How Denver became an unexpected start up mecca

Denver has quietly become one of the fastest-growing startup meccas in the United States. In 2015, Denver startups attracted more than $822 million in venture capital funding, with companies in the technology, energy, food and marijuana sectors leading the way. The city also routinely ranks as one of the best cities to live as a millennial, and young people from across America are flocking to the state in record numbers to build Denver-based business. Why it’s great for women and minority entrepreneurs.

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This startup is making lab-grown shrimp to end slavery and corruption in the shrimp industry

To combat unsustainable labor and environmental corruption within the shrimp industry, startup New Wave Foods has been perfecting creating shrimp out of “plant-based protein powder” and red algae in labs, according to the Atlantic. Its first product, which will be a breaded popcorn shrimp, will be hitting the market in just eight months.

In 2011, shrimp was the most popular seafood in the nation. But shrimp also has an ugly backstory.

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