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[Mini-serie]: | They cheating on you | You confront them: [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART 4]

BTS vs Their older sister

You texting them about their baby pictures

You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy

You fell asleep while talking to them and they’re freaking out 

You have a social disease

April Fools Day Texts

Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon cheering you up after reading fan hate




You break up with him because of the sasaeng fans



You fangirling about his mixtape

He likes you but thinks you like another member 

Yoongi helping you with your best friend death texts: |PART 1| |PART 2|

S/o goes to America [1] [2] maybe a [3]

Finding out you were a famous youtuber

You two are in secret relationship and he gets jealous when Namjoon flirts with you

He forgets your birthday because he’s busy with Suran


You pranking him with “I am not the only one” lyrics by Sam Smith

He finds out that you’re not that innocent and start to make 18+ jokes with you


Helping you with your shyness

You fell out from the stage in your Mama’s performance


Jimin angst texts

You are Yoongi’s little sister and he find out you have been dating Jimin for 6 months

Jimin birthday texts

Jimin texting you while you are on class

Best friend text [1]



He jealous over Monsta’s X Wonho

Childhood Friend AU: He misses you after 4 years without communication


Jungkook’s graduation texts: |PART 1| PART 2|

Jugkoook being a weird boyfriend

Bestfriend text [1]

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Seokjin and Yoongi; [1] [2]

Yoongi and Jimin: [1] [2]

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Taehyung and Jungkook: [1] [2]

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Namjoon and Jimin

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Namjoon and Hoseok: [1] [2]


BTS reaction to their girlfriend crying in a concert

BTS reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

BTS reaction to their girlfriend being apassionate about games, art and anime

BTS reaction to you being into thigh riding

BTS reaction finding out you have a good singing voice

BTS reaction finding your sketches of him

BTS reacting to you being shy about your freckles

BTS reacting to s/o not knowing how to use chopsticks


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All the members:

They cheating on you

You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy


Jackson and you as a couple

Poly Relationships:

Mark and Jackson: [1] [2] [3] [4]


GOT7 reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a concert

GOT7 reaction to you being into thigh riding



All the members:

They are jealous over BTS/GOT7

Them cheating on you


Chanyeol being protective when youre hanging out with another guy


Sehun being protective when youre hanging out with another guy


EXO reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

EXO reaction to you liking thigh riding



SEVENTEEN reaction to saying something dirty/18+



Scenario: He neglects his girlfriend [PART 2]

You're my home/Part 4

Originally posted by holy-fucking-damn-shit

Warnings: Reader is a young single mom and a lot of Fluff!!!

Notes: So finally here i am with Part 4, first i want to say Im sorry!!!! My life is a mess in the moment… and i have zero inspiration right now, so so sorry. Second, thank you for all the people who are supporting this story, it means a lot <3 And guys, i just can’t write smut, so SORRY! Anyway, i hope you like it!

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3

It has been a week since you last saw Jensen. He and all the cast had to travel to another convention in another city and for your surprise… Woah he didn’t text you. Can you notice the sarcasm? You really weren’t expecting anything, for god’s sake, he was an actor. But a small part of you was a little disappointed.

Of course, it didn’t stop you from when you finally processed the events, started screaming and fangirling. You hooked up with Jensen Ackles after all.

But someone that did text you was Amy, the redhead girl that you met in the convention. You started to text each other, and she told you that she was a photographer and invited you and Lottie to do a photo session. Of course you accepted.

“Smile Lottie!” Amy said with a smile and with the camera in her hands. You tickled your daughter making her laugh and you heard the click. “That’s it! Another smile for me!”

“Ice cream!” Lottie screamed poiting at the ice cream car that passed and you and Amy laughed.

“Okay, I think thats enough for today.” Amy said turning off the camera and you put Lottie on the ground holding her hand.

“Momma I want ice cream.” She said with a pout and you started to walk towards your car.

“I will buy some on the way home babygirl.” You said putting her in the baby seat, and helping Amy to put all the equipament in the car.

“I think the photos were great, I’m so excited to see them.” She said when you started driving.

“Me too!” You said excited as well. “You liked today honey?” You asked looking at your daughter throught the rearview mirror.

“YES!” She screamed. “Carry on son”

“You up to listen to Carry on my wayward son?” You asked to your friend.

“Are you kidding me?” She said excited and put the song on the radio, singing out loud with you and Lottie. For some reason, Lottie loved that song. She loved old rock.

You stopped to get ice cream and of course Lottie got her face dirty with chocolate and you just had to take a picture. Not so long after that, you were all in your house for a… kind of slumber party. Lottie was watching The Little Mermaid and singing along while you and Amy were in the kitchen table seeing in the computer the photos of today.

“I loved this one.” You said poiting at the picture taking a sip of your beer.

“Me too, but this one…” She said passing to the next. “Was definitely my favorite.”

“You’re amazing, I love all the photos.” You said still in ‘awe’ and Amy smiled thanking you. After watching the Little Mermaid, Monster’s Inc and playing with you and Amy, Lottie finally slept. You and Amy started to talk about everything including the convention after you saw the photos she took in the event, and you told her about what happened and she simply freaked out.

“I still can’t believe this.” She said with the beer in her hands. “You’re freakin lucky.”

“Well yeah but…” You started but were interrupted by your phone ‘BIP’, you frowned and got up of the sofa to get your phone. You were more confused when you didn’t recognize the number.

“Who is it?” Amy asked drinking her beer and you struggled.

“No idea.” You said opening your phone reading the text from the unknown number.

‘Hey, apparently you missed a number when you wrote your phone to me and I’ve been talking to a Bob for a week…. Anyway just now I discovered your real number. How are you?’

“What the fuck….” You mumbled confused with the message but your phone lit up again.

‘Oh, by the way, it’s Jensen :)’ 

“Holy crap.” You said widening your eyes and Amy looked at you confused.

“What?” She asked but you didn’t say anything. “(Y/N)?” She said getting up and looking at your phone. Her chin fell and she put her hand in her mouth to hold the scream. You looked at each other but nothing came out of neither one of your mouths.

“Answer it!” Amy cried when she finally could say something and you looked at her with wide eyes.

“I don’t know what to say!” You said and closed your eyes when the words got out of your mouth. You were sounding like a teenage girl. He was a normal guy, like any other guy around.

But… maybe you were so shocked and paralyzed because the other guys around never texted you back. He was not the type you were used to. Unfortunaly, you were used to jerks.

“(Y/N) I don’t think he is lying. Yeah I was not here, but…” Amy said reffering to the situation you told her. The moment when he left and you got a little disappointed because you though he was making up excuses to go away.

“I didn’t consider he was lying.” You said with a small smile “Okay….” You said taking a deep breath looking at your phone.

‘I’m sure that Bob was a really nice guy for you to talk to him for a week… Haha, I’m okay, just saw some photos of the convention. How about you?’ 

“This is perfect, send it.” She said making you two laugh a little. You sent it, and forgot your phone in the kitchen while you and Amy finished the beers, talking and watching Sex in the City. She was an amazing girl, you two were already good friends and you were sure that this friendship would last.

“Okay now I have to go, I have to photograph a couple tomorrow.” Amy said getting up from the sofa. “Tell me everything about Jensen later!” She said when you opened the door for her and you laughed.

“Of course Amy, thank you for the photos today, I had a lot of fun…. You sure I don’t need to pay for anything?” You asked feeling guilty for not paying her for the photos that she took of you and Lottie.

“Yes, I’m sure. It was my pleasure.” She said smiling making you smile too. You said a last goodbye and closed the door, picking up your phone and going to your room.

He was kind of weird… I’m good though. Tomorrow is my last convention, for now. I kind of missed you…’ 

You smiled at Jensen’s text, and after a shower, you laid on your bed already seeing that was going to be a long night talking to him. 


“Jensen, C'mon man, wake up!” Jensen slowly opened his eyes hearing knocks in his hotel door, and he knew it was Jared. He got up and opened the door, seeing his friend already dressed up. “Hey what happened? You’re always up before me.”  Jensen stepped back to let Jared in.

“I was up all night talking to (Y/N)…” Jensen said with a yawn going to the bathroom to wash his face, and when Jared didn’t answer he turned to look at him and found him with a big smirk making Jensen roll his eyes.

“I guess I deserve a ‘thank you’ for finding her real number for you.” Jared said seeing his friend getting some clothes and going back to the bathroom to change it. It was Jared the one who started to dig in your informations in the site you bought the ticket for the convention, okay… This was technically illegal but it was for a good cause…. “You know, I think you can thank me at the weeding, it’s okay, I can wait.”

“She’s a really nice girl and I like her a lot… But why are you guys are putting so much faith in it?” Jensen asked getting out of the bathroom, referring to Jared, Gen, Misha, Felicia, Mark and even Cliff, all of them who were pretty excited about the couple. “I don’t know if it will work… She is so much younger than me”

“This is a problem for you?” Jared asked when they got out of Jensen’s room to have breakfast.

“Hm, for me of course not.” Jensen said entering the elevator. “But for her… I don’t know.” He continued and Jared laughed.

“Stop trying to find excuses to not give into this relationship.” Jared said already knowing the resistance his friend had when he started developing feelings for someone since his last girlfriend. But it was time, actually past the time to forget what happened. “You like her, she likes you, what is the worst than can happen?” Jensen just shook his head considering Jared’s words. “After this convention, go see her.”

“Yeah, maybe I will….” Jensen said hiding from his friend the little smile that he couldn’t contain, thinking about you. But well…. Of course Jared saw it.

Jensen had already thought about it, going to your house. But he truly was a bit insecure about it. Okay, who he was trying to fool? He was really insecure. So many things that could go wrong, maybe you didn’t even wanted to see him. But one thing that he was sure of was that he wanted to see you again. He wanted it a lot. And even thought he was tired because of the conventions, you were worth it.

When they finally finished the last panel, Jensen, Misha and Felicia went to Jared and Gen’s room to play cards and drink beer. Something they loved to do when they had free time.

“Noooo, I can’t believe this!” Felicia cried looking at Misha’s cards, and he started laughing. “Stop winning.”

“Don’t think I can do this darling.” Misha said with a smirk and everybody laughed at Felicia’s face.

“I will get another beer.” Jared said getting up.

“Get one for me.” Jensen said when Gen was distributing the cards for a new round. “Thanks.” He said when Jared handed him the bottle. He was about to see his cards when something popped up in his phone screen. Jensen frowned looking at your name facetiming him. Wow… He hadn’t seen this coming. Nice, though.

“What is it J?” Jared asked not giving it much attention.

“Hm… (Y/N) is facetiming me.” He answered and all of them opened their mouths with smirks. He accepted the call and his face lighted when he saw Lottie’s face close to the camera.

“Hi Jens!” She said excited with her cute voice and his friends awned.

“Hey sweetheart.” Jensen said with a big smile. “How are you?” He asked happy to see her again, but still a little bit confused.

“I’m fine and you?” Lottie said and all the people in the room were paying attention to the conversation.

“I’m great… Where’s is your mommy Lottie?” Jensen asked curious.

“Hm… She’s in kitchen. Is gonna be my birthday!” She said excited, still with her face close to the camera, and he could see she was probably in her room.

“Really? You already getting old?” He asked messing with her, noticing that his friends went back to the cards. He got up, sitting in one of the couches of the hotel room, a little far from the table.

“No” Lottie said giggling holding a little stuffed unicorn in her hands. “You want to come to my party?” She asked seeming a little embarrassed to ask that and Jensen literally felt his heart melting.

“Well, yeah, of course.” He said feeling honored by the invitation, and obviously he couldn’t deny it, “When it will be?” He asked but realized that although she was smart for her age and had apparently facetimed him without (Y/N)’s help, she obviously wouldn’t know when her party would be happening.

“I will pass to….” Lottie started but was interrupted when you entered her room looking confused at her with your phone. “Mommy!”

“Lottie what are you doing with my phone?” He heard you ask and saw your surprised face when you got closer.

“I’m talking to Jensen momma.” Lottie replied innocently. “I’m inviting him to my party.”

“Oh my god Lottie.” You said with your eyes wide. Lottie handed you the phone and went back to her toys. You got out of her room and gave Jensen a yellow smile. “Hey, sorry for that, you must be busy.”

“No problem, we’re in Jared and Gen’s room playing carts.” Jensen answered with a small smile looking at you.

“Oh, tell them I said Hi.” You said. “But… I’m really sorry, I have no idea how she managed to FaceTime you” You continued and you both started laughing. This still was a little surreal for you, talking to Jensen Ackles in a video call. Who would have thought.

“She’s a prodigy.” Jensen said smiling. “But about her birthday…”

“Look, I can talk to her. You’re very busy with the series, she will understand.” You said a little embarrassed because of what Lottie did, but well… Kids.

“Actually we just finished our last convention for now, so yeah…. I have some time until I need to go back to the set.” Jensen said. “I would love to go.”

“Hm…really?” You said not expecting this, he surely had more important things to do. Okay, you two talked a lot last night, but you didn’t expect that he wanted so much to get in your pants that he would go to your daughters birthday. Or maybe he just wanted a friend.

Maybe he was gay.

Okay, after that kiss this option was definitely out of question.

“Yeah, I wanted to go back to your city to see you anyway.” He said and you felt your cheeks turning red. “Now I have an excuse…” He continued making you look down and laugh embarrassed. He found it adorable.

“I will message you the details after then.” You said with a smile. “I have to go now.” You said and he nodded.

“Okay, bye (Y/N), talk to you later…” Jensen said with a small smile matching yours, and you turned it off.

“Jensen and (Y/N) under a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” His friends starting singing the childish song messing with Jensen when he put his phone in his pocket, and he rolled his eyes.

“Ohhh Shut up!”


“Hey sis, Rach finished the cake.” Scott told you passing his arms around your shoulders. Scott was your big brother, and even though he had been a little scared of the situation (and pretty mad with Lottie’s father) in the time you got pregnant, he was the one who supported you the most. He was married to Rachel, an adorable girl that was his best friend since always, and they had a little boy named Theodore, that was only one year older than Lottie. They still lived in your family’s city, but whenever they could, they would visit you.

 "Thanks Scotty.“ You said with a sigh and he looked at you raising an eyebrow. 

