start your mother's day off with some tears

Preference #67: That One Thing at Your Wedding…


You were a big fan of shoes for the guests at the reception, but Louis was not a big fan of the flip-flop thing. You convinced him, to give the idea some thought by explaining how much more people would dance if they were comfortable. He liked the idea of a fun atmosphere just as much as you and decided that handing out toms would be the perfect solution, not to mention contribute to a good cause. You ordered lace cream ones for all of the women and denim ones for the men. It required a little more planning and money, but was well worth it with how entertaining the reception was.


You were much more stage shy than Harry and the thought of the immense guest list you had sent your head spinning. The thing eating at you the most was the public displays of affection that you were dreading. Harry knew that it was racking your brain and came up with a perfect idea. You decided that in order for guest to request a kiss they would have to come up and preform one themselves, that you two would then mimic. You liked the idea since the pressure of knowing how appropriate to be would be completely out of your hands. The biggest plot twist of the night was that the most passionate kiss came from your single maid of honor and Niall.


You and Zayn had completely different religious, social, and geographical backgrounds and the wedding day was the first time that any of your family members met. You wanted to start the day off right by breaking the barriers. The guests ended up being very intermingled and the conversations started flowing easily, beginning with the sign. Your favorite memory of the day was looking up to see your mothers siting side by side crying equally happy tears. That sign was the beginning of some lifelong friendships.


You had fallen in love with the shoe game ever since you witnessed it for the first time. The MC asked questions about who was more likely to do something than the other or better at something than the other, just like normal. But you and Liam wanted to incorporate a twist. You had everyone in the bridal party exchange a shoe with the person they walked with and they gave their opinions as well. It was more than disappointing when everyone voted you worst driver, but a blast none the less.


Niall was very clear that he did not want the guest to be hungry at your wedding; in fact it was his only request. You decided that the cake should be no different. You had been searching for a creative center piece idea and fell in love with the ideas of mini cakes. Not only would they be adorable, but the guest could cut them. That would not only allow them to have as much as they wanted, when they were ready, but would also be a great interactive conversation piece for every table. When you saw them you nearly fainted, there were so many. The guest had nothing but positive reviews on not only the look, but taste.