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Undercover Discovery

Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: No. You and Spencer are asked to go undercover at a couples retreat to catch a couple that have been performing high-profile kills. You successfully catch the UnSubs and discover something that you had always wanted to know.

Word Count: 2,331, Warnings: None.

A/N: I had this idea in my head for a long time after watching Season 8 Episode 18 of NCIS: Los Angeles. Eric and Nell went undercover to a couples retreat and it was really cute. This is slightly different but definitely inspired by it. This fic is honestly major fluff and God, Reid is such an amazing human.

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

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“Wait,” you said gently shaking your head in confusion. “Let me get this right. You want Spencer and I to go undercover at a couples retreat?” blinking vicariously and cocking an eyebrow at your unit chief. “Precisely, yes,” Emily replied professionally yet somehow her voice exposed to you that this was a ruse to get you to admit your undying love for the oblivious genius. The team’s glance switched between you and Spencer as he sat awkwardly in his seat, switching his weight from one leg to the other. “Look, guys, it’s only for two nights until we can catch the couple in the act,” explained Luke taking another sip of his now cold coffee. You rolled your eyes and turned to Spencer, he nodded up at you whilst fiddling with his thumbs signalling he’d be willing to do it. “Alright, fine. We’ll do it. Garcia, what can you tell me about the couple and the retreat?” Asking the peppy blonde as you sat down in a chair next to Spencer. “Well, munchkin. The couples retreat you’re going to go to is called ‘The Homestead’ located in Hot Springs, Virginia. The Homestead is a luxury resort located in the Allegheny Mountains. The couple..”, she began as she pressed the stubborn button on her remote causing pictures of the couple to pop up. “Liam Hart, 31 and Mary Davis, 28 are both going to be attending this weekend.”, the team nodded, scanning their tablets for more information. “Alright. JJ and Alvez, I want you as well as Reid and Y/L/N to be hooked up with in-ears and you can feed them information along the way.”, they obliged, slowly getting up from their seats. “Now, you two. Act like a damn couple, hold hands or something,” exclaimed Rossi as he pointed a finger at both of you, causing the other team members to stifle their laughs. “Go home and start packing, I want you back here in 2 hours,” Emily stated whilst walking away to her office, the evidence of a smirk dripping in her voice.

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this looks 100% better irl i promise. no matter how many pictures i took it kept coming out neon and blurry so . tough luck

anyway long story short marco gets St. O brainwashed into being the perfect princess and toms like YO lemme get in on that so they date but tom starts to feel guilty and he misses the real marco. but for now theyre stylin. (no lie i would wear demon princess marco’s dress. teach me to sew i will seriously make that gown lol)

also i didnt have a pastel purple marker so gray had to do

Don't Cry Princess

Harry Hook X Reader

Warnings - Abuse

Being Mother Gothal Daughter was torture. In a fuel of rage she’d beat you until you couldn’t move and never let you leave the house. In the spite of losing Rapunzel, she never let you cut your hair.

One night you were sleeping when suddenly hands wrapped around your legs pulling you to the floor. Mother Gothal stood above you with a dark look on her face. She yelled “You think you can just sleep away all your responsibilities child? Your a worthless piece of trash. I wish i never had you!” You felt her kick your sides repeatedly before she left in a puff.

You were to afraid to move in case she came back. Holding your stomach you listened for her footsteps to return but they didn’t. Lifting your shirt up you saw the new bruises that colour your stomach darken. Deciding that you can’t live here anymore you quietly ducked your head around the door, making sure that Mother Gothal is asleep on the lounge.

Being as quiet as you can, you quickly grabbed an arrangement of clothes, necessities and money before climbing out the window. Like many nights before you walk along the neighbours roof before climbing down there fire escape. Because of the pain in your stomach it took you awhile to reach the ground before you took off running.

After a few minutes of running you realise that you have no idea where you are. The pain in your stomach becomes unbearable making you fall to the ground. Luckly you were in the safety of a metal tunnel that protected you from the rain and any thiefs. Pulling your shirt up again, you inspect your stomach seeing that a purple bruise now traces your ribs. As you put your shirt down you notice a large cut along your forearm pouring with blood. You grab your arm to stop the blood flow in panic when you heard footsteps approach you.

“Well, well, well, what have we have h'ere?” A deep voice echos around you. Looking up you see a boy around your age wearing a red coat, pirate hat and a hook in his hand.

You start to tremble but somehow you manage to stutter out “please don’t hurt me. I..I have money.. just please don’t hurt me” your reach over to your bag letting go of your arm. The boys eye’s widened when he noticed your arm. He grabbed your shoulder “I’m not going to hurt ye. What happend to ye'r arm Lass?”

You quickly diverted your eyes away from his soft blue ones and cover your arm again. He sighed and sat down next to you, taking off his hat. “My name’s Harry Hook, Son of Captain Hook of the flying Dutchman.” You look back at Harry who is now holding up his blue ripped scarf that was just around his head. “I promise I won’t hurt ye, just please let me help.”

You silently nodded your head as you let go of your arm. He gently holds your hand before he starts to wrap your arm with his scarf. “My name’s (y/n) by the way” He stays quiet for a second after his finished bandaging your arm. “Thankyou.”

“Why are ye out here at this time and why are ye injured?”

“It’s complicated.“ yet again you divert your eyes away from him. He grabs your arm and pull you to your feet in protest.

“What ever just happened I’m not going to leave ye out here by yourself. I’m rotten, yes but I know when to draw the line, others do not. So please come with me lassy.”

You sigh out in defeat grabbing your bags to have it taken off you by Harry. “Please you’ve done enough for me, I can carry my own bag”

Harry ignores your comment and continues to lead you down the opposite direction you came down the tunnel.

As you step out of the tunnel you see a giant pirate ship. “Where are we Harry?” He stops as he leads you on to the ship’s deck. “This Lass is my ship. Uma is our captain and she runs this territory.”

As he leds you below deck you stop “who’s Uma?” Just as Harry goes to speak another girl your age approaches you with long blue braided hair. “Who am I? No the question is who are you? What is a piece of scum like you doing on my ship” Uma is now standing infront of you with a finger towards your chest.

Before you can say anything Harry pulls you behind him “Her name is (y/n) and I found her injured and alone in the tunnel.”

Uma tries to stand over Harry but because of his height she has no effect on him “Are you telling me that my first mate is betraying me for this peice of scum?”

Harry lets out a low growl but you step around him. “It’s fine honestly I’ll just go.” You start to walk away until Harry grabs your wrist. “Please don’t leave”

Uma pushes Harry off you “no let her go. She has no purpose here.”

You continue to leave when you feel arms wrap around your waist. “No.” You flinch at the sudden contact on your raw skin.

“What do you mean no Harry? I am your Captain. You do what I say.” Uma growls as she approaches you and Harry with a drawn sword at your neck.

“You are not my captain. This is not your ship, it’s my father’s which makes it mine.” He draws his sword to Uma pushing her’s away from your neck. “Now leave before I get mad.”

Uma leaves dropping her sword “let’s see how long you’ll last without me Hook!”

An uncomfortable silence falls upon you both again as he leds you further into the ship after Uma leaves.

Harry stops infront of a black wooden door. Grabbing the key from around his neck, he quickly unlocks it. “Welcome to my room Lass. Please wait here while I grab something.”

As you wait on his black and red bed you notice the blood has soaked throu the scarf Harry gave you. You reach to un-wrap it when a hand stops you.

“Don’t, please.” Harry places the box he was holding next to you as he sits on the floor infront of you, slowly unwrapping your arm. “How did this happen?”

You watch him gently clean the wound “I’m not sure. Mabey it happened when I was climbing out of the window.”

“Bite onto this” before you could question why, a rag was placed in your mouth, he pulled out a piece of glass from your arm. “Just one more I promise” as the last piece of glass is removed from your arm, you notice that your holding into Harry’s upper arm. As you awkwardly move away, Harry finishs wrapping your arm up with a new bandage.

“I’m sorry that I ruined your scarf Harry. I’ll get you a new one. I promise.” He leans in and gives you a hug, still sitting on the floor. “It’s okay Lass, it’s just a scarf. I can steal another one.”

After he lets you go you let out a yarn and relise just how tierd you are. “You can sleep in my bed (y/n) I’m going to sleep upstairs.”

Just before he left, you grabbed his arm “no Harry you have done too much for me already I refuse to take your bed.” He doesn’t say a thing but only looks into your eyes. You let out a silent sigh “I’ll sleep in your bed if you stay with me and not sleep upstairs. Please do that for me”

“Are you sure Lass I don’t want to scare you.” You nod in reply as he carefully lays beside you. You didn’t notice that he wrapped his arms around you because you were distracted by the glowing stars on the roof. “Harry?” He mumbles in reply. “Why did you help me. Not just the first time in the tunnel but again with Uma? Why?”

Harry stays quiet for a moment before whispering “do you believe in love?” You mumble a yes into his arm “When I saw ye sitting in that tunnel shaking in fear of me it hurt me more then a cut by a sword. But once ye spoke to me I felt what others describe as love. Holding ye'r hand for the first time I felt a comforting warmth spread across my body and sparks. Uma? She always thinks she owns me and what I do. I let her because she’s my best friend, but once she threatend you like that lass I chad to stop her.”

Hiding your face in his hair you whispered “I felt it to..the sparks. Although I was scared I felt safe. And I havent felt safe in a long time.” Harry holds you closer to him “(y/n) I think I’m falling in love with you” that’s the last thing you hear before you fall asleep in his arms.

Home alone

Word count: 1,870

Genre: smut

Member: Jungkook

I decided to post this because finally Jungkook's “we don’t talk anymore” full cover came out <3 I hope you will enjoy reading this :* p.s. sorry for all the mistakes ;)

