start sending them in babies

Seventeen reacts you telling them you're six months pregnant...


Happy, but also pretty confused lol 

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“S-six months ago?? When did we…" 


Tells LITERALLY EVERYONE that he’s gonna have a mini-Seokmin soon

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Spends a bunch of money on baby stuff 

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“I didn’t know what gender so I got both just in caseeeeeeee" 


Subtly shows off 

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Calls himself superrrrrrr mature 


Will not leave you alone after you tell him 

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Calls like every minute and he even manages to get a text in while changing during a show 


Immediately starts thinking of baby names and what school to send them and what activities they should be part of 

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 Pretty much plans out the rest of our future together (without letting you get a single word in lol) 


Thinks you’re lying at first and tells everyone about the "joke” you pulled

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 Realizes you’re not lying and won’t shut up about being a dad 


Calls his mom 

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(But he’s totally ecstatic, don’t get me wrong)(Boo just got surprised and didn’t know what to do lol) 


Super excited. Wants to know everything. Won’t shut up 

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“Six months!? Why didn’t you tell me? How’d you hide it? How long have you know? Do you know the gender? Oh my god, don’t go check without me. Jagi, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeee" 


He’d be totally proud and excited, he just won’t show it so much lol 

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At first he thinks he’s too young 

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Before you know it he sends like a million baby things the next day 


Can’t believe it. 

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Happily surprised "You’re pregnant? As in…there’s a child inside of you? My child? I did that?" 


Acts cool when he hears the news 

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You later get a video from Mingyu that shows Woozi jumping around their hotel room and one of the employees knocks on the door and Woozi just shouts that’s he’s gonna be a dad and like omg 

 - Admin M

“We use these apps and websites because of their benefits. We discover new music, restaurants and movies; we meet new friends and reconnect with old ones; we trade goods and services. The paradox of this situation is that while we gain from digital connectivity, the accompanying invasion into our private lives makes our personal data ripe for abuse — revealing things we thought we had not even disclosed.

The retailer Target, for example, started sending coupons for baby gear to customers who, sales data told them, were likely to be pregnant. Researchers in Cambridge, England, found that merely knowing a Facebook user’s likes was enough to predict attributes such as gender, race, sexual orientation, political party, potential drug use and personality traits — even if the user had shared none of that information.

Facebook says that it conducts not one but “over a thousand experiments each day,” and a former Facebook data scientist recently revealed that “experiments are run on every user at some point.” A 2012 study in Nature showed that a single tweak modifying an “I voted” button on Facebook increased turnout in the 2010 congressional elections by about 340,000 votes. That is enormous power.

What’s rare is not the kind of analysis Uber can do with sensitive data, but that it was publicly disclosed. Because of the user backlash, companies are moving toward secrecy. That would be detrimental to the public interest.”