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heith week day 2 - gain/loss

to tell their friends and family about adopting a new family member, keith and hunk do one of those stupid family portrait style reveals with their lil cat furriosa 

contrary to popular belief it was actually keith’s idea…… this is probably one of the more serious pics :’> hunks moms go wild

choromatsu’s a real cutie and OSOCHORO GIVES ME LIFE

this is probably the last i’ll be able to post in a while, new semester starts tomorrow CRIES TTATT

While Lestat was crying like a lil’ bi**h as Akasha died, Armand was holding Daniel and Louis—and I will remember this always.



“Hey, Scully. Can I borrow the stapler real quick?”

Something flits across her face, barely there a moment before it’s gone again. If he hadn’t been looking right at her, he would have missed it – the slight crease between her eyebrows, a momentary tension around her mouth. It’s almost an expression of pain, albeit fleeting, and he wonders if it has anything to do with whatever sent her to the ER in the middle of the night.

She looks over at him with a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes, holding the stapler out. “Here you go, Agent Doggett.”

It’s subtly deliberate, the way she says his name, like she’s mad at him but trying to hide it. Damned if he can figure out why she would be, though. All they’ve done this morning is exchange pleasantries and a few words about the field report they’re wrapping up. He can’t think of anything he could have said or done to upset her.

For the rest of the day, though, everything seems normal, and he decides he probably just imagined it.


It’s happened four times now. Four times he’s called her “Scully” instead of “Agent Scully,” and she’s trying not to let it bother her. By all rights, it shouldn’t bother her. Yet every time he does it, it sets her teeth on edge.

It’s completely innocuous, and she doubts it is even a deliberate choice on his part. A “thanks, Scully” here and there, asking her to pass the stapler yesterday and wishing her a good morning just now. Intermittent breaks from their established routine and not even a consistent change. Perhaps that very inconsistency makes them all the more jarring.

She’s angry with herself more than anything. It’s completely irrational for her to be bothered by this; he’s her partner, and this is a perfectly reasonable way for partners to address each other. Partners are supposed to develop a rapport, a familiarity that allows them to work seamlessly together in the field. What right does she have to continue insisting on a barrier of formality between them, even one as minor as never dropping titles when they call each other by name?

It’s just that in Mulder’s mouth, her name alone became an endearment. Maybe that’s a little bit ridiculous, but it’s true.

And even though she’s trying to continue living her life, to carry on despite his absence, there’s a difference between carrying on and growing comfortable. Something in her chafes at the notion that her current situation is anything other than a temporary one, and every time Agent Doggett calls her “Scully,” it serves as a stark reminder of just how much time has passed and how much less temporary her circumstances feel, day by day.

“Agent Scully, I don’t mean to pry, but is something bothering you?”

His question jolts her out of her spiral, and she turns to see him looking at her with quiet concern. Though her every instinct is to wave it off and tell him she’s fine, what she blurts out instead is, “Why have you started calling me ‘Scully?’”

He blinks; this was clearly not the response he was expecting. “I’m not sure I follow.”

Immediately, her face grows warm, and she looks down. This was a huge mistake. What kind of a partner is she, to ask this of him?

“Never mind, I… it’s nothing.”

“No, look, if I’m missing something here, I’d really rather you just tell me. Your shoulders have been up around your ears since I walked in here this morning, and if that’s ‘cause of something I did… or didn’t do… or what, I wanna know so I can fix it.”

She hadn’t even noticed the tension in her shoulders until just now. If she is really so transparent, there’s no way she will be able to convincingly brush this off. No, she has to finish what she started.

“I’m sorry, Agent Doggett. This isn’t really about you, and I’m… I’m somewhat embarrassed to say it’s not especially rational on my part. I haven’t said anything because I know it’s irrational. That it’s my problem to deal with, not yours.”

She dares a glance up at him, then, and he is watching her intently but seemingly without judgment. Taking a breath, she continues.

“Agent Mulder called – calls – me ‘Scully.’ Not ‘Agent Scully.’ And under any other circumstances, that distinction probably wouldn’t feel like such a big thing, but now that–” She falters, biting off the rest of the truth she’s only just realized as it was about to come out of her mouth.

The pregnancy hormones are likely at least partially to blame for the intensity of her emotion over this whole thing. Well, shit.

“But now that he’s gone, it feels weird, me calling you the same thing he did,” Agent Doggett guesses, and he’s not wrong. “I get it. You don’t have to apologize.”

“No, I do,” she says, relieved to have skirted the issue of her pregnancy once more. (She will obviously have to tell him eventually, but she is just not ready yet.) “It isn’t fair to you, and I am sorry to be having this reaction.”

He shakes his head. “Don’t worry about it. I know it must be hard, him still being gone. You don’t have to beat yourself up over feeling however you feel about that. Just part of being human. Sometimes the things we feel aren’t rational or reasonable, and that’s okay.”

She lets out a breath and nods, feeling as though a weight has been lifted. “Thank you, Agent Doggett.”

“Her name?”

He raised his face at last, wiping his nose on the back of his hand. He picked up the pictures again, gently, as though they might disintegrate at his touch. “What did ye name her?” 

“Brianna,” I said proudly. 

“Brianna?” he said, frowning at the pictures. “What an awful name for a wee lassie!” I started back as though struck. 

“It is not awful!” I snapped. “It’s a beautiful name, and besides you told me to name her that! What do you mean, it’s an awful name?” 

