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#ChoicesCreates Round 14

Prompt: Disney Songs! (best prompt yet 😊) hosted by the amazing @mermaidwarriorqueen and @hollyashton The song I picked was Hakuna Matata from The Lion King!! (Had to it’s my favourite movie! 😄)

La Huerta Matata

I swear this is Raj’s theme song (and mine lol) he’s just laid back and chilled without a worry in the world and why he one of my favs! :) 💕

Silk Tribute - “See You. Out There”

The final issue of Silk came out today and it’s bitter sweet.  I’m very proud of what we’ve done and in the back of today’s issue there are some very sweet words by Tana and Robbie that sum up the emotions running through us once we found out Cindy’s solo adventure was ending. 

This is the first book I’ve been on that has been cancelled but I’m lucky that I was able to see it from start to finish.  To all the fans who supported us from the beginning, the middle, and the end, thank you!  Leaving you with some last words I lifted from Star Trek TNG’s final episode… ‘See you. Out there.’

Antistache: the Interview

Characters owned/inspired by the @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye communities. Art done on A4 card using promarkers and pigment liner pens. Thanks to @marksandrec for the inspiration of Antistache, @salmonandsoup for script improvements, and all those who supported the comic from start to finish. 

After a season of such sweet and supportive Queens, this season reunion was such a freaking shock. So much drama and so much shade.

Main things for me:
-Nina looked beautiful, but good lord that segment made me cringe
-Charlie, stop with the excuses. You fucked up. Own it.
-Jaymes, I kept forgetting you were there
-Farrah, you are precious and need so much more love. Good for you for standing up for yourself at the end.
-Peppermint has never looked better and she was robbed of Miss Congeniality
-I adore Cynthia Lee Fontaine and I don’t care who knows it.
-Shae was out for freaking blood and I have never respected her more
-Valentina… girl. I liked you, I thought you were very talented. But Jesus, there was some high school mean girl bullshit going on behind the scenes. She definitely didn’t deserve Miss Congeniality over Peppermint or Sasha, so I agree with Trinity in renaming it the Fan Favorite award. Honestly that’s what it’s always been.

Break Time

Originally planned to continue this bulk until the end of the month, but surprise flu-like symptoms put me out of commissions for a few days. Since it’ll take me a while to get back into the groove, I figured this probably a good time to call it for now.

It’s bittersweet, but I honestly cannot consider the past four months anything but an absolute success. Normally I get so physically and emotionally exhausted by month 2 or 3 that I stop making progress. I get sick of eating, sick of the gym, and just generally unmotivated.

This time, progress was incredibly steady from start to finish. I had such great support from around the ‘net, and was just generally feeling very good about myself, my motivation levels were through the roof. I could probably keep going for months, but it’s time for a break. With over 70 pounds gained, my body (especially my feet) needs some time to adjust and get used to being heavy again.

The next 2-3 months will be a bit quiet. I will do my best to maintain my weight, though I expect to lose 10-20 pounds because that’s just how things go. When late May/early June rolls around, I will start back up, with an eye on 300 and beyond. Looking forward to it!

Stat Update:
Weight: 202 -> 273 (+71 pounds)
Neck: 16.5" -> 19" (+2.5")
Shoulders: 52" -> 58" (+6")
Chest: 46" -> 51" (+5")
Arms: 16" -> 18.5" (+2.5")
Forearms: 12.75" -> 14.25" (+1.5")
Belly: 41" -> 49" (+8")
Waist: 38" -> 43" (+5")
Thighs: 24" -> 27" (+3")
Calves: 15.5" -> 18.5" (+3")

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The poc idea is amazing! I'm a brazilian girl, and I'd really like to see things featuring poc people (It's so hard to find a fanfic/text/scenario where the reader has curly hair, dude).

i’m so glad you’re enthusiastic about it as much as i am!!! [also thank you for being one of my top followers! i know your url by heart lmao] i totally understand where you’re coming from, it really is hard. but if you want me to recommend some bombass kpop poc blogs then i’d be super happy to do so :)


I hunt.
This may surprise some, but not others. I often deeply reflect on the fact that I hunt, and what it means, and what it means to others. It took a lot of courage to make this post, because frankly hunters are often viewed poorly by modern society. Some of this negativity is because there are a lot of asshole hunters. But, some of this is because of ignorance. I don’t mean this in a mocking way; it’s just that, like all things, we form opinions about controversial subjects by what we have personally experienced and been exposed to.

