so me and my cousin have this tradition where we always sneak downstairs at 1am when she stays over and we get cheese and I’m finally home from school and now she’s here and i am so excited for cheese and hsfghrpiaxhpjhiatxa[hj;jh;h;xejh;xx;hjj;hejrh;;xhgexrkhgeahkiyyoi5


Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner in crime, the Ann to my Nancy, Alisha :D (startafireoflove)

I’m so so lucky that you decided to message me that day, soon after I created my Heart blog :) I’ve never met anyone who I’ve had so much in common with before! You’ve become one of my closest friends, and I don’t know what I’d do without you ♥ And I can’t wait till the day we finally get in meet in person! (133 days!!!) Hope you have an amazing day lovely xx



     said: *balls like a baby* I’m missing you way too fricken much!!! So so so much. Nothing works correctly or is good. Nothing. I am nothing without you.

I know! I miss you too!! College sucks because you’re not here to listen to records or fangirl over One Tree Hill and AHS and Bates Motel and music and old men and things and even going to Target is more funner with you and NOW IT JUST SUCKS AND MY LIFE IS EW.


So may I introduce to you the act you known for all these years!