Start Before You're Ready

My dad sent me this gem of an email (quoted below) last week. He’s always emphasized the power of now to me - I’ve heard just do it long before I got my first pair of Nike Kicks. And while, as a child, his insistence that I wash the wares the moment we were done eating, fold clothes right after they were through the spin cycle and do every bit of homework as soon as it was assigned seemed overbearing, as an adult with many more responsibilities and goals, his admonition to me to start major  tasks during the small pockets of free time I have (even during the most busy periods and busiest days) has really helped me in accomplishing things I thought would take me an eternity. So here’s hoping his advice is useful to at least one of you guys and others out there in the blogosphere. Peep pop’s advice below.

You will never feel completely ready to do the work you were born to do. Some people wait  hoping that they will get a sudden inspiration to do what has to be done. They wait for the right environment, right equipment, a better home, approval from family, more time, more money, more confidence, more training. But if you are going to be successful, you have to know that you have everything you need to start here and now. Your waiting is a cop-out. It is rooted in fear and it is designed to keep you stuck in the mediocrity of the masses. People who are successful will tell you that they were fearful….but they moved through the fear. They will tell you that they had no idea what they were doing, but they kept on because they had a dream in their heart longing for expression. After a while, everything came together. Remember this. You don’t have to get it right out of the gate, you just have to get going. Start before you’re ready. No more excuses. No more delays. You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul.