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It’s so funny when people draw the line at Rey being a Skywalker, and when they follow it up with “that makes the universe too small/there are too many Skywalkers”.

There were so many, for lack of a better term, red flags in previous Star Wars films that make this conclusion complacent with everything Star Wars. Were any of you awake when it was revealed that 9 year old Anakin was living on Tatooine and actually built C3PO?

That child built the very first droid we see in Star Wars, and there was actually no reason for it then. I mean where have you been?!? That’s Not Even The First Coincidence In Star Wars Either?!

so I literally took like a page of notes while watching CACW today

• The onions on the counter top in a bowl in the avenger kitchen? And the fresh herbs growing behind the sink? Who cooks??
• Steve’s face looks puffy when he’s holding Peggy’s coffin? Like he had an allergic reaction? Then it’s normal again during the rest of the funeral
• Sharon’s stupid pin-straight hair with the two stupid curls???
• T'challa’s ever so slight widows peak
• T'Challa also has tiny ears like me
• T'Challa mentions Bast and Sekmet meet Wakandans in the afterlife, which are both Egyptian cat goddesses
• For some reason the camera zooms in on Zemo’s shoes twice? When he’s in the colonels basement and when he’s interviewing Bucky
• Bucky SMILES while buying plums
• He’s also wearing like 27 layers why
• Does Bucky wear gloves in the summer???
• I’m 100% confident that the first page of Bucky’s notebook that Cap opens just has “Mr. Bucky Rogers” written over and over in cursive with hearts
• Where are all the other tenants in Bucky’s apartment building??
• Bucky is wearing ugly dad shoes
• Don’t have a weapon? Throw ur patriotic boyfriend at people
• Bucky’s tight, tight ass in those jeans
• Why does Steve’s shield make noise when it hits things but not Bucky’s arm?????
• why does vision wear long sleeve polos like Ron Swanson?? Has vision seen parks and rec?
• Why won’t they let Wanda leave the compound?? Does throwing exploding people into buildings happen often? Is this a reoccurring problem Wanda has?
• Poor Tony (and everyone else) probably has terrible PTSD and it’s never addressed for him or Steve or Bucky or Wanda or Rhodey
• Zemo says James/Bucky a bunch, like every single sentence which is a psychology thing to ground people
• Why the fuck doesn’t the Vienna prison thingy have a backup power source??
• Sebastian is such a good screamer
• Poor Bucky’s lower lip trembles when Zemo start saying the code words :(
• Sweaty blank-faced Bucky makes me immediately wanna go into sub mode
• Watching Steve and Bucky fight gives me an enormous boner
• Actually just Bucky fighting anyone gives me a huge boner
• Black widow has a tragus piercing!
• Clint “if you wanna mope you can go to high school”
• My eyes roll so far back I can see my brain when Sam and Buck give Steve the “ay boi get it” smile when he kisses Sharon
• Thinks for thanking of me!
• Steve’s Avengers patch is gone by the airport scene
• Who’s?? speaking???
• Ok but like who the fuck put red eyeshadow on Wanda? Why was someone doing her makeup?
• Bucky doesn’t remember the girl from their past (Dolores) but Steve does…. almost like someone who’s jealous
• Bucky switches back and forth between having the butt of his gun on his left shoulder and his right shoulder?
• Does Bucky have synthetic nerves in his metal arm? He grunts when he grabs the railing, but that may be just pain from where the arm connects to his body
• Fucking Steve “I could do this all day” Rogers
• Tony actually thinks Cap is gonna bash his face in with his shield???

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I'm doing well, was cuddling with reg and phun all day. Blur brought us Chipotle, which started a war between him and reg. But its all good now. Try and get some sleep tonight okay? - titled

that sounds nice!!! and yeah im probably going to sleep soon

Also - everyone thinks they’re the noble revolutionaries standing up to oppressors. I bet Bush & co. thought the same when they started the War on Terror. Am I just a status quo warrior who wants to let Al-Qaeda win?  Am I privileged for opposing those thousands of civilian deaths? Are those people acceptable collateral damage for your new world order? 

Rude Awakening (Part Ten - Kylo Ren)

… Hi… Long time no see… Summer’s here soooooo…. Star Wars anyone?

Start from the beginning here.

Masterlist here.

“Are you sure you won’t come inside?” Han crossed his arms over his chest as he looked up at you, addressing you in a stern, almost fatherly voice.

You waved him off and remained seated on top of the Millennium Falcon. “I’m fine. Thank you, Han, but I don’t think Jedi would be particularly welcome in an establishment such as this. It’s probably best we don’t push our luck.”

“All right,” Han hesitated but only for a second. “Keep Chewy company then while I handle this.” Han turned and waved Rey and Finn on towards the building down the slope.

Chewy groaned after them and turned away to begin inspecting the Falcon for damages.

You sighed and laid back on top of the ship, closing your eyes to the sun. You supposed you should probably offer your help to Chewbacca. Inspecting a ship was a long and tedious process. You had a feeling, though, that you’d probably be in the way more than you’d actually help. You knew very little about ships. The last time you’d had any kind of lesson on one had been years ago, before everything had fallen apart. You could just barely pilot one, let alone fix one.

Chewbacca didn’t seem too bothered by your lack of help though. You could hear him set to work tinkering about under the ship near the gun turret. He made no noise other than the clinking of his tools.

Everything was so quiet outside you could hear as far as the noises emanating from the bar, clinking glasses, occasional shouting, lots of unintelligible babbling. It was nice, peaceful almost. You felt a calm settling over you to the point that you almost felt relaxed.

‘This must’ve been what it was like for Luke in the good ole’ days.’ The thought made you laugh to yourself, out loud. Sure, you were both the last Jedi fighting a losing battle against the bad guys, but you had a feeling Luke was probably a little more useful to the Rebellion than you were to the Resistance.

Laughter, that was a sound you hadn’t made in a long time. It was almost foreign to you. If you hadn’t felt your lips move you might not have recognized it as yours. It had been so long since you’d even smiled. Yet there was something very reminiscent about it, almost like a case of déjà vu.

The last time you’d smiled was years ago. You’d also been lying on your back, feeling the cool breeze on your skin, thinking about the people who made you happy, waiting on one of the Solo’s… But that was different. That was a long time ago. It had been…. the calm before the storm.

You shot up. Déjà vu. Something was disturbing the force.

“Chewy! Get this ship ready to fly right now!” You shouted and jumped off the Falcon, hurling yourself to the building at top speed. Chewy yelled after you, but you didn’t understand. You didn’t have time to turn around and see what he meant.

You were running into the building as Finn was walking out. He had packages under his arm and was attending to two men of a very different species. “(Y/n), what’s….” Finn asked as you approached. You kept running past him.

Your eyes caught Han at once, and you scurried through the bar. Angry costumers grumbled after you as you left a chaos of bumped chairs and spilled drinks in your path. “Something’s wrong.” You huffed to Han as you reached him. “Get to the Falcon now.”

“But,” Han got to his feet and looked around. “Rey…”

“I’ll get her. You go.” You pushed him passed you towards the door.

Han knew better than to argue. He knew a Jedi could hold your own even better than him if something was up. He headed for the door and saw Finn frozen on grass outside, staring up at something in the sky. That was definitely a sign of something.

You left Han and searched desperately around the bar for Rey. She wasn’t anywhere in sight on the top floor. Neither was BB-8. You stumbled through the crowd towards the entrance, hoping to get a glimpse outside for her.

That’s when you heard it. It wasn’t quite singing, or a ringing, more like a hum. A mechanical hum, and it was coming from the spiral stairs hidden off to the side of the bar. There was something… familiar about it. Not in the way you were sensing outside, not déjà vu or an approaching storm, but you definitely knew this from somewhere before.

Your feet carried you towards the stairs, your mind forgetting your search for Rey as the force in you moved of its own will. It was like it was clawing at you, inside you, trying to get to whatever was making the noise. You let it flow through you down the stairs.

BB-8 was at the bottom, and in the hall, Rey standing in front of an older woman of some species you did not know who was pleading with her. Holding out to her…

“That’s Luke,” You whispered, meaning it for yourself.

The woman and Rey both turned to you, but your eyes didn’t leave the saber. “I’ve heard so many stories about it… but…” You unconsciously approached them. “I thought it was lost forever.”

“Many things we thought were lost forever have been found these days,” The woman lowered her head. “Han found his ship. Rey found Luke’s lightsaber. You,” she looked up at you, “found your purpose.”

You nodded agreement. You couldn’t deny that. You didn’t know this woman, but you could tell something was different about her. She understood… somehow.

“Luke’s lightsaber should not been hidden away in a box, not at a time like this.” She persisted, looking between you and Rey. “It has always been used for great things, some great good, others evil, but always great… Its’ story needs to be carried on.”

Rey shook her head and backed away. “I’m not a Jedi.”

You reached out your hand and gently scooped the lightsaber from the woman’s, staring down at it with awe and admiration. “No.” You agreed with her. You twisted the hilt around, feeling the weight of one in your hand again was nice. It felt right, like a piece of your arm.

You looked up to Rey. The girl was scared, nervous. She was shrinking away from you and the lightsaber like you might swing at any moment. “Not yet, anyway.” She reminded you a lot of you when Luke first found you… Perhaps, if Luke could be found again, if the map was completed, Luke could help this girl as well.

A loud rumble overhead ruined the moment and you holstered the lightsaber to your waist. “Quickly,” You waved to the others. “I came to find you. We need to leave, now.”

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)!” You turned around and smiled brightly as Anya came running down the hall towards you.

Anya was one of the younglings, barely age eight, but she’d already been at the Academy for three years. She was very energetic, and all she cared about was her training lightsaber. Luke had tried desperately to get her to meditate, to try and work with her on sensing the force, but all she wanted to do was whack things with her shiny new toy. Luke got frustrated; you found it adorable.

“(Y/n)!” Anya came screeching to a halt in front of you and stopped for a second to catch her breath. “Did-“ breath “you-“ breath “really get to-“ breath “make your own lightsaber?!”

You smiled and kneeled down next to the girl. “Sure did,” you waved your arm out, and Anya gasped as she saw the lightsaber hanging from your belt. “Wanna see?” She nodded enthusiastically. You got to your feet and pulled it from your belt, flashing it on in one fluid motion through the air.

The brilliant blue lit up the entire hallway in its glow. Building a lightsaber was a rite of passage for every Jedi. It was a time consuming task that showed their dedication and craftsmanship, and dedication was something you had in abundance. You had determined to make yours perfect. You knew you were not as aggressive as Ben attacking with one, or as strong as Luke defending with his, but you were certainly bright enough to make one like the rest of them, maybe better than the rest of them. The beautiful blue beam projecting from your hilt was flawless.

“Well done, (Y/n).” Shutting off your saber, you whipped around to see Luke himself standing in the hall behind you with a proud smile. “I was just on my way to see how you were coming along… It would appear you’ve finished. I dare say I’ve only ever seen one other lightsaber built that well.” Luke walked forward down the hall and patted your shoulder as he passed you. “Well done.”

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Boys cant wear make up and Bonnie is a girl

Awww c'mon is this about my Bonnie cosplay ?
About Bonnie, Scott refers to Bon as a boy but a lot of people want him to be a girl and It’s okay. There’s so many beautiful gijinkas that are girls, boys, mine is even agender ! :3
Also, boys can wear makeup, whatever your gender is, or even if you’re genderless, you can wear makeup if you want.

Please don’t start a war because of my crappy cosplay or I’ll delete all my the pic. ;-;

I’ve been waiting for my piano teacher to see Civil War so that I can talk to her about Scarletvision and Vision in general. She just saw it, so when we were talking today, the first thing she told me was that she didn’t like Visioon at all and that she thought he was going to become evil. I’ve niw started a war with her to protect my precious android cinnamon roll. I mean, look at him!

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im glad to have started watching clone wars cause the development of anakin’s mistrust in the jedi makes so much more sense and seems a lot less petty

and fucking palpatine
you can just witness him watering the seed of the dark side in anakin

@ Anon in my inbox:

I’m not answering you publicly because: this is an Ichigo centric blog so I’m not gonna start ship wars over petty matters.

secondly by answering it it’d seem i’m taking sides?? which is not professional?? considering this not a personal blog.

anyway, I never bothered with that because it’s only that portion of the fandom that believes so and it’s by choice not by facts

because if we stick to facts and Kubo Tite’s actual manga then logically that nickname is Ichigo’s, it hasn’t been hinted to be his, no Kubo basically slapped us with the fact that it’s his on a shonen jump cover, it doesn’t get more obvious than that honestly.

If you want a direct answer come off anon so I can answer privately or sth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

au where supernatural cannot end until dean and cas kiss. time ticks by. wars start and end and the cameras keep rolling. everyone involved ages but never dies. robert singer reduces into a literal bag of wrinkles. children grow older and have children of their own to introduce to the same show; two brothers, fighting evil. castiel is still a Bro™. they weep for the sweet release of death. jeremy carver, just two gnarled hands and a pair of glasses, writes the dialogue “you’re like… a Super brother to me, cas.” still no kiss. the earth is flooded and eaten away by time. no one watches but they still remain. no homo.

How evil is your sign?

Aries: on a scale of 1-10 they’re like a 2 SURPRISE

Taurus: apparently extremely evil

Gemini: actually a peace maker

Cancer: secretly they’re stabbing you in their mind

Leo: sugar, spice, and everything nice

Virgo: thinks they’re evil but no

Libra: they’ll blame it on someone else

Scorpio: actually not evil but everyone thinks they are

Sagittarius: actually the most evil but no one realizes

Capricorn: capable of starting a war

Aquarius: Satan

Pisces: will hit you with a stick but that’s as far as it’s gonna go


(350) Days of Obito Uchiha:

  • Your relationship takes place days prior to the start of the war.
  • You were secretly dating Obito for about 10 months and you were the only one who knew his real identity.
  • After he declares war on all of the shinobi, he comes back to the hideout to tell you his plans.
  • Today is the day you break up with Obito.

“We’re done, Obito. I can’t do this with you.” you murmured as you began packing your things. You removed the golden moon necklace that Obito gave you months ago that represented your love. You grabbed his hands, and placed the necklace into his palms.

“I know how much the Infinite Tsukuyomi is to you, but there are thousands of lives in danger if you do this war. I thought you wanted to save lives and find peace - not force danger and death among all shinobi in order to do so.” You pleaded to Obito, hoping he’d change his mind.

Obito looks at you with grief. He was confused at how you’d given up on him so easily, especially after all you’ve been through together.

“I don’t understand Y/N. Whatever it takes… isn’t that what you said?” Obito looks into his palms at the moon necklace that he forged for you. 

Obito zooms to the door to prevent you from leaving and grabs a hold of your waist and pulls you to him. “I can’t do this without you Y/N. I need you here, where you’ll be safe from all of this. You’re the only person I know who will always be by my side. Don’t go and prove me wrong” he whispers in your ear with sadness resonating through his voice.

You both continued to argue for an hour until Obito left the hideout to meet with Kabuto to discuss the reanimation jutsu. As you pack your final bag and ready yourself to leave, you felt a sudden pain through your abdomen.

“O-Obito…” you stuttered as you looked down to your feet. You saw something strange, a long white pole that was pierced through your stomach from behind.

You collapsed onto your knees and saw white feet walk before you. You looked up with glazed eyes and saw White Zetsu appear. Your thoughts became hazey and your breathing became faint as you lose consciousness.

“She knew too much…” White Zetsu chuckled as he walks away, leaving you to die alone.

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plus, eye conditions can develop later in life, so in utero vision correction might not work for everyone. and maybe poorer people on earth, or people who live in more remote colonies, don't have access to that kind of vision correction? i wear glasses myself, so i'm biased lmao. also, for technology headcanons--i think ancient krogan knew a lot about architecture. maybe a few hundred years after the genophage is cured, there are a lot of krogan architects in the galaxy.

Oh, I like it. There seems to be a sort of deep admiration from the krogan toward their ancestors, before they started a war against each other on Tuchanka. It would be great to see what it looks like post genophage, when they dare to dream again.

And re:glasses, I wonder if glasses in Mass Effect aren’t a bit like visors, but ultra protective against lights, pollution, and perhaps with added technology that allows people to switch to different modes. The glasses I have (also biased :D) get dark quickly when there’s a bit of sunlight, well perhaps this could be that but 10 times more developed. 


Star Wars Characters as Ancient Greek Statues by Travis Durden

French artist Travis Durden has constructed five Star Wars figures into ultimate classical Greek statues. Composed from faux marble, Durden’s transformation from film to artistic grandiosity add a larger significance and delicacy to the iconic vintage characters. Although the artist has given Darth Vader and Yoda in a softer light, they follow the conventional serenity of traditional classic Greek art. You can view Durden’s work in the exhibition “Contre Attaque” in Paris.