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Legit confused anon, I know Bitch Hartman tends to be a bad writer but what else has he done to scare the fanbase so badly?

Alright dear anon, sit down, Grandpa Leo is going to tell you a little story about the Olden Days.

You know how hellish the SU fandom is with their shipping? Remember that drama the GF fandom had regarding authorial intent? Imagine that but with a creator that’s actually homophobic and actively antagonizes and aggravates the fanbase.

Basically, way back in the early 2000s, Hartman was (from what i recall) somewhat active on certain forums, where most of the Danny Phantom fans hung out (Danny Phantom’s original run was 2004-2007 if that gives you an idea of what The Internet was like back then. Facebook was just starting to get popular, smartphones weren’t really a thing yet, etc).

So at some point, someone asked him how he felt about fanfiction, because these were Dark Days when people plastered disclaimers all over their fanfics so they wouldn’t get sued (you know, that thing that you youngsters keep complaining about whenever you find one in a particularly old fanfic: It’s there so we don’t get sued), and knowing where a creator stood on these issues was Important Information.

Now, I wasn’t old enough to be online unsupervised yet (I was nine when Danny Phantom first came out and my parents were strict) and I took the whole ‘you must have your parents permission to make an account’ thing very seriously so it wouldn’t be until about 2007-2008 until I discovered the concept of fandom (during my Speed Racer phase) and by then the Danny Phantom fans were already in the thick of it. I don’t recall exactly what he said, but the gist of it is this:

“I don’t mind fanfiction and fanart as long as no one’s gay”

This, naturally, caused a Ruckus (they were called ‘ship wars’ at the time, I don’t know if the term’s changed or not but boy was it Bad), for multiple reasons, the most important of which being: many actually LGBT people view the show as a metaphor for a closeted gay kid who’s afraid to come out to his parents, which is why the revelation. 

This was about the only valid viewpoint in the whole debacle.

It wasn’t the popular pick.

I’d say something along the lines of “fans can write their fanfic as gay as they want it to be” but, to be honest, fanfic is not the guarantee we think it is. A lot of people take their creative freedom for granted these days. The idea of fanfiction existing as it is now was unthinkable back then. No one would have said anything even close to that.

No, the Sides in this ruckus weren’t so noble.

See, almost everyone who was mad at each other over this was straight.

These were Homophobic and Proud Straight Fans fighting with MLM-Fetishizing Yaoi Fans.

It was a vicious cycle and both sides were as wrong as they were right. (Put down your pitchforks I’ll explain in a sec)

On the one hand, the Homophobic and Proud straight fans would cite authorial intent and ‘moral superiority’ as reasons why fanfiction Shouldn’t Be Gay.

On the other, MLM-Fetishizing Yaoi Fans correctly called foul on Hartman’s homophobia, but in response flooded deviantart and ffn (AO3 didn’t exist yet) with yaoi.

Now, for those of my followers who are too young to have really seen Danny Phantom, here’s a tidbit of information:

Danny Fenton has two best friends (Sam and Tucker), a sister (Jazz), a clone-sister (Dani), and another main friend who sometimes wants to kill him but when he’s not a ghost she wants to smooch him (Valerie. It’s hard to explain). Excluding the sister and the clone-sister, that leaves Sam Tucker and Valerie as the main potential love interests, as they are all reasonably attractive, form close bonds with the main character, and are all Danny’s age (remind me to go into detail on the Fandom Hierarchy of Attraction later).

So naturally, most of the Homophobic and Proud shippers shipped Danny with either Sam or Valerie, both of whom got some nice canon interactions. It should be noted that Valerie is black and for some reason more people ship Danny with Sam, who is white but also Early 2000s Jewish, which is to say: you would never know she was Jewish unless you watched the holiday episode, so she’s at the very least white-passing. Read into that what you will.

So you’d think that the MLM-Fetishizing Yaoi Fans would have adored Danny and Tucker right? Wrong. Tucker is also black, therefore, no one really shipped him with anyone (sometimes Valerie, sometimes Dani, who is biologically about 12 but also a clone so she’s actually maybe about six months old). Nah, the yaoi fangirls just loved shipping Danny, a 14 year old, with the main villain, a man named Vlad who is literally old enough to be Danny’s dad. Vlad’s entire character arc revolves around him trying to kill Danny’s actual dad, marry his mom, and become his new dad.

Essentially, all the actually gay people in the fandom got pushed to the sidelines as any cries of homophobia from our supposed ‘allies’ were met with ‘you literally ship a 14 year old kid with a 40 year old man and we’re not listening to you.’  so excuse me for not liking incest shippers who do the same thing

This lasted for years. I think it finally died down around 2010, 2012 maybe? It went on for a while though.

