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“Least popular opinion: I think KS actually should be considered an important part of LGBT+ media. There’s no rule that all representation HAS to be healthy and positive - if anything, when done well, showing the realities of the reverse can resonate with people better. Abusive, toxic gay relationships do occur and I can’t name more than one or two other titles depicting it, compared to the hundreds featuring hetero couples. It doesn’t mean that you’re normalizing abuse, just talking about it.”

- thats-miss-spider-to-you

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you are so great and i'm so happy you bless us with your wonderful art. I HOPE YOU ARE WELL AND THAT YOUR WEEK IS GREAT!! gently lobs a packet of timtams your way and runs off

Thank you for your kind donation, I’ve sent it off to the owls for their hard work!!

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My mental health has been taking a steady dive the past few months, and there are honestly times I would just like to yell at everything in my head to be quiet. Except it doesn't work. Anyways, Anabasis is really, really cathartic for me and I was wondering if you could post anything from it? I don't care what, since literally everything you write for this 'verse does the trick.

Hey anon, I’m really sorry for the week-long wait, and I hope you’ve been coping okay. Writing Anabasis is pretty cathartic for me, so I’m glad it’s good for other people, too.

I really wanted to finish up this section so I could post it for you - hope you like it! This snippet follows immediately after the last snippet I posted. (So I think this marks the first time I’ve posted two bits that actually connect!) It also makes reference to this snippet.

In which Anakin explains his new tattoo, Padmé learns she was baby Vader’s secret hero, and Orn Free Taa should probably start running.

Warnings for discussion of slavery, references to Anakin’s transmitter explosion, and very oblique references to conditioning and abuse of children.

All of that said, this is actually a pretty happy snippet.

They talked in circles for another two hours, and by the time Padmé saw her guests out, very little had changed. Taa and his cronies remained unmoved, and still planned to bring their bill to a vote, in spite of their demonstrated inability to defend it with anything other than easily debunked talking points. She was still less confident than she’d like to be that they would fail. But at least they now seemed more sullen than smug. And they’d kept glancing nervously at Anakin and then away.

He’d joined their meeting ostensibly as an unofficial representative of the Outer Rim Territories, but he’d referred more often to Imperial policies than to Tatooine. As political tactics went, it was both transparent and stunningly effective.

And Padmé would be lying if she said she hadn’t enjoyed watching it play out.

So she was more than a little surprised when, after the last of her guests had gone, Anakin turned to her with a set jaw and shuttered eyes and snapped, “I’m not going to apologize.”

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Because apparently an emergency one-shot is required?

[The Bellas enter the lobby of their quaint and colourful Spanish hotel. Chicago strides up to the reception desk to gather their room keys. Beca hangs back with Fat Amy, Aubrey, Flo and Emily. Jessica and Ashley stand behind them with Cynthia-Rose and Lily. Chloe stands a few paces in front of them, eagerly waiting for Chicago to return to them. Chicago smiles at Chloe as he returns to the group then steps past her to hold out the keys to their hotel rooms.]

CHICAGO: 5 keys. 10 Bellas. That’s one room between two.

[Jessica, Flo, Cynthia-Rose, Aubrey and Fat Amy each take a key. Beca is too busy looking unimpressed at Chicago. Fat Amy returns to her side.]

BECA: *mutters* So he can add, big whoop… 

[Chicago steps over to Chloe, smiling at her and Chloe smiles back] 

BECA: *still muttering to Fat Amy* I can add too: 2 + 2 = 4…see?

[Fat Amy turns to Aubrey and they both roll their eyes at each other. Jessica & Ashley, Cynthia-Rose & Lily, Emily & Flo all pair off and begin making their way up to their hotel rooms. Fat Amy & Aubrey have stepped away from Beca, but Beca is frozen, watching Chloe smile stupidly at Chicago.]

CHICAGO: You have an amazing smile

[Chloe beams at him]

CHICAGO: I look forward to seeing more of you over the next few weeks.

CHLOE: I look forward to seeing more of you too…

[Beca watches them unhappily. Fat Amy and Aubrey walk back over to her and Aubrey hands her key out to Beca. Beca looks at it with a furrowed brow.]

AUBREY: Go on. You’re sharing with Chloe.


FAT AMY: For crying out loud Beca make the most of the opportunites you’ll get alone with her without marine guy over there sniffing around!

[Beca, Fat Amy, and Aubrey look over at Chicago as they see him typing his number into Chloe’s phone. Beca grabs the key from Aubrey.]

BECA: Screw it!

[Fat Amy and Aubrey grin at each other and Beca gives them a grateful smile. Aubrey calls out to Chloe.]

AUBREY: Chloe!

[Chloe is biting her bottom lip as she look over her shoulder at them.]

CHICAGO: I’d better leave you ladies to get settled. See you tomorrow…Chloe?

CHLOE: Chloe, yeah!

[Chicago smiles, then walks past Aubrey, Fat Amy and Beca to leave the hotel. They say mumbled, awkward goodbyes. Chloe joins them.]

AUBREY: Chloe you’re sharing with Beca.

[Chloe looks surprised but smiles at Beca who gives her an awkward grin. Fat Amy beams at both of them. Aubrey begins making her way to the elevators. Fat Amy quickly follows her. Beca motions to the elevators, in a chivalrous manner and Chloe beams at her.]

BECA: After you…

CHLOE: Thank you…

[Chloe begins walking to the elevators to join Aubrey & Fat Amy who are both smiling at them, with Beca walking close to her, nervously twiddling their hotel key between her fingers.]


(( OOC: So this… this literally the first time I ever attempted cosplay. I don’t think these gifs even made it online. And as god-awful and cringy as they are, it’s still pretty to funny to think that’s where this whole thing began.

With dip-dyed hair and a shitty eyeliner beard. ))