I told ye to name her that?” He blinked. 

“You most certainly did! When we—when we—the last time I saw you.” I pressed my lips tightly together so I wouldn’t cry again. After a moment, I had mastered my feelings enough to add, “You told me to name the baby for your father. His name was Brian, wasn’t it?” 

“Aye, it was.” A smile seemed to be struggling for dominance of the other emotions on his face. “Aye,” he said. “Aye, you’re right, I did. It’s only—well, I thought it would be a boy, is all.” 

“And you’re sorry she wasn’t?” I glared at him, and began snatching up the scattered photographs. His hands on my arms stopped me. 

“No,” he said. “No, I’m not sorry. Of course not!” His mouth twitched slightly. “But I willna deny she’s the hell of a shock, Sassenach. So are you.” 

I sat still for a moment, looking at him. I had had months to prepare myself for this, and still my knees felt weak and my stomach was clenched in knots. He had been taken completely unawares by my appearance; little wonder if he was reeling a bit under the impact. 

“I expect I am. Are you sorry I came?” I asked. I swallowed. “Do—do you want me to go?” 

His hands clamped my arms so tightly that I let out a small yelp. Realizing that he was hurting me, he loosened his grip, but kept a firm hold nonetheless. His face had gone quite pale at the suggestion. He took a deep breath and let it out. 

“No,” he said, with an approximation of calmness. “I don’t. I—” He broke off abruptly, jaw clamped. “No,” he said again, very definitely. 

His hand slid down to take hold of mine, and with the other he reached down to pick up the photographs. He laid them on his knee, looking at them with head bent, so I couldn’t see his face. 

“Brianna,” he said softly. “Ye say it wrong, Sassenach. Her name is Brianna.” He said it with an odd Highland lilt, so that the first syllable was accented, the second barely pronounced. Breeanah. 

Breeanah?” I said, amused. He nodded, eyes still fixed on the pictures. 

“Brianna,” he said. “It’s a beautiful name.” 

“Glad you like it,” I said. 

He glanced up then, and met my eyes, with a smile hidden in the corner of his long mouth. 

“Tell me about her.” One forefinger traced the pudgy features of the baby in the snowsuit. “What was she like as a wee lassie? What did she first say, when she learned to speak?” 

His hand drew me closer, and I nestled close to him. He was big, and solid, and smelled of clean linen and ink, with a warm male scent that was as exciting to me as it was familiar. 

“ ‘Dog,’ ” I said. “That was her first word. The second one was ‘No!’ ” 

The smile widened across his face. “Aye, they all learn that one fast. She’ll like dogs, then?” He fanned the pictures out like cards, searching out the one with Smoky. “That’s a lovely dog with her there. What sort is that?” 

“A Newfoundland.” I bent forward to thumb through the pictures. “There’s another one here with a puppy a friend of mine gave her …”

Goodbye Summer // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: could you do Jaehyun song based scenario with f(x) - Goodbye Summer?

words: 2566

category: angst

author note: ooh here she comes, back with the jaehyun angst fdhdhsj i’m sorry. also I feel like this is kinda messy but i tried.

- destinee

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Tell It To The Barista

In which Riskua starts working at a coffee shop

A little ficlet for @tsume-yuki​ for her fic Tell it to the Marines. Because the coffee shop AU didn’t yet exist and I love TITTM so much.

A peaceful little job, Mama had suggested after they moved to this town from Melring. Riskua needs to get out more, apparently.

Riskua is fairly certain that this hadn’t been what she meant. Actually, knowing her mother, it might have been exactly what she was talking about.

Whoever thought coffee shops were peaceful needed a reality check. It’s Riskua’s second day. The store manager just quit and walked off, and with her three of the employees. Which leaves just her and Law, a guy who’s working here surprisingly not to pay for his classes - he’s some sort of genius and has a full scholarship, also his father is apparently kind of over the top when it comes to giving him money - but because he genuinely loves coffee. And another reason, but Riskua doesn’t yet know what it is.

It’s the morning. This is the only coffee shop near the university campus. And there’s only Riskua and Law manning the shop.

Law gives her a look akin to one a general might give his troops just before heading into battle.  “At least we’ll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, Ris-ya,” he says.

She gives him a lopsided grin and twirls her pen before clutching it like a dagger. “My father always says to beat them off with a stick. It never made sense until now.”

Law gives her a mildly exasperated look, and then there’s no time to speak anymore. The masses have arrived. It is time for battle.

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anonymous asked:

For your prompt me - pynch smut with power bottom adam

So, I decided to take out two birds with one stone here haha. I hope that’s alright for you guys <3 thank you for prompting me. 

Keep the prompts coming, guys (maybe some Sarchengsey? Or something other than Pynch? ;) I love them, but I need more poly ship stuff haha)! For everyone asking me about aftg prompts: atm, I kind of feel more inclined towards Raven Cycle, but that does not mean I stopped writing aftg! So please, keep the prompts coming ♥ so many of you have such good ideas. Please don’t be disappointed if I have not filled your prompts yet. I’m reading them, but my inbox is really full atm. I’m trying to get to them all. ♥ 

Smut under the cut! Enjoy! (unbeta’d because it’s late.)

read here on ao3


The first time, it happens ironically, because that’s how Ronan Lynch does most things that he’s insecure about. 