It is for this reason that I am inviting any hunting related questions to my ask box. Though I don’t allow anonymous asks (when I do, I get a lot of garbage), if you don’t wish to be identified when I respond, all you need to do is ask to remain anonymous and I will respect that. I’ll remove your name when I respond.
This is especially aimed at people that might be interested in learning to hunt. I’ve always been willing to mentor others locally, but few people are like minded. So, if I can help you online in a calm, peaceful way, with no bravado, I’ll try. So many resources online for learning seem to be generic articles (with a lot of bravado, sadly) or forums, where the people often get quite toxic in their responses. Every hunting forum I’ve attempted to visit seems to have a lot of bickering and awful misogyny. I have also noticed that the majority of hunting videos are not representative of how I hunt. It’s a huge turn off to people like me, who are sensitive and thoughtful, and just want to learn.

A few things, so you know what to expect:
++ I will tag all of my responses with a “hunting” tag so that you can avoid them if you’d prefer.
++ I will not show photos of dead animals, gore, etc.
++ If asked for specifics, I will attempt to respectfully discuss specifics. For example, though, if someone asks about butchering, I will tag the post with a “gore” tag even though I will not post photos.
++ I will always attempt to be respectful and thoughtful. This is how I hunt, and this is also how I will discuss hunting.
++ I will not engage in arguments; if you are curious, ask. If you want to scorn or guilt trip me, expect to be ignored.
++ For real; don’t just try to start an argument. I respect that people may not share my opinions, but I am not down for debate. I’m trying to help people learn. I’m really nervous posting this to begin with, please don’t be a jerk. There are a million other places online that will happily engage you in hunting debate and arguments. This is not one of them. If you want to argue with OTHER people, please take it to asks and don’t do it in the reblogs of this post. Please.

To start things off, the basics:

Why do I hunt?
I hunt because I consume. I mean this literally and figuratively; I am a consumer and eating is not something I can go without. I take great personal responsibility for the origins of my food (veggies, too) and attempt to source as much as possible myself. Around 80% of what I eat grew or lived within 20 miles of my home. I am a meat eater, and though I do not eat meat that often, it has been increasingly important for me to source meat in a way that jives with my personal ethics. To me, taking a sustainable wild animal as food, and being involved in it from start to finish, is more agreeable than supporting any sort of commercial livestock operation (though I do also support a few local farms where I can see in person that they care kindly for their animals). I admittedly also sometimes hunt when I do not necessarily intend to harvest (this means kill) an animal. I suppose you could call this stealthy hiking, in a way. I never kill for fun or enjoyment or trophy. Taking the life of an animal is very serious to me and I never take it lightly.

What do I hunt?
I hunt primarily white-tailed deer and squirrels. I have hunted geese once, and have hunted turkeys in the past.

Where do I hunt?
I hunt where I live, which is Western NY state.

How do I hunt?
I use firearms. At this time I am physically incapable of drawing a bow of the legal draw weight limit (for my state’s laws). I understand that there are compound bows that meet the legal requirement designed for people that can’t pull many pounds but they are very expensive and I haven’t been in the position to explore that option yet.

I finished… the sketch…. of the villainous… storyboard….. I still have so much to do until the final product (which is an animatic video) but it has taken WEEKS for me to finish this part since it is all thumbnails and audio organization.

But I’m getting there! Thanks for the support mutuals and followers! It helps a ton. Stay tuned for the gay and popular PaperHat video. It should be done within the month or so.