Because everybody  supposed to be out until the evening performing for some kind of show, you just put your cheeky black thong, that doesnt cover up almost anything, and your‘re oversized band t-shirt. You put your hair in a messy bun, and went to the kitchen for breakfast. When you went down stairs, you rubbed your sleepy eyes, and when you looked up you didnt believe what you saw. Jungkook stood next to the fridge drinking watter from a bottle, watter was dripping down his chin. Jungkook wasnt wearing a shirt, just a sweatpants, through them you could see his morning bulg standing up his pants. His muscular body looked amazing, you didnt realize that you were standing with your mouth open staring at him in silence. Jungkook opened his eyes and when he saw you staring at him he choked on water that  he was drinking. „ug-hhh..- ghh-gh.. hey y/n i though i was home alone“. you just stood and coudnt say a word to him, when you caught him staring at your brests, you werent wearing a bra, so your nipples stood up right in front of him. You imeadently turned around and puted your hands on your breasts to cover up. „i thought the same, other vise i woud not stand here in front of you like this…“ you never saw any of the guys without a shirt, because  when they finally would came back home from work you already were a sleep, either any guys didnt saw you like this. You were the youngest here, even maknae jungkook were older than you. But you cant lie you always had a crush on jungkook and he had on you, and now after seeing him in his sweatpant with his bulg, and his perfectly build body.. jungkook came closer to you, but not close enough to touch you, leaned down next to your ear. „y/n are you emberesd?“  you could feel his lips almost touching your ear. You imedeantly turn to face him, „NO im not!“ you regreted your actions, because you didnt realize how close he was, your breast touched his bare chest. Jungkooks eyes open wide, because of your unexpected action and friction of your breasts against him, witch turned him on even more. When you realized that, you wanted to run away from him, but jungkooks arms went around your waist and pulled you even closer to him, now you could feel his cock rubbing againts your tight. You regretted every single choice of this morning, that you didnt put your bra, didnt put on pants, and that you chose to put a thong not a normal underwear, because now you could feel a liquor dripping down your thigh. Jungkook noticed a little spot on his gray sweatpants. „y/n i didnt knew i have such an effect on you“ a smirk imedeantly appered on his face. You wanted to push him away, but at the same time you wanted to feel him inside of you so badly. „jungkook what are you doing, please stop, arent you have to be at the concert by the way?“ „i think you misunderstood y/n concert is tomorrow, boys went to our manager just to talk they will come back after a few hours“ „oh god i though its today, otherwise i.. just let me go i need to eat breakfast!“ with a quik move you manage to excape from jungkook arms and went to the cabinet, and took out same spaghetti, jungkook just took out the chair which was under the island in the kitchen and sitted down without taking eyes of you. You leaned down to take a pot from the lowest drawer, and heard jungkook coughing. FUCK i forgot that im wearing a thong. „nice thong i wish i could see this view every single morning y/n“ „YOU PERVERT“ you putted down the pot on the table and you were about to go to your room to change, because you didnt want to be more emberresed that you were now, but jungkook grabbed your arm when you were next to his chair, and quickly placed you on his lap „JEON JUNGKOOK stop what your doing right now“ you tried to escape, but his strong arms was holding you tight next to his chest. Because you were trying to escape, you didnt realise that you brushed your entrance against his cock until then when he let out a small moan. „y/n you cant tease me like this, you cant be wearing this around our house, nobody can see you with it only i can..“ i felt his soft lips touching my neck and bitting it softly, i coudnt resist his cock touching my entrance and his lips on my neck, so i let out a soft moan, imedeantly covering my mouth with one hand. „dont cover up baby, i want to hear you, unlles you want to be punished“ he bitted my neck even harder leaving deep purple marks on it „jungkook no, boys will see them..“ i coudnt talk more without letting another loud moan, and start moving agianst him, to create more friction, to feel his hardness against me. „baby girl you arent so innocent  how your acting in front of guys, i didnt thought you are such a naughty one, how you dare to even buy that thong and wear it here in front of my?“  now you felt his one large hand on your breast, and other one on your inner thigh. „please i need to feel you“. „what do you want me to do say clearly, i cant understand baby girl“. „i need to feel your finger inside of my tight pussy“. „as you wish“. He took my shirt imedenatly, and his hand traveled next to my entrance. „take this off“. I lifted my butt a little bit and took off my thong. „so fast baby, you are so impatient arent you?“. I coudnt say a word when i felt his fingers rubbing against my slit, touching every single part possible, but not going deeper. „ babe you have to talk with me unless you aint gonna get anything!“. „fuck jungkook dont tease me!! i need you to put those long ass fingers inside of me!!“. „how rude i wasnt gonna do that but i guess i dont have a choice now…“. he stood up „wrap your legs around me“ without any struggle he went and putted me on the table in front of the large window. „baby girl my sweatpants are wet now, thats your fault, for being so wet for me and sitting on my lap..“ i was about to argue with him, but i felt his two fingers thrusting into me without any warning, i let another loud moan, his fingers started to trust in me even harder, without me realising he putted the third finger, and his other hand went on my folds and started rubbing fast circular motions. „dont you dare to cum baby…“ i coudnt resist the pleasure he was giving and no matter how hard i tried i came on his fingers. „u-m-mm.. im real-ly s-sorry.. i coudnt hold any longer..“. „that was a big mistake baby girl“ he said with a lust and anger in his eyes. Jungkook slided down his pants with his boxers, i coudnt take my eyes off his huge, pulsating, veiny, hard cock standing straight and poking my thight. „you see what you done, and you didnt even wait for me… i need to punish you“. He slapped in me without letting me to adjust to his size, think, blink, breath, or even calm down from my past orgasm. „OHH GOD, JUNGKOOK!!!“. „yeah babe i need everybody to hear you screaming my name, for all of the neighbours to hear how good i‘m fucking you“ he tried to talk as calm as he could, but he was panting, and i could saw a sweat on his forehead. I was already very sensitive from my past orgasm, but he putted, even more pleasure when he placed his mouth on one of my nipple. „ughh jungkook im c-close..“ my voice cracked when he trusted in my with all his force hitting my g spot. „come for my baby girl“ i heard car stopping next to our house, and someone running next to house dors, but i coudnt care less, i coudnt think about anything only about jungkook cock filling me fully, and the feeling he was giving to me. Soon i heard keys locking the front doors, which were in same open space as the kitchen with me on the table with jungkook. „fuck, you said we have a few hours!!!“. Boys ran in the house, because they heard me screaming, and thought something wrong was happening. At that moment when they came in, my second orgasm hit me even harder than the first one. Boys only could see jungkooks back and my legs and arms around him, but they didnt need anything else to understand whats is happening. They started talking over each other.  Namjoon: „JUNGKOOK? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??“ . Jin: „hell no this is the table where we are eating!! Couldnt you find a better place to fuck her?“. J-hope: „AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My innocent eyes!!“. V: „jungkook when did you and y/n gotten so close?“. Suga was the only one calm „guys cant you see they didnt finish yet?“. He turned around all the guys so they won’t be facing us. Jungkook trusted in me a few more times for us to ride our orgasms, and then pulled out of me. He pulled his sweatpants on, and quickly put my shirt on me, pushed away my thong under the table with his foot. He gently helped me to stand on the floor, kissed me on the forehead and turned around to the boys. „i’m sorry jin, i will clean all this up, i though you guys won’t be coming back for at least next few hours“. Boys turned to face us again. I tried to stand behind jungkook, but my legs were too weak to stand by their own, i quickly grabbed the table to help me. Suga: „jeezz man help her to stand after all of what you did to her“. Jungook imedeantly turned around and saw me trying to stand on my shaking legs, he grabbed me on his arms, so i dont have to struggle anymore. He said quetlie in my ear „sorry y/n, i need to clean you up, and at least put same underwear, i dont want guys to stare at you when you are like this“.Jin: „you need to fucking clean all of the mess you two made!!“. Namjoon: „dont worry you can clean all of this later, now go finish everything, and dress up“. Jin: „but..“. Suga: „shut up jin, nobody is eating on that table only you, so that should be your problem“. Jimin: „why only jungkook, has fun and we have to deal with all these performance problems, it’s unfair…“. jungkook was carrying me up stairs in his room when we heard Jimin shouting from the kitchen: „YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE YOU LEFT Y/Ns THONG UNDER THE TABLE, AND YOU DRANK MY FUCKING WATER!“.

Dreams Come True (Pt. 2)

Here it is! Part 2 of my collab with @manelani <3

               It has been two days since my encounter with Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi. I thought it would have made things awkward between us, but that wasn’t the case. If anything, it has made us even closer. Whenever I was in a room alone with one of them or all three of them, there would be subtle touching going on between us until one of the other members would walk into the room, and we would have to pretend like nothing happened. We have discussed about having another night like the previous one, and tonight that was going to happen. Tonight I was going to tell them about Cypher pt. 3, and that I wanted to fuck them to each of their verses. I decided to wear something sexy, so I slipped on a pair of the shortest shorts that I owned with a white shirt, and I was wearing the new black lingerie set that I bought just for the occasion. I was in my kitchen enjoying my second glass of wine when there was a knock on my door. I went to open it, and there they were, looking as hot as they could.

“Hi guys it’s good to see you again. Looking good as always.” I smiled.

“Good to see you too. You look gorgeous.” Hoseok said.

“Why thank you! Just wait until you guys see what I have on underneath.” I winked.

               I stepped aside to let them in and closed the door behind us. I grabbed my glass of wine from the kitchen and joined the guys on the couch. I could feel their eyes on me and I couldn’t help the smirk that grew on my face.

“What? You guys see something you like or something?” I teased.

“Obviously. You’re killing us by wearing those shorts.” Namjoon said.

“Well that was my intention so you’re welcome.” I grinned.

I looked over at Yoongi who hasn’t said a word since him and the others came over. He looked like he was plotting something and I started to get a little bit nervous.

“Everything ok Yoongz? You haven’t said much.” I asked.

“I’m fine don’t worry about me.” Yoongi replied.

“So what song is it tonight?” Hoseok teased.

I rolled my eyes at him and refilled my wine glass and took a sip before answering his question.

“Well… I was thinking that it would be Cypher pt. 3.” I answered.

“What is up with you and these cyphers?” Namjoon chuckled.

“They make me horny ok?! Don’t judge me.” I huffed.

The guys laughed at me and got up off of the couch to grab drinks of their own. If we were going to do this, might as well be a little loosened up.

               A few drinks in, we decided to get the party started. We all made way to the bedroom and the three men sat on the bed and watched me as I went to turn on my laptop that was on my vanity. I pulled up iTunes and put on Cypher pt. 3 on repeat. As the opening beats started to play, I walked to the front of the bed, and stood in front of the boys. I smirked at them as I took off my shirt, revealing the dark purple bra that I was wearing. I slowly undid my shorts and slowly pulled them down. The boys were surprised when they saw what underwear I was wearing: dark purple crotch less panties.

“Holy shit. You really are a freak aren’t you baby?” Yoongi asked.

“You should know by now that I am. Now, is daddy Namjoon gonna play with me first or what?” I purred.

“Of course he is. Come to daddy baby.” Namjoon grinned.

Yoongi and Hoseok got up off the bed and I walked towards Namjoon and straddled him. I pressed my lips on his and kissed him deeply. He reached up behind me and undid my bra. I pulled back from him and pulled off his shirt. He picked me up and laid me down on the bed then took off his pants and kicked them aside. I opened up my legs and he gave me a grin as he got in between them.

“You just opened your legs for me and I didn’t even have to tell you to. You’re such a good girl for daddy aren’t you?” He growled, inserting two fingers in my soaked pussy.

“Fuck yes I’m a good girl for daddy.” I moaned.

               After he felt that I was ready for his cock, He got off the bed and took off his boxers. He grabbed the waistband of my panties and snapped them against my hip. He chuckled as I let out a yelp then grabbed his cock and rubbed it at my entrance. He slid it inside me and grabbed my hips and thrusted at a fast pace.

“Namjoon harder. Please fuck me harder.” I begged.

“What did you call me?” He hissed, stopping his actions.

“Oh I mean daddy. Daddy please fuck me harder.” I whimpered.

“That’s what I thought kitten.” He smiled, fucking me harder.

My moans turned into screams of pleasure as he kept hitting my gspot. I looked over and saw Yoongi and Hoseok standing from across the bed, stroking themselves through their boxers. It made me even wetter and closer to my orgasm.

“Daddy can I cum? Please let me cum.” I moaned.

“Cum with daddy. Let it all go.” Namjoon ordered.

I let out a loud moan and my body started to shake as I came hard over Namjoon’s cock. He let out a grunt as he came inside me and looked over at Hoseok and gave him the signal that it was his turn. Namjoon pulled out of me and got off the bed. I didn’t have time to recover from my first orgasm when Hoseok took off his boxers and slammed his cock inside me.

“HOSEOK! Oh fuck Hoseok!” I cried out.

He smirked and wrapped his hands around my throat and put a little pressure on it as he continued to pound into me.

“You like being overstimulated don’t you kitten? Look at you taking my cock like the good little slut you are.” Hoseok grunted.

The mixture of both pain and pleasure started to be too much for me and my second orgasm snuck up on me. I came so hard that I squirted all over Hoseok’s cock and the bed. Hoseok came seconds later and he left a few marks on my chest.

               It was now Yoongi’s turn and I was getting nervous. I know what he was capable of doing. I laid on the bed and watched Yoongi walk towards me while Namjoon and Hoseok got dressed.

“W-w-what are you gonna do to me Yoongi?” I asked in a small voice.

“You’ll find out. But first, I want Namjoon and Hoseok to leave the room.” Yoongi replied.

“Wait why?” Namjoon asked.

“Just do it Namjoon.” Yoongi snapped.

Yoongi stared at me as Namjoon and Hoseok left the room. His lip quirked slightly when he heard the door close, his head turning in that direction to make sure they actually left. He walked to the door locking it, a full smile on his face when he heard Namjoon and Hoseok banging on the door.

“What the fuck?! Yoongi unlock the door!!” I heard the simultaneous yells.

He chucked darkly turning to look at me again, biting his lip sensually. “You had your fun with her. Now it’s my turn. Sit back and listen like good little boys for me, okay?”

I heard a thump against the wall, presumably one of them either hitting the wall or their head thumping against it, the latter of which was more likely. My breath got caught in my throat as Yoongi stalked towards me slowly, with a very dangerous and predatory look painted across his face. I moved to sit up slowly on the bed, my back against the headboard, chest rising and falling as my breathing picked up speed. As Yoongi reached the edge of the bed, my favorite verse in the song came on. Yoongi’s voice flowed through the speakers rapping: “As you know, my voice will turn you on. Whether it’s a guy or girl, my tongue will make you come.” I moaned low in my throat, eyes half-lidded as I stared at the man walking towards me on the bed.

“You like that baby girl? I didn’t get to taste you last time,” he pouts, staring down at me with lust in his eyes. “We’re about to fix that though.”

He settled himself between my legs, spreading them a bit more so he could fit between them. He continued to stare at me, seemingly mesmerized. I self-consciously slid a hand down to cover myself, but he caught it lacing his fingers with mine.

He squeezed lightly before moving forward and placing the filthiest kiss I had ever been the recipient off on my wanting core. My mouth dropped open on a silent moan which then turned to an audible moan, followed by a keening sound. I always thought that he was just bragging, his so called “tongue technology” being there to support his ego, but now I see that I was mistaken. My other hand came down and tangled in his hair, tugging lightly as he devoured my pussy.

“Yoon-Yoongi! S-shit don’t stop baby! Please don’t stop!”

He moaned into me, speeding up his actions. I could feel my orgasm coming towards me, my eyes began to roll back in my head; my legs started to tighten around his head. I pulled harder on his hair, silently trying to alert him to the fact that I was going to cum. His other hand travelled up my body, finding my breast. I looked down at him, his eyes already locked on my face. He seemed to smirk against my pussy, before his thumb and index finger circled around my nipple, tugging roughly thus ripping my orgasm from him.


I screamed, my head thumping back against the headboard and my legs clamped around his head, fingers still in his hair as the orgasm ripped through me. He was moaning against me, the vibrations extending the pleasure I felt, intensifying it to the point to where I had to push his head away. He groaned in protest but moved away from me allowing me to come down from my high. He licked his lips as he sat up, hand still holding mine.

“You taste so good baby girl. I could I do that all day if you let me,” he mused, leaning forward to place a chaste kiss on my cheek, before unlacing his fingers from mine and pecking my lips. “Lay down for me sweetheart.”

I moved down the bed slowly, aftershocks still coursing through my body. Yoongi moved aside to give me room to get comfortable, before settling over me. Sometime between him lying on the bed to now, he had stripped out of his boxers, leaving him exposed to me. I stared up at him, a hand sneaking up to wrap around his cock. He clicked his tongue at me, hand grabbing my wrist, removing my hand from his cock.

“I didn’t tell you to touch baby girl. You just sit back and let Daddy take care of you.”


He let go of my wrist before moving down to kiss me, slow but filthy, allowing me to taste myself on his lips. I felt him rubbing his cock against through my folds, the tip hitting my clit on each pass. I tried to keep my hips still, but the teasing was becoming too much for me. A whimper escaped me before I could stop it. Yoongi’s eyes darkened when he heard the whimper. He growled lowly before rubbing himself against me harder.

“You want it baby girl? You want Daddy’s cock? You want Daddy to fuck that tight pussy?”

I whimpered louder, pushing my hips towards him. He tsked at me again, shaking his head.

“Ah ah ah. Use your words baby. Daddy will give you what you want if you use your words.”

I whined before locking eyes with him.

“I want you to fuck me. I want to be able to feel it tomorrow. I want Namjoon and Hoseok to hear me screaming your n-“

He slammed into me before I could finish speaking. My eyes slammed shut and a deep-throated moan rolled out of me. My hands clutched at the sheets before the landed on Yoongi’s back, nails scratching him as he stroked inside of me, hard and deep.

“God baby girl, your pussy feels so good. Even better than the last time,” he praised me, hands grabbing my hips as he began to move faster not making his thrusts more shallow.

“Namjoon and Hoseok can’t make you feel like this baby girl. This is my pussy, isn’t it?”

I clenched around him the more he spoke, his possessive nature turning me on even more.

“It’s… fuck… it’s yours Daddy. Fuck I’m gonna cum again!” I moaned.

His thrusts sped up even more with my declaration.

“Wait for Daddy baby girl. Daddy wants to cum with you.”

I tried to force myself to wait on him, but that resulted in me clenching around him even more and at a much more rapid rate than before. He groaned as his nails dig into my hips, his cock pistoning in and out of my weeping pussy.

“Oh s-shit you’re gonna make me cum baby girl,” he moaned, his head thrown back in pleasure. “Cum with me baby girl. Come on. Milk Daddy’s cock.”

I allowed my body to release, limbs locking up as the orgasm took over my body. Toes and fingers curling, eyes in the back of my head, mouth open as Yoongi’s name is ripped from me as my name is torn from his. His cum painted my insides, extending the pleasure I felt, his cock pulsing, making sure I received every last drop. He collapsed on top of me, face in the crook of my neck trying to catch his breath. I felt him nuzzle my neck lightly before he turned in to it more fully, licking, sucking, and biting to leave his mark on my body. My walls fluttered lightly around his spent cock, making him moan before he pulled back to look at his work. His allowed his hands to run over your body before placing one hand over my heat. I grabbed his hand before he could do anything to me.

“Maybe you should let Namjoon and Hoseok in first.”

The Joker x Reader - “Broken”

After you got shot in the head you were in a coma for a while. When you woke up you were quite broken and The Joker doesn’t like broken things. Getting rid of you seems like the perfect solution.

The Joker immediately turned when he heard the gunshot. You felt the sharp pain for a split second before you blacked out. J opened his mouth in disbelief, wanting to say something but for once he was speechless. He just stood there, stunned, watching Frost as he killed the security guard being heroic enough to attempt a small rebellion on his own.

“WHAT…THE FUCK??!!” The Joker’s voice finally echoed in the building while stomping towards you. Some of the hostages on the floor whimpered in fear, knowing that it won’t end well after what just happened.

“I thought you were watching everybody!” he pointed at his henchmen, mad as hell, kneeling so that he can turn you around. J saw the nasty bleeding head wound and he lost it:

“Kill everybody!! NOW!!!!” He lifted you and your arms went limp, hanging down on the sides of your body. “God dammit! Frost, let’s go, you drive!!” Blood started soaking his purple coat and he squeezed you closer to him, trying to wake you up.

“Hey, Princess, open your eyes! Open your eyes!“ No answer came and he took a deep breath, grinding his teeth, not even discerning the screams coming from the slaughter happening behind him.

He got in the back of the van with you and realized he wasn’t even wearing a shirt that night.

“Frost, give me your jacket!” he impatiently demanded and wrapped it around your head as soon as he got it. Jonny started driving and the Joker kept on wiping the blood off your face with his bare hands, not realizing he got all over his cheeks and hair too. “Baby doll, can you hear me? Don’t make Daddy mad; open your eyes, hm?”  he kept on trying to reason with you, nervously biting his lips.

“Where to, Boss?” Frost shouted, driving so fast he was afraid he will get unwanted attention, the last thing that was needed that night.

“Our doctor, Frosty, where else???!! “ The Joker snapped back at him, irritated about the question. “I don’t care who else we need to get, I want her fixed!… I don’t like…b-broken things…” he muttered the last words to himself, stammering with anxiety, still trying to clean you up.

*** You were in surgery for 10 hours. It was a clean wound, the bullet wasn’t inside: it pierced the left side of your head, above your ear, slightly under the skin surface which was very lucky but still created quite a lot of damage and brain hemorrhage. The best doctors that Gotham’s underworld uses were brought in to help you. J didn’t care about the money they asked or the supplies needed. What was he going to do with all his possessions if his Queen was dead?  It wouldn’t matter, it would be no fun.

The Joker was told there was no way to know when you will wake up or if there will be any nerve damage following your recovery. They didn’t have the courage to tell him you might never wake up. Afterwards, you were taken to the penthouse and one of the spare bedrooms was transformed into your own medical ward. The doctors took turns in coming and checking up on you, changing your bandages, updating your IV medications and the blood tests were coming back pretty good, except for the fact that you wouldn’t wake up.

Since J couldn’t sleep without you, he moved the bed in the master bedroom to your room, this way he could at least doze off for a few hours. All those beeping noises from those machines you were hooked at annoyed him to death but he learned to ignore them after a few days.

The Joker talked to you all the time, sometimes falling asleep waiting for an answer that never came. Most of the times he was answering for you.

* “Hey, Y/N, do you remember when you told me you were pregnant and I panicked, almost pushed you off the balcony? Lucky you told me you were joking before I did it, huh? “ and he started laughing maniacally, ending it with a deep growl, pleased at the memory. “Good times, Doll…”

* “Oh my God, I’m so bored!” He would roll his blue eyes in your face.” Would you wake up, Pumpkin? Let’s have some fun, I’ll take you for a ride. Wanna blow up something? Hmmm? Deal?” J cupped your face, caressing it with his thumbs until he got fed up with that too. “Jeez, Doll, why are you doing this to me?” he would finally rest his head on your tummy, pouting, not liking the fact that you were still like that after 3 weeks.

* “Princess, do you remember when I got angry and I shot you in the leg and you stabbed me? You were soooo pissed,” he snickered, kissing your hand. “We almost killed each other that day.” His crazy laughter filled the room again. “Ahhhh, good times, Doll…” he sighed, delighted at that treasured remembrance.

* J thought you need more tattoos, it was about time he gave you another one. He tattooed “Wake Up” all around your right hand wrist, like a bracelet, and a lot of “I love J” and “Sleepy Head” going up your arm just like bracelet charms . “You like it, Pumpkin?” he brought it closer to your face and when you didn’t react he just replied, proud of himself: “I think I did really good.”

* He pushed the girl he brought from the club inside and she was so scared she was shaking like a leaf.

“ Y/N, if you don’t wake up in 5 seconds, I’m getting a new girlfriend!” J shove her right on your bed. “ 5,4,3,2… 2 and a half…1…one and a half…Doll, come on!!!… Zero!”  Nothing. “Get the hell out of here!” he pushed the girl and she run out of the room so fast she almost fell when she opened the door. “Shit, that didn’t work,” he passed his fingers through his green hair, sulking. Another week went by.

* The Joker brought in a target matt and hanged it on the wall in front of you. He liked to place his gun in your hand, holding it with his, aim and shoot at the target. “Perfect, Y/N, this way you don’t lose practice. You’re such a good girl,” he would kiss your knuckles, smiling and then frowning when he realized you didn’t even know he was there.

* First time you opened your eyes was after 4 more weeks. It was late at night and J was on his laptop,still awake, looking at all the naughty pics you always sent him. He noticed the movement and jumped out of bed, not really believing you’re awake.

“Jesus, Princess, it was about time! I’m sooo horny,” he whispered in your ear and grinned when he noticed your chest going up and down in a silent, faint laughter.

“…My… poor… baby…” you barely uttered, struggling to reach his pale face and he purred, relieved, firmly holding your shaky fingers on his cheek since you couldn’t do it on your own. “…What…happened?…”


At first, you had a really hard time using your left side of the body. You had bad days and good days. On your bad days you used one of J’s canes to walk around. He used to hide it and watch you struggle, scoffing:

“You don’t need a cane, Doll. Just walk, you’re fine!”

You held on to the wall, fighting really hard to keep your balance.

“I do need it, give it back!”

“Nope,” he simply stated, observing you from the couch until you got to your old room where he still kept the target matt so you can practice shooting again. It almost brought you to tears when you kept on missing; such an embarrassment for a skilled assassin. But it was so hard to control your left hand that kept on trembling. The Joker always sneaked to watch you since you kept the door opened and it made him uneasy to see you were so distressed. And it made him even tenser when he noticed he still liked his broken Doll.

First time you were able to have sex again after your recovery was… challenging. (And to be honest, many more times afterwards.)

He started complaining after 5 minutes :

“Christ, Y/N, your hand is twitching around my neck, it’s freaking me out! Stop it!” and he kissed you again, annoyed.

“Well, baby, I can’t control it, you know that! Especially when I get…excited,” you panted, adjusting your head on the pillow.

“Why are you excited?” J snickered. “Hey, keep your legs around my waist, you know I like it,” he moaned in your ear, kissing his way down your neck.

“I can’t, my left leg keeps on sliding down, I can’t even feel it anymore. I’m sorry, baby,” you arched your back, giggling, amused on how worked up he was about it.

“Can you get on your knees, Doll?”

“I doubt it,” you fakely sobbed, wanting him to shut up and make love to you.

“Can you get on top of me?”

A snarl coming from you gave him the answer.

“Can we do it against the wall?”

You slapped his side, aggravated.

“Jeez, woman, what can you do?!” You covered his mouth, impatient.

“I’m just gonna lay here, ok? That’s all I can offer for now. I’m…helpless so you can totally take advantage of me,” you winked, uncovering his lips so you can kiss him.

“Hmm, I never took advantage of a …ummm…incapacitated person before,” The Joker smirked, suddenly liking the idea.

“Good, because I thought you like challenges,” you laughed, content he is finally satisfied.

“Ohhh, Daddy never backs out from a challenge, Pumpkin,” he gave you that devilish look and pulled your hair while pinning your hands above your head. “This way you don’t freak me out with your twitchy hand.”

“Jerk…” you moaned, lifting your head so you can kiss his Jester tattoo.

“You wait until you see what Daddy has in store for you and then we’ll talk about it…yes?” he closed his eyes, enjoying feeling you again. It made him so ecstatic.


After 3 more months you are better, but not fully recovered.

He tosses his gun on the floor and urges you to get it.

“Come on, Princess, be sexy for me. Bend over and grab that gun! I’ll pay you!” and he pushes the pile of hundred dollars from his desk on the floor.
“Are you serious?” you lift your gaze from your phone, not knowing if he meant it or not. You’ve been fighting a lot recently and his behavior towards you changed.

“Yes, do it,” he hums, putting the map aside and rolling away on his chair so he can see you better.

“ ‘Kaaayyyy,” you do as asked, and half way through your left leg gives out and you land on your knees.

“Wow, that’s pathetic!” he hisses, and you feel your face burning. “Seriously, I don’t even know why I keep you around: you’re crippled, you can’t kill for me, you’re not great in bed anymore and I’m sick of waiting for you to recover. As you are fully aware, I don’t like broken things, hence it’s time for you to go,” J barks at you and you just watch him, stunned.

“W-what are you talking about?! I’m so much better and I am getting better. I AM NOT crippled!” you almost yell, struggling to get on your feet, not understanding what’s going on.

“You’re useless, that’s what you are!” The Joker raises his voice, having a hard time controlling his temper. “I want you out of here!”

“Are you serious?!” you ask, furrowing your eyebrows, thinking about his cold behavior lately. That’s why, he’s just sick of you.   “After…all these years?”

He sarcastically grunts, crossing his arms on his chest:

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me?! OUT! Don’t make me repeat myself; you can stay tonight so you can sort out the things you want to take.”

“I…I don’t need anything, I have my own stuff,” you reply, backing out slowly, trying to swallow the lump in your throat and maintain your equilibrium.

“God, you’re soooo pitiful, still can’t control your body. How am I even supposed to be with someone like you?! The King of Gotham needs perfection, not trash.”

You gasp, feeling your heart beating faster and faster.

“I am the Queen of Gotham, with or without you, not trash!”  

“Used to be Queen, Doll, now look at you: just another lost cause. Don’t test my patience, get out of here.” He points out towards the elevator.  “ Awwww, are those tears? You never cry. I told you you’re pathetic and broken, this proves what I just said.”