Gansey calls Blue “love” in front of them when he asks her what to bring her from Starbucks, and so Ronan, of course, has to mock him by obnoxiously turning to Adam and asking: “And what can I bring you, baby?” 

However, he hasn’t anticipated the cute blush spreading over Adam’s cheeks at that. 

Later that evening, Ronan gathers all of his courage. He doesn’t fear night horrors anymore, or blood, or demons, because he survived all of them; but he still fears rejection by Adam Parrish. So, he gathers all of his courage, and, when they’re snuggling into bed, says “Good night, babe.”. He says it quietly enough that Adam could act like he didn’t hear, especially with only one of his ears working and all. 

But Adam does hear. For a moment, he stiffens behind Ronan, and Ronan’s heart misses a beat, but then Adam melts into him from behind and presses a kiss to his neck. 

“Good night, Ronan.”

The way Adam says his name gives him the best kind of goosebumps. 



The way Ronan calls him baby makes Adam feel so soft, like a popsicle on a hot day, melting away. Ronan doesn’t have Adam’s thick Henrietta accent, but the way he says the word is still different from how everyone else would say it. Maybe because it’s Ronan, or maybe because Ronan means it and because Adam believes him. 

It makes him feel soft and mushy, and it makes him blush. Being friends with Ronan had Adam thinking he had lost all ability to blush, between dirty jokes and latin innuendos, but this… well. Adam is re-discovering his ability to blush.

Ronan never calls him that in public, and Adam is grateful, but at home…well. 

Adam curses his own, conservative, homophobic upbringing at first, because even though he blushes and his heart warms up when Ronan calls him nicknames, his inner voice, which sounds an awful lot like his father, scolds that it’s girly, unmanly, and calls him faggot and worse. Adam, objectively, knows it’s stupid, because Ronan calling him sweet names doesn’t mean shit for his sexuality or gender identity, but it still sucks. 

It takes him a while, but Adam works very hard to let himself enjoy the softness of it, the sweet affection which everyone else would think impossible coming from Ronan Lynch.

Then, after a particularly long, hard day, Ronan hugs him, kisses his forehead and as Adam leans into him and enjoys having someone to lean against, whispers: “I’ve got you, baby.”, Adam knows he’s done it, because he physically melts. He sags against Ronan, feeling his cheeks heat up in record time as the sentence replays in his head again and again. Ronan looks a bit surprised, but holds Adam up, a slightly incredulous grin on his lips. 

“You really do like it a lot when I call you baby, don’t you?”

Adam only manages to nod; his throat closes up. He doesn’t know what’s happening, where’s this snarky, witty Adam who can stand right up to Ronan?! Where are the great comebacks that render Ronan speechless? They seem to have drowned in this cheesy pink sea of affection and softness in him. He nods again. “…makes me feel all… all soft.”, he eventually confesses. Soft. It used to have such a negative connotation, but is it really bad to be soft? Leaning against Ronan, letting Ronan hold him up and being weak, tired, hurt in front of him, that’s just trust. And… well, this big word with the four letter that’s so hard to say. 

Ronan’s grin broadens. “Soft?” 

Adam nods again. 

Ronan’s chest is hard and warm, his strong arms are holding Adam in place, and Adam exhales, allowing himself to assess the situation and his feelings. 

When Ronan’s lips brush over his neck, his train of thought unfortunately derails. “Do you need to feel soft tonight?”, Ronan asks very quietly. His hands run over Adam’s back in soothing circles. 

Adam nods again.

“What do you need, baby?”, Ronan asks, then, and Adam melts a little more, “…what is it? I’ll give it to you.”

Words are failing Adam, and he resorts to actions, grabbing Ronan’s hand and pulling him towards the bedroom.

“Soft”, echoes in his mind, and Adam thinks that he’s going to define the word for himself now. 

iii. (nsfw)

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“J-Jesse” You whimper as your boyfriend made serval attempts to get his lips against yours

“ Yea darling?” McCree asked. His hands on your hips rocking his hips against yours

You and Jesse had gotten it on before sure but he was having a strange sudden bit of passion and yet you were in the office. Your brother the leader of overwatch! Was right in the other room making you glance over at the door constantly 

That being said. Jesse was really making you want this

“ Damn it McCree” You grumble as he bites your bottom lip “Get in that closet!”

“Dwah. Darlin I didn’t know that you were into public kinda”

“Jesse!” You growl shoving him in the supply closet making him chuckle

You laugh and jump in his lap as you two make out passionately. Light moans and hands running up and down both of you two

“Yea I think its in here” Says a familiar voice making you jump.

At this point you were out of your coat and McCree was shirtless

Everything went so fast before the closet door was open and you were looking your big brother and McCree’s boss standing awh struck

Gabriel starts to laugh his ass off. Slapping jacks shoulders as he looked at the scene in front of him fuming


“Howdy Morrison” McCree chuckles as you blushed harder than you ever had before


Gabriel winks at you and helps you up as McCree gets forced into Jacks office

“Darlin! I love ya! Always remember me!!!!”

You just continued to blush as Gabe patted the top of your head

Drax Appreciation Post

One of my favorite parts of gotg2 was when Mantis and Drax were sitting by the pools, and he talked about his kid. And when Mantis touched him and started crying, that really struck me. Because like,, damn. He’s holding in enough emotion for someone he’s never met, who’s never even heard the story of what happened to him, to start sobbing. He’s really fucking tough to move on with life holding that kind of burden.

