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John Williams has started scoring Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Sony?

John Williams has started scoring Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Sony? #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

Last week we heard that John Williams would be recording some music for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in June. Today Scoring Sessions is reporting: That is exciting stuff if totally accurate. I can’t wait to hear new Star Wars music from then genius of John Williams. Thanks to Kevin for the heads up!

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I wonder if I should vote for Hilary Clinton.
All honesty.
Cause she’ll probably start some bull shit war and piss off the wrong country and then nuclear war.

I could finally live in a post-apocalyptic dream world.
Hilary 2016



Donbass: U.S. anti-fascist volunteer ‘Texas’ appeals to people in the U.S. after Ukrainian bombing of 11-year-old Katya Tuv’s home in Gorlovka.

Video in English with Russian subtitles

“This is what the United States is doing in Ukraine. All the people that have been killed, all the homes like this that have been destroyed, are only because this war was started by the U.S. government. …

“What kind of person are you? You see this video, you know what’s the truth. If you vote for Obama, you vote for Bush, you vote for Hillary Clinton, what kind of person are you to do that?

“This is your responsibility. Americans are like the ‘good Germans’ who supported Hitler and said we don’t care what the Nazis do in other countries as long as we have our jobs, watch sports and drink beer. …

“Are you going to be on the side of the people who do this? If not, now is the time to make your move … Now is the time to go to the street. Now is the time to stand up.”

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I don't know if you take prompts but... Can you write a one shot with Emma/Regina are just friends, and having a cooking lesson... And then Emma gets bored/distracted, and decides it's a good idea to start a food war.... And then eventually that leads things to get steamy between them? Cliche, I know. But if u feel like doing it, it would be great. By the way, I ADORE your writing. You're one of my absolute favorite fic writers. Please, never stop writing!!! You are a gem to this fandom <3



I look back on my work and I think… ‘Fuck, man… I did a lot since 2013.’

And to think that I still have more stories to tell is ridiculous. 

Yea, my stories may be short and some may be repetitive because of time and circumstance, but all in all, I am very proud of the work I have done…

Now that I’m free from school, this becomes my life and I am eager to tell as many stories as I can.

I know this may seem like a random post but when I let my thoughts let loose within my brain, I can’t help but think of the stories I have told and the stories I have yet to tell. I have yet to start a dragon war, I have yet to create a society of murder entertainers, I have yet to do so many things.

Yet I now have all the time in the world to do so.

And I’m fucking ready for it.

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In your opinion, whats the difference between hinata, who did everything just to be with naruto, and obito, who did almost everything just bc he couldnt be with rin, like he kind of started a war bc of his crush? Why do u hate hinata and obito not? (This isnt a request to hate obito, lol, bc he is my fav character but i wanted to see ur opinion on this, since you are one of my fav bloggers)

I don’t hate hinata?????
I think obito’s LOVE ( how daaare you call it a crush??)for rin became unhealthy because he wouldn’t let go. And letting go doesn’t mean stop loving her but to accept that she’s gone. It was pure what he felt for her, and it turned into poision, it turned into anger and pain. He lost his love for her, he replaced it with hatred for the world. Hinata and obito aren’t the same at all.

For the Good Of the Kingdom


Emma watched as the pendent swung to and throw. She wasn’t exactly sure what sex that was, she would make note of it the next time her mother was in town. But Emma did not care which way it went. The important factor was that the object was moving. And that meant she was fertile. And that meant her husband was not. Charles was a powerful king, one her parents chose wisely for her, but that did not mean he was perfect. He had a temper. And even if he had not placed a hand upon her yet, that did not mean the possibility was impossible. 

Nearly six months already and nothing. That did not mean they were trying. Emma did her best to keep the king pleased, even if the pleasure was more on his end than her own. She did not mind much, though. A happy king meant a happy kingdom and if bending over (literally) for the man meant keeping him from starting a war, then do be it.

However, nobody knew of what would happen if he did not have an heir. Their union was a strong one, but no love was involved. So it was not rare for a king to toss away his bride if a heir could not be made. And this was not something Emma wanted to deal with. Sighing, she called upon one of the servants to send for Sir Killian. If anybody knew the answer to this, it would be him.

Brendon sat in the waiting room. He had made an appointment to see Mr Killian, his reasons unspoken on the phone with the receptionist. After Mr Broke had told him about Mr Killian being a powerful metahuman Brendon had wondered if he could procure an alliance with the man. CARMA was overstepping more and more as the weeks passed. CARMA needed stopped before they started a war, or continued repeating 20th Century history.

