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Yoo folks~! I might just go with random clips from routes for now since school is kinda crazy for me ^^;

The video has subs. Make sure to click closed captioning and English.

It’s the entire Manservant End. I picked this scene because it flushed everything I thought I knew down the drain ( ・ω・)b

HHAHA WHAT ThE FUCK. (ヾノ•᷅ ༬•᷄ )  WHO?? NOT?? WHAT?? Also they added animation to the fire now. Great.

Watch at your own risk. It contains major spoilers…and stuff.



the crew of the enterprise

sir, my crew was just following my orders. i take full responsibility for my actions. but they were mine and they were mine alone. if i transmit khan’s location to you now, all that i ask is that you spare them. please, sir. i’ll do anything you want. just let them live.

  • Gallows: We're here for two reasons!
  • Me: to kick ass and-
  • Anderson: Be Mean And Make Green
  • Me: ...not...not to kick ass? Wait not even to WIN? Just- just to be MEAN??? Like not even to fight good or get titles? JUST TO BE RUDE AND KIND OF SHITTY TO PEOPLE?!?!?!
  • Me: ...

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What is ypur relationship w/ France like?

“As you can imagine, that has put a strain on our relationship…!”

[1785 HRE takeover]

[ - Brothers -]
[Because nations don’t reproduce the way humans would, the notion of family is very difficult to apply. As a result, the nations use the terms of family when they believe they fit, emulating what they observe from humans - Karl views Francois as his brother due to modern France having started as West Francia, and Karl himself having started life as East Francia. This does not mean that Francois also views Karl as his sibling however…]

The Tower

Well *sweats* I had this tarot talk with @tiafrye and this happened. I never ever painted smth like this, nor have I any idea how a tarot is done in all honesty. I guess I still tried, ahhahah /shot

Shu Sakamaki - Dark 8

Ayato: Haa? Shu and chichinashi were kidnapped!? What do you mean!
Subaru: we’ll have to go get Shu….what the heck are we going to do….
Reiji: absolutely. The meeting with the Vibora clan is approaching at hand
Reiji: if Shu is unable to attend the meeting, a problem may occur between the clans….
/Laito walks in/
Laito: now now, let’s not get to worried about it, okay~?
Ayato: Oi Laito. Why are you saying such things!
Laito: eh~? Because it’s useless for us to be so impatient…..
Laito: besides, Shu would say something like that, not doing anything to the last minute
Laito: …that’s why, don’t you think they would return back here?
Subaru: Tch…..then they were going to be caught from the beginning
/Yuma and Azusa walk in/
Yuma: Oi. Is that NEET here?
Ayato: ……you, coming here like this…!
Laito: huh~? It’s rare for you to be here. Unfortunately Shu is not here
Reiji: do you need something from Shu
Yuma: …..Ruki is worried because he has not heard from him
Azusa: I wonder if the letter I sent……has not arrived….
Laito: letter…?
Subaru: that guy Shu, what were you and him doing?
Reiji: this is something I’m hearing for the first time
Yuma: tch, why’s that? I told you to speak properly with your brothers….
Yuma: haa….anyway. Oi Azusa, explain it to these guys. Nice and easy
Azusa: yes, I understand….
actually….recently, eden has begun is appear strange….
Laito: Eden?
Azusa: flowers that shouldn’t wither forever, are dying, the ground is dry and cracked….
Yuma: that, and it all started when that NEET inherited Karl Heinz’s power.
Yuma: if it keeps up, we’re worried that eden will end up in ruins one day
Ayato: why are you suddenly like that….
Azusa: Eden is said, to be created by the power of the Lord, Ruki said, it’s like living in a fortress….
Ayato: Haa? I don’t understand what you’re saying at all!
Yuma: that’s because! Edens current Lord Shu is breaking eden apart
Laito: huh….I see. So that’s how it was made
Reiji: ……
/screen fades to yui and shus room/
Yui: (we’ve been in here, for a long time…)
Yui: (is Kino-kun seriously going to keep us confined until Shu hands over his power…?)
Yui: ….haa
Shu: sighing like that, it isn’t like you
Yui: ….because, we’ve been trapped in this place..
Shu: then, should I hand over my power now? Then you’d be able to go free

Yui: ….thats….
Shu: ….I would have given it up a while ago but you were being annoying
Yui: your power….I don’t want you to hand it over
Yui: (because, if that happens Shu-san will….)
Shu: …hmm, I see. Then, you don’t need to worry
Shu: ….I can’t do that anyway
Yui: can’t…? But, why…
Shu: ……
Yui: (he won’t answer….)
Yui: (maybe, Shu-san can’t hand it over with just his will alone…?)

1S - try to ask again
2M - give up

Choose -> 2M - give up

Yui: (he probably doesn’t want to continue talking about it….)
Shu: …….
Shu: ….Haa, I just thought of a nice idea. Anyway, stay still
/he pushes her/
Yui: Kya!?

Yui: S-Shu-san….!?
Shu: as it is, you will enjoy it as well….Nn…Mnn……
Yui: ….!
Yui: (such a place, so suddenly…)

Yui: Shu…sa…—
Shu: ….hey, be silent while I suck you. Nnn….mn…
Shu: Nn….ha….Mnn……
Yui: (sucking my blood so suddenly…’s not like Shu-san)
Yui: (maybe, is he hiding something…?)


When Shu-san was [forcefully]1 sucking my [blood]2. 

I thought, maybe I should never have asked what I was thinking in the first place.

I was concerned about the [state]3 of Shu-san.
However, I cannot think anymore because of the dizziness in my head.

Choose: 2,3

Steinunn: Sorry, why are you driving so fast?

Stefán: [sternly] Because christmas starts in IKEA, Steinunn, and I’m going to get a parking space by the main entrance, so I won’t have to park somewhere at Vífilsstaðir.