Roots (Prologue)

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EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

AUTHOR NOTE: IMPORTANT: Although these fics can be read independently, they are actually part of a crossover collection! The Other World Collection is all written in the same AU, with repeating characters and connected storylines. Starting with Charred, then Struck and this new fic which runs somewhat parallel to Struck. I would recommend reading Struck first at least (even if you just skim it!) - but also, I always always write so you can understand it if you have just picked it up here!

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Six Years Ago

You stared at your reflection in the small pool of water in front of you. You blinked back tears as your face stared back at you, rippling gently as a light breeze played gently across the surface of the water. Your hair was wound delicately back from your face, laced with flowers and a crown of ivy. Your skin was glowing. You looked beautiful… and miserable.

I can’t go through with this, you thought, feeling your body tremble.

‘Y/N! What are you doing?’

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I need to stop thinking so much about the tragedy of SW.

So I was up early waiting for Eurovision to start, and it struck me that actually, there were still quite a few characters around as of RotJ who could have had some idea about Luke’s parentage but canonically either never did or never said. And then this popped into my head.

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Day 10: Favorite Romance

Fair Warning: This is an incredibly long essay with tons and tons of flycammed screencaps.

Obviously, my fav romance is Shakarian. It’s my favorite for many reasons, but I think the reason that I like it best is simply because it is actually a romance. I honestly love it so god damn much that I’m having a hard time focusing on what I want to talk about with it, because its that damn good.

I think I’m going to talk about the development of it, because there’s lots of essays out there already about why they’re suited for each other or what makes them such a good pairing. What I think is particularly interesting about the way the Shakarian romance is set up is that so much of the romance is not in what they say – it’s in how they say it.

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Rain kissed

Requested by: anonymous 


#57 from the prompt list that I re-blogged 

Your Pov: 

It was a Friday afternoon. Josh and I were driving down the highway. We were going on a mini vacation to the beach for the weekend. We have been in the car for about 2 hours now and I was getting bored. It was about 4:30 and we still had another hour to go. For the first hour and a half Josh and I talked the whole time. For the second hour we listened to music. I was getting bored of listening to music so I decided to look out the window. Who knows, maybe I’ll see something interesting. 

My thoughts were interrupted by rain drops splattering on the windshield and road. 

“I love it when it rains.” Josh said. 

I nodded my head agreeing with him. “Me too.” 

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes. Both of us just thinking. As I was thinking I looked out the window and saw a beautiful meadow. I suddenly had an idea, that hopefully Josh would agree too. 

“Pull the car over.” I commanded Josh. 

Josh turned his head and looked at me like I was crazy. 

“W-what? Pull the car over are you crazy!” He exclaimed.  

“Pull the car over NOW.” I said this time more forcefully. I needed him to pull the car over now before we had passed the meadow and couldn’t do my idea. 

“Alright, fine jeez women.” He muttered under his breath while pulling the car off to the side of the road. 

Once the car was parked I unlocked the door and started to make my way towards the meadow. As I was walking I heard Josh opening his door. 

“Babe!” He shouted while closing the door. “What are you doing?” He asked. 

“Follow me if you want to find out!” I shouted back at him smirking. I heard him sigh. 

I finally made it to the meadow. It was beautiful. The flowers were shades of purple and yellow. It was simply breathtaking. 

“Babe why are we out here? It’s raining.” Josh told me. 

I turned around to face him. 

“Dance with me.” I simply stated. Josh just stared. He looked at me like I was crazy. Which I probably was at this point but I didn’t care. 

“Why?” He asked puzzled. 

“Because I want to and plus it’s pretty.” I told him honestly. 

He laughed and I joined in. Once we were done laughing he grabbed my hand and we started dancing. It was peaceful and for the first time in my life I was content. I had everything that I needed. 

After a few minutes of Josh and I leaned in and kissed him. When we pulled apart we were both smiling. We stayed smiling at each other for a couple of minutes before it started to pour. 

Josh started to walk back to the car but I grabbed his hand and pulled him back for another kiss. It was like one of the kisses in the movies. Where the couple kisses in the pouring rain. 

We pulled away for a while cause we both needed air. It was silent for a couple of seconds before Josh decided to speak up. We were both soaking wet at this point. 

“Your crazy ya know that.” He started. “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.” He ended with a laugh. 

I shrugged. 

“You know what they say.” I told him. “The best people are crazy.” 

A/N: Here it is! I’m so sorry it’s late! I hope the person that requested this likes it. The other Josh blurbs I’m going to post tomorrow. I decided to combine them because they were similar so I hope that’s okay! Have a great day/night wherever you are!    

The Admiral 

Pic was submitted via a sweet lil anon and I wrote an imagine to go along with it. Over the course of the year,your relationship with Niall had gotten a lot more serious to the point where you were both ready for the next step.Marriage. There was only one small obstacle,your father was an old fashioned type who insisted on giving his blessing.

“Niall,”,you said from your spot at the dressing table in your bedroom where you were brushing your hair,“come on,you’ve talked to mum and dad before,they love you.”

“I know,I know…but your sister’s boyfriend asked and your dad said no,”,he said flopping back on the bed,running a hand through his hair anxiously.

