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Hi okay so what alternatives would you suggest for line color because I normally use black so like if it's a person should it be more to match their skin tone or would gray be good or ??? Idk I'm sorry

I usually start drawing lineart with 95% gray, but at the end I change the color to fit the base color.

After I finished coloring the whole thing, I copy the base color and clip it to the lineart layer

Set the ‘lineart color layer’ blending mode as Color and ‘base color copy’ as Soft Light. I use brown for the lineart color.



i was wondering…. if ppl would wanna commission me for oc/self insert mysme art lmfao????? idk i was drawing the mysme inspired emoticon of my oc and it seems like a cool thing to start selling as commissions….. i’m not doing it for real yet tho, just curious if ppl would be interested

pls let me know if u would buy an animated mysme inspired emoticon from me?? 

i started trying to draw star trek characters that weren’t quark or odo and it’s always startling to realize you’re capable of drawing people not covered in 20 pounds of makeup after almost exclusively drawing just that

anyway i wish kira had worn her extremely texture-heavy corduroy and yarn vest ensemble for more than a handful of episodes but what can u do


Better size : (x) (x)

Flynn and Yoru travel around the world searching for the meaning of happiness. 

Y : Say, do you think we can eat hapiness ?! (╯✧∇✧)╯

F : Mmh.. yeah maybe. It’ll be nice if I could put it in my bag though. (*´・v・)

 It is the beginning of a long journey… *✲゚*

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Last year i meet my best friend when she got out a sharpie in the middle of class and started to draw cat whiskers on her backpack with "dan & phil" underneath it

once i met a best friend because phil uploaded a video and this girls phone dinged right as mine did and we just looked at each other and knew

heyo, so after mulling it over this bog is gonna make the transition from vauseman only to a more personal/multifandom thing. everything will be tagged/blacklistable and a significant chunk of the stuff i post is still going to be vauseman. i’ll still post vauseman gifs but there’s going to be way more stuff mixed in with it. if you wanna unfollow bc of this that’s totally fine, thank u for sticking with me over almost 3 years and 4 seasons of being 100% organic vauseman trash