Results from the last couple streaming sessions and some more practice. I’m really rusty lolllll need to stop playing so much games and start drawing again

Started with me just wanting to draw Deadlock McCree, then the rest turned into a dumb sequential thing of Present!Hanzo meeting Past!McCree. Idk, up to you if you want to imagine it as a de-age or time travel trope, I just wanted to draw dumb faces :’)

I wish everyone a beautiful and merry winter time!

Quite some time has passed since i last drew Fawnlock - and I wanted to continue my small tradition in drawing Christmasfawnlock. It’s the third year since i started doing this and a bit longer since i started drawing fawnlock. Drawing Fawnlock has always made me happy and calm and i just want to thank Paula @eggcroft for creating and sharing Fawnlock with us.
Again, I want to wish everyone a restful and wonderful winter time and i can’t wait to have fun with you guys through season 4! ♥♥♥

New Undertale RP Blog - The-Knight-Captain

So after a long thinking, and wishing to explain the story, and the possible roleplaying chances with this character, i decided to take the RP blog from a different, more responsible angle, and actually start it as a second project.

This is a roleplay Blog, made for the Undertale themed characters (muses), in which you will be interacting with this particular character, a.k.a. The Knights Captain.

So, who is this guy ?
- The Knights Captain is a revived, human veteran, of the old monster war, turned into a phantom by the magical experiments of monsters. Dealing with his amnesia, which distorts his memories to no end, the knight is on a constant march, to regain his memories, and find out exactly why, he was brought back to life, while constantly fighting with an unending hate, leading his blade of flames to be pointed at the monsters of Underground. Bearing a dark curse, he is destined, to be either on the path of knowledge, and wisdom. Or on the path of slaughter.

What type of RP can you expect ?
- Fighting (until now, mostly used)
- Conversations (sorry for the lack of proper explanation, my english sucks)
- Romance (even if i dont know why you would like too, but meh, if you are into flirting, go for it !)
- Interaction through Asks
- Interacting with different characters from different timelines and alternate universes

Who is the Mun ?

- 12 Years of Experience in Storytelling (mostly DnD type fantasy, but also steampunk, post-apocalyptic, future, sci-fi, and others) Roleplaying based campaigns, adventures and all others

- 24 years old (still behaves like a wimpy child, with zero confidence, please dont hurt meeeeeh)

- Passionate, opened, patient, tolerant, can be lazy sometimes, tries his hardest to make a good job, in love with roleplaying and cute ladies.

- Larper, Cosplayer, Artist and a dummy by heart



Sickly Update

Sunday was the Big Move.  Monday was spent getting the internet to work, and Tuesday was spent cleaning the old place and returning the keys.   Then Wednesday I got really devastatingly sick.  Yesterday I started recovering, but then baby Rutabaga got sick.

I’m better now, but Rutabaga is still clawing her way out of her first illness (poor babs). Which is to say: didn’t do much creative work this week.

I *did* do this much yesterday:
- [XXX] mailed out domestic books yay!
- [SOUP] wrote ~800 words of the Nat fic.  Specifically, the Nat and Pepper scene, which made me realize how rare and refreshing it is, to have two women just talk about stuff.  At the pace I’m going, I don’t think I’ll ever actually finish it, but by this point it’s become a weird personal project that I chip away at, once a month or so.

anonymous asked:

Hey Cass! So I started drawing art only a few months ago but I really want to improve on my work so I've been considering getting clip studio paint. I saw that there are two versions and I don't really understand what the difference is so I wanted to get someone else's point of view. I was just wondering which you think is better: the pro version or ex?

In my opinion, pro’s good enough if you’re just gonna draw, but it you also wanna make multi page comics, or animations requiring alot of frames, then ex is good. Pro is basically the limited version whereas ex has everything, which is why it’s more expensive. There’s a comparison on the main website too.

When @conejito-de-la-luna encourages you to draw but you remember you could never draw bodies so you start by drawing faces… And I tried doing what I felt should have happened in chapter 52.

Drawing is difficult, I guess I’ll just go back to writing and translating lol

Mika was supposed to be looking cool and I don’t know how he ended up being this cute, it’s no fair

another gif of my process work featuring one of my ocs!! (you can see im fixing anatomy all the way up to the end hahahaha)

will upload full artwork later! this is the first of a set of three :)

warmup doodle of a pretty old oc. she’s a demon who scams people by pretending to be their dead loved ones through talking boards

One of my favourite things in the entire world is reading something really relatable in a very old novel. Like, there’s hardly anything more comforting than knowing that just like me, Jane Eyre had a cool, made-up version of herself in her head whom she imagined to have “all the action” she wasn’t getting and that she, too, looked at her drawings and got upset when she realized they’re only the palest shadows of what she had pictured them to be in her head when she started drawing them.
It’s just beautiful in an eerie way to know that certain things are so very universal, that people all over the world felt just the same thing you feel right now, hundreds and thousands of years ago.