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I…I found this by complete accident and…



I quite enjoy Gareth Snook (ex André) trolling the official POTO Twitter haha!

It should also be said that Nadim Naaman’s Twitter takeovers are some of the best, both in response to his understanding of the role and the show, his attention to nuances, and in his quite honest responses to all questions. Go have a look at his most recent takeover! (starting here)


Our Liz Swezey takeover starts now! Says Liz: “To create these — what Jill Wagner on Wolf Watch dubbed ‘mosaic portraits’ — I start with a reference image. I usually use screen grabs from TEEN WOLF episodes. The next thing I do is find a color palette. I found out the hard way that I stink at starting from scratch, so I always use a previous portrait of mine to use as a base. I originally started by using some from deviantArt, and over the years the color schemes have become my own.” See more of her work here.

So imagine you’re sitting in the hotel with Calum, and he just got off the phone with Shazam or someone and they start playing the new song. You’ve heard it of course and love it, but Calum’s a bit nervous of how it would be perceived due to the title and change of sound. Of course, when you go to calm him, he brushes you off like “babe, really, I don’t give a fuck what they think” but as the song plays for the first time on air you watch him just gnaw on his lip and fidget. Once the song is over you shut off the radio, watching as calum searches through twitter, hoping for good responses from the fans. Slowly, a grin starts to takeover his face, crinkling his eyes at the corners and brightening the room. “They love it” he breathes out softly to you, continuing to read the comments of praise. “Babe, they love it! We’ve worked so hard but it’s okay cause it’s all for them and they love it!” And you’re just smiling so big because calum is elated and you love it when your boyfriend feels so happy so you just tug him in for a hug and his face is in your neck as he grips you tightly and you feel a bit of wetness on your skin but you don’t mention it because you know calum is a pretty emotional person and he’s crying happy, proud tears. And once he’s kinda done you plug your phone into the speaker and you both dance around and jam while she’s kinda hot is blasting even though it’s an ungodly hour of the morning and when you get complaints you just laugh it off, because today is truly a day to celebrate


Heyyyy y'allllll! It’s Moe. What better way to start my Instagram takeover than a good ole GUMBY post. Training is over, we are coming for ya San Diego! #Reunited #Gumbeans 👶🏼👵🏼

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Angels With Filthy Souls - Four Year Strong (by MrDonkeydong155)

“This is "Start the Take Over” on speed crack and an extreme dose of caffeine.“ -JESCHE01 

Ever since Dan and Phil played Uma Thurman at the start of Internet Takeover I literally cannot stop playing it and everytime I play it , a smile just appears on my face because it just reminds me of Dan and Phil and I think they are literally ruining my life, but they are ruining my life in a good way because they make me smile.

Breaking news: With Tiffany and Jessica announcing albums at the same time, fans prepare to fight to the death at shows with throwable fish eyes and cucumber spears

Rumors are also circulating that the two idols are actually planning to take over the music industry together and truly start the California Girl Takeover of Korea but we are still looking into it.

Experts advise that fans keep calm and wait until things are confirmed and hope to provide the proper procedure for moving forward by next week.