You sighed and joined him on the bed,tucking your knees under you,taking his hand in yours and squeezing it softly as if trying to juice his tension out. “It’ll be alright,Ni,” 

“It’s not that I mind…it’s just your dad,y/n…you know he doesn’t think I have a real job.He thinks I’m some strung out star child with no real aspirations..thinks that of your brother-in-law too,“,Niall said turning over on his side away from me. 

 Your dad was a Navy Admiral who brought his air of discipline and strict rules with him wherever he went while your mum was a more relaxed retired preschool teacher who had a knack for baking.They met on your dad’s last deployment when your mum was working in the middle East teaching English.They complimented each other’s personality because they were polar opposites so it was no surprise to either of their families when they fell in love.

Growing up,your dad always encouraged you to do the right thing and the practical thing;a practical education,a practical house a practical job,it’s surprising that he didn’t ship you off to the Navy years ago.Niall,however, had an awesome job ,that wasn’t the career path for most, but it made him happy and paid the bills but your dad didn’t see that.He saw him as some rock-star with his head in the clouds. 

 "It’ll be fine,Ni..if he brings up your job just tell him about it and don’t feel shy.You’re proud of what you do and I’m proud of you,”,You say running a hand through his hair,your eyes holding nothing but compassion and truth.

You hear the doorbell ring and your mother’s voice downstairs.Niall groaned, shielding his face with his hands,“Tell them I’m not home,“ 

“No way,get your ass up.I didn’t clean this damn house and cook for you to hide.”

You almost drag Niall down the stair case and straightened out his button up at the bottom of the stairs.”You’ll do fine,Ni,I promise.” You smooth down your light wash jeans and adjust your top before Niall opens the door and you both greet your parents warmly.

“Oh honey!It’s so nice to see you again,”,mum says throwing her arms around you.You smile and bury your face in her neck,inhaling that special old lady smell of cookies and giggle when some stray grey hairs tickle your ears.When you pull away,dad’s standing behind her,arms folded behind his back and legs spread shoulder’s width apart a smile on his face.

“Admiral,”,you say with mock salute,”,permission to hug?”

“Permission granted,”,your dad replies his voice gruff with age but his eyes youthful and sweet.You barrel into your father’s chest and despite age he picks you up and twirls you around like you’re five again.

From the corner of your eye you see Niall and your mum chatting avidly probably about food because mum loves to cook and Niall loves to eat.

“Horan!”,dad says,his voice booming and bouncing off the walls and Niall jump slightly,”nice to see you again.”

“Nice to see you too Admiral y/l/n”, you could practically feel Niall’s discomfort but you were calm about the situation.

Niall shakes hands with you dad and you can see the agony in Niall’s eyes because dad decides to squeeze extra hard.

You and mum go to the kitchen and talk about what hotel they’re staying at and how things are back home while taking the food out of the oven. Throughout dinner,Niall casts you worried looks and is clenching his hand trying to get his circulation going.By sunset,you’re on the backyard deck in the middle of small talk when something leads to dad talking about how he and mum met and mum gets all cozy.She reaches for dad’s hand like the sweethearts they are and while she’s doe-eyed for him he couldn’t look more proud to be with her.They’re all heart eyed and loved up and you look at Niall and he glances back at you and you both coo at how adorable they are.

When you make the move to get dessert,dad thanks you for the meal and you jump at the chance to brag about Niall.

“You know dad,Niall helped cook this too.”,you say confidently,pride dripping from your words.Niall smiled up at you a silent ‘thanks’.

“Oh yeah,”,dad started,”Horan struck me as more of an eater than a cooker,”and dad is chuckling in his seat.

Niall blushes and mumbles doing the ‘so so’ action with his hand,”A bit of both,”

Mum throws you an apologetic look and helps you in the kitchen,moments later you emerge with cake when dad and Niall are prattling off about golf.You thank the universe because you half expected Niall to have shrivelled up and died of embarrassment.

“Hey y/n/n,how come you never told me Horan here plays golf?’’,dad asks when you come into sight again and you shrug and act like you don’t know because you’d prayed they’d talk about it and form some type of common ground.

“If you’d like Admiral y/l/n,there’s this golf course I go to,if you’d like we could go tomorrow,”,Niall asked a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“I don’t see why not,”,dad says leaning back in his seat I can see Niall relax for the first time all day and I breathe a sigh of relief.

That night,after your parents had left,Niall could barely he can barely sleep because of the anxiety bubbling away like a pot in his tummy and you try not to show it but you know you’re nervous too but you’re keeping the faith for Niall.

The next morning came too quickly for your liking and before you know it,you’re on the golf greens under the soothing morning sun and playing teams-boys against girls.

When you’ve gotten a moment alone with mum you tell her that Niall wants to propose and she smiles knowingly.

“How?”,you ask puzzled.

“Niall hid the ring in the back of your cutlery drawer.I saw it when I went to get the forks for the cake.”

You’re beaming with excitement now because you know that’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home.

Niall and dad are sitting in the cart,under the shade of a tree.Your dad glances over at Niall at his smile and follows the direction of his eyes,seeing they’re focused on you,holding nothing but adoration and pride in them.He breathes out a chuckle and leans on the steering wheel of the cart.

“Is something wrong,Admiral y/l/n?”,Niall asks looking over at your dad.

“Why’d you fly me all the way out here Horan?’’,he asks in a voice coarse with age.

“Sir, I’ve knows y/n for a year and-”

“Cut the crap,Horan.”

“I want to marry y/n and I wanted your blessing,”

The air between them gets humid and thick and Niall feels his sweat turn cold as it drips down his spine.A second feels like a millennium of waiting.

