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Sorry Starz, there is too much real misery and loss in this world right now to get on board with whatever thing you put out today or the first six or seven depressing as hell episodes. I’m verra proud that you’ve decided to promote your show, but NOPE. Sorry. I spent eleven million hours in the ER the other night having an anxiety attack (that felt like I was dying of a heart attack) and it still hasn’t really gone away. I can’t take any more. I’ve spent two seasons now getting my heart shredded - Wentworth, Faith, separation. I’ve read the books - I know what’s coming next. And I know your show-runner’s obsession with piling on the (unnecessary) agony. So, NOPE. I will be starting my journey at the reunion, which apparently I have to wait eleven million weeks for after the season starts. I don’t care. I can’t deal with Ron’s brand of endless suffering right now, especially of two beloved characters. Sam and Cait, you’re gonna crush it. Love you, hope you get all the awards for your sorrow. But…NOPE. See you in the printshop.

P.S. I will be skipping right on past any bullshit scenes with the “other people.” Because you know Ron is going to embellish them and then give us two JC love scenes…maybe. We are talking about the man who didn’t think the initial carving was important.

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How much do you usually run at a time? I'm struggling to run constantly so it's really discouraging. I need to find a way that I can actually run without feeling like crap about myself or like I'm gonna die lol

*the second paragraph is the most important!

Currently I run 2 miles between 24 and 26 minutes everyday BUT (BIG BUT) it has not always been like this!

When I started my journey I was 430+ pounds and couldn’t run for more than 20 seconds. I started with walking, then jog walking, then I joined a soccer team and was the slowest guy to ever play soccer! I started running more to try and get better… after 8 years of fitness this is my current progress (yes I have been faster and slower over this time!)

You starting somewhere is the important part, it’s all about time and effort you put in, progress with everything else will follow! You rock and I am here for any questions and support! You are awesome and can do it!

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Hey! I was wondering how you personally cope with stress without resorting back to bad foods. I had a rough day yesterday and I ended up eating junk food (which I almost never ate even before my starting my weight loss journey). Now, of course, I feel like crap physically and mentally. Any tips for a better way?

Working out usually helps me destress and I would say I probably handle it that way like 70% of the time. Even just a long walk can help. But sometimes I’m mad/sad/stressed/anxious and I do overeat/eat crap to make myself feel better, which obviously doesn’t really solve anything, but it happens and then I just move on and do better the next day. It’s not the end of the world. Some people channel those feelings into something artistic like writing or drawing. That isn’t really my thing, but it could help you!

wanna one in the pokemon world.
  • daniel: incineroar, delcatty, persian, meowstic. nobody expected him to become champion but Here He Is
  • jihoon: works part-time at a daycare taking care of baby pokemon. has a jigglypuff.
  • daehwi: top coordinator with a primarina, incredibly popular, impossible not to love.
  • jaehwan: normal dude living a normal life, occasionally playing guitar, but sometimes if you go to his house at night you hear him & a chatot laughing their heads off
  • seongwoo: probably challenged the pokemon league right at daniel's side. has a lucario. he breeds, he coordinates, he battles, he does it all
  • woojin: you know in hoenn how you double battle a reporter and a camera guy? he's the camera guy
  • guanlin: just started this journey, wants to be champion someday, but also it's just him and his rowlet rn. they are friends
  • jisung: and here we have our reporter, ready to interview you post-battle
  • minhyun: post game boss with a killer team, definitely ev trains, a few shinies
  • jinyoung: a kid with a poliwag, hangs out at the daycare jihoon works at and likes watching videos of top coordinator lee daehwi
  • sungwoon: still trying to win that dratini from the game corner, but actually he's an amazing trainer that nobody expects

This is Kylie Jean ❤️
Kylie was born with a pretty common heart defect. We were assured that most children grow out of it by the time they are 2 and those ones that don’t, usually always grow out of it by the time they are 4.
Unfortunately, the valves pumping blood to Kylie’s heart have not grown in they ways we have hoped and now almost 5 and a half, we start our journey to find the best solution for Kylie and will see just what her diagnosis is for the future.

We are able to double insure Kylie due to the protections pre-existing conditions have under the ACA. Without insurance, a heart surgery will bankrupt not only my husband and I but her father and step-mother as well. There is no reason why 4 hard working people should be forced to loose their homes in order to save their child. We would gladly give our home to save her life, but it’s pretty awful when you have to choose to be homeless to save your child in this country.


video game meme: [2/5] soundtracks  → Horizon: Zero Dawn (Joris de Man) 

Perhaps One Day... Someday.

just taeil things
   ↳ #happytaeilday! ❤

happy birthday to my sun and my moon, vocal king and strony boy moon taeil. it’s been years since we’ve started this journey together and there hasn’t been a single day in which i regretted supporting and loving you. your extraordinary ways, as awkward as they may seem at times, have always managed to put a smile on my face, even on the worst of days. i’m so grateful, and words couldn’t possibly describe that. i hope you feel at least fifty times the amount of happiness that you’ve brought to me on this special day of yours, because you deserve nothing less than utter contentedness and love and i hope whoever surrounds you will give you just that! happy 23rd birthday, taeil! (sub cr.) (sub cr.)



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