You shake your head, turning around and limping towards the elevator, tripping on the carpet because your bad leg is misbehaving. You hear him laugh:
“Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! So useless!”

You swallow your tears all the way down when your cell rings. You see it’s your informant and you answer right away:

“When Mister J is going to his “Savage” club tonight, it will be an ambush: Sully’s men; they’ll try to kill him. Pass the word.”

“Thank you, Axel,” you mumble, turning off your phone and placing back in your pocket.

I am not telling him anything, the jerk deserves anything coming his way! You decide as you reach the basement’s garage and the elevator’s door open. Let them kill him.


First thing you do when you get to your apartment is wash away the neon green highlights from your bright red hair. It makes you feel better until the little thoughts pop in your mind: “Are you going to let them kill him?”, “Yes, I don’t care.” “But…it’s J.” “I really don’t care; his men can protect him if they can.” “But…it’s J.”

“Ughhhh,” you cover your face with the small pillow, attempting to erase any feelings you might have from your conscience. “But…it’s J…Come on, it’s J…” the idea keeps on repeating and echoing in your mind until you get up from the loveseat, exasperated.

“Shit, fine, I’m going, just shut the hell up!” you admonish yourself, looking in the mirror. “The asshole doesn’t deserve me…” you conclude, getting the duffle bag with your rifle out of the closet.


You go and place yourself on the top of the tallest building, about half a mile away from “Savage”. You watch everything through the scope, but so far nothing out of place. Your left hand is shaky again and you put so much effort into controlling it you’re starting to sweat. “Not now, please” you reason with your weak side of the body, cracking your neck. Another two hours pass by and you finally see The Joker’s Lamborghini approaching followed by 3 SUV’s.

You wipe your forehead and concentrate more, looking around carefully as he parks and gets out of the car. Suddenly, you see the four men in black suits, wearing running shoes and you know it’s them: Sully’s men trademark attire. They approach from different angles and you wait until they are fairly close to the Joker and his henchmen. They noticed the assassins too and surrounded J, protecting him. He takes out his gun, waiting, and he watches as suddenly one by one they fall to the ground, their brains splattered on the concrete.

He lifts his eyes, searching the buildings around as his goons get him to his car so he can safely leave. Three more assassins start running towards his Lamborghini and you shot again, the last one collapsing right in front of the Joker’s car. He looks up, but he sure doesn’t have the right building you’re on top of. He knows it’s you and bites on his cheek, growling, taking off with his men before the cops show up.

You wipe your forehead, exhausted, resting your head on the trigger:

“I’m not pathetic and broken.”     Did you want to prove that to him or yourself? Probably both.


J drove straight back to the penthouse, laying low for the rest of the night. He gets in bed, trying to sleep and can’t because you’re not there. He looks at your empty side of the bed and moves over, burring his face in your pillow-it smells like you. Another hour and he’s still awake, tossing and turning.

“I don’t like broken things,” he whispers, opening his eyes just to see your items scattered all over the bedroom since you didn’t take anything with you. It really makes uncomfortable realizing he feels the exact opposite of not liking you. Or so he believes.

“I really don’t like broken things,” he gets mad, exasperated, forcing himself not to think of anything.


The sound of your cane hitting the wood floor startles you and you wake up, leaning over so you can reach and turn on the lamp. You see The Joker kicking it again, and again.

“Stupid piece of crap!” he shouts, his green hair all over his face.

“What are you doing here?!” you rub your eyes, not glad to see him at all. “Get out!”

He just comes over and yanks at your hand:

“Let’s go, Doll, you’re coming back, I can’t sleep without you.”

“Screw you!” you pull back, upset he broke into your apartment and has the nerve to act like nothing happened.

“Yes, you can do that too, you naughty girl, I know you can’t wait,” he tries to yank you away again.

The evil glare you give him makes him stop and he regains his posture, sighing:

“You’re coming back; you know I can’t sleep without you.”

“I don’t care!!!!” you cover your body with the blanket like it’s going to help any. He sees your watery eyes and decides to drop it.

“Fine, then I’ll sleep here.” He goes around the bed and gets under the blanket, scooting over so he can be close to you. “Now shut up, I have to sleep, I’m tired as hell!” He places his head on your pillow, waiting for you to get down and join him. You watch him with indignation, sniffling, and kick him:

“Get out of my apartment!”

The Joker ignores your behavior and decides to talk with his eyes closed:

“I don’t like broken things…”
“I’m not a broken thing you presumptuous …” you start your rant, getting ready to kick him again when he interrupts:

“…but you’re my favorite thing. Good, I thought that would shut you up,” he grins, forcefully pulling you in his arms as you struggle to escape. “Ahhhhh, I like it when you’re feisty. Queens are feisty…” he nuzzles in your hair for a few seconds then pecs your lips and holds you tighter. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your green highlights are gone. They’ll be back first thing in the morning, got it?”

“You can’t tell me what to do!” you try to make a comeback but he cuts you short again:

“The hell I can’t! Now shut up, I’m so worn out,” he gets your left leg around his waist and holds it, this way you’re glued to him. “There, I know you can’t hold it yourself.”

When you don’t answer he opens one eye and sees you stare at him with that hurt expression on your face that makes him uneasy.

“Stop it, Pumpkin, I really need to rest,” J kisses your forehead and you whimper, upset:

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Pffft,” he scoffs, “is that supposed to be news to me? Now zip it and I mean it,” he scolds you, annoyed.

“Jerk…” you faintly mumble before closing your eyes.

He just smiles, knowing he will finally be able to doze off.


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shidgance visiting their parents : D

Softy you know how much I love Shidgance I s2g. Bless you for this. Didn’t specify who’s parents so I decided to make this sort of a…Pidge and Shiro’s parents to meet Lance! Hopefullythis’ll help cheer you up<3

“What if they hate me, Shiro?” Lance asked, panic in his voice as he pulled the biscuits from the oven, “Your mom knows Pidge! And you know Mrs. Holt! I’m the out cast here.”

He’d been repeating the same panicked phrase for the last hour and a half. Pidge was starting to get bored of it, spread on the couch still wearing the towel from her shower. An old Cosmo magazine Lance bought had caught her eye before she could really get dressed.

“They won’t hate you,” Shiro replied, reaching for one of the biscuits with his metal hand. His boyfriend smacked his hand away with a tut.

“Those are for later. I’m trying to impress your parents.”

Katie snorted, “What with your mad baking skills? I seriously can’t believe Jennifer wore this outfit on the red carpet. It’s last season.”

“And who are you to judge clothing! You’re still wearing a towel!” Lance cursed. He rubbed his temples, trying to remind himself to take deep breaths, “Go put on clothes. Please.”

“Never thought I’d hear you say that.”

Regardless, she stood, and sashayed into the bedroom, purposefully dropping the towel. Shiro watched her go with a low whistle. What the fuck had he done to get some of the most attractive people in the entire world?

“Focus! Shiro! Remind me again what hello is in Japanese!”

The smell of stress baking filled the house. Their counters were piled high with chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge brownies, biscuits, and three kinds of flavored bread. It was getting a bit ridiculous, but Pidge had forbidden Shiro from getting him to stop. God damn did she love bread.

“My mom speaks English you know. Besides, you don’t need to impress her like that. She’ll like you because you’re funny, clever, smart, and talented.”

Lance blushed brightly, “You really think all those things about me?” For a minute he was vulnerable, not hidden by the mask of his happy go lucky self.

“Gay!” Pidge laughed, coming into the kitchen now finally wearing the cute purple dress she had picked out for dinner tonight. She stood on her tip toes, kissing her boyfriend’s cheek. Curse having two tall boys by her side. She was going to have to start carrying around a step stool to kiss him, “But seriously he’s right. Matt already met you and he likes you fine. And he’s more viscous than my mom.”

“More than your Jewish Italian mother? I really doubt that,” he joked, but his heart calmed for a moment. The bell rang almost as if on cue.

Shiro leaned forward and took both their hands. “Just relax and everything wil be fine. We’ve faced way worse things than this.”

“I don’t know…Zarkon’s looking pretty good right now,” Lance muttered under his breath before putting on his best smile, “Okay. Let’s do this.”

Pidge took a deep breath and opened the flood gates.

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When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.
I shall sit down on the pavement when I’m tired
And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
And run my stick along the public railings
And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
And pick flowers in other people’s gardens And learn to spit.

You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
Or only bread and pickle for a week
And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes.

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
And pay our rent and not swear in the street
And set a good example for the children.
We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

—  Jenny Joseph, Warning (1932)
0 Mile - Chapter 1

Sooooo I might have written a thing, my first fic!…Thank you so much to @kollectionn for editing and putting up with me being a nervous mess and I’d also like to thank @not-zuleika for the encouragement and support to write in the first place!! Any feedback would be appreciated and there may be a couple more chapters in the works. Hope you enjoy! - Kimmy

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NCT Fanfic: Bartender AU


Main Pairing: Female Reader x Johnny Seo

You were in the midst of sorting through the final box of your belongings, having just moved to a new city for your first job out of college. The apartment wasn’t anything fancy; bathroom, small kitchenette and an open plan space big enough for a bed, dresser and couch. It was on the 8th floor with a small balcony opening onto the street and the building was only a 30-minute walk or a short bus ride from your office.

You had found it only the week prior and had moved last minute, praying for something in your price range. The building manager was a short, greying Russian woman. Her blunt humour had amused you from the start. You thought back to your first viewing when you’d asked what the length of the lease would be and she had replied “yes or no?” You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing at her reply and it had gained you her favour when she offered you the apartment later that day.

You collapsed back against the couch when the final item was unpacked. Looking around your living space, you noted to buy a screen or a large bookcase to split the room. You also contemplated brightening the room with some plants, if you could keep these ones alive…

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Tony Denison Facebook Chat

So, now that RL is actually giving me a break I finally had the chance to watch Tony’s facebook chat with Duff before last week’s episode. I really enjoyed listening to Tony. Here are some comments on the chat.

1. OMG, I have to start off with didn’t Tony look delicious! I’d love to have Andy wear that purple plaid shirt on MC–especially with the cuffs turned up the way they were in the chat. Very, very sexy.

2. Save the date! We have an October wedding! What a lovely time to get married. And that leaves us with an eight month engagement which I think is pretty perfect timing. And shock of shocks according to Duff Sharon and Andy will be discussing the size of the wedding–unless of course since this is Duff, he means they are going to do their usual discussion of important things off-screen and then just allude to whatever decision they came up with as if we were actually privy to that conversation.

Tony was so cute saying that Flynn is boastful and will want to invite the whole LAPD while Duff said Sharon will be looking at something a little smaller and more intimate–just family and the dept. Looking for a compromise here as I hope it will be a little more than family and MC dept or it will end up only being about 15 people–then again, since they haven’t really been allowed to have any friends there probably wouldn’t be that many people even if they added friends. Happy the wedding will be in episode 5 so we’ll get several episodes of Mr. And Mrs. Flynn, and Duff did say we’ll see it, but again who knows with him, it could be a 30 second shot and he’d say  we got to see it. Yes, my blood pressure seems to be rising with all this salt…

2. “Not being able to be there for my teammates and for the woman I love as a colleague and as a bodyguard” Oh my freaking GOD, Andy Flynn actually referred to Sharon Raydor as “The woman I love”. Oops, no sorry, that was Tony speaking about his character, but hellfire, it still made me giddy–imagine what would happen if the unimaginable happened and he was actually allowed to utter those words on MC.  So Duff, you were sitting right beside Tony when he said it so a. You know he thinks Andy loves Sharon, maybe that’s why he asked her to marry him…DUH and b. Tony can physically say the word “love” so there is no damn reason on earth WHY you haven’t let Andy…or Sharon…utter the words I LOVE YOU to each other!  And, oh geez, how sweet was the “as a bodyguard”. He wants to be there to protect Sharon and can’t be. I now so want to see a scene where Andy actually gets to be that bodyguard. Not that Sharon wouldn’t be a fighter, as they said, she is no damsel in distress. But Sharon has gotten to the be the badass let‘s let Andy have a shot. Maybe with Stroh? Here’s hoping.

3. Emily Raydor will be back–I’m figuring probably for the wedding. Yay! Duff isn’t sure about meeting Rusty’s baby sister. GOOD. Let’s hope we never do. I absolutely despise Sharon Beck and hope we never have to see her again. That said, Tony looked totally lost when they mentioned Rusty’s baby sister then kind of laughed when he finally got it and said under his breath “Oh yeah“. Bet he was thinking “Holy shit, is Sharon pregnant? Is Duff writing one of those fanfic babyfics?” LOL.

4. Tony actually brought up my head canon! In my head canon when MC is over, Andy and Sharon will open a PI business together and will pull Provenza out of retirement to help out. Tony mentioned it being four years or so down the road when MC is over he and GW will start their own PI business. Interesting concept. New head canon. By then he and Sharon are married of course, Sharon is the Asst. Chief, Andy retires cause he’s sick of being left behind and wants to be back out in the field so he opens a PI business, pulls Provenza out of retirement to help, and he and Provenza get in all kinds of scrapes and sort of get in Sharon’s way at times, while helping her at others. Just a quick thought that came to me.

