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Antistache: the Interview

Characters owned/inspired by the @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye communities. Art done on A4 card using promarkers and pigment liner pens. Thanks to @marksandrec for the inspiration of Antistache, @salmonandsoup for script improvements, and all those who supported the comic from start to finish. 

Break Time

Originally planned to continue this bulk until the end of the month, but surprise flu-like symptoms put me out of commissions for a few days. Since it’ll take me a while to get back into the groove, I figured this probably a good time to call it for now.

It’s bittersweet, but I honestly cannot consider the past four months anything but an absolute success. Normally I get so physically and emotionally exhausted by month 2 or 3 that I stop making progress. I get sick of eating, sick of the gym, and just generally unmotivated.

This time, progress was incredibly steady from start to finish. I had such great support from around the ‘net, and was just generally feeling very good about myself, my motivation levels were through the roof. I could probably keep going for months, but it’s time for a break. With over 70 pounds gained, my body (especially my feet) needs some time to adjust and get used to being heavy again.

The next 2-3 months will be a bit quiet. I will do my best to maintain my weight, though I expect to lose 10-20 pounds because that’s just how things go. When late May/early June rolls around, I will start back up, with an eye on 300 and beyond. Looking forward to it!

Stat Update:
Weight: 202 -> 273 (+71 pounds)
Neck: 16.5" -> 19" (+2.5")
Shoulders: 52" -> 58" (+6")
Chest: 46" -> 51" (+5")
Arms: 16" -> 18.5" (+2.5")
Forearms: 12.75" -> 14.25" (+1.5")
Belly: 41" -> 49" (+8")
Waist: 38" -> 43" (+5")
Thighs: 24" -> 27" (+3")
Calves: 15.5" -> 18.5" (+3")

The Sitter (Pt.1)

Genre: FLUFF/smut/somewhat angst (?)
POV: first
Pairing: Reader x Taehyung
Length: 1573
Description: y/n needed a baby sitter after her asshole fiancé cheated on her a few years back. Tae and y/n eventually fall for each other which causes some problems with her fiancé she hasn’t seen in over three years.
A/N: Sooooooo since i finished life support , i thought id start a new fanfic. I know i already have one out already, (spotlight) but im not sure if i want to stay with that one so i might just delete the few parts i have and focus on this new one. Other than that, i hope you enjoy this new one!

Originally posted by huzurugetirenim

It had been three since I found that son of a bitch I once loved inside another son of a bitch I’ve never seen. Maybe I might’ve overreacted about the situation. That is, if you think dangling them over a balcony by their legs and burning whatever clothes they owned overreacting.

School was starting again and nobody was kind enough to take care of y/s/n while I worked, went to school, and ran weekly errands. Defeated, I gave up on looking and resorted to my best friend who only fed him way too much food and gave him massive stomach aches which resulted me covered in baby shit and vomit. Not the best experience as a first time single mother.

Of course, I couldn’t give that bastard full custody or really any custody at all. Y/s/n hadn’t even been born yet. Just two more months and we would’ve been alright. But he said he missed the action and needed to ‘fuck something before he went crazy’ which isn’t necessarily a valid reason to cheat on your fiancé.


All that ‘forever in love’ bullshit disappeared before my eyes and now I sit in the living room with this gorgeous gift in my arms, snoring lightly with his head tucked into my neck. I couldn’t help but smile at him; his soft cheeks, large eyes, cute nose. The way his hands turned to fists then spread out against my chest to latch onto me. I’m sure if I wasn’t holding on tight enough, he’d be able to hold himself up.

He was all I had.

In this crappy world, nobody helped me and after everything I’d done in my past, it was all catching up with me like a big ass truck. I didn’t realize I closed my eyes when I heard the garbage men outside bang the trash cans around which startled me and the little one. He looked up with glossy eyes, his mouth contorting before I have him a quick kiss there and softly stroked his cheek and the back of his neck, those two places that I know put him at ease. His 'crying mouth’ changed to a small gummy grin as he resumed his place on my neck.

I need to find a baby sitter, I thought to myself, laughing at how desperate I was to start school and work. Everything had fallen back on me and I’m not just talking about socially. Bills had to be paid, food had to be bought, and the land lord said if I don’t clean up my act, he’d have to kick me out. He knew my situation, but to save his job, he had to follow the rules and give me two months to get my shit together or else me and little y/s/n could be out on the road.

Standing up slowly, I strolled over to the edge of the couch where my laptop lay neatly folded. I sighed, then picked up the device and set it in my lap. All the while, the young child crawled off me and was now rolling around on the couch with only his giggles evident. I smiled at him as he flashed his gummy teeth again. Four years old, that boy yet he was full of so much life. I was sure he had his whole life planned already. Both his father and I were intelligent, young, responsible yet carefree and a bit reckless. We were known as the peace couple, nothing too crazy and nothing too boring in our relationship. My eyes watered at the thought and I wiped a single tear. The young boy crawled over to me.

“Eomma,” he whispered, then without saying anything else, he threw his arms around me and hugged my neck before placing his lips to my cheek and offering up a wet kiss. I smiled softly and tears continued to move out my eyes as I grabbed his face in my hands.

“If only he could see you.” I whispered, not daring to say 'your father’ or his actual name because quite frankly, he wasn’t a father. He never was.

