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We are Mission: Transition!

Mission:Transition is a new Non Profit Start-up that offers fully customizable subscription boxes & resource kits for trans* and gender variant individuals all over the world. 

We aim to put all of your transitioning resources and tools all in one place, and make these resources accessible to anyone who needs them.  

Our subscription box is unique because you’ll be able to 100% customize your box, along with receiving :

  • Binders/Breast Forms
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Hygiene Items
  • Skin Products
  • Makeup
  • Novelty Items
  • Art from fellow queer artists
  • Shaving Supplies
  • DIY Guides
  • Workout Guides
  • Health Resources 
  • Supplements
  • Coupons to your favorite trans* Brands
  • etc!


We also have a milestone goal of curating a predetermined box for female-to-male and male-to-female, that can be sent to queer youth groups around the world, and to those who cant afford their own subscription box. This is a big goal, but we can make it happen!

Our subscription box and resource kit will be on Kickstarter in the coming month, and we invite you to join us in our journey to making this dream a reality! 
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Uber is a mess — the “bad boy” ethos shattered, a nervous breakdown in its place. This week, the CEO announced he is taking a sudden leave of absence. A former U.S. attorney general released a brutal audit of the startup’s culture. It’s a terrifying moment for many investors who want that $70 billion unicorn to make them rich or richer — not implode.

But there is one Uber investor who stands out for how she decided to speak up. It was not very Silicon Valley-like of her, but Freada Kapor Klein wanted to turn the crisis into a teachable moment. And while this week’s events could lead her to say “I told you so,” she has a different takeaway.

Let’s rewind a few months. Kapor Klein decided to write an open letter to Uber — which she published with her husband — after a young woman shared an explosive account of sexual harassment at Uber headquarters.

Kapor Klein is a venture capitalist, or a VC. That means she makes money by betting on technology startups. Uber is one of those startups. She has committed to “impact investment” — businesses that can turn a profit while also making the world a better place. For too many years, she says, critics would question her on Uber, and she stayed silent. She tried to influence the company from the inside, though she didn’t see a real will among leadership to change. While “Silicon Valley prides itself on pattern recognition,” the letter said, Uber had “toxic patterns” that needed to stop.

Kapor Klein thought she was just saying what insiders knew: This is not a one-off. Turns out, her peers didn’t like that and wanted her to pay for it.

The Investor Who Took On Uber, And Silicon Valley

Photos: Talia Herman for NPR

Listen more,
talk less,
be decisive when the time comes.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on how to run a meeting


(This might be the single best approach to meetings I have ever heard from someone in charge.)

We all know that meetings are expensive and keep us from getting things done… but if you (have to) do them - follow this advice!

Your m


Hope you enjoy..

Fanworks and Merch Platform

Hi guys! I’m looking to create a platform for fanworks, merch, and commissions that streamlines payment and shipping. Think weird love child of Amazon and deviantART. Endgame would also include being able to sell fanworks and merch legally with permission from copyright owners (as long as those works and merch follow whatever rules the owners set).

That being said, I’m still in the market research phase. If anybody is willing to take some time out of their day/week/month to talk to me about their experience as an artist, consumer, or (if possible) a copyright owner in the online fandom market, please message me or reblog this saying you’re willing (not in the tags though, please)! And if you have any suggestions, comments, questions or advice, please feel free to do the same :D

Thank you very much!

Sue Taylor Grafton is a contemporary American author of detective novels - so the lady knows a thing or two about ideas… 

… and she is certainly right: 

ideas are lovely, beautiful, positive and can hurt nobody… (just like sheep.)
Just once in while some of those ideas are executed so well that they turn into a totally different animal. 

Some examples:

  • That handful of mobile apps that really make the break through, reach millions of users, generate a fortune and make a difference…
  • That small number of youtubers that make a living from their channel produced in their dorm room… 
  • That 2 - 5 bloggers you really read regularly - because they create something you truly care about…

… those few standing out the herd - they are the goats (abbreviation for Greatest Of All Times).

What kind of animal are you?

@sallysbakingaddiction sure knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day - with chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate, and chocolate! (and maybe doughnuts with a chocolate topping - heeh!)