5. “The camera loves Tony, he looks good in anything.” Oh YES Duff he most certainly does!

6. Tony agrees, he’d like to have Andy save Sharon from an abduction. WRITE THIS MC writers!

7. Andy didn’t get that the boys were behind his annulment because he was just so happy that it was happening. He only realized it after Sharon’s comments to them, but again, the end result was a good one so he doesn’t care.

8. MC is not coming back until September. Can’t believe I have to go the whole summer without Shandy. That sucks.

9. So, Duff says we are going to get to hear Andy and Sharon say I love you! Should I hold my breath? I can’t remember if the question was phrased “to each other” or not, because Sharon always tells Rusty “I love you.”

10. LOL someone asked if Andy could take Rusty out on the terrace and throw him off. I’m surprised Duff didn’t blow a gasket.

11.There will be more Andy/Rusty father son moments. I liked it when Duff commented on Rusty not being so keen on the whole “my mother and Andy are lovers” deal and yet Andy never backed down, thinking “you don’t get to decide this kid.” LOL. So, while Andy was respectful of Rusty and accepted that Sharon was a single mom and that she and Rusty were a package deal he also was NOT going to let Rusty dictate he and Sharon’s relationship.

12. One of Tony’s favorite scenes is the recent one with he, Ricky and Rusty in the condo because he got to delve into Andy’s backstory a little bit. See, it’s not just us. These actors are DYING to know more about their characters!

13. Interesting to hear Tony talking about going to a party in Sharon’s condo building and thinking “I’ve been here before.”

14. A question was asked about any new women being added to the cast and Duff yes, there would be new women added to the cast next season and with the look he gave I’m thinking that means my nightmare comes true and we are going to be stuck with that bitch Winnie Davis as Sharon’s boss. I’m so gonna hate that.  

15. “I know there is a part of Andy that wants to put that guy down.“ Tony’s answer to the question about how Andy feels about Stroh coming after Rusty and Sharon. YES YES YES, PLEASE YES!!!

16. Andy as a father figure for Rusty. “Every time Rusty has had a male come into his life it has gone badly for him, but this time it’s going to be different.” Aww….

17. The rule breaker marrying the rule maker. Cute way of describing Shandy. I love how Tony talked about Andy’s attraction to Sharon first coming professionally then as he got to work with her more thinking “Hey, she’s okay, she’s really okay” That really sounded pretty hot. According to Duff Sharon is Andy’s first real adult relationship and Nicole‘s wedding was the turning point in their relationship.

Guess that’s it. Tomorrow I’ll tackle Shockwave Pt. 1


One Shot Prompt: “ Grant Ward x Reader One Shot where he’s jealous of the reader and her friendship with Fitz?”

Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Rating: E

Characters: Grant Ward, You, Leo Fitz (Mentioned), Jemma Simmons (Briefly) Daisy Johnson [Still Skye at the point of this story] (Briefly)

Relationship: Grant Ward/Reader

You walk into The Bus after a particularly tough mission. The sting of open wounds and ache of visible bruises reminds you of how different your life was not too long ago. But who were you to deny S.H.I.E.L.D. your expertise?

With a shaky sigh, you feel the thrum of pain clutch along a few of your ribs. You silently hope that you didn’t break any during the mission, knowing it might hinder you from doing your best for the team in the near future.

Begrudgingly, you lift up your shirt just high enough to see the dark purple discoloration along your side. “You’re hurt.” You hear a voice from behind you, knowing exactly who it was and not bothering to turn and greet them lest you get another jolt of pain from various possible areas of your body.

“Not sure how bad, though. I’ll have Simmons take a look at it when she gets here.” You hear footsteps heavy enough to know that Grant was wearing some heavy duty combat boots and you briefly think to yourself that maybe you should start doing the same–sport some actual gear, that is.

“Here, let me see.” The deep rumbling of his tone soothes you slightly, more than you expected. Calloused fingers briefly trace over the bruised area and you feel yourself breathe in a quiet intake of air and hold it in, unintentionally keeping your breath in from the sensation. “Think it might just be light contusions. You’d at least be wincing right now if anything was broken…” he explained, gaze still eyeing the purpled patch of bare skin.

“How do you know I’m not just a badass who doesn’t wince at a bit of rib pain…?” you ask in a playful tone, a hint of a lopsided smirk quirking up along a corner of your lips.

“Light. Contusions.” he repeated teasingly, walking past you to the lab area of the aircraft. “–So, uh…good to see you’re fitting in. Getting your rhythm with the rest of the team. It’s better that we all work in unison so the mission goes a lot more smoothly.” Although, that wasn’t so much the case today. An innocent woman had to die so that she wouldn’t unintentionally take out an entire city. Watching somebody jump off the roof of a forty-story building was not exactly something you wanted to cross off of your bucket list. Especially when you couldn’t do anything to help her. Especially when there was a part of you that knew there was no other way it could have played out without the death of thousands.

“Yeah. I mean, you know how great they all are. Everybody is brilliant in their own field. Kind of…why we’re all here, right?” Ward simply nodded, back turned to you as he sets a pistol down on a cold metal table in front of him.

The muscular male began to unload the ammo of his I.C.E.R. as he continued to speak. You decided to walk into the room with him, leaning against one of the counter and careful not to knock over anything important or that could possibly eat away at the floor if it was knocked over. “Fitz, too. He really helped out today…”

“Yeah, he did.” you agreed with a slight nod, your eyebrows knitting together a bit in speculation. It was unlike Ward to really compliment anybody, at least from what you’ve seen. You found his behavior a bit odd, wondering what was even going through his head right now.

“Smart. Quick-witted. Awkward in that nerdy way that seems to be in these days…” Grant listed off slowly, his jaw clenching a bit in between his words.

You raise an eyebrow in his direction, a slightly amused look in your eyes. “–Is this the part where you hand me a crookedly folded-up love letter to discreetly slip onto his desk during social studies class?” you teased in a joking manner, trying to hold back the smile that threatened to brighten up your features, knowing that it would only receive an annoyed glare had the agent seen it himself. But Grant seemed to be avoiding even looking your direction.

He let out a bit of an aggravated sigh and you see his jaw tense in frustration yet again. “I’m just saying, he’s a good guy. You…seem to have gotten close since you’ve been here. Just thought you might agree” You feel a shrug easily roll off of your shoulders, having an inkling of an idea about why Ward was even bringing this up.

“Fitz is a a good guy. He gets my humor, my references. He…likes hugs…? What else do you want me to say here, Ward? We’re friends. Good friends, too, if you want to add an adjective to the front of that. Not the…sibling type of friends like he was with Simmons but still good friends…” Ward curtly nods his head, lips tightening together as he gripped the edge of the table with both of his large hands.

A few moments pass with complete silence, sure that Ward was going to drop the conversation entirely if you gave him the opportunity. “Hey, look at me.” You state as you lean a bit to the side in an attempt to peek into his line of vision. Luckily, he turned his head in your direction, eyes locked on you but no words leaving his mouth despite figuring he had more to say on the subject. “Why…why are you so invested in my friendship with Fitz all of a sudden…?” Silence, again. “–Ward?” Nothing. “Grant…?”

He inches toward you slightly, the tension in his body seeming to dissipate a bit as he holds his gaze. You feel your breath hitch at how intense it is, the air in the room suddenly becoming thick, too thick to take in any more air.

“–Well, there was nothing we could do. It was too late.” You hear Jemma’s voice echo off the metal walls of The Bus, Grant seems to as well, turning away entirely. “As much as we all wanted there to be another answer, there just…wasn’t.” You let out a bit of an aggravated sigh, a cold glare sent in Grant’s direction. Stage fright? Really?

“There had to have been something. A cure. A…bubble or room we could have put her in to keep the explosion in it. We know that she would have survived it, so why didn’t we just…do something?!” Skye suggests in rushed words, wanting a solution to problems they had no control over.

“There just wasn’t enough time, Skye.” Jemma explains as they both enter the lab. You walk closer to them, Ward slipping away in silence in the direction of the weapons room.

“Simmons, could you…look at this? I just…wanna make sure there’s nothing broken. It’s probably just bruising, but…you know…” You lift up your shirt slightly, the discolored flesh peeking out from underneath the bottom of the fabric.

“Yes, of course.” Jemma walks over to where she kept a box of latex gloves before walking back over and examining your side. Your eyes briefly glance over to where Ward had left the room. It was there, right? That something that neither of you seem to want to bring up for whatever reason? You weren’t just imagining things, right?

You couldn’t have been.


First was the dark circles. Infatuated or not with the little dweeb you couldn’t miss the dark circles under his eyes. Then there was the lack of annoyancey. Annoyingness? Annoy? Fuck whatever either way he didn’t get into his normal piss baby mood when I bugged him. So I laid off on the teasing and he seemed pretty grateful for that which also worried me too. That kid was either never grateful for my good deeds or didn’t acknowledge them. I decided I had enough when the little bugger fell asleep in history class, his second favorite to photography. And you couldn’t even CALL it sleep because the distrust and painful teeth gritting he did whilst napping wasn’t exactly considered beauty rest. So when the bell rang and the little fucker peeled himself off the desk I grabbed his bag. “M-mitch” the “i” was dragged out so at least he was coherent but there was jack shit of a struggle in that voice. As if he was more irritated in being forced to speak then his things possibly being stolen.

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“Fight” (part 2) - The Lightwoods

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) gets hurt outside the Institute (which is why she doesn’t attend Alec’s wedding) and she ends up getting sick from the demon poison. (PART 1)

In the Institute, the wedding had just ended and most of the people had already left. The wedding didn’t exactly go as planned. Indeed, the arrival of the well-known Magnus Bane had an impact on the continuity of the night.

Isabelle Lightwood, who couldn’t erase the smile from her face, walked towards her brother to congradulate him.
“I’m so proud of you, big brother.” Isabelle said as she hugged Alec.
Alec’s discreet smile faded away as he looked straight into his sister’s eyes.
“She didn’t come.” He said with a hint of sadness in his voice. Isabelle looked down.
“She said she would be there.” Isabelle said.
“Well, she isn’t here, is she?” Alec said, angry and disappointed.
“Alec, come on. I’m sure she had her reasons.” Isabelle said softly.
“I don’t care. She was supposed to be there, this was important to me and she knew it. I never would’ve let her down like this.” Alec started walking away.
“Alec, wait.” Isabelle tried to talk some sense into him.
“I need some air. Tell Magnus I’ll see him later at his place.” Alec said before he left the room.
Alec was aware of what he just did, kissing Magnus in front of everyone was something he never expected would happen. It all happened so fast, he needed to get away from all the attention and breathe some fresh air.

As Alec walked outside the Institute, he stepped on something hard. He took a step back and analysed the metallic object. It only took him a second to recognize (Y/N)’s knife. He knew it was hers because her initials were carved in the blade, but also because (Y/N) was the only shadowhunter in New York who used knives during a fight, knives were her weapon of choice since she was ten.

Alec picked up the knife from the cool floor and frowned as he took a look around. As he made his way to the back alley near the Institute, he saw someone lying on the ground.
“(Y/N)!” He shouted as he sprinted towards her.
(Y/N) was wearing a purple dress which was now covered in dirt and blood. She was huddled up and looked so small. Alec noticed several wounds on her body but the one on her neck looked the worst. Alec took his stele out of his pocket and drew the healing rune on (Y/N)’s neck.

But then, something happened. Something Alec had never seen before, something that made him panic and even more concerned: the rune started bleeding. And a few seconds later, (Y/N) was struggling to breathe.
“No…no! Don’t you dare (Y/N)! Don’t you dare give up on me!” Alec shouted. You stay alive, do you hear me? You stay alive!”
Alec didn’t know what to do, panic was taking over his mind and body and didn’t allow him to think clearly.
Finally, he carried (Y/N) inside the Institute.

As he walked through the door, Alec came face to face with Jace. His blue eyes widened as he saw (Y/N), unconscious in Alec’s arms.
“By the Angel, what happened to her?” Jace asked concerned.
“Go get Magnus.” Alec said as he rushed to (Y/N)’s bedroom.
“Alec, who did this to her? What happened?” Jace insisted.
“It’s bad Jace. Go get Magnus. We need him right now!” Alec shouted as she softly laid (Y/N) on the bed.

When Jace came back with Magnus and a very concerned Isabelle, (Y/N) had regained consciousness but she was so weak she could bearly open her eyes.
“Are you gonna tell me what happened now?” Jace asked Alec, slightly angry and impatient.
“I don’t know what happened Jace! I found her like this outside the Institute, bearly alive. All I know is that the rune…” Alec stopped, realising how bad the situation was.
“What the about the rune?” Jace asked carefuly.
“It’s bleeding.” Alec said as he showed (Y/N)’s neck to Jace.
“What does that mean?” Isabelle asked as Magnus was analyzing (Y/N)’s wounds. “Guys! What does it mean?” Isabelle repeated, still not getting any answer.
“You guys go and talk about this outside, would you? I need silence to think.” Magnus told the others. Jace, Alec and Isabelle left the room although Jace had to drag Alec outside, they agreed to give Magnus some space.