 "Are you excited?” He asked because you told him about this man that you were talking to, and that was coming to the party. 

 "I’m anxious.“ It had been two weeks that you were talking to Jensen every single day. He was in hiatus break in his house in Austin, and because he had nothing to do, you ended talking all day, and constantly facetiming. It was an incredible connection, you would talk for hours and even so still wouldn’t get enough of it. You’d talk about everything and nothing at the same time. 

 So yeah, you were pretty excited/nervous/anxious to see him. 

 He texted you an hour ago telling you that he Was already in the city, but he would leave his things In the hotel before going to your house. It was a very small party in your apartment, with just a few people, only what you could afford right now, just a little something to make Lottie happy. You called your brother, Amy, Dan (your colleague from work and also your best friend), Michelle, your good friend, and also the mother of Lottie’s best friends, the twins, Jasmine and Ava. Plus one more friend from her pre school, Leo, and Mrs. Alba and her niece, Clary. 

 "Hmm, (Y/N) there’s someone at the door.” Michelle told you pointing at your front door, and you signed. 

 "Can you call Lottie?“ You asked her and she nodded. Lottie and the kids where in her room playing, while the adults were in the living room, kitchen and the balcony.

 You opened the door and couldn’t help but to smile when you saw Jensen standing In front of you with a green sweater matching his eyes and a white bag in his hands, and you could smell the same cologne that he used in the convention. Oh god… 

 "Hey” You said, both of you with small smiles, it was a little strange seeing him in flesh after so many video calls and messages. He immediately put his arms around your waist, hugging you tight. 

 "Hey, beautiful" He said still hugging you. “It’s nice to finally see you in person again." 

 "I can say the same.” You said looking straight into his eyes making him think that this was the perfect moment to kiss you. But even if it was, he didn’t have the chance, because Lottie came running and jumped into his arms. When you facetimed Jensen, your daughter loved to see and talk to him, she really, really liked him. 

 And although this was really nice, it scared you a little… You were scared of hurting Lottie’s feelings if something between you and Jensen didn’t go well. 

“Heey, a little bird told me that a little girl is getting old today.” Jensen said holding her in his arms and tickling her. 

 "I’m not old!“ She said giggling and you smiled, Jensen was incredible with kids.

 "You’re not? How many years then?” He asked and she showed four fingers. He put her in the ground and kneeled down to be in the same height as her.

 "Look, I brought you something.“ He started and you felt your chin drop.

 "Jensen you didn’t have to…” You said and he looked up shaking his head with a smile. “It’s okay, I wanted to.” He said and went back to Lottie. She opened the white package with a mischievous smile and slowly got a blue thing from there that looked like a sweater. 

 "Let’s me see baby.“ You said to your daughter and she handed you. When you extended it you finally understood what it was and it was the most lovely thing you had ever seen. "Oh my god! Look Lottie it’s a unicorn costume!” It was a unicorn jump suit and it was extremely cute. It was in her size, blue, with a purple mane and tail, and a white shiny horn. 

 "I want to put it!“ She cried and Jensen laughed, visibly glad that she liked the gift. You helped her to put it on, and Lottie looked happy because of her new clothing.

 "What do you say to Jensen?” You said to her and she turned to him giving him a hug. 

 "Thank you Jensen" She said and Jensen smiled squeezing her little body.

 "You’re welcome, princess.“ He said giving her a kiss in the forehead. Lottie went running back to her friends and he got up again smiling at you. 

 "C'mon in, I will introduce you to everyone.” You said. “If you don’t mind…. Some of my friends kind of watch the series and…" 

 "It will be a pleasure to meet your friends.” He said interrupting you and you smiled entering the apartment with him behind you. Amy was the first to come say Hi. You’d met her in the supernatural convention, so she obviously was a huge fan of Jensen. He greeted the parents of Lottie’s friends, Mrs. Alba, Dan and Rachel, who watched the series too. And at last, Scott, who although was always overprotective of you, surprisedly liked Jensen a lot. They were talking like they were best friends for years. 

 "Hey momma!“ Lottie said excited when she saw you looking at the kids playing in her room. 

 "Hey honey.” You replied seeing the other kids waving at you too. “Everything okay around here?” You asked and she nodded smiling making you smile too. Wearing this unicorn jump suit just made her look cuter than ever.

 "Enjoying it while you can?“ Someone said behind you, putting a hand in your shoulder and you smiled when you saw Jensen. 

 "She is getting old too fast!” You said looking at Lottie and her friends. “I don’t want her to grow up." 

 "I get it.” He said slowly running his thumb along your shoulder, making you shiver. “Soon she will be a teenager. She will start to do wall paintings and to break public properties…. Just normal teenage stuff.” He said shrugging and you laughed. 

 "I know right?“ You started. "My friend’s daughter doesn’t even help her grandpa to cross the street anymore!” You said and you two laughed. 

 "Such a rebel.“ He said and you both started laughing for no reason. 

 ”(Y/N), shouldn’t we sing 'Happy Birthday’?“ You were interrupted when your brother appeared in the corridor.

 "Oh, yes.” You said shaking your head trying to concentrate, you were incredibly close to Jensen. “Lottie, kids, C'mom!” You called and immediately all of them went running to the kitchen. Rachel already had set up the cake in the kitchen table and all of the guests were standing in front of it. Your daughter jumped in your arms and with Scott by your side, everybody sang Happy Birthday as Amy took pictures of it. “Blow the candles Lottie.” You said and with your help, she managed to blow out all the four candles.

 "Thank you mommy.“ She said looking at you with her big green eyes and you melted. You really didn’t want her to grow up.

 As the time passed, the guests started to leave until only Scott, Rachel and Jensen were left. They helped you clean up a little and organize the apartment while you put Lottie and Theo to sleep. When you were done, you all sat in the living room and talked for hours, Jensen and Scott really got along well. 

 "Okay, I think it’s time to go.” Scott said getting up since they were in a hotel near your house. “I will get Theo.” He continued going to Lottie’s room. 

 "Thank you for everything Rach, I will take you guys to the airport tomorrow.“ You said opening the front door. She hugged you thanking you too, and soon Scott appeared with Theo in his arms and kissed your cheek. You closed the door and sighed, finally alone with Jensen. You smiled making him smile too and sat by his side on the touch. 

 "So….” He started holding your hand. “All this time we spent talking and facetiming just… just made me want to see you even more” He said looking straight into your eyes and even though he seemed confident, you could tell that he was kind of nervous. You were too.

 "Is that so?“ You replied biting your lower lip and he nodded. "I was excited to see you too, I’m glad that you came." 

 "I told you I was.” He said. 

 "I know but I kind of doubted it.“ You said with a yellow smile.

 "What?” He said pretending to be mad.

 "Well yeah.“ You said laughing a little, embarrassed. "I thought you were busy, had more things to do…”

 "Even if I was… I would still prefer to be here.“ He said and you felt your heart accelerating. ”(Y/N), I like you.“ He said taking a deep breath. "And… It has been some time since I liked someone the way I like you.”

 "I like you too Jensen.“ You said looking at his eyes and suddenly his lips were so much closer. "A lot.” You said and he kissed you. Man, you missed his lips. No matter how many times you imagined yourself kissing him again, nothing compared to this moment. One of his hands were in your neck, slowly caressing it with his thumb and the other was in your tight. He got up with you in his arms and stopped kissing you just to ask with swollen and red lips. 