I resumed my position at the laptop, going to the only trustworthy cite where they have the best baby sitters in the city. They asked for unnecessary questions like the gender of the baby, what it eats, what it likes, bed time, food time, what keeps them entertained. From there, they listed a bunch of female babysitters who should be perfect for my little one. But as I scrolled down the list, I noticed there was only one male baby sitter suitable for y/s/n. Intrigued, I clicked on it and viewed his profile:

Name: Kim Taehyung
Height: 178cm
Age: 22
Hobbies: drawing (even though I’m awful), singing(again, not the best), cooking (don’t let me cook) playing with kids (obviously), going on walks.
Interests: kids, hugging, laughing, aegyo (aigoo), little things.
Why you should hire me: I’ve always loved kids and although I’m very young and maybe not as experienced as others, I promise to keep your child safe at all times. I wouldn’t ever do anything to make you question my services and would most certainly keep your child out of danger by distracting them with whatever food, games, or hobbies they enjoy doing on a daily basis. Plus, I’m awesome!

This guy seems alright, I thought. Besides it’d be nice to have a male figure in his life even if it is just a baby sitter. I clicked on a small link and revealed his profile picture and social media accounts. Woah, was this guy attractive. I stared at the screen, his large smile capturing my eye. Jesus, his page was just him and a bunch of kids, a few group pictures of him and about six other boys. He seemed too good to be true but he was the only one I could find so I took the risk and dialed the phone.

A few moments passed by and the phone was answered. I felt my heart stop as soon as I heard his gruff voice through the phone.

“Kim Taehyung babysitting, this is Tae.” He answered in a cheerful voice. For some reason, I grew nervous at the sound of his voice and just stared at y/s/n as he played with his toys, oblivious to the world around him. If only I could be like that.

“Hi, I’m y/n, y/n y/l/n. I saw you on a baby sitting website. I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do,” I laughed awkwardly and wiped sweat off my forehead. “But, um I need a–uh,” shit, why can’t I talk!

“Do you need me to baby sit?” He giggled through the phone and I felt almost as if he were right next to me speaking so gently in that rough voice. I nodded but I knew he couldn’t see me so I cleared my throat.

“Yes.” Yes, really? Yes? You could’ve said something over than just yes. I mentally yelled at myself as I heard something creek behind the phone. Possibly his bed? He sat up and stretched.

“Yeah, yeah of course! I haven’t gotten a job in a while so I may be a little rusty. Before I become an official baby sitter,” his bones cracked as he stood from the bed and rummaged through his clothes. “We need to set a consultation. Maybe tomorrow?” I froze.

“Tomorrow? I have to meet with my counselor sat school.”

“What time?”

“1:30.” I looked at the boy who still played.

“Perfect. I could swing by tomorrow morning, have a little meet up, and I’d take him in until you’re done with your counseling. Unless you don’t like me.” He grinned and big his lip, closing his eyes before opening them to hear me talk.

“Are you sure? I live, like 30 minutes away from the school so I’ll be up pretty early and he gets a little cranky in the mornings.”

“It’s really no big deal, Ms. Y/l/n.” He walked to the bathroom and messed around with his hair before returning to his bed. “I’ve had mothers call me at 4 am for a quick baby sitting job. I’m up for it.” He was oddly cheerful and I knew I wouldn’t win at this. Defeated, I gave in and shrunk in my own skin.

“Please, just call me y/n. I’ll see you tomorrow at what time? I leave around 12 in order to get there on time.” He made a few noises and clicked his tongue.

“How about I swing by 10 for a quick meeting then let you on your way? Is that okay?” I thought for a minute and kept my eyes glued to y/s/n, intrigued by whatever it was he entertained himself with.

“That’s perfect.” I smiled.

“10am tomorrow, then. Ah, I’m excited.”

“I’ll let you know everything tomorrow. Thank you so much, Taehyung. I owe you one.” I sighed in relief as the young boy wobbled over to me and collapsed into my arms.“"It’s the yeast I could do, Ms– I mean, y/n.” He grinned behind his phone and closed his eyes. Tae was excited and I could hear it in his voice, see it almost. I nodded, knowing he couldn’t see but I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

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Check out the link, get the word out, or simply offer some good vibes. Thank you for anything and everything!

I've always been their mom

I hear a lot of trans women with children say, “I’ll always be their dad…” While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it couldn’t be farther from my own reality, but it took me some time to figure that out.

When I learned I was going to have my first child, my daughter, I was elated! I was immediately overtaken with images of brushing her hair, playing with her, and supporting her in life, from start to finish. I was ready and I wanted it badly. I just knew we would be best friends.

A year later, when I learned we were expecting again, but that it would be a boy this time, I was paralyzed. I am horrible at sports, I don’t even like watching them. I didn’t know how to do any ‘guy things’. I was going to be a huge disappointment to him, I just knew it.

Of course, this was before I had figured out my own gender identity. I still assumed I was male, so I was always frustrated with what a poor example of a man I was. I was a good person, but a lousy man and a scared father. What a relief it was to finally figure it all out. But once I had, I realized a truth. I was never their father. They were my kids, biologically speaking, but in my heart I was as much their mother then as I am now. I wasn’t failing them as a father, I was succeeding as a mother. Just like that, the whole thing made sense.

So no, I won’t always be their dad. I’ll always be their mom. That’s my truth, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.