Magnus looked at (Y/N) who was trying so hard to stay conscious.
“(Y/N), can you hear me?” Magnus asked softly.
“I c-can’t breathe.” (Y/N) said in a very quiet voice.
“I’m gonna take care of you, do not panic, alright?” Magnus claimed.
“How b-bad is it?” (Y/N) whispered.
“You’re going to be just fine.” Magnus tried to reassure (Y/N) but she saw something in his eyes that wasn’t usually there, and she knew.
“I’m gonna d-die, aren’t I?” (Y/N)’s voice was trembling. “Don’t lie t-to me, Magnus. It’s o-okay, you can t-tell me the truth.” (Y/N) winced as the pain was getting stronger by the minute.
“Fine, I’m gonna tell you the truth. And the truth is that I’m not gonna let you die. Do you hear me? I’m gonna do everything I can to save you.” Magnus said, looking (Y/N) in her eyes to show his honesty. “I need to talk to your brothers, I’ll be right back.” He said before he left the room to meet Jace and Alec who were impatiently waiting outside the door.

“So? Is she going to be okay?” Alec said as soon as Magnus closed the door behind him.
“Where is Isabelle?” Magnus asked the boys, looking around.
“She is trying to find our parents, why?” Jace answered.
“I wish we could wait for her but (Y/N) doesn’t have much time left.” Magnus said looking carefuly at Alec.
“Wait, wait..What do you mean she doesn’t have much time left?” Alec asked, terrified of the answer Magnus was going to give him.
“(Y/N)’s dying.” Magnus declared.
First, Alec looked confused, like he didn’t understand what was happening, but then, reality seemed to have hit him violently, he had to sit down on the rfloor because his legs were trembling so much. Magnus watched him carefuly while Jace was trying to be strong, for his paratai.
“Please tell me there’s something you can do, Magnus.” Jace told the high warlock of Brooklyn.
“There is. But there are risks, I’m afraid.” Magnus told the two boys.
“What kind of risks?”
“It could kill her.” Magnus looked down, wishing he had a better solution.
“This can’t be happening.” Alec whispered, putting his head in his hands. “Please tell me this isn’t happening.”
Magnus was looking at Alec with deep sadness in his eyes, he wanted to hold him in his arms and tell him that it was just a bad dream and that everything was okay, but Magnus couldn’t do that, because everything was far from being okay. Magnus knew that Alec wouldn’t survive losing (Y/N), she was like his little sister and he cared so much about her.
“So, if I’m hearing this right, if we don’t do anything, (Y/N) dies but the only thing we can do may kill her too?” Jace asked Magnus, trying to process the situation.
“I’m truly sorry, I have no better soluion. Her condition is too severe. The demon she fought infected her with its powerful poison and left her to die.” Magnus declared.

Jace was about to say something when screams echoed through the hall, it was coming from (Y/N)’s room. Alec got up on his feet faster than expected and ran into the room, followed by Jace and Magnus.
Alec rushed to the bed and tried to hold (Y/N) down as she was screaming her throat out and throwing her limbs in the air.
“It needs to be done, now!” Magnus shouted over (Y/N)’s screams.
Jace looked at Alec who was overwhelmed with fear and panic, he was in no condition to make this decision. So Jace looked at Magnus and shouted back, “Do whatever you gotta do to save her, just do it!”

Suddenly (Y/N) stopped screaming and Alec felt something wet hit his face. He looked down at (Y/N), she was spitting blood and choking on it.
Was it too late to save her? Was she already gone?

ride :: a. jensen

summary: you hadn’t seen your girlfriend for a while due to the fact that she’s been acting weird and distant lately but one night she decides to make it up to you.

warnings: smut duh, oral [girl on girl], fingering, thigh riding bc damn and orgasm denial bc audrey’s a sneaky hoe

note: this is my first time writing smut so bare with me pls :-) and there may be typos also my writing isn’t that good [heres another lame excuse, english isn’t my first language]

“Hey, i miss you. I haven’t seen you in, well, a long time I would say since you know, you’ve been kind of distant. I don’t know if you’ll even hear this but I just wanted to ask how you were and if maybe we could do something together. Only if you’re not busy.” I said into the phone, letting out a breath that I didn’t even know I was holding.

 I had called Audrey, hoping that she would pick up, but as always it went straight to voicemail.

Putting my phone down on my bedside table I laid down on my bed. It wasn’t comfortable at all ever. Not having Audrey with me made it feel empty and cold. But it was also the only place I wanted to be at right now.

Suddenly I felt something hot and wet on my cheek. A tear. I had started crying. At first they were just small tears but later on I started full on sobbing. Anger and worry were going through me. That’s all I had been feeling for the last few days.

I was angry because Audrey wouldn’t talk to me, she wouldn’t explain were she was going or what she was doing.

I was worried because for all i know there could be another killer out there. Ever since Noah mentioned an accomplice, that’s all I could think about.

I just didn’t want anything to happen to her. I couldn’t be able to live with the thought of her being dead and the fact that I couldn’t save her.

My head started aching and I decided to go to sleep, but my nap didn’t last long. Maybe twenty minutes. A soft tap on my window had woken me up.

Groaning I stood up. The sunlight blocking my eyes as I walked over to the window to check who or what could have caused the noise that woke me up from my sleep. Also the only sleep I had had this week. I guess i just finally lost my energy to stay awake or care.

I opened the window and there she was. Audrey.

I was happy and of course angry at the same time.

She had an apologetic and slightly sad smile on her face “Hey princess,” she said, her voice deep and slightly raspy “I got your voicemail.”

I didn’t know what to say. Was this real. Was she actually standing there or was this a dream.

Feeling like my conscious was just trying to mock me because of my weakened state I just stood there. Not knowing what to do.

Until she spoke up again “Look, I’m sorry. I know what no mater how many times I’ll say that, it won’t be enough. But I miss you and I just want to spent some time with you.”

Finally I said something, but I don’t think that that’s what she wanted to hear “Audrey, what are you doing here. It’s three fucking am” she could hear the anger and pain in my voice.

I love her and she knows that but she just can’t not talk to me for a whole week and then wake me up in the middle of the night. Pretending as if nothing happened.

But, oh how much I had missed her. I missed seeing her, hearing her voice, feeling her hands on my skin. I missed having her body above me. I missed making love to her. I just missed her.

And that’s what made say something that she probably didn’t expect due to the fact that I was mad at her. She knew how I was when I was angry. I would ignore her until one of us apologized, but this time it was different. I craved her touch and I needed her so badly.

“Climb up” I said, now sounding a bit more calmed down.

A wide smile spread on her face and there was this slight shine in her beautiful green eyes. She walked over to the vine that was next to my window. Finally she reached the top and I helped her come in.

Without hesitation I embraced her small figure. She put her head in the nape of my neck and I did the same thing. I just wanted to smell her. I missed this smell. The one that could easily put me to sleep.

“I missed you so much princess,” she whispered in my ear. Her voice cracking at the end.

I just stood there. Silent. With her in my arms. I never wanted this moment to end but Audrey pulled away making me think that our hug ended until she pressed her soft lips against mine. Now holding me closer than before.

Oh how I had missed her lips and kissing them. They fit perfectly on mine. Everything did. Our hands. Her head on my chest and how I could rest my chin on in whenever we hugged. We were like a puzzle.

The kiss got a little heated and she picked me up. Her hands below my butt as she was holding me by the back of my thighs.

I wrapped my legs around her waist as tight as I could. Too scared to let go, afraid that I would loser her.

Audrey brought us over to my bed and laid me down. She climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck. Some were soft, like she was scared that if she did it too hard I’d break. But some were the complete opposite. They were harsh and I would definitely have lots of dark purple hickeys on those spots.

She continued on planting wet kisses on my jawline and behind my ear as she went down a little further. Now biting the skin and on the space that was between my boobs.

“Audrey” I moaned quietly which made her let out a groan. Both of us were still wearing clothes and I didn’t like that. At all.

I gripped the hem of her red cropped sweater “Take it off baby.” She did as she was told, along with the tank top she was wearing underneath. She also did the same thing with me. Audrey was wearing a black lace bra and me, well I wasn’t weren’t anything. My chest now fully exposed to her.

“Fuck,” she whispered and immediately cupped my right boob as she started playing with my nipple on the other one. Twisting it between her rough fingers.

I let out another moan but this one was louder than the last one.

She started sucking on the sensitive nub “I missed your body so much princess. Pleasuring it and hearing you moan” Audrey whispered.

“Me too,” i replied with a weak smile.

She started going lower until she reached the hem of my pajama shorts. Putting her fingers underneath the waistband and pulling them down in a slow and torturing way. I wanted to say something but i couldn’t. My voice had been trapped inside my throat.

When she finally pulled them all the way down she threw them somewhere, not caring where they had landed.

Audrey then placed a kiss on clothed clit, sending intense pleasure through my veins by just that one simple gesture.

“Fuck princess you’re so wet,” she said as I grabbed her hair with one hand and the other one pulled my blanket between it.

She pushed my underwear to the side and flicked her tongue over my clit “Fuck, babe don’t tease me,” I breathed out.

Audrey then took it into her mouth and started sucking on it as I pushed myself against her head while arching my back and slightly lifting my hips. One of her hands gripped the right side of my waist and pushed it down. The fingers of her left hand in between my folds, pushing one finger in.

By now I was a moaning mess. Screaming her name and she did the same. Letting out a throaty groan which sent vibrations to my pussy “F-f-fuck audrey, that feels so good,” I could feel her smirking against me.

She put another finger in, curling them inside of me. Going deep as she was looking for my g-spot. When she finally found it I squealed. Immediately slapping a hand over my mouth trying to quiet down my loud moans.

My reaction made her put another finger in and she started thrusting them in. Going faster every second.

I was on the verge of my orgasm and she knew because I started pulling on her hair which I always did when I was about to reach my high.

But before it happened she pulled her fingers out, smirking at me while she put one finger at a time in her mouth. Licking my wetness of off them “You taste so good princess. I missed that so fucking much.”

“You did not just do that jensen.”

Her grin growing wider, if that was even possible “Oh, but i did.”

“Fuck you,” I whispered back to her.

“No, because you’re about to do that.”

For a second I was confused and she noticed “I want you to ride my thigh princess.“

She didn’t have to tell me twice. Immediately I grabbed audrey by her shoulders and pushed her down on my bed as she sat up and leaned against the headboard.

“I think you’ll have to take this off,” I whispered while i put her earlobe between my teeth and slightly pulled it.

“Fuck [Y/N], if only you knew how much love it when you get like this.” She said while looking me in straight into my eyes.

This time it was my turn to smirk as I put my hands behind her back, unclasping her bra. I did the same thing with the straps that she did with my shorts.

“[Y/N] baby, Is this some kind of payback?”

I leaned my head down and sucked on her bottom lip “maybe.”

“Well, I deserve it.”

I ignored her and started sucking on her neck leaving love bites on it as I unbuttoned her jeans. I pulled them down, which was kinda hard since she always wore super tight ones. But she helped me by lifting her waist up. My mouth went to her left breast as I took her nub in between my lips and I started sucking on it until i pulled and released it.

When they her jeans were finally off I placed my bare wetness on her thigh and started grinding on it. My eyes went to the back of my head as I closed them shut. Resting my forehead against Audrey’s. She put her lips on mine and kissed me as hard as she could. She placed her hands on my hips, pressing her thumb into the sides. Definitely leaving bruises. She started rocking them back and forth as I moaned into her mouth “A-aud,” I tried saying her name but I couldn’t. The pleasure taking control of me and my voice.

This felt so good but I was the only one being pleasured which wasn’t fair, so I put my hand inside her underwear and on her clit. Rubbing two fingers in a finger eight motion, slowly but hard.

“O-o-h my f-fucking god, fuck princess,” she moaned as one hand left my waist and went behind my back. Pushing me further into her and starting to leave scratches on my back.

I pushed two fingers into her, which was easy due to the fact that she was wet. Wetter than all the other times we had had sex. Going as deep as I could I looked for her g-spot and when she let out a scream I knew that I had found it.

“Audrey babe, I’m so fucking close,” I managed to say which was a surprise.

She kissed me again “Me too princess, count with me.”

“One,” we said in unison as I pulled my fingers out and thrusted them in deeper than before.

“Two,” she pushed me further down, pleasure running through me and it felt like electricity.

“Three,” we both screamed as we finally reached our high.

It felt like an explosion inside of my. A burst of butterflies. This was the best and most intense orgasm both of us probably had.

I got off her thigh as she laid both of us down. Taking me in a tight embrace.

We just laid there, no one saying anything. The room was silent. But the comfortable kind of silent. The kind of silent where you just enjoy each other’s presence.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Audrey “I love you [Y/N]. I love you so so much,” her voice was soft and quiet. It was so comforting.

“And I love you,” I said as we then both fell asleep.

So I’m at the bowling alley with my buddies Walter and Donny minding my own business, and I notice this man in purple looking me up and down scowling. Note I’m wearing an oversize t shirt and flip flops. So I’m like

“Is there a problem?”

And he just says

“Are you a fucking Reylo?”

And I’m like

“Whatever, man.” Because I have an appropriate amount of chill when it comes to bowling rivals and he starts going off his nut at me, screaming, literally screaming all the usual

Reylo is abusive, racist blah blah blah. Now he’s so loud his partner Liam comes running in from outside to see what’s going on.