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i need to be like you and finish my papers TTTT but i’m finding myself on tumblr

I’m actually surprised with myself that I finished my papers early😂😂 The power of caffeine is too stronggggggg. I drank that shit and I never stopped typing😅 And then I went to bed at 4:30am and woke up at 8 for festa only to realize it wasn’t happening for another 21hrs… ive been up ever since. WTF IS A CAFFEINE JFC. I UNDERSTAND WHY YOONGI LOVES IT SO MUCH BUT LIKE. DAMN. HONEY BOY AND I ARE BOUT TO START UP A COFFEE SHOP BUSINESS. PLZ SUPPORT THANKS!


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‘The Danish Girl’: a true story of art, beauty, and the freedom to express yourself

Recently, I was invited by Universal Pictures UK to attend the press view of a new film called ‘The Danish Girl’. I have been to a number of exhibition previews in the past year, but this was an entirely new experience for me, and one I enjoyed immensely. The tale of ‘The Danish Girl’ isn’t one I was familiar with, despite it being based on a true story about two talented painters. I do, however, remember reading about the film a few months back and getting excited by the names of those involved. Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander headline the impressive cast of young talent - Ben Whishaw, Amber Heard, and the dashing Matthias Schoenaerts - whilst director Tom Hooper and composer Alexandre Desplat reunite for the first time since their Academy Award-winning smash ‘The King’s Speech’. My expectations were high, to say the least.

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“I will always support you.”

Request from anon: Can u do one where sam comes to ur track meet. I’m just going to let you know, I don’t know TOO much about track and field but I’ll try my best from my knowledge! Hopefully it’s right and good enough! Sorry if information is wrong or doesn’t sound right, please correct me if wrong and it bothers you! 

Sammy’s POV

“Yo Sam, where you going? I thought we were ballin up?” The boys approach me, tossing the basketball to me. “Would love to stay and whoop all of you, but I am going to go surprise Y/N at her track meet today. First of the season, thought I should be there for her. Anyone care to join me?” they all accept it and tag along with me. I was driving when I started thinking, “Hey, do you know how to cheer for track and field?” I ask them. “No clue man.” J says. We arrive at the meet and we walk towards the stands as we saw all the track athletes from two schools, sitting around, getting ready, talking, walking around, warming up. 

We started getting closer to the stands when Y/N’s friend points at me. She turns and smiles big. She excitingly runs to me, and hugs me, “What are you guys doing here?” She hugs the other guys. “It’s the first meet of the season, wouldn’t want to miss it for the world, especially for your senior year. I will always support you!” I handed her flowers, as she smells them. “Y/N, TIME TO WARM UP!” One of the coaches yells out to her. “I gotta go!” She kisses my cheek, runs to her bag, puts the flowers down, and runs down onto the track. We walked to the top of the stands and sat down, looking at everything going on. One event going on, discus throwing also going on, warm ups for another event happening, people just walking around and talking, “What in the world is even happening?! There’s so much going on!!” I yell in frustration, trying to focus on one thing, but switching my eyes back and forth. 

“I don’t even know where to look!” Nate says, pointing from the throwing event to the relay, to Y/N warming up. “Bro, I’ve never felt so confused in my life!” J felt overwhelmed and just squished his face together with his hands. “How do we even cheer for these events?” G asked. “Are we even allowed to yell and cheer? I feel like they need complete silence to focus..” J yells. “Why are different events happening at the same time?” Nate asked. “Who are half of these kids!?” Swazz says, looking around the place. 

“There’s Y/N! She’s at the line! Look!” I point so they can focus their attention on her. “Shit, are we allowed to yell?” I asked confused. A guy from the side of us, “Yeah you can yell. It’s track and field. They can barely hear you down there anyways.” “Thanks. What event is this?” “200s” “Thanks man.” The gunshot was fired, and we start screaming our lungs out for Y/N. She was so focused, she finished first. “Holy shit she’s fast!” We said simultaneously, shocked. She runs up the stands after, sitting next to me, drinking her water. “Holy shit you’re fast.” “I’ve been told,” She chuckles. 

