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Nicknames: I like Ty. I’ve also been called Tys (TYCE) a couple times
Star sign: Virgo
Height: last I checked it was 5′5″. I grew a bit at the start of the year so I might be 5′6″ now
Time right now: 9:00 AM on the dot
Last thing I Googled: “purple” (really typical of me right)
Fave music artist: I don’t have a particular favorite tbh?? I just listen to whatever I like
Song stuck in my head: “Dr. Worm” by TMBG (they might be giants)
Last movie I watched: one of the newer tom and jerry films
Last TV show I Watched: courage (the cowardly dog)
What I’m wearing right now: t-shirt, sweatpants and boxer briefs (my usual attire)
When I created this blog: July 2016 (I’ve been on tumblr overall since May 2014)
The kind of stuff I post: cartoons, art, social justice, nature stuff, purple stuff, etc
Do I get asks regularly?: not that often. maybe once every other week
Why I did I choose my URL: because I love being autistic! it’s taken me a long time to love and embrace who I am (I didn’t officially know I was until I was 17 since my parents hid from me, but I honestly pretty much knew beforehand anyway)
Gender: right now i identify as non binary but that might change. still trying to figure out what my gender is exactly
Hogwarts House: no idea
Pokemon team: I haven’t played the games in YEARS but I’d probably pick a water team. I always picked water pokemon when i was little (last time i played them)
Favorite color: you all know what it is
Average hours of sleep: lately? about 6 to 7 hours
Lucky number: 7 (maybe because i was born in 97?? who knows)
Favorite characters: check this out
Dream job: this is kind of a pipe dream but I’d like to work in animation. i have characters that i think have potential if used correctly. for now im just, workin’ on them
Number of blankets I sleep with: depends on the season. 1 during the summer and spring, 2 during the fall, and 3 during the winter
Tagging: anyone who would like to do this! go ahead if ya wanna


need more vikk in white u know

a/n: inspired by this by @kwonbomi (which has wrecked me for eternity)

“teme,” he starts, not even the most contemptuous death glares from the uchiha can hinder naruto from embracing this golden opportunity, “or should i say, ‘hubby.’”

sasuke considers how long of a prison sentence would result from unleashing amaterasu on konoha’s precious hokage, who now turns purple from stifling his laughter behind his hand. but before sasuke can go through with his plan, an arm loops underneath his, lips at his ear.

“behave,” she whispers with no malice.

“i cannot believe you made me wear this.”

“neither can i.”

“sakura,” he turns when she twines their fingers together underneath the table. “i look ridiculous.”

“oh, so it’s ridiculous to admit you’re my husband?”

sasuke has to force the word out through clenched teeth. “hubby.”

“nice to meet you, hubby.” she bites her lip. “i’m wifey.

“and i’m third wheel-y!” the couple remembers that naruto sits across from them, now calm after his initial fit and with presents in hand. “are you two love birds going to open your gifts or can i have them?”

knowing him, sasuke thinks passing is a better option, but then his wife takes the messily wrapped boxes from his best friend and gives him the dark blue one. 

he tears through the packaging to find yet another shirt.

“naruto,” sakura smiles, “i love it.”

“property of uchiha sakura?” sasuke looks incredulously to the woman in question holding up her own shirt. “i’m uchiha sakura?”

“no,” she deadpans. “i’m uchiha sakura. see! it says so-”

her husband cuts her off with a groan.


I’ve never been at the very front of a concert before and boy did I pick the right concert to do so. eugene threw the mic + the stand off the stage by the second song, dropped his bottle of wine a few times, sprinkled some wine at the audience and a few drops hit me, and he stepped down to dance on the speakers below the stage which meant that he was like… four feet away from me. tonight was amazing.

Amedot Bomb 2 Day 2: Casual Wear

“Amethyst!” Peridot greeted her girlfriend with a big grin and hug.

The two separated and Peridot giggled. “Are you ready for tonight’s movie marathon?”

“Sure am! I brought snacks and everything!”

“Great!” Peridot walked towards the chest she keeps all her clothes in while talkin, “now, it’s been getting chilly at night lately so I have something for us to wear.” Peridot opened up the chest and dug through it with a grumble.

“Aha!” Peridot cheered then held up two hoodies. “Look Amethyst, matching hoodies! The purple one with the green alien on it is for you to wear and the green one with the purple cat is for me.” Peridot finished with an excited look on her face.

A blush crept across Amethyst’s cheeks and she buried her face in her hands and started to quietly laugh.

“Um, Amethyst?” Peridot asked concern clear in her voice. “You can wear the cat one of you want. It’s really big on me so it could probably fit you. Or you can just not wear one if you prefer.”

Amethyst lifted her face from her hands still blushing. “What? No Peri, I’ll wear the alien hoodie. I just- how are you this cute?”

Peridot’s face was completely covered with a blush of her own. She tried to play it cool. “I just emerged that way.”

The two giggled at the cheesy line as they put their hoodies on.

After changing Peridot led Amethyst onto a trash can lid. “We’ll be taking the peri-vator tonight.”

With some slight difficulty Peridot hovered herself and Amethyst up onto the truck that acts as a balcony.

They settled in ready to start their marathon under the stars.