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As many of you know, monsta x just recently had their comeback and us monbebes are working really hard to get them their first win. Unfortunately there is tough competition at the moment so it’s getting a little difficult. Even though our fandom is growing, it’s still relatively small. Because of that, I would kindly like to ask for the help of the Army and Exo L fandom to help us with this comeback. We have been working really hard, but we still need more support to make it happen. I know this a pretty big favor, but it would be really nice if we could all put behind all the negativity and unite as fandom’s to help each other out and have each others backs. Please help us by voting for them on the music shows and streaming the video. (Even once is fine). Help our boys get their phones back by helping to get their very deserved first win!
Sincerely a Monbebe who just wants to see them get a win!!!


hello I would like to talk about the ahoge trio please

Recently I’ve been watching and being obsessed with My Mad Fat Diary (thanks to @swingingstardust)
So here’s my adorable 90s son Archie 💕


PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;

kimcecil  asked:

What actually happened between Bambam and Mina? I've read some article but I don't get it, what's wrong with them being close? Why everyone said they are dating?

No one knows what actually happened between them, if they’re friends or something more. What we know is that a photo of them spread few days ago - which is believed to be photoshopped by most international GOT7 and Twice fans.

However some Korean netizens think the photo must be real because JYPE decided to confirm it in an official statement. By confirming it JYPE got themselves (and their artists) in trouble. JYPE said “The photo is real but the two of them are just friends”

Before they confirmed that the photo was real not many people knew about the issue. After confirming it the news spread and became a good topic to talk about, also for antis and fans of other groups who want to see Twice losing their popularity.

Some Korean ‘fans’ are angered that there are rumors of them dating. K-netizens are trying to find proofs that they’re really dating and share them on Pann (To me these proofs are a REACH)

Today Twice fans started trending  #JYP는_아티스트를_보호해라 what means JYP Please take care of your artists after a Korean journalist expressed his thoughts about Mina in a disgusting way. Mina’s mum had to deactivate her instagram, there are people digging Bambam’s private life on Instiz and JYPE isn’t doing anything to protect them..

Respectfully disagreeing with Jack's "Let's Talk!" video

I wanna start by saying to his other fans. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love him and it is okay to disagree with your faves, those you love, like, etc because no one person will always agree. I also wanna state that this isn’t attacking or sending him hate. I would never do that to him. With that being said, I will start talking to @therealjacksepticeye

Jack, I love you so much but I won’t pretend to agree with this video. Here are some things I’d like to point out. I’m not hating or anything but this is how I feel. Besides you can respect, like, or love someone and not agree with them.

I think you did a lot of trying to please both sides in the Felix vs the media thing and I wish that if this is the case you wouldn’t Do that. You’ve stated that you don’t like drama and you don’t like being in middle of the Things as well as you don’t like people being mad at you. I get that. I really do BUT this video was a bit Of what seemed like trying to please both sides: those who are on Felix’s side and those who are on the media’s side/Hate Felix. You missed some huge points and highlighted to much on others. I love you more than I love Felix (and I love Felix a lot) but there is a lot you said that I don’t agree with it as well as some things I do but I think that you trying to pretend that the media didn’t drastically take things out of context etc. Now that being said, I think you highlighted to much on how it was stupid jokes and the consequences. It’s been acknowledged by everyone including Felix who apologized. Although the fiverr incident was more of a social experiment. Now the jokes it’s self wasn’t even the main point that anyone was trying to make during the “War” because people acknowledge that it was and 99% of people didn’t deny that. The whole issue was the media lied, took things out of context drastically, and slandered someone’s name. The whole point everyone is trying to make is that they took things as far as using a Clip of Felix pointing to try and make their claims stick that he was an antisemitic and racist. Which completely seemed to, at least to me, go over your head because you were trying to stay in the middle.

Another thing is you acted like Disney was in the right for dropping Felix because they don’t like things that aren’t kid friendly associated with them. There are more than one thing wrong with that statement. 1) Sarah Silverman is with Disney doing black face and dressing up as a Nazi without them batting an eye. 2) idubbbz saying N***** Faggots more than once daily and is part of Maker Studios and No one bats an eye. 3) Disney Will always have racism and antisemitism associated with them because of their old cartoons and Walt Disney himself. 4) Disney and YouTube said nothing until WSJ contacted them. They got scared that they would be the ones slandered in the media so they took the easy way out. 5) Disney, Maker Studios, and YouTube also knew before hand that Felix was NOT KID FRIENDLY.

Now, Jack, I hate to be the one to call people out because I also hate drama and don’t like people to be mad at me (which the last thing I want is for you to be mad at me) but here is the thing, I can’t sit by and not let things go by. So recall this:

“Me and @Jack_Septic_Eye have joined Isis which is why we both got unverified.”
“@pewdiepie I said NAZIS!! Not ISIS! God damnit Felix…….”
“@Jack_Septic_Eye oh shit….”
“@pewdiepie good luck explaining that one.”

Now this is an example of a joke that taken out of context could be used to slander you as well as Felix if the media decided to take you down next (Not saying this will happen). Not to mention if Felix’s jokes aren’t okay than how was this? Me asking this and bringing it up is no way a personal attack on your anything. I just feel like it needs answered.

If you want to discuss things further with me about this you’re welcome to it. I want to give you a chance to respond to these things and even defend yourself concerning some of the things I’ve said here concerning you if you feel like it’s wrong or even an attack on you but I promise I’m not. Anyways, I’m still staying subscribed regardless of me disagreeing. I realize I won’t always agree with everyone. Love you, Jack.


P.s : I hope you don’t take any offense to this. I truly am not trying to attack you or anything. It was just me discussing why I disagreed etc.


(okay honestly he’s good at everything like rapping and singing and dancing like jungkook who? golden maknae who? jk ily jungkook please don’t let this start a fan war thx)


@miraculouswolf17 said to hyakunana: Regarding the Pokemon/Arslan pic you did with Etoile a year ago or so do you think Arslan would have a Talonflame?


That finale was surprisingly pretty good. It addressed so many issues with the overall volume. I’m really impressed.

  • The Nuck fight scene was pretty cool albeit a tad short
  • No semblance reveal for Jaune but his upgrade is actually pretty cool and he manages to be rather useful. Other than helping Qrow he’s actually pretty lowkey during the finale. So Stop believing stupid thumbnails
  • RENORA IS CANON(And Ren is lowkey a perv)
  • Haven is really pretty
  • Everyone is alive and moderately happy
  • JNR have a nice quiet bonding moment that’s probably one of my favorite scenes yet.
  • Oscar arrives to Haven and has finally met up with Qrow!
  • WBY on their way to fuck shit up
  • Leo is kinda a  traitor apparently?
  • Ending Song is badass.

Overall, this volume has been pretty rocky but I think the finale wrapped up most things pretty nicely and it looks like V5 is when shit will really start to hit the fan again.


excuse me while I go hyperventilate in the corner (x)

10/4/2016- I am so tired!! when will i get energy again!! ;_; Any who All Might is the best character to show about this year in the anime. I though he was weird at first but he’s such a fucking bad ass. And his little skinny form has grown on me as well. All Might you be the hero! I cant wait to do the BG on this ‘merica! Anyways absolutely love My Hero Academia normally not a fan of those types of shows but holy shittttt something about this show (all might) just kicks some major ass. I used the show to get screenshots use as references for the all might glory.