CARMA could track him, so he was sequestering away some of his focus to dampen the signal from his chip through an electromagnetic around his neck, the air faintly shimmering to any that got close enough to look. Brendon could not let CARMA know he was there, speaking to one of Norman’s most wanted metahumans.


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do you really think you're any better than cage? you massacred innocent people, people who helped you and trusted you, all to save your people. or do you realize that you're a killer, just like him? //im so sorry

Torment my muse with questions.

            Clarke’s eyes gloss over. Their azure shine had dimmed long ago, but the question still makes her muscles tense, her fingers clench, nails digging into her callused palms as if a reminder that she could still feel pain somewhere other then her heart. She hadn’t started war with Cage. She hadn’t taken his people hostage, tortured them, put them in cages and drained their bodies for resources. They could have had peace. That was the plan she had come up with. To save her people, and the captured Grounders. To spare the innocent, and those who had helped them along the way. And then it all went wrong. But even then, she’d even given Cage the ultimatum. The chance to do the same, to spare her people and no one else would get hurt, and yet the man had become to greedy. To righteous. 

            He thought he deserved the ground at the expense of her people. Her friends. Her family. The group of delinquents she had fought tooth and nail to protect from the moment they landed on Earth. The group of misunderstood, loving, strong kids that she had grown to love more then even herself. The ones she had spent what felt like a lifetime, though it was only a few weeks since she’d been on the Ark, getting to know and love and fighting by their side. Those were her people. And the others were strangers. Yes, every life matters… but to her? They mattered more

            She knows it’s wrong. She hates what she did. What she’s become.The smell of the burning bodies in TonDC still filled her nose. The sight of crumpled corpses in the halls of Mount Weather still haunted her. Finn’s blood on her hands still stained a part of her soul that she couldn’t reach to scrub clean. 

            Was she better then Cage? Her sacrifices had been a last resort. A desperate attempt to save her people. She had done everything in her power to prevent it, but when it came between her family, her people, and the rest of the world? She would always pick them. Every single time.

                    “ No, I’m not better.

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Hi! I really like your blog, it's super cool;and I wanted to know, out of all the series to come out of Secret Wars, which ones I should read. I don't know where to start (I really like Punisher and Guardians). Keep up the amazing blog!

first of all thank you so much!

and oh man that’s such a hard question bc there are so many secret wars series and it really depends on what you enjoy and you said you like punisher and guardians but i personally don’t read any of those :/

anyway i made a list on the notepad in my phone of secret wars series i’m reading so i’m just gonna paste it here for you

  • secret wars (already started, i’m reading but i have no idea what’s going on tbh)
  • secret wars: journal
  • siege
  • inferno (not as focused on illyana as i’d wish)
  • captain marvel and the carol corps (continues from captain marvel v8, is going to be amazing)
  • a-force (all female avengers team god bless)
  • 1602 witch hunter angela (i’m pretty sure continues from angela: asgard’s assassin, which i loved)
  • giant-size little marvel: avx (starts this wednesday and looks hilarious)
  • all-new, all-different avengers (avengers team featuring kamala, sam!cap, miles and the new thor!)
  • x-men ‘92 (started last week, great)
  • age of apocalypse
  • years of future past
  • x-tinction agenda
  • secret wars 2099 (already started, features fem!cap!!!)
  • old man logan (started last week, i liked the first issue)
  • runaways
  • E is for extinction
  • house of m
  • civil war
  • secret love

there are obviously others that i’m not interested in and i wish there was a list of those new series so we could keep up but yeah. i hope this helps in any way???

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Can you explain please the hashtag worldwar2 and why its offensive ?🙈-im not from Europe so I didn't understand what she meant-

u dont know what 2nd world war was? girl on left is from germany and on right is from russia, 2nd world war started with germany’s invasion of poland on 1st of september 1939 and then 17 days later soviet (russian) invasion of poland started from the other side of the country. them meeting up and joking together hey world war 2 is so disturbing and disgusting, like their grandparents are bound to remember this war and its aftermath from experience. my grandma as an 8 year old child with the rest of her village was forced to watch EVERY SINGLE PERSON from neighbour village shot in the back of the head and thrown into giant pit and buried there. some ppl who were not fatally shot were alive there for 2 days ground was moving and blood was soaking the ground and german soldiers stood there protecting the pit so they would save anyone. i have no idea how can someone be so thoughtless and heartless to joke like that.