first time I’ve ever bothered actually engaging with the community a little and I’ve gotta say, I’m super glad I did!! I still haven’t been here that long and I’m still all hearteyes at all of you guys. I’ve been Pokémon-Community-Ride-Or-Die for years but you guys make me so so happy about branching out a little bit; I’ve gotten to meet a lot of really lovely super talented people with incredible ideas and I’m just so glad to have been exposed to so many friendly creative folks.

                                                          Anywho I’m a weenie :T

Onward to the shoutouts!! Even though I love you all, but shoutouts!!

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Thoughts on Water Fasting

Okay, so I was just introduced today to a concept called “Water Fasting”. This is where you just drink lots of water and don’t eat for an extended period of time. Like as long as a month or even TWO MONTHS. I am not really an expert in medical knowledge, anatomy, or nutrition, but I’m pretty sure I can least several reasons why this is a bad solution for weight loss. However, if you do have any professional expertise in such an area, I absolutely encourage you to reblog this and leave your input along with your credentials potentially.

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anonymous asked:

Probably the last place I'd think I'd find it, but all your Hannibal belly ficlets have made me more confident about myself. I've always been that chub fluff on my stomach no matter how strong I get and how much I exercise, for the longest time

(2/2) I desperately wanted a flat semi-abs belly, but now when my muscles make it stick out I feel good about myself Idk that was too long but thanks for real.

Anon, you made my day so much with this message! I’m really really happy that you’re learning to love your body! I promise you your belly is very very cute and there are lots of people out in the world who think so (I’m definitely one of them)! ❤️❤️❤️

Honestly, the Hannibal fandom has been a really amazing place for me to go through the same thing and realize that there are (a lot of!) people in the world who like people who have cute tummies (FYI every person in the world has a cute tummy, this is a fact). But like, I’ve always had a thing for tummies and for people with some extra chub, and been a little insecure about it, because that is kind of weird, right? So it wasn’t something I ever really talked about (tho tbh my best friend has figured out to always introduce me to guys with what she calls “the Nick Frost aesthetic.” I guess I’m not that subtle.) But then I started to get really into the Hannibal fandom and noticed that tummies are a thing here too, and people actively talk about it a lot. I mean, yeah, there are fanartists and ficwriters who headcanon that Hannibal has six-pack abs, and draw and write him that way, and more power to them (tho it’s not my cup of tea). But there are just as many who actively include and love on his little chubby tummy (and love handles!!! omgggg) in their work, and it’s so nice and refreshing.

It’s not just validating bc it’s helped me be less insecure about what I’m attracted to, but also about my own body. I’ve always been pretty chubby, and even though I’ve lost weight and gotten in shape this year and am physically strong, I also can’t get rid of my round belly. At this point, I really don’t think it’s going anywhere. But that’s ok! And this fandom (and the fat acceptance community on Tumblr in general) has really really helped me with that. Because if a dudes like Mads and Hugh can be strong and sexy and extremely physically active and powerful and do professional gymnastics and carry pumpkins and stuff and also have cute chubby tummies, and not be ashamed of that, then so can I. And seeing people on the internet react to that really positively and support it and include it in their headcanons about these characters is really important to me.

So yeah, I really feel what you’re saying here, Anon, and I’m really glad you shared this. I’m glad all my tummy talk has helped someone (and also you reacting positively to it makes me feel less weird about it too!). There are a lot of super people in this fandom who spread the tummy love and have made this a great place to be, like granpappy-winchester, haanigram, sartorialcannibal, willgrahamed, remy-thibedoux, ter0rr, darkdreamsofhannigram​, and lots more I’m probably forgetting right now, but these are all people you should check out!

Also to everyone, please put tummy headcanons in my inbox anytime! Feel free to be Anon! I live for this shit!