get to know me tag

didn’t get tagged but i’m gonna do it anyway bc i’m bored hah

rules: answer 30 questions then tag blogs that you would like to get to know!

time right now: 11.39am

nicknames: ertsa (only my best friends call me that as a joke), keksi (made by people online who don’t know my name and i find that cute lol)

gender: female

star sign: virgo

height: 174cm

birthday: sep 4, 1996

favorite solo artists: g-dragon, andy black

favorite bands: bts, bigbang (?? idk i just listen to songs from several groups but don’t know anything about them)

songs stuck in my head: 1 year station by gd

last show watched: idk i never watch anything

when did i create my blog: may 2017, but i’ve been on tumblr since 2011

what do i post: my fanart & random text posts of my thoughts

last thing i googled: inuyasha (lemme explain.. i had to know how it ended bc i watched/read it 10 years ago and never got to the end lol)

do you have other blogs: yea a blog with just bunch of aesthetic photos but i stopped using it

do you get asks: very rarely

why did you choose your url: my bias is jungkook -> kookie -> cookie -> keksi (bc all the english urls are taken) -> keksimuru (= cookie crumbs, since keksi was taken)

following: 80

followers: 668 (i didn’t even start getting followers until i posted that shitty jikook comic i did at 3am lmao)

favorite colors: black & red

lucky number: ?? 3 idk

average hours of sleep: 5-6h (i don’t like sleeping tbh)

instruments: pfft-

what am i wearing: a long sleeve black shirt, pyjama bottoms & a beanie

how many blankets i sleep with: 1

dream job: being rich

dream trip: nothing really (i already travelled to nyc and china and those were my dreams)

favorite food: chewing gum (it’s a food ok)

nationality: finnish

favorite song right now: bullshit by gd

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


If only they’d included a silly scene like this one, I would’ve been much happier with s2. 

No dialogue, but I mostly imagined this after thinking that Lance would have brought the rest of the paladins souvenirs from the mermaid planet. He would have brought Keith a jellyfish, first to annoy him, but then later to get a smile. idk haha. 

I want to make an animatic for the entire length of BMC

But I need motivation, so;

If this post gets 200 notes, I’ll do my very best to get at least act 1 done

If this post gets 1000 notes, I’ll do my very best to get both act 1 and 2 done

There is no telling how long this will take, but I’m determined

draco later in the common room: get it, blaise? because potter’s hair is like a bird’s nest ಠ∀ಠ✧

blaise: *deep sigh*