“Okay,”,dad said and Niall double takes and gives himself whiplash at the rate he spun around to look at your dad.

“Okay?That’s it?”,Niall asks mouth agape thinking that this man is bullshitting him.

“Yes,here is my blessing,what you want it on a silver platter?”,your dad snaps.

“No Admiral,it’s just..y/n’s called him a day dreamer because he didn’t have a practical job..this past week I’ve been obsessing over your approval because I thought you’d say no for the same reason.”

“Niall, y/n’s brother in law is a deadbeat who’s 33 and still lives with his parents.“ Niall deadpanned because damn he didn’t know that. “Now listen,you may not be a doctor or a lawyer or something fancy that ends with ‘ologist’ but you got a job that you enjoy that pays well and you’re passionate about it.You treat my y/n right,she‘s happy ,she’s happier than I’ve ever seen her when she’s with you.Yeah,she’s my babygirl but if I had to pick from all the yahoos and jarheads out there,I’d pick you.Don’t make me regret saying that.”

You hear cheering from the cart and you turn around to see your dad is being squeezed to death by Niall.Your dad looks like he’s about to kill Niall and Niall looks like a ball of sunshine.

“Congrats,honey,”mum says,nudging the ball into the hole.

“Thanks mum,”,you say updating your score card.


“You just called me Niall,does this mean you’re a low key softie,sir?’’

“Stop talking,Horan.”

“Sir,when you said I was passionate,did it remind you of yourself when you were in the Navy?”

“I will shoot you.”

“Can I call you dad-”

“Honey!We’re leaving!”

faith-ken-doll  asked:

About 'the look' of characters seeing the Jonsa attraction--I honestly thought Tormund's 'look' was from season 6 Jonsa reunion. Seriously, he sees a pretty REDHEAD (Tormund knows all about Jon's weakness for red hair) run into Jon's arms, and watches as they kind of snuggle each other. I always watched Tormund closely, and he definitely has a similar moment with the camera showing his reaction. For all he knows, Sansa is Jon's long lost love as they run for each other.

That re-union scene was really shot like two lovers re-uniting after long. When Jon gathers Sansa in his arms Tormund is unabashedly staring at the couple, just like Edd stares at Jon when he steps back after seeing Sansa for the first time. 

Also since we had nothing to go on about Jon and Sansa’s relationship from the previous seasons because they’ve never shared a single scene with each other, the “re-union” scene was in fact their first scene with each other. And it’s really amazing to observe that the scene starts with a love-struck Tormund staring at Brienne. It’s definitely a strange/odd way to set the tone for a scene of not just a much awaited Stark reunion but a re-union between half-siblings.

Yes, I would totally understand if Tormund initially misunderstood Jon and Sansa’s relationship. 

The Premier

The whole day was spent getting ready, hair, makeup, nails and the everything in between. It was your first premier with Jared, it was really your first public stunt with him and it made you even more nervous that the people would try and eat you alive.
Pictures have been snapped left and right of you two but this was official, this was going to be like your first real date in the spotlight, on purpose.
Your hair curled loosely and falling down to your middle back, the lipstick you wore was a deep red that contrasted your skin perfectly. The dress, a strapless chiffon. It was a deep purple that faded into a more lilac color at the bottom. You couldn’t afford a name brand like Dior and there was no way you were going to let Jared buy you a dress of that extent.
You were ready early, pacing the floors of your loft, nerves were evident and you couldn’t even to hide them. You weren’t even sure the curvy smile from Jared would ease your nerves but it was a wishful thought. Your phone buzzes in the small black clutch and it’s Jared letting you know he’s on his way, you didn’t even respond. You ran back into the bathroom and readjusted your dress and hair, fixing any minuscule detail of your makeup and the doorbell rings making you almost jump out of your skin.
Running your hands down your dress as you walk to the front door, your heels clicking against the tile floor as you make your way to the front door, breathing in deep and opening the door.
Jared stands there with a bright smile, his hair pulled back into a bun and his tux full black and white. The smile you gave wasn’t forced at all, despite what he was wearing you could almost forget where you were going.
“You look beautiful, amazing.” His voice was soft as he stepped up and pulled you into a soft hug, not wanting to mess up your attire.

“You too, I mean, thank you and you look nice. Handsome. You look really good. Holy shit I’m nervous.” You laugh into the hug and after he pulls away.

He laughs with you, rolling his eyes and taking your hand and closing the door behind you, “That’s expected but I won’t leave your side, you’ll be fine once we get there. It’s not as bad as it probably seems.”

Your hand twists in his, linking your fingers together as you walk to the limo, the driver holding the door open for you both. You give him a soft smile taking in what he says, believing it as you always believed every word he ever said and him not giving you a reason to doubt him.
The limo is dark, two glasses of champagne poured already and you smile in his direction taking one for yourself and leaving the other. You didn’t drink but given the circumstances he wouldn’t of poured the glasses if he didn’t expect you to take one.
You could feel Jared’s icy eyes on you, setting the glass down you looked over at him with a smile.

“What?” A soft laugh escaped you, the nerves calming down just a little bit.

“Did you do what I asked?” His hand moves over your lower back and to your hip furthest away from him. His fingers curl around the fabric of your thong from the outside of your dress, “Remember? I asked specifically for you to not wear this.” He pulls it and let’s it snap against your skin.