 "Which way?“ 

 "At the end of the corridor.” You said with a little smile of anxiety for what was about to happen. He walked to your room still with you in his arms while you were kissing his neck and slowly lowered you into the bed, climbing on top of you. 

 "You okay with this?“ He said serious stopping what he was doing, studying your face. 

 "Yes.” You answered without hesitation just admiring more this man. 

 "You sure?“ He asked and you nodded. You started kissing again but soon you both were shirtless. 

 This was going to be a long night.

Part 5???

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When you (GF) give more attention for a puppy

When he discovers that you cut yourself

When he sees you fainting

First kiss

When you leave them and they discover it’s because his manager said you to broke up with him

When their girlfriend dumb them

When you say “I love you” for the first time

When it’s a cold summer night and his girlfriend turns on the fan just to make it colder so she can cuddle with them/the blankets

To buying a cat together

When they have an american gf that’s learning korean

To you suggesting you two study together

When they are sick

To you being scared to fall in love with them because of your past

To you being scared of dating them because you’re not asian and younger [ver.1] [ver.2]

To meeting a long-time internet friend for the first time

To you being scared of needles and having to get a shot [ver.1] [ver.2]

To finding another member cutting

Where the members react Woozi dating a girl that’s a few inches taller than him

To them finding their girlfriend talking to the phone in her native language (they don’t understand a word) [ver.1] [ver.2]

When they realise you have their picture as background picture

To them hearing their girlfriend singing for the first time in front of them

If you are married, but you really scared to have kids and they wanna have babys with you

When they kind of like hearing you speak on the phone in another language but you their gf is excited and talking to them in english but she’s from the south an her southern accent comes out an she startes using alot of southern slang and sounds really strange and it’s really fast [ver.1] [ver.2] [ver.3]

To you asking them to help you choose a girly outfit and get your face done (makeup) when you’re a tomboy - PT 1

Where they ask why and you reply to impress someone, but that person is them - PT 2

When you’re a foreigner from Europe and you can’t speak Korean or Chinese

Where they hear you speaking fluent English to a friend, or on accident to them

When you are fangirling another member in front of them

Where they do have a crush on you, but you’re all biased for another member

To finding out the person they have a crush on is non binary

Confessing to you

When you fan girl over another member of their own group/other group

Walking into their gf’s apartment and finding their gf doing housework to adore u and like singing really really loundly

To you suddenly walking in on them while they’re In the shower/naked

To them finding a picture of themselves as your laptop desktop but you two are not dating yet

When their gf suddenly gets into a heated fight with another girl who keeps on checking on them

To meeting you and liking you but then find out you don’t know who seventeen is

To finding out that you (new friend or gf) are a very popular youtuber that does a lot of dance covers/videos and is also a good singer [ver.1] [ver.2]

To you addicted to take photos of them without they noticing

To you being too short to kiss them

How would plan/do to surprise their gf on their first birthday together

To thinking you were the opposite gender

Where you take it to yourself to initiate sexy time by sitting on their lap and while pretending to be innocent you start moving your hips against them

To you their gf sending them a text saying “I see you” or “tie your shoe lace” when you aren’t with them, in a funny way. Being mischievous

When you drunkly/slightly tipsy confess that you like them? You have been friends for a long time and you never hinted your attraction before

When your mother wouldn’t shut up about how much you like them while both of you are present

To you dancing to jyp’s who’s your mama

To you wanting to take them to Trinidad to go to Bacchanal

To pepero game with crush

If you, their crush, say that he is your ideal type

To you being an idol but having drama with their female idol friends therefore you almost end up fighting the other idol

Domestic Drabbles - 6: It’s Not London (Part 1)

Presenting! *drum roll* Part 6 of Domestic Drabbles: A Series! 
More inspiration from my amazing husband!

This one has two parts, so watch for the next one coming soon. Beware the slight angst.

And shoutout to @baz-n-simon for being the most amazing beta, support, and bestie (:


Baz has been having a string of bad days lately. When he comes over, he’s grumpy and frustrated, and we always end up arguing over pointless things before he leaves for the night. We’re both so fiery and stubborn that neither of us can back down. Sometimes these fights are so intense that I’m so sure he wouldn’t even bother coming over the next day. But he always does. Everyday.

Most of the time, we don’t talk about it. The arguments or Baz’s bad day. It’s not that we avoid the conversation; it’s just that I rarely ask and he rarely offers. I’ve never been great with words, so I made a rule for myself to not force others to talk if they don’t want to. And Baz tends to avoid talking about most of his feelings, like he always has, so the conversation never happens. Penny says that this isn’t healthy, but when has mine and Baz’s relationship ever been an example of perfection?

But now, Baz is standing in front of me, in the doorway of my bedroom, looking like he might cry at any moment, and I immediately decide to break my rule.

“Baz.” I gently touch his hand that’s gripping the doorknob. “What- what’s wrong?” He’s so delicate like this, so fragile, like if touched him any more, he would break.

He shifts his gaze around my face, like he’s unsure, or thinking. Then he furrows his brow and touches my shoulder, then gently pushes me aside.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Snow,” he says. He walks over to my bed and just plops down on it, stomach first and dead-weight. Literally dead-weight, my mind adds. And then I frown.

“Baz,” I say. He just sighs into the sheets, then grabs a pillow and places it over his head.

“I said I don’t want to talk about it.”

I frown at him again. At this point, I would just go to the kitchen for snacks and let Baz fume through what was bothering him. But with that look on his face, I’m suddenly determined to get him to tell me.

“Baz,” I say again, and he groans. He then grabs the entire blanket from the end of the bed and pulls it on top of him.

“No, Snow.”

I walk over to his legs that are sticking off the bed, and I touch his ankle gently.

“Tell me,” I say. It wasn’t a demand; more of a subtle plea.

He lets out a muffled huff. “No, Snow,” he says again.

I crawl onto the bed and sit beside him. “Please tell me,” I say, laying my hand on his back.

“No.” He pulls the edges of the blanket closer to him. “Can’t you leave me alone?”

“Nope,” I say, grabbing the edges of the blanket near his face. I try to yank them away, but Baz’s death-grip is unmatched. His literal death-grip, my mind adds. And I frown again. I can’t seem to turn off the vampire jokes today.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Baz says, tucking the blanket it under him. “Let me hide here in peace.”

“I want you to talk about it, Baz,” I say. I roll on top of him and sit on his back, pinning the back of his legs down with my feet. “I’m not going to let you hide.” I grab the blanket in front of his face and pull it upward.

“Ugh, Snow. Get off,” he says, trying to hold the blanket down. He moves around slightly, trying to shake me off, but I have the upperhand. Literally.

I manage to pull the blanket out of one of Baz’s hands, and I peel it back off part of his face. He immediately turns his head over and hides his face in the other hand.

“Leave me alone,” he says, but it’s less upset sounding and more grumpy.

“I will leave you alone if you tell me,” I say, tugging at the blanket in his other hand.


I start to frown, but my lip suddenly curls upward into a smirk. I push Baz’s hair away from his temple, lean down, and kiss him gently there. And then again. And again.