I just turned around and said

“Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

The Joker- Reader  * The purple coat*

       “Baby doll, have you been wearing my coat?” J says, sniffing his favorite purple coat. “It smells like your perfume.”

        “That’s because I’m always around you, Puddin”, you say with the nicest fake smile you can muster.

        “ Hmmm… I don’t want to wear it today anyway. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. I have a business meeting. Be a good doll and wait for me, I’ll take you on a heist afterwards. I think you need more diamonds,” he grins, licking his lips.

       You get very excited and jump in his arms: “Ahhhhh, I have the best Puddin ever! Muaaaahhhh” you say kissing him roughly. He grabs your butt, and then playfully slaps it. “Don’t get me worked up, Kitten, I really have to go to that meeting.”

        He turns around and leaves, not before he winks at you when you flash him instead of goodbye. Now you’re starting to get super happy. You strip yourself of your clothes, leaving nothing but your racy red bikini on. You grab J’s purple coat and head towards the balcony of your penthouse. The truth is you’ve been wearing it every time you can. You absolutely love that coat, even if it’s so big on you. It makes you feel sexier and bad ass. Well, more badass than you are… Plus, it’s kind of your way of marking your territory. Like: “Mr. J, you’re mine and now you’re wearing me without even knowing. My scent is all over and so is my (almost) naked body”. You find yourself giggle thinking how he would react if you would tell him that.

         Gotham looks so beautiful at night from the 30th floor. You bring a bottle of wine with you, sitting in the lounge chair, enjoying the view. There goes one glass, then the 2nd one. You inhale the scent of the coat. To you, it smells like Puddin. “Damn, he smells good” you think, caressing the leather, being joyful because you’ll get more diamonds soon. A girl can’t have enough, right?

      There goes the 3rd glass of wine… You’re getting kind of sleepy, waiting for Puddin to come back. Without even noticing, you dose off.


       Something feels ticklish. It’s starting to wake you up. You try to brush it off when you feel your fingers touching hair. You open your eyes and there is Mr. J on his knees, kissing your tummy, going up to your breasts. “That’s not a bad way to wake up, Puddin”, you smile, stretching, pulling him up towards you. (Then you realize: “Shit, busted!”)

        “So, baby doll, you’ve been wearing my coat?” he purrs, biting your lip, with a devilish look in his eyes.

        “Ummmm…yeahhhh?…Are you mad?…” you pout.

        “No, why would I be? Look at you all sexy in there. There’s one thing that bothers me though.”

       He grabs your skimpy red bikini and rips it off you, tossing it to the side.

       “There, that’s better” he smirks, positioning himself between your legs. “How bad do you want your diamonds tonight?”

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You are my Home - Jaehyun - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A/N I finally got this done! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter~ I’m not sure if I’ll get Mark’s out before I go away but I’ll try my best!

You awake in an unfamiliar place, your eyes scanned the room. It was weird for you to even be in a room, you didn’t live in a house you always went rogue. It was safer. Your eyes fell onto a young man, an overwhelming feeling over took you. Mate. He was sleeping, he looked so…so beautiful. His light brown hair flopped down and covered his eyes, you wanted to get up and move them away but you realised you weren’t able to get up.

Your gaze went from your mate to the fabric around your feet which tied you to the bed.

‘What the?’

You tugged at the material but it was a lot stronger than you thought. You growled in frustration, you couldn’t even remember what happened or what got you in this place to begin with. There was a stir next to you and the young man awoke, his face lit up at the sight of you and he quickly rushed to your side.

‘You’re awake thank god, I thought I was going to lose you.’

You frowned, he definitely wasn’t a werewolf nor was he a shapeshifter, there was no way he has the mate bond…yet why does it feel like he already has some connection with you, like he knows you’re both are meant to be.

‘O-oh I’m Jaehyun…How do you feel? You hungry? Do you need anything? You were in pretty bad shape…’

You didn’t know whether you could trust him or not, whether he actually felt something for you or he was just being friendly. To be on the safe side you decided not to show any signs of him being your mate, you weren’t ready for rejection, not again.

‘Care to tell me why the heck I’m tied to a bed then Jaehyun?’

He stared at you in obvious shock, his mouth was wide open as he tried to register what you said to him. You felt a little bad at how you had treated him even though he was the one who probably saved you from whatever had happened.

'Is that really anyway to talk to the guy who’s keeping you alive right now?’


You looked up to see two men  hovering over your bed, one looked quite concerned yet still calm at the same time, his hair was cherry pink and his skin pale. The other look quite the opposite, he was looking at you with a solid glare and his eyes were dark, his hair was pretty much identical to that of his eyes. You already knew you weren’t going to get on with him.

'Why don’t you take a picture darling? It’ll last longer.’

You said with a smile on your face, he lurched forward at you but the angelic man beside him pulled him away. He didn’t hold onto him long though making you curious as to why.

'Doyoung get in here please! Bubble Yuta for me.’

Another young man walked in almost reluctantly, it was clear he was muttering something but not even you could make out what it was. He had faded purple hair and was wearing…Work clothes? He lifted a twig out of his pocket and held it towards the man that was known as Yuta.

'Don’t you dare-’

He began to say but it was too late, he hovered in a purple bubble his words now inaudible to the outside. You smirked at him knowing you had gotten your way but then came back to the original question in mind.

'So is anyone going to tell me what happened?’

You said again, eyes shifting from one person to another with your eye brows lifted.

'You don’t remember anything? You started attacking us?’

Soon it all made sense and you remembered exactly what had happened.

You ran through the woods, adrenaline the only thing keeping you going. There was something pulling you foward, you didn’t know where it was taking you but as you got closer and closer to whatever it was it become more and more clear. Mate. You thought to yourself as you propelled yourself foward. A mate to a wolf was like an addiction, once you find it you can never stop loving it, never stop wanting it and without it it’s a life not worth living.

You were nearly there, you could feel it. You stopped suddenly, sensing you were being watched, looking around you spotted it, well them. Three wolves stood at the side of you, their eyes studying you thoroughly, you could tell immediately that they too were werewolves although they didn’t look like they were letting you go past any time soon. 

‘Move out little pups you’re blocking my way.’

You said, a dominant fierce glare marking your face. A series of long growls were unleashing from the two smaller wolves whilst the larger one stood there, his eyes looking at you with curiosity.

‘You have five seconds to move out my way…’

You said letting out a growl of your own. The smaller ones looked up at their alpha in surprise, you hated not knowing what they were saying, if anything that annoyed you even more. To your surprise the younger wolves ran away towards where you so longed to be, they were running towards your mate which pushed you over the edge. You changed, knowing you would have zero control of your body, knowing that your curse was going to come to life again.

‘Did I kill anyone?’

You asked, staring down at your lap. You couldn’t believe you let it yourself lose control, it didn’t help at all that you were hot headed. The room fell silent but it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was more no one wanted to answer that question. That meant you were close to what you had hoped would never happen again.

‘Are they okay now?’

You asked waiting patiently for their reply. You noticed Jaehyun’s hand fidgit near yours, you quickly pulled it away not wanting to feel his delicate touch, you didn’t want to feel the mate bond even stronger than it was.

‘Well I have healing abilities so thankfully e-everyone was fine…’

You noticed him stutter at everyone, with hearing like yours it’d be very hard to miss.

‘Who is it? They won’t die right? Why can’t you heal them?’

You threw the questions at him one after the other not giving him time to reply. He flinched slightly at the harshness of your words, you hadn’t intended for them to sound that way but you were desperate.

‘Oh no I can heal her i-it just takes a while to heal broken bones that’s all, I mean she’s only human so I’m-’

‘She’s human? I could’ve killed her why’d you let me go anywhere near a human…How did she even survive? My curse is supposed to make my wolf form stronger than twenty werewolves combined are you crazy?’

Everyone looked at you with wide eyes at the mention of your curse. Dammit Y/N so much for keeping the curse a secret. You swore at yourself knowing now you’d be killed or locked away somewhere to prevent you from ever hurting anything again, you couldn’t blame them if they did to be honest.

‘C-curse? Is there anything to lift it? How did you even get cursed?’

Now it was Jaehyun attacking you with the questions, inside you couldn’t help but feel special due to how much he seemed to care. You responded to the fluttery feeling inside by rolling your eyes and acting annoyed by his very presence itself.

‘Yes curse, do you need hearing aids grandad? And if there was don’t you think I would’ve tried by now? All I have to do is not change into my wolf form and everything’s fine and dandy. The answer to your last question is I don’t know, the last thing I remember is drinking from some lake and the next thing I know I’m cursed.’

Again he looked taken aback, hurt even. You quickly removed your gaze from him to the bubble that was still floating in the air. You decided it was much better to carry on smirking and teasing Yuta from the outside, especially since he couldn’t do anything about it.

'Taeyong do you know anyone who could possibly lift it? I haven’t got then spells for this sort of stuff.’

Doyoung, who was now known as a wizard which explained his choice of attire, whispered in a quiet conversation between him and Taeyong. It seemed as though everyone kept forgetting you were a werewolf and even though you were cursed your ears still worked just fine. You spoke a little too soon since Taeyong turned to you with a warm smile.

'I think I know someone who can help you, when everyone is fully recovered I will hold a meeting… That’s if you are willing to get rid of your curse that is?’

For the first time in a very long time you smiled and nodded at him. You liked Taeyong, even though you had been a complete ass this whole time he didn’t get butt hurt and was still willing to help, he passed the test with flying colours.

'Heck yeah I am.’