“I got a question,” Nate leans his face towards her, “Why are there so many things going on at once?” “Track and field meets are fucking long, an all day thing. If we didn’t do everything all at once, like the throwing and the events, we would be here even longer. We need to have things happen at the same time. Are you guys staying the whole time?” “What time does it end?” “Not till like maybe 6ish?” I look at my watch, “IT’S FUCKING 2… BARELY.” “Yup!” “Shit babe, I love you and all but that’s too long for me to be out in this sun.” 

She just smiles and laughs at me, “I know it’s okay. That’s why I don’t invite you guys! Cause it gets boring during my breaks.” “What other events are you in?” “Just did the 200s. I still have the 400 hurdles, and 4x1. But if they need me, the 4x4.” “Why those last two sound like you about to order from In-n-Out. Yeah can I get a 4 by 1 no tomatoes and a 4 by 4 with animal fries please. Thank you.” J jokes, making us, and some people around us, laugh. “Okay, how long till those events?” “400 hurdles are about to happen soon. But the 4x1 is the 3rd to last event. And if I do the 4x4, that’s usually the last event…. But that’s if they need me, but I wasn’t told that they would need me.” 

As the day went on, we watched Y/N do her 400 hurdles, then she had a long break. She introduced us to some of her coaches, her friends, and she taught us a lot about track and field. It was an interesting day learning something new. It came down to her last event, 4x1 and her and her crew came in 2nd. We cheered as loud as we could, to let her know we was with her. She was packing up, and we were ready to leave when one of the coaches approach her, “Hey, Y/N, is there a chance you could do the 4x4?” She just talks to the coach, finally agreeing to do it. She comes up to us to say she has one more event, “Fuck, we got to go Y/N, we’re sorry. We have to finish these tracks soon.” Her smile kind of fades when I tell her that, but it goes big again, “No it’s okay. You guys were here the whole time. You guys have other things to do. It’s fine. I’ll see you guys tomorrow?” We all nod and we say our goodbyes. 

“Damn dude, it’s like we broke her heart when we said we had to bounce.” Nate said. “It was hard seeing her a little sad…” We were walking back to my car when I stopped, and they turn around, “What’s up man? Did you forget something?” Swazz asks. “Yeah, to support my girlfriend, our best friend, in something she loves to do and is really good at. What are we doing ditching her like that? Yeah we were here the whole day but she still has one more event to do. She’s always with us from start to finish each concert, meet and greet and event. So why can’t we do the same?” I tell the guys. We run back to the bleaches as fast as we could. Before we hit the seats we sat at, we heard the gunshot. 

Once we got to the top, we saw the first runner hand off the baton to the second. Then the second finally goes around handing it off to the 3rd. We see Y/N go to the line as the 4th and last runner. The 3rd runner was running a little behind the 1st person, as she handed it off to Y/N, and she speeds her way, trying to catch up to the other runner. Everyone starts cheering her name, yelling for her to keep going, as the guys and I start to join in. “GO Y/N! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!” We keep yelling. As they come around the track, they were head and head, and in the last 200 m, Y/N picks up her pace and speeds right to the finish line, getting 1st place for her and her team. She bends over, grasping for air, as everyone in the stands cheers for her in excitement. The coaches congratulates her, so do her teammates. The boys and I yell her name, cheering for her up from the stands, and she looks up at us, shocked to see us but smiles so genuine. 

After talking to her coaches, she runs up the stands, “I thought you guys left!” She hugs me and I kiss her head. “You are always there to support us from start to finish each event. And we wanted to do the same for you.” She hugs the guys, heartfelt at my words. She looks at me last, “I will always support you and everything you do, my love. From start to finish.” I kiss her forehead. “Come on, dinners on me.” “OH YEAH, DINNER ON SAM!” The boys cheer as they grab her stuff and start walking to the car, as we laugh. 


And when I can’t go on any longer, there are others here to support me and finish what I started. Then, everything builds up to the next goal I created. It’s hard work and very troublesome, but in the end, that is what makes it worthwhile.
You lend your strength out and you borrow from others and when everybody’s dreams come together…