“Please tell me,” I say, curling my fingers into his hair.

He just buries his face even more into his blanketed hand.

“Baz,” I mumble against his temple.

“No, Snow.”

I kiss his temple again, then start pushing the blanket away from his face. He tries to fight me, holding onto the blanket as much as possible, but I keep managing to push it further and further away. I kiss each area of his face as I uncover it. I kiss the top of his cheekbone, and then his cheek, and his jaw, and then his nose. He has his eyes scrunched closed, so I kiss his eyelids, and then his forehead. I linger back along his temple, then kiss his ear.

“Baz,” I whisper into it.

He groans. “Fine,” he says, opening his eyes and letting go of the blanket. “I’ll tell you.”

I smile at him and lean up. As I begin to relax, Baz pushes my shoulder and tries to roll, pushing me off in the process. He almost succeeds in escaping, but as he rolls over, I pin one of his arms down so he can’t get up and roll back on top of him.

“You’re not going anywhere until you tell me,” I say. He tries to push at me with his free arm, but I pin that down as well. I’m inches away from his face now, and he’s glaring at me, his pupils enlarging, so I glare back.

We hold our glares at each other for a moment before he huffs in defeat. “Fine, Snow, fine. Just let go of my arms.”

“I will give you one arm,” I say.

He grins at this, and I feel my whole body relax. I didn’t even realize how tense I had been until now.

“Fine,” he says, still grinning. “One arm.”

I let go of his left arm, and he immediately places his hand on my leg, stroking his thumb along it. His grin suddenly disappears though, and I feel myself tense up again.

“My father,” he says, and his eyes shift away from me. “He’s never approved of my choice in Universities. London has never been prestigious enough for him. He wants me to go to Oxford.”

I raise my eyebrow at him. “Oxford? What’s wrong with that?”

His gaze falls back on me. “It’s not London, Snow.”

“I don’t understand, Baz,” I say, and I truly don’t. Oxford is prestigious. Baz is prestigious. It makes sense for him to go there.

Baz wiggles his arm that I’ve pinned down, and I let it go, leaning up in the process. He immediately grabs my hand and squeezes it. His eyes lock with mine, and they’re filled with so much sadness that my chest starts to hurt.

“It’s not London, Simon.”

(Part 2)

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Fandom Asks: Send Me A Number

1. Character in my fandoms that I think I’m most like.
2. What character archetype am I attracted to?
3. First ever ship and why.
4. How much has your life change ever since you started fangirling/fanboying?
5. Top 3 Favorite TV shows.
6. Top 3 Favorite movies.
7. Top 3 Favorite books.
8. Dream crossover?
9. Character death you still haven’t moved on yet?
10. Craziest fangirl/fanboy moment?
11. Ever cosplayed a character/dream cosplay?
12. Make me choose between two characters.
13. Make me choose between two ships.
14. Favorite fanfiction read/written.
15. Most loathed character. EVER.
16. Favorite villain/s.
17. A show you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
18. A character you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
19. A ship you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
20. Your ultimate OTP?
21. Any fandom related question you can think of. :)

Things Fangirls can do when they're bored

Warning: this is actually a list full of bad advice


1. Start making deductions
2. Shoot the wall
3. Wear a white sheet
4. Forget your pants
5. Fake your own death…. okay you probably shouldn’t do that…
6. Go to your mind palace
7. If you don’t have a mind palace, create one
8. Turn up the collar of your coat so you look cool
9. Tell everyone to shut up because they lower the IQ of the whole street
10. Jump off…. no wait…
11. Steal the Crown Jewels …. okay no, that’s a bad idea too
12. Hack into your schools server and play “Did you miss me?” On every screen (please send me a video if you do that)
13. Make a human sacrifice to Moffat so he won’t kill any more characters
14. Set your ring tone to “Stayin’ Alive”
15. Don’t trust cab drivers
16. Go to London
17. Spy on your whole Family like Mycroft (it’s of national importance)
18. If you have a mind palace, delete the solar system
19. Quote Sherlock at least once in a conversation
20. Make “Sherlocked” your phone passcode

Doctor Strange

1. Text and Drive and become Sorcerer Supreme (no please don’t)
2. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you had a sling ring and/or the eye of Agamotto, instead of solving problems like a normal human being
3. Learn the hand movements
4. Throw people that you don’t like into another dimension
5. ‘Bargain’ with everyone
6. Always read the whole book- the warnings come after the spell
7. Never loose your sling ring
8. Learn the medical terms
9. Sound smart by randomly saying those terms
10. Drink tea from Nepal and hope you’ll develop mystic art skills
11. Make “shamblla” your WiFi password
12. contact Dormammu and open the Dark Dimension (okay this list is full of bad advice)
13. Quote Doctor Strange at least once in a conversation
14. Don’t walk the streets with an Infinity Stone
15. Listen to Beyoncé songs
16. Listen to the Songs Stephen listens to during the surgery scene
17. Make a portal and steal (borrow) books from the library
18. Go to Kathmandu and hope to find Kamar Taj
19. Bend and shape reality
20. Ask people what’s 'Wong’ (and use this pun way too often in general)

Doctor Who

1. Eat fish fingers and custard
2. Wear a bow tie
3. Buy a fez
4. Buy a sonic screwdriver (and annoy everyone around you)
5. Don’t diss the Sonic
6. Change your alarm clock to the Daleks saying “Exterminate”
7. Always bring a banana to a party
8. Only open doors after you pointed your sonic screwdriver at it
9. Call everything 'fantastic’
10. Say “come along Ponds” whenever you go somewhere with your friends
11. Say Allons-y before you go somewhere
12. Yell 'EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!’ in a Dalek voice when your teacher moves on too fast
13. Use timey-wimey instead of time
14. Make a human sacrifice to Moffat so he won’t kill any more characters
14. Declare war on the moon
15. freak out when you see a crack in a wall
16. yell “Don’t blink!” Whenever you see a statue
17. be scared of WiFi
18. be scared of gas masks
19. Quote the Doctor at least once in a conversation
20. Use the TARDIS to shorten the waiting time for the next Sherlock season (or any other movie/TV show)


1. Tell everyone to watch their language
2. Listen to the songs Star Lord has on his Walkman
3. If someone says “I have a [insert random thing]” reply by saying “we have a Hulk”
4. Eat Shawarma
5. Paint your face green when you’re angry
6. Say “I am Groot” at random times
7. say “please be a secret door, please be a secret door, please be a secret door” before you open doors
8. write “you know who I am” on name tags
10. say “I possess the power of Thor! I am worthy!’ Whenever you use a hammer
11. Build an Iron Man suit
12. Quote any Superhero at least once in a conversation
13. Find your awesome facial hair bro
14. Don’t press the button that will kill everything
15. Tell people that they look disgusting but are beautiful from the inside
16. Beware of ice (especially if you are a super solider)
17. Create Ultron
18. Build an arc reactor
19. Have 12% of a plan
20. Remember: you can do this all day (I mean we’re Fangirls)

How many things are you guilty of?

KatyMac’s Writing Gif Challenge!!

It’s crazy!! I was expecting to have this up as soon as I hit 900 but I’m way over that now!! Thank you to everyone who has followed me, and read and commented on my stories. It means so much!! I love you guys so many!!