And it all started because Hartman couldn’t keep his homophobic mouth shut.

Basically, as much as I complain about Hirsch and the GF fandom and the SU fandom, you couldn’t pay me to go back to the phandom during that nonsense.



 I’m fucking speechless, and as you know, that doesn’t happen much. When I agreed to let you go on that run, I fucking never thought it would be me needing the protection. Je-sus, doll, that fucker came out of nowhere, I’m down, Lucille nowhere to be seen. The other useless assholes off fucking off.

 And then heads, multiple heads, start fucking flying. I look up to see you, walker guts splattered all over your fucking gorgeous face, smiling down at me.

 Offering your hand, need help Negan?

Uh, I’m fine doll. First off, where the fuck did you get the machete? I thought you just had that fucking crossbow? And most importantly, where’s Lucille?

Right here, no worse for wear. And I always carry more than just a crossbow, Negan. I’m always prepared.

   I guess you are, Freckles. I sighed. I took Lucille, stepping over the fucking multiple corpses.

 No thank you, Negan?

 Shit, yeah, thank you sweetheart. Fuck!

 No problem. That’s what I’m here for. Negan, I’m not like the others,  I am much more than a pretty face that struts around in fancy lingerie. Please remember that.

 I fucking see that now, darling.

 Doll, when I made you one of my wives, I never expected what I got. You baby girl, are the whole fucking package. Super hot, gorgeous, smart, and a damn good fighter.  

 On the ride back, I got to fucking thinking. About you, about us. About the others. I guess I’m fucking changing things up sweetheart. Glancing over at you, sitting there all fucking covered in shit, but still so fucking beautiful. Damn.

 I’m sitting here, waiting for you while you clean up. I offered to help but you laughed and said I will be ready a lot faster if I do it myself, Negan. Then you rose up on your toes, kissing me.

 Now I’m going to say something fucking sappy. I love you baby, yes. But it’s more. Whatever is between us is just more than love, more than fucking. I need you, want you.

  I had them bring our dinner upstairs, so when you’re finished, we can eat in fucking peace. Let’s celebrate you saving me, in more ways than one. And then have a little bit of my favorite dessert, mmhmm, ba-by!!!

Always my sweet Freckles


Some men are so fucking entitled that they get offended when women are afraid of them. Like i actually hear them /complain/ when women cross to the other side of the street or start running.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself over nothing, try exercising a little sympathy and understanding for those women and the experiences that led them to be fearful. They’re not reacting that way for no reason, my dude. Empathy, what the fuck is it amirite. But no, it’s all about you you you and your fuckin feelings all the time and how the pain of others affects YOU.

They never say, “man that’s sad, I’m sorry she feels that way.”, its more. like “UGH HOW DARE SHE MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A PREDATOR BY LOOKING OUT FOR HERSELF WAAA WAAA WAAH. THAT MAKES MEEEEE FEEL BAD :( :( :(”

God i hate that fuckin shit. You are not the victim here, don’t even start.

Today, I fucked up... by picking up a hitchhiker and then showing up to my own funeral

This happened a few years ago and I was living in Zimbabwe at the time, and I was having a pretty bad day, I was going to see my auntie who lived about 400km away from me. If youre african you’ll understnad that this was no small journey. So I got in my car and set off and about 3 hours into the journey i came across a Dude by the side of the road who was going in the same direction, so out of the goodness of my heart i said jump in. we go to talking and he happened to be going to exact same village as me and he knew my auntie!.

Half an hour passes and we’re making polite chit chat and reminiscing about old times in zimbabwe, when all of a sudden he tell me to pull over, so I do. he runs out of the car and starts making wretching noises, so i assume he’s throwing up, its dark at this point so i cant really see much, so i go check on him ( first mistake). I get out and go to his side expecting him to be there but he’s not…..Then I here someone behind and me and before i know it im unconcious! so I wake up a couple hours later( iknow this becuase the sun was coming up at this point) without my car, clothes or wallet. so im thinking great. i look around and see im on some farmland wearing the giys clothes. SO i start walking in no particular direction and eventually come across a settlement.

I explain to them my situation and they tell me that the nearest main road is at least a good half a days walk from where I am and they dont get many cars coming through this part but they heard one last night ( which might be our thief). I start walking in the direction they point me in and after what felt like forever i come acroos a road, so I pitch up and start waiting, ( now i know most of you are thinking why not call someone, i had no phone with me and I dont have the best memory so I didnt know any numbers that would come in handy). after a couple of hours a car stops and lets me