Your skin warming up from the mix of his stern voice and his warm hands on your body. You didn’t think he was serious though, not for your first premier and with all your nerves. The smile drops from your face with your eyes still on him, you stay quiet, not sure what to say because you see he’s serious.

“Go ahead, take them off now. I’ll hold them for you.” His eyebrow twitches up with his last word, his voice just as stern as before.

“Jared…” you give a nervous laugh, it felt so good to obey him but for something like this, you weren’t putting your foot down but you weren’t going to give in that easy.

He leans over, his eyes up to you and his lips pressing against your bare shoulder, “Its going to be a long night with some boring people. I want to make sure you’re taken care of the whole night.” One of his hands goes for the hem of the dress, his lips moving into your neck.

The smell of his cologne Dillon your senses with the touch of his lips and now hand moving up your calf had you biting the corner of your lip. You were sure he would wait till you were both back in the car for anything, it being to risky to pull a stunt like that in public, in this kind of publicity.
His hand moves to the inside of your knee where he gave you a firm squeeze, “I’m not exactly asking right now either.” His breath was hot against your neck, a new trail of kisses up to your ear, “I want you to be ready for me whenever I want you tonight.”

All you could do was nod your head and he pulled his hand and lips away from you, siting back against the seat, watching you. You scooted down on the seat and pulled up the dress to your thighs, your thumbs hooking into the fabric and inching them down over your ass. They weren’t soaked by any means but they definitely weren’t dry. You rolled the black lace down your calves, looking at him as you took one foot out at a time and then handed it to him.
His smile devious as he took them from you and balled them up to stuff in his pocket, “That’s my girl.” He smiled a little wider and kissed the corner of your mouth, not wanting to smudge your dark lipstick.

The limo comes to a stop, pulling you both up to the red carpet. A real red carpet event, he looked at you, seeing the nerves come crawling back to the surface and he grabbed onto your hand, “It’s going to be fine. Careful being so pent up though baby, it will just take you longer to cum.” He smirks at you, you push his arm with a light laugh and roll your eyes.

The underwear missing leaving nothing to catch how wet you were except your thighs. He had a way with words, when he wanted to be sweet, passionate, serious and when he wanted to be dirty. It became a crippling weakness for you and he knew it.
The door opens, Jared’s face is first and the flashes start, he lets go of your hand to step out and to the side, his hand peeking out for you to grab onto. Another deep breath and you grab onto it, stepping out of the limo as gracefully as you possibly can.
The flashes are just as blinding as you thought they’d be, his name being called left and right, which gives you no sense of direction where to actually look. Once you take a few steps he lets go of your hand at sets it at your hip, he nudges or points for where you should be looking. The nerves and decreasing and you know it’s only because of the rush of it all. It’s a constant move, stopping for seconds and the flashes go crazy and then you both continue with a few more steps.
You can’t even remember if you were smiling or not, it was over just as quick as it started but you smiled wide at Jared once you were inside the building. You bit your lip noticing his hand in his front pocket, the pocket your panties were stuffed in. You swallowed and felt your pussy walls clench from the sight.
It was a movie premier, the set up was round tables all over and a huge projector screen in the front. There were appetizers being served and you tuned them down as one of the waiters stopped in front of you, Jared did too and smiled at you before walking in and along the outskirts to find our place.
There were a few hellos to some of his friends and acquaintances, you were start struck for sure, barely getting a full hello out at some points. You finally make it to the table, taking your seat, Jared scooting his chair closer to you. His hand resting on your knee and you give him a sideways glance, moving two of your fingers to intertwine with his.
He keeps his hand still and You’re grateful, not sure how much you could take right now. A few people come on stage in front of the projector screen, they say a few words and you keep your attention forward even though you can see Jared’s glances at you in your peripheral view. You finally look his way with a bright smile, you were excited to be there, the hardest part seemed over every though eyes were still on you it wasn’t as obvious. He returned the smile and kissed your shoulder again.
The lights dim considerably, you can hear a few people adjusting in their seat and you get a little bit more comfortable, leaning your shoulder against his. He turns his head in your direction slightly, just enough for you to hear his words.

“You look so beautiful tonight baby… I can’t wait to take my time with you later.” His hand on your knee moves up and you can feel the jump in your skin, “I love how wet you get for me, do you think I could make you that wet right here?” His voice was quiet and directed at you.

Your mouth opened with a breath, closing it with a light smile not sure how to react, you didn’t answer his question though, your body and mind trying to catch up to each other.

“You didn’t answer the question baby…” his hand jerks up to your center, his four fingers cupping your pussy and the heat from his hand matches the heat your giving off.

You bite down hard on your own teeth and let a slow breath out of your nose, your shoulders tense up. “Yes. Yes you could!” Your voice hushed but frantic.

His fingers move against you, rubbing your now throbbing pussy over your dress. Your legs spread open a few inches and one of your hands goes to his wrist and the other holds the side of the chair. Your hips move slowly to rub against his hand, your veins warming from his touch, you look around the table and their eyes are still set on the screen, it’s just a preview not the whole movie and you’re becoming more desperate and more flushed by the second. Your hairs at the back of your neck sticking to your skin, your hips moving harder against his hand until he presses hard and pushes you hard to sit back in the chair.

“Jared…” You bite your lip, your wet, throbbing and desperate for him to move again.