I asked around, and people sounded interested in doing a challenge if I set one up, so here it is! I want to keep it pretty basic and simple so anyone can do it. If you’ve never written before but want too, I want you to go for it!! I will do my best to help you out, don’t be afraid to ask!!

It’s pretty simple. Pick a gif and write a story with it!

Rules and gifs are under the keep reading! 

So, on to the rules:

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Friday, I’m in love... With your writing! (Week 11)


I decided to change the approach on this mother and include several of the many fics and authors that tag me every week, in order to don’t leave people out. 

I get tag in lots of wonderful stories and I try to read them all so… Ana’s Crushes has become… a Fic Rec LIST! YAY!!! 

Here are the ones I read this week (the ones I remember actually, sorry!!!), please tag me in all your SPN related work and be patient while I read it all.

Dean x Reader

Mission Distraction by @chelsea072498 (Crack-ish)

The Start of an Apple Pie Life by @deanssweetcherrypie (Fluff)

Frozen (Part 3 If It Can Bleed 1-2) by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (Bit of Fluff, mostly Angst)

Wake Up Sweetheart by @jensen-jarpad (Crack-ish)

Wrath by @waywardjoy (Angst) 

Sam x Reader

What He Never Had (Part 1) by @imagineteamfreewill (bit of Angst, Cliffhanger)

Love Hurts by @thegreatficmaster (ANGST) 

I Confess (Part 6 X) by @deathtonormalcy56 (Mostly Angst)

Cats and Dogs by @just-another-busy-fangirl (Fluff)

Cas X Reader

The warrior (Part 2 of Destined 1by @wheresthekillswitch (Angst, Fluff)

Stress Relief @pinknerdpanda (Fluff) 

Mr Ketch x Reader

Never Say Never 6 (X) by @wayward-mirage (Smut)

Ruby x Reader

Hot Drabble by @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname (Smut)


Rock Star!Misha x Reader 

Angel Of Rock 3 (1 - 2) by @fandommaniacx (Mostly Fluff)

a few reflections on Jane and Kurt in 2.20


Originally posted by mrsfefeninja

2. This was a really really really good episode. I mean it was an almost flawless episode. And that means the Jeller was also flawless.

3. But how can you say that, Yas? Didn’t you see how horrible things are now between them? Yes, yes I saw. But still this is good.

4. This is as good as the “more than anything” scene. There I said it.

5. Why am I writing this in a numbered list? There is absolutely no reason for me to be doing this.

6. And yet here we are… but yes, Jeller. Oh the Jeller. In all their angsty angsty beauty.

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Tugging Your Ear With Sky & Cassey 
Episode 5: May Singer

It’s the month of May! Let’s talk about our favourite strawberry tart loving sister!

Feature Blogger: @book-and-comic-fangirl
Her May Singer Article (Page 2)

Credits to @that-new-book-and-tea-smell for starting May Singer Month 

May Singer Month Posts:

1) May’s Theme by @da-real-hijabis-of-illea

2) May Singer Moodboard by moi aka @skylars-selection

3) Ginger Katniss (oops it’s May) by @thedandelioninperspective

Personal Blogs:

Debut Host/Writer (give her a round of applause): @thedandelioninperspective

Editor/Co-Founder: @skylars-selection

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Bright Colors (Chpt 2)

AU were everyone sees in black and white, until they meet their soulmate. Then they start to see colors and it’s awesome. You hadn’t and thought that it would never happen, but maybe there is someone out there for you.

Of a tumbler imagine. I worked it out as a fanfic, because I liked the concept. This will have a total of 3 chapters.

Fandom: Supernatural

Relationship: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Minor Violance, Abuse in last chapter

Word count: 1,487

Chapter 1 Chapter 3

Originally posted by impalaimagining

Stunned at the reflection in the mirror, you stared a little longer at yourself. Your heart pounded so hard you could hear it. You were so excited, that you could feel a pressure of joy on your chest. Your mind was full with questions, what do the other colors look like? What would their name be?

But wait a second… This means that… My soulmate, I have found my soulmate! I’m not going to spend the rest of my life alone! That was actually one thing you were pretty sure about, that you wouldn’t never find somebody. But now it’s reality.

A wide smile grew on your face, the more you thought about it. Sarah! You had to tell her, she would be so excited. You run out of the bathroom to your bed, you hit your foot against the side of it. Stopping for a second to curse, but the pain didn’t last long. You picked up your phone from the nightstand, calling Sarah.

Impatiently you tapped your foot up and down, hearing the phone ring a few times.

“Hallo?” Sarah’s voice was cracked and sleepy, like she just woke up. “Hey, Sarah you are never going to belief what happened.”

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I was tagged by @victorian-sexstache like ages ago but Im finally doing it
Five things that make me happy
2: Hamilton
3: the fact that I’m going to get out of my fucking awful school in just over a month
4: my friends
5: my choice to start pursuing acting instead of what my parents want
I tag @unhooking-stars @francisballoonpants @ro-of-rohan @the-biggest-johnlock-fangirl @cyanide-ace @rated-r-for-grantaire @chocolatemika @caramelsocks @ella-of-the-rocks @snuffles05

sqiderling  asked:

top 3 british people (can be people who aren't celebrities too if you know any)

1. Tom Holland, because he’s just, ugh, I can’t put into words. 

2. Tom Hardy, aside from Dylan and Cole Sprouse being the start of my fangirl life, Tom Hardy was my first legitimate man celebrity crush. Whew. 

3. Tom Hiddleston, how can you not adore this sweet, sweet, man? He’s so charismatic and just damn. 

I just realized my top three British people are all Tom’s. I die. Them Brits know how to make a good Tom. 

Sasusaku rant part 1

God do I hate sasusaku… 

It is the worse of the worse pairings.. 
I hate it more than Naruhina/SaiIno… 

My hatred for this pairing is contribute to three things.. 

1. How bad the characters are together… 
2. How bad it is Manga/filler wise….
3. How bad the fandom is.. 

This is going to be a massive ass rant, so I will be slowly doing this blog in parts… I will start with 1…The characters, Sakura/Sasuke


The fact that the only personality trait sakura ever has around sasuke is 10 year old fangirl, should tell you this pairing is shallow.. 
Sakura gives up being friends with Ino ((not the other way around bitches)) because she wants to be with sasuke……

She grows her hair long just to please Sasuke, and is like a little lap dog when it comes to sasuke.. Listening to his every word, and doing everything he wants. 

Sasusaku fan: That is sakura showing love. 

That is obsessive and very unhealthy attraction…. 
She knew nothing about sasuke ((Still doesnt… The whole glasses talk with sarada)) She had no idea what was going on in sasuke’s life, and so couldnt be there for him or relate with him, AND she only likes sasuke because he is good looking and strong.. ((just like every girl in the series))
If team 7 replaced sasuke with choji, sakura wouldnt give two shits or care about choji, and would of ended up with naruto…

It sounds like I hate sakura.. Well at the start yes, because that was her trait…

“Sasuke sasuke sasuke”

But as soon as sasuke left, SHE BECAME A BETTER AND STRONGER PERSON!
But sadly when sasuke came back….. =____=  

A. All these scene show me nothing, but sakura begging and being a fangirl again!!!! If sakura was truly developed character, she would of demanded an apology or rejected sasuke’s poke because she would of learned that SHE DIDNT NEED ANYONE TO BE A STRONG PERSON! 
But no… Its back to “sasuke sasuke sasuke” Getting mad and destroying the house because someone questioned her loyalty to sasuke… FUCK THIS SAKURA!!!!

sasusaku fan: It just shows you how loyal sakura is.. 