Mr. Mendes

I take a seat next to Michelle after dropping my books to my desk. I sighed and she looked at me, trying to read my mind. “what’s up, girly?” she asked as I looked to her. I shook my head and mumbled a small, “nothing.”
the final bell rings and the whole class comes to a hush. I look around surprised that Mrs.Davidson isn’t already at her desk beginning a lecture about whatever the topic was today. “where’s mrs-” I’m cut off by Mrs. Davidson walking in and greeting us with the usual, “Good evening, class.” only half of the class ever says something back. we all look behind her to see a very attractive young man who looks to be about our age with topaz eyes and a soft looking quif. “this is mr. mendes. he will be here as a TA for this final semester.” Mrs. Davidson said as if on que. “mr. mendes,” I thought to myself.
“so he must be the notorious son of the principal.” I looked over to Michelle, she was practically drooling over him. I giggled louder than intended. mr. mendes and Mrs. Davidson looked at me and Michelle. she shot us a glare before turning back to her computer, probably looking at lesson plans. however, mr. mendes seemed to keep starring. we locked eyes and he smirked before turning back to our teacher. “holy fuck.” Michelle said grabbing my arm. “hm?” I said not wanting to get in trouble for being loud. “i know you saw that. you had to at least seen that because I literally felt it. he totally wants to fuck you. that smirk, he’s probably thinking about what colour underwear your wearing right now.” she said shaking my arm. “your stupid, Michelle. he’s a wanker, just like his father. and he probably didn’t even mean to do that.” I said pushing her arm off me and giving her a funny look. but i couldn’t lie, he was very attractive and i wouldn’t mind him doing any of the things michelle was thinking of, to me. “whatever you say.” she said turning away. “okay, uh lets get started shall we?” Mrs. Davidson said finally pulling away from her computer and focusing on her class. “pull out the purple book and turn to page, uhh.” she paused looking at her already open purple text book. “137.” she finished. “now who would like to start us off?” she gazed across the room before stopping at me. “oh god no. please no, pick someone else.” I silently begged to myself. “Y/N. why don’t you start for us?” she smiled at me, already knowing I hated talking in front of people. I hate attention. “u-uh yeah s-sure..” I stuttered.
“a considerable body of uh domestic v-violence litature exist w-which theorizes about causes of Dom-domestic violence.” Mrs. Davidson stops me. “uhm, how about we have someone else read?” my cheeks turned a scarlet colour. she always goes out of her way to embarrass me, ever since my mum and uncle were her students. I slouched down in my chair and put my head on my desk as she picked another student to read aloud. I looked around to see mr. mendes had his eyes on me. he licked his bottom lip when he had got my attention. I took a deep breathe before sitting back up, looking to him once more to see that same smirk playing his lips again. I looked back to my book following along with the class.
“ah miss. Y/L/N.”
I stopped gathering my things and looked up to see Mrs. Davidson and mr. mendes standing side by side looking to me. both had smiles on their faces as I approached them. “sweetheart, have you seen your grades lately? your close to failing my class. I can’t have you failing your senior year. with that said I have arranged for you to be tuttored.” she smiled, putting her hand on my shoulder. “is this uh, is this optional?” I said looking at her hand and then to her face. “what? the tutoring? no I’m afraid not. oh and mr. mendes will be your tutor.” she said looking to him. I followed her gaze. he was smiling, sticking his hand out. I looked at it for a second. “this is the part when you shake his hand and introduce yourself.” she said grabbing my hand. I took his and shook it. “Shawn.” I looked to his eyes, “Y/N.” I looked down and he chuckled. “your very shy, miss.” he said as Mrs. Davidson walked away. “huh? oh yeah. I guess so.” I said looking back up. “all right well the first session will be this evening at let’s say, 5. meet me at the café on 6th street. all right, little one?” he winked before walking away. his features were those of a god’s. his little pet names didn’t help me at all. “yeah okay.” I mumbled walking back to my desk, gathering my things and walking out of the classroom as fast as possible.
to: Michelle 💘 “ sooooo mr. mendes may or may not be my tutor and I may or may not be on my way to meet him for a lesson right now. so uhm I’m not gonna be able to text you because I may or may not be on a study date with the TA that may or may not be named Shawn. okay bye ysysyxncn”
I shoved my phone into my back pocket, grabbing my keys and heading out the door. I hit the unlock button and hopped in the front seat of my rover. the one I can barely even afford. once I got to 6th street I parked my car in the parking lot of the café. I got out and locked the doors, swinging my backup on. I walked around the corner to see Shawn standing with his back facing me. I walked up to him tapping his shoulder before walking in front of him. “waiting for someone?” he looked up from his phone and smiled, following me inside. “uh hey, why don’t you go pick a table and I’ll get some muffins, what kind of coffee?” he looked at me waiting for me to answer. “uh I’m good thank you.” I turned around and went to a corner table. setting all my stuff down I realized I had forgotten a pencil. “shit.” I said looking to the bottom of my bag. I sighed before grabbing my phone out of my pocket. I turned it on to see a missed call from Michelle. I called her back while waiting on mr. mendes. “hello?” I said once she picked up. “hi.” even though I couldn’t see her, I knew she had a grin from the tone she was using. “how is he? are you guys about to fuck? or did you already? you did didn’t you. was he any good, is he roug-” I cut her off laughing. “Michelle stop oh my lord, you nasty we are literally at the café why do you have such unholy thoughts?” she laughed before replying. “have you seen the man?” she was right, he was very attractive and he was pretty built up. I looked up and saw him coming toward me. “hey I’ll call you later, I’ve to go.” i hung up putting my phone next to me. “hey. sorry it took me so long, they’ve a long line up there.” I nodded and he sat his coffee down and then a basket of muffins down. “shall we get started?” he asked and I nodded. “uhm, I don’t have a uh pencil. I seem to have forgotten it in my hurry. I’m sorry I’m such a flop.” I said, rummaging through my bag once more. “no worries, you won’t need one this time.” he said taking a bite of his muffin. I nodded and he pulled out the English textbook.
we read from some of the pages of the textbook before he handed me an assignment. “okay so I’d like you to have that finished before tomorrow. and also instead of meeting every other day, we’ll meet up everyday because of how close all the exams are. can’t have you failing now can we? what do you say we take a break and learn a little more about each other yeah?” he smiled at me and I nodded back to him. “yeah sure..” “great. I’ll go first. what’s your favourite subject?” I thought for a moment before speaking up. “probably math. it’s easy to comprehend and to I don’t know, not forget how to use it. I mean if that makes any sense at all. Math is very resourceful and I find myself using it all the time, in any kind of situation. i’m kind of just rambling now aren’t I?” I started to feel my face heat up and turn red. “yeah a little. but I think its cute, ya know? how your always nervous. you’re so innocent.” he said, taking another bite of his muffin. “oh uh, thanks I guess..” i looked down, biting my lip; a nervous habit I picked up from Michelle. “so uhm, youre the principal’s son?“ i asked, trying to sound at least a little bit confident. "yeah, that i am.” he took a drink of his coffee, licking his lips after. “are you sure i can’t get you anything?” he asked as he sat his mug down. “uh no i’m good thanks.” he nodded before he grabbed his ringing phone. “hello?” he said not really even focusing on the call but more on something in his books. “oh uh no can’t right now. yeah i’m on a study thing with some girl from Mrs. Davidson’s class."  I cocked a brow and turned towards him. he was still focused on his books and papers. "oh yeah she’s gorgeous.” he looked towards me and smirked. “i totally would. ok alright, bye.” he hung up and let out a breath. i looked at him waiting for him to explain himself. “what? ohhh your embarrassed because i called you gorgeous huh?” i looked down and shook my head no. “mhm yes you are. admit it, Y/N.” he laughed before checking his phone. “hey uh my parents aren’t home wanna go hang out and study some more?” he asked as he gathered all of his things. “uhm sure.”
"welcome to my flat, well my parents flat.” he gave a small giggle as I smiled, looking around the giant place. “your eyes are so, gorgeous.” he said grabbing my chin, pulling it to make our faces level. we locked gazes before my cheeks got red and I looked down. he sighed. “why do you always do that?” I looked up at him walking to the kitchen. I followed him. “would you like coke or Sprite?” he asked opening the fridge. “uhm, Sprite please.” i said taking in his aperence from behind; muscle hugging shirt, skinny jeans. he reached up to grab a cup and his shirt rose a bit. I blushed at the thought of him completely bare. how muscular he’d be. how big he’d be. I shook the thoughts from my head when he handed me my cup. I looked down to see a tattoo on his forearm. “wow.” I said, still starring at it. “oh this? yeah it’s really something.” he said looking at it too. I reached my hand out and rubbed it as if I were blind and his arm was brail. I felt a spark but ignored it. “that’s supposed to be a guitar right?” I asked as I looked to see his eyes already burning holes into me. “yeah.” he simply replied. “do you have any?” he asked moving his arm down to his side. “uh two actually..” he looked at me so surprised. “two?” I nodded and he looked at me, obviously waiting for me to show him. “uh well uhm I can kind of only show you one.” he smirked at his own thoughts. “well on with it then.” I gripped my shirt and pulled it up to the bottom of my bra to reveal the large snake that wraps around me. he looked down and reached out and touched it as I did to his. he dragged his finger around me, following the whole art piece. shawn breathed out and looked back up at me. “so, where’s the other one?” he smirked as I looked down again. “uh, can’t show you.”
“oh come on, why not?” I sighed before answering him. “because it was a drunken mistake that my friends made me get. I regret it more than anything. but I’m too much of a baby to get it removed.” he nodded before asking if I could at least tell him where it was. he started acting fidgety when I explained that it was not even an inch above my genital area. we walked to the couch and got out more studying materials before I got a series of texts from Michelle. “uh do you mind if I check my phone? it could be important.” I asked as he stopped reading and laughed. “I love how you ask for permission. I’m not in charge of you, little one.” I nodded before grabbing my phone to see all the thousands of texts. I opened my phone and texted Michele back. to: Michelle💘 “omfg stop, we are not fucking. not that I would mind him pounding into me. he’s daddy asf and ok we were takking about tattoos and I didn’t show him but totally wanted to!!”
to: michelle💘 “talking*”
when Michelle decided to spam text me again I felt my phone being grabbed from my hands. I looked up to see shawn smirking, holding my phone. “SHAWN GIVE IT BACK, RIGHT NOW!” I said reaching over, attempting to grab it from him. he looked down at the screen and scrolled up, past Michelle’s most recent texts. “hmm what’s this?” he said, fighting me off with one arm, using the other to hold my phone in his hands. with a smirk he read, “we are not fucking. not that I would mind him pounding into me.” he looked at me shocked. “I am daddy as fuck though.” I face palmed myself and he laughed. “it’s not fucking funny. you just ruined the little self esteem I had. thank you for reminding me to kill myself.” I said, fighting back the many tears. “awe don’t be embarrassed, kitten. even though it’s hot when you are.” he said passing me my phone once I actually looked up. “no. shut the fuck up. I told you to give me my damn phone.” I said looking at him angrily. “you probably wanted me to read those texts so maybe I’d make a move on you.” he said smirking again. I scoffed at him. “yeah right. you really think I wanted you to read those? that’s the literal dumbest thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth.” I said, crossing my arms at my chest. he rolled his eyes. “I think I should leave.” I said grabbing my things. “no.” he said standing up with me. “excuse me?” I said, continuing my packing. “look just stay, I’m sorry okay?” I stopped and hesitantly sat back down. he quickly grabs my phone and drops it in his lap. “what the actual fuck Shawn?” I said getting even more frustrated with him. “relax, I’ll give you your phone. IF you show me your other tattoo.” he smirked at me when he knew I could only say yes. “fine.” I gritted my teeth before standing up. I went to pull my shorts down when Shawn stopped me. “let me.” I rolled my eyes, putting my arms at my sides. he looked back down and slowly slipped my shorts down, past my hips. I heard a noise that could be mistaken as a moan, come from shawns mouth. he ran his fingers a crossed the tattoo that read, “daddy’s” with an arrow pointing down to my heat. “so, you have a daddy kink?” he asked curiously looking back up to me. “Shawn I really think that more of a priva-” he cut me off my holding my phone up for me to see. I groaned, slapping my forehead. “yes, Shawn. I have a daddy kink.” I rolled my eyes, hating this little game of his. “well that’s good, so do I.” he smirked before looking back at my tattoo. I gasped when I felt a breeze and then my shorts and underwear pooling at my feet. “Shawn what the fuck are you-” I cut myself off with a moan as I feel Shawn press a kiss to my clit. “oh god, fuck Shawn.” I moaned unintentionally. “hmm? what’s my name, kitten?” he said as he stopped kissing my heat. “dadDY!” I said as he licked a stripe. “mmm. you taste amazing.” I moaned at the vibrations. “how about we go to my bedroom?” I nodded furiously, wanting his mouth back. he smiled before coming to stand on his feet. he looked at me before kissing me, hard. I kissed back almost instantly, loving the way our lips melted together. he picked me up and walked up the stairs, kissing my neck on the way. once we got to the bedroom he lied me on the bed before going back to my neck, leaving love bites everywhere he could. he got on top of me, reaching around me to unclasp my bra. I arched my back helping him. he pulled off my shirt and his mouth wasted no time in attacking my breasts. I moaned as he sucked my right nipple, messaging my left boob with his rather large hands. “mm, daddy.” I moaned as he switched boobs. the heat between my thighs was growing without a doubt. “daddy, I need you.” he smirked against my skin. Shawn stood up, breathing heavy. “get on your knees.” I looked at him for a second before smiling and following his orders. “that’s right baby, you gonna suck daddy off?” he said as I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his thighs. I placed a kiss to his clothed bulge. he let out a throaty moan when I reached for his Calvin kleins. his cock hitting his stomach when they passed his thighs. I went to grab him in my hands but he grabbed them both and held them together. “no hands.” he said sternly. I took a deep breath before placing a small kiss to the head. he threw his head back, moaning. “God more, baby.” he moaned, slightly thrusting his hips forward, into my mouth. I began to suck to the base, gagging as he released his death grip on my wrists and held my head at the base. losing my breath and gagging, my eyes started to water. he let go and gripped my hair, bobbing my head back and forth. I felt him twitch in my mouth, encouraging me to go faster. I moaned on him and smiled when I felt him release into my mouth. he moved his head back to its normal position and smiled down at me. lifting me to my feet, he pushed me on the bed and started to aggressively kiss me. he sat up and took off his shirt. I moaned at the sight of his built body. his abs dabbed with sweat. I followed his torso down to his happy trail. “take a picture, it’ll last longer.” he winked. “will it now?” I cocked an eyebrow, question him. “I hope not.” he admitted. “what do you mean?” I said, ready to sit up and interrogate him. “I mean, it’s stupid. I sorta like you y/n. and I don’t know you just make me feel weird inside.” I giggled at him. “see I told you it’s stupid.” he said, his turn for red cheeks. “no, it’s a cute kind of stupid.” I smiled, putting my hand on his face and kissing him. he looked down my body, seeing the “daddy” tattoo and moaning a bit. “uhm, do you wanna do this?” he asked, his eyes going back to mine. “God yes I want to, really fucking bad.” I said with a slight groan of impatience. he smiled before thrusting into me. we both moaned in unison. he set the pace slow to start, whispering sweet nothings to me. when he sped up is when the whole mood changed to a rather kinky one. he grabbed my hips harshly and began pounding relentlessly. I was screaming as he whispered dirty things I dared to repeat. “choke me daddy. please?” he smirked up at me before sitting up and moving my hair before wrapping his giant hands around my throat, slowly adding pressure. he began thrusting hard again and my screams were muffled by the lack of breath I had. “harder” I moaned out, scratching down his back. soon I felt a pressure being built up in my the pit of my stomach. “god your such a slut for my cock. you like daddys cock buried deep inside you?” I moaned, scratching harder as he went faster. the pressure began to release and I was screaming his name as he released his grip on my throat and moved one of his hands to rub at my clit, the other going to my hip as he hovered over me. he watched as euphoria washed over from my head to my toes, which began to curl as he fucked me through my orgasm. he went faster and got sloppier as he twitched in me. I moaned out with him watching his face the whole time. his eyes rolled back as I felt him pull out and release on my chest and stomach. we sat like this for a second, our breathing faster than normal. - "so. this leaves us where?” I asked as we intertwined hands and pulled the covers over us. “well I’m pretty sure in my bed..” I playfully hit his arm with my unoccupied hand. he laughed before looking into my eyes. “wait shit.” his eyes turned to those of a worried parent. “what’s wrong? did I do something?” he looked at me before asking, “you are at least 18, correct?” I sat up giggling. “yes, Shawn.” he grabbed his chest, letting out a deep breath. “ok good, and how would you like to go on a date with me. an actual one, no studying involved?” I smiled and hugged him before kissing him. “yes, I would love to.” we both got up and went back downstairs and continued studying like nothing ever happened.