“What? What do you want? Do you want me to slip my fingers into your tight pussy right now or would you rather have me find a spot so I can fuck you?” His arm was now on the back of your chair and his mouth near your ear.

He flipped his hand and was now holding your wrist, he brought your hand over his hardening cock and your walls tightened around nothing, your hips wanting to grind over the edge of the chair right now if you could. Your head snapping towards him, seeing the seriousness in his eyes as they fell on your lips.

“Take me somewhere, please baby.” Your words breathless in a whisper towards him, your hand moving over his cock, feeling the ridge of his head through his slacks.

He stands up quietly, running his hand over your shoulders for you to follow, you excuse yourself with a nervous smile and follow behind Jared casually. Not wanting to quicken your steps to catch up to him until you were out of the view of everyone. Your thighs wet once you stood up and a new rush came over you, you grabbed his wrist with a laugh to tell him to slow down.
His face let’s you know where his mind is at, his hand back in the pocket with your underwear and now trying to his bulge in his slacks. You smile at the few security guards around, he knocks on a door, there’s no label on it and when no one responds he opens it up and it’s a storage closet, there’s racks full of cleaning supplies and a few mops and brooms in a corner.
Jared looks back and forth before shoving you in, he closes the door behind him and you’re controlling your laughter when he slams your back up against the wall. His movements and hands are rough, needy and they have you falling into a puddle. His mouth connecting with yours and his tongue slipping into your mouth while he groans into you. His hand reaching under your knee, hiking it up to his hip. You bunch up your dress, pulling it up as your hips stay away from the wall, your heel keeping you at a height to feel his cock against you.
He wrapped one arm around your lower back, his other hand working his pants down, the sound of the zipper has you biting your lip. Your hands set on his shoulders, your nails already digging in from anticipation.

“Tell me what you want, let me hear what my dirty little slut wants me to do to her.” His voice quiet, he face only inches from yours.

You feel his soft head rub through your folds, he’s eyes look down and if the dress wasn’t in the way he’d be able to see what he was doing, “I want you to fuck me, daddy.” You bite your bottom lip after you speak, your eyes staring back at his.

His eyes alone were enough to make you feel things, feel what he was feeling or make you feel what he wanted you to. He didn’t even know the control he had over you but you loved it, you loved being under his spell.
He let out a hum of approval, you could hear the groan in his chest as he pressed his thick cock into you. You do your best to stay out but it’s really his arm around your back that holds you still as he inches into you. Both of your mouths open, breathing in each other’s air becomes intoxicating.
Your pussy accommodates him with a light sting, his hips roll back just to inch himself into you more. Your head back against the wall and his breaths hit the skin on your neck creating a haze in your head.
He keeps himself deep, just letting his hip roll into you with short strokes, your breaths already uneven, your ankle hooking behind his thigh and a loud moan escaping you without a warning. You can feel his soft breaths wash over you with his laugh and you laugh with him, pushing his shoulders back and kissing him at the same time his thrusts his hips deep. He keeps his mouth over yours to try and quiet the cry, biting your bottom lip with a groan before he pulls away and sets the steady and rough pace you’ve grown to love.
The supply closet is full of sounds, the breathing and the sound of his skin against mine, the groans and the occasional cries that slip out when he hits that perfect spot.

“Daddy, I’m so close, please don’t stop.” you don’t even care how loud your voice is at this point, all you want is this and him, your hips working to meet his movements, his pace relentless and hard to keep up with, the racks next to you become leverage as you grab onto one to lift yourself up more but it only lasts for so long before things start falling off.

“I need you to cum baby, fucking cum!” His voice so commanding it almost doesn’t feel like you have another option.

Your eyes close tight and your breathing stops right at the point of your climax, he keeps going until that first rush hits and he buries himself deep inside of you. Your body comes back alive, your walls tight around him and your nails piercing into his skin when you feel him release in you.

“Fucking take it you slut.” He groans louder than before and kisses you hard, your head hitting back against the wall.

It was euphoric, feeling every inch of him pulse into you, your leg planted on the ground almost giving out completely. His words making your pussy flutter around him again. He kept himself there for a few seconds, kissing your neck as he let his own high settle before he started pulling out and he stops just past his head.

“Now, you’re going to hold my cum in you. Understand? We don’t want that running down your thighs now do we baby?” His voice softer but his eyes still stern, you nod your head letting a soft “Yes.” Leave your lips.

He pulls out the rest of the way, your pussy clenching as hard as it can, sending another spasm through your body from it. His hand on your leg running up your thigh softly before letting it down and kissing you again.
You watch him adjust himself and you do the same, fixing your hair and dress, grabbing your clutch off the ground and adjusting your makeup which wasn’t that bad despite your lipstick. He opens the door and walks out, not even giving it a glance first, his hand on your back guiding you and every step you take it becomes harder to hold, you’re slipping and you’ve barley made it past the door. You let out a heavy breath, Jared looking over at you and you know he’s telling you to do it and if you don’t you know he’s going to make you pay for it later, which sounds a lot better than this.

“I have to pee.” You whisper but knowing what he wants you take off ahead of him and go into the nearest bathroom, closing a stall door and disobeying him, you bite you’re lip as your phone vibrates.

“You did that on purpose. Just wait until we get back to my place.” You read the text and your stomach flips.

You finish up and smile brightly at him, it’s half returned and you laugh lightly as he puts his hand back on your lower back to lead you back into the premier.