No, it just shows you how desperate and sad sakura is… T  T 
I mentioned this a couple times but sasuke never kissed sakura, or was never there for her when she was raising his child..  
It wouldnt even surprise me if they never had sex. 
“But poops whatever, how did they have sarada?” 
I have a theory that Sarada is a DNA test tube experiment baby, which they used sasuke sperm, and sakura being desperate volunteered to carry.. 
It would explain sasuke’s confusion when he first met sarada/almost killing her… 

It makes a whole lot more sense then them having sex…..I mean he never kissed or shown any affection towards the woman.. 

So yeah, sakura last bio of sasusaku…

Sakura is a fangirl…  Still puppies over sasuke.. 
Sakura is lonely and desperate.. Raises Sasuke’s child for 12 years without sasuke knowing/caring
Sakura doesnt get any affection from sasuke at all… Yet she still comes back… 

Sakura has not improved, just failed as a end game character, which is sad because sakura had alot of potential…But its all down the shitter for sakura, and its all because of sasusaku…  

I will do rant 2, and it will be about sasuke and his part… 
Stay tuned.. 

The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- The MakoRin Part
The "Iwa-Same" Cafe Drama Clip- The MakoRin Part

Due to popular demand, here’s the MakoRin part of the live drama from the seiyuu event~ Audio clip credit goes to the lovely saerigraphie! Also, please do NOT share this outside of tumblr!


Nagisa: All right, for the next practice session we’ll have Mako-chan take the order and Rin-chan will be the customer!

Makoto: I don’t know if I can…

Rin: Okay, start whenever!

Nagisa: Alrighty then, 3, 2, 1, GO!

Makoto: Thank you very much for waiting. May I take your order, sir?


Momo: I feel like he would be perfect for this job!


Nitori: (Translator’s Note: I honestly have no idea what Nitori is saying because of the fangirl screaming all around because this is the part where Rin approaches Makoto and looks like he’s going to kiss him by rubbing his face all over the space between Makoto’s upper lip and nose LOL)

Rin: Seems like I got his attention.

Makoto: Sir, I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Rin: Yeah.

Makoto: Sir, it seems that it was very cold outside, correct?

Rin: Right.

Makoto: If you would like, I can bring out a nice hot drink to warm you up!



Translator’s Notes: *I’m not 100% sure if this is what Rei said as the fangirling game too strong

**Rin is acting like one of those classic yakuza badass guys who come in and wreck things LOL

probalicious17  asked:

What are your favorite web series? I just started finished Poe Party and I need more!!!!!!

Ooooh my dear you have opened a Pandora’s box of webseries fangirling. 

So because Poe Party’s cinematically shot, I’ll start with a few of those:

(Mostly) Cinematic Webseries

Firstly if you haven’t seen it, Shipwrecked’s previous series “Kissing in the Rain” is very sweet, just about 2 sets of actors who always end up playing romantic leads (usually in literary adaptations) and how different their relationships off-camera are. . Although it’s lots of mini-adaptations of pieces of writing she likes rather than a running narative, I also really like Yulin Kuang (1/3 of Shipwrecked)’s series “I Didn’t Write This”, it’s so pretty.


is about a misfit group of American College kids who basically start their own pirate radio channel and it’s adorable and funny:

 (And also this creative/production group generally have the BEST bts videos, almost as fun to watch as the actual series.). By the same team there’s

Pantheon University ,

which is a series of interlocking stories all based on modernisations of different myths about gods in the Greek Pantheon. And every episode is also really stylistically different which is cool, there’s even a musical episode :)

Bright Summer Night isn’t my favourite series by The Candle Wasters but it has moments of pure genius, it’s a modernisation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream set at a New Zealand house party.

The Vault is more of a thriller-type series with lots of cool twists where you’re constantly trying to work out what’s going on. It’s based around the idea of a reality show where college students are all trapped in a vault of rooms trying to solve this huge puzzle together but then things start going wrong and no one’s sure whether it’s part of the game. I personally wasn’t thrilled with the ending but it’s still a great ride. Trigger Warning for scenes suggesting suicide.

Couple-ish is a comedy-drama where Dee is a non binary person whose sister convinces them to pretend to be in a relationship with her crush Rachel to stop her getting deported but Dee’s also just got a new boyfriend and it all snowballs. There’s some vlog-style videos too because that’s the main way Rachel and Dee stage their fake dating to the world. It’s pretty excellent. 

Titus and Dronicus is really short but it’s about a duo of incompetent detectives trying to solve the case of Hamlet and it’s hilarious.

All’s Fair Play basically about an engagement party that goes horribly wrong and also every character is based on a Shakespeare character. Definitely gets better as it goes but it’s not that long really anyway.

Webseries about Famous Writers

The Writing Majors is vlog-style and also one of my all time favourite series. It’s basically about if Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde and Emily Dickenson were all modern day college students who shared a flat and it’s really sincere and lovely.

Words with Wilde is another vlog-style series, this time about the life of Australian teenage Oscar Wilde (Isn’t he popular)

Blank Verse I haven’t personally seen this one but I know it’s about modern versions of renaissance writers

A few more of my all-time favourites

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a vlog-style modernisation of Jane Eyre, revolutionised vlog-style series and beliefs about the budget and resources you needed to make one when it came out and just really beautifully told, probably my favourite ever webseries.

Nothing Much to Do is based on Much Ado about Nothing, its sequel Lovely Little Losers is based off Love Labours Lost, both made by a group of young women in New Zealand about a group of late school/early university kids in Nnew Zealand, both vlog-style and warm and inventive and excellent. They are why Jane Eyre is only “probably” my favourite ever webseries. 

From Mansfield with Love is a modernisation of Mansfield Park and their take on “Frankie” Price especially is truly amazing. It’s also one of the relatively few british literary vlogseries. . (It is also super long.) Don’t want to be too overdramatic but these 3 lots of series in combination at least helped get me through a lot of bad times, at most possibly saved my life, so they’re pretty special and brilliant. 

The Misselthwaite Archives is one I helped to develop and write a bit, it’s gorgeously shot and snarky and sad and hopeful and concise. part vlog style, part cinematic, path other styles.

Currently Airing

If you want something new to follow along with…

The Better Strangers is technically a sequel series but watching the first one isn’t mandatory and I think the crew really hit their stride with this one. Vlog-style loose modernisation of As You Like It, very funny.

The Adventures of Serena Berg is a modernisation of Cyrano de Bergerac. Again, snarky and sad and great fun. Also the first literary webseries I’ve seen with a trans woman protag which is cool

The Cate Morland Chronicles cute modernisation of Northanger Abbey where Cate is like a fandom journalist (There’s also a previous vlog-style adaptation of Northanger Abbey which I probably prefer, Northbound  but I just love that there’s 2 to pick fro. )

Project Green Gables A vlog-style modernisation of Anne of Green Gables that constantly makes excellent adaptation choices (For example Anne’s black and buys dodgy hair relaxer instead of green hair dye.) very charming, currently airing it’s second season . Again, there’s a previous, more sticking-to-the-source-text adaptation called Green Gables Fables that finished a few months back and is adorable.  

I haven’t managed to catch The Uncanny Upshurs yet but that started a few days ago, promises to have magic and drama and has a great team behind it

Mina Murray’s Journal finished like last week? It’s quite a clever Dracula modernisation with great production value.

There’s also the series I created (With a lot of collaboration and help with amazing people) Away from it All, which is a vlog-styleish modernisation of Far from the Madding Crowd and we’re releasing our 6th episode this Thursday :)

This got shorter as it went because I really should have gone to bed an hour ago xD anyway, hope that helps!! Wishing you good fortune on your webseries journey  x


Okay so here you have my masterlist.

Here you cand find my old and new imagines and one shots from:


-The 100

-American Horror Story



Gif imagines:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12  / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 /  20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 / 31 / 32 / 33 / 34 / 35 / 36 / 37 / 38 / 39 / 40 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45

One Shots:

Dean ->

~ My darkest secret

~ Perfect

~ My girl

~ Fangirling 

~ Just Words

~ Everything started with vampires…

~ Saying goodbye…

Sam ->

~ Sorry

~ Cheers!

Castiel ->

~ Funny Moments 

~ Selective Blindness 

~ A nice guy? (1) (2)

~Changes (1) (2)

Team Free Will ->

~ Children Issues

Crowley ->

~ Comforted by a demon

Lucifer ->

- He fancies you

Series -> 

~ The Bet (Sam x Reader)

~ The day I was born (Reader x ???)


~ Carrying you to bed 

~ When you’re sick

~ The morning after 

~ During a storm 

American Horror Story:

Gif imagines:

1 / 2

The 100:

Gif imagines: 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Bellamy Blake ->

~ Discovering 

~ I’m here for you

~ Fierce

~ Mistakes

~ Flowering (AU)

~ Baby on board 

~ Promise me 

John Murphy ->

~ “John”

~ Keep my secret


Jughead Jones ->


~ Truth comes first (Masterlist)


Holy apple pie, I can’t believe I’ve reached 100 followers! First and foremost, a sincere and humble THANK YOU to all of you beautiful people! God damn, you’re amazing and this fandom SERIOUSLY has the best people! 

Second, how about a SPN fanfic challenge???

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Challenge Rules:

1. Gotta follow me @mrsbatesmotel53

2. Must be reader insert and Supernatural, but other than that it’s up to you and anything is a go!!

3. Your fic must contain the following:

a) A song from the list below. Send me an Ask or a message to request your song, one fic per jam

b) A motel: you must reference it, mention it, something, anything to do with a motel somewhere in your story; because I am Mrs. Bates! ;-)

c) Gotta tag me and tag #mrsbateschallenge in the first 3 tags -If I don’t reblog your fic in a day or so please send me a message!

4. Fics due for the masterlist February 28th! If you need an extension, it’s wavy gravy, just message me!

Hopefully that covers most of it! If you have any questions, ask away!

Let’s get to the music! I’m gonna start with 30 songs, but I have plenty more if needed!


1. Heaven Nor Hell- Volbeat

2. Push- Thousand Foot Crutch

3. Amen- Halestorm

4. The Otherside- Red Sun Rising

5. Madness- Muse- @mysteriouslyme81

6. Do I Wanna Know- Arctic Monkeys @megansescape

7. Jekyll and Hyde- Five Finger Death Punch @jalove-wecallhimdean

8. Could Have Been Me- The Struts- @just-another-busy-fangirl

9. Fire- Barns Courtney

10. Falls on Me- Fuel

11. Come With Me Now- Kongos - @mrsbatesmotel53

12. Roses- The Chainsmokers- @destiel-addict-forever

13. Blank Space- Taylor Swift - @bigdaddymongoose

14. Talking Body- Tove Lo

15. Edge of Glory- Lady Gaga -  @theroute63

16. One More Night- Maroon 5- @fandommaniacx

17. Take Me Down- Pretty Reckless - @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian

18. Hard to Concentrate- Red Hot Chili Peppers

19. Apocalyptic- Halestorm - @riversong-sam

20. Trip Switch- Nothing But Thieves

21. Howlin’ for You- The Black Keys

22. Heathens- Twenty One Pilots- @mindinmarianatrench

23. Big Bad Wolf- In This Moment- @darkoblivion890

24. Something to Believe- Young the Giant @idreamofhazel

25. The Light- Disturbed @kalliravenne

26. Do You Wanna Touch- Joan Jett- @mamaredd123

27. Just Like Jesse James- Cher

28. Shake it Out- Florence and the Machine

29. We Are Young- Fun

30. Paralyzer- Finger Eleven- @percussiongirl2017

Gonna tag the usual suspects and some others to get the word out to any writers that may be interested! Any additional noise you can make for me would be much appreciated!! 

Let me know if you want to be added/removed to/from the list! (Sorry if you were tagged and didn’t want to be… it’s only because I think you’re awesome!) 

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1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?

YOONGI. I first saw him in the opening to “I need u” and boom i was done for

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(i mean come on, how can you not love him)

2. Who is your current bias?

minsugagenius jjang jjang man bboongbboong

3. What is your favorite Bangtan Bomb?

170117 Bomb where our orange haired cutie Hobi just went around fangirling and interacting with the members and Yoongi’s sarcastic ass had to difficult

4. What is your favorite BTS song?


5. Which member is your bias wrecker?

this cutie who is determined to be the most beautiful shining sun in the whole world

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6. Which member appears most in your dreams?

I’ve actually only had 1 dream at BTS and they were all in it so…. I never have/remember my dreams sadly

7. What is your favorite BTS MV?

Well i love Save Me but Spring Day also has a soft spot in my heart

8. What is your favorite BTS Choreography? 

either Save me or Baepsae depends on my mood 

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(im a girl of simple taste)

9. Which choreography due you dance to most often?


10. How long have you been an ARMY? 

almost 2 years 

11. Which album track list is your favorite?

HYYH pt. 2 (shit is still fire)

12. Which album art is your favorite?

Wings (it’s simple and pleasing)

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?

i mean….is this even a question 

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Reading List 2017

Well New Year Means A New Reading List To Concur Here It Is.

Update: May: It’s Been A Slow Start But I’m pluckin away.. Added Another Book

Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children: Book 2 Hollow City & Book 3 Library of Souls By Ransom Riggs~ On Hold

Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell~ Finished 

Carry On By Rainbow Rowell

The Shack By William P. Young~ Finished

Undertow Trilorgy 1, 2 & 3 Michael Buckley~ Currently Reading Book 3

Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon


The Infernal Devices 1~3 By Cassandra Clare

The Dark Artifices:lord Of Shadows By Cassandra Clare

The DUFF & Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger

Isle of the Lost The & Return to the Isle of the Lost A Descendants Novel By Melissa De La Cruz

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1~5 By Rick Riordan

Carve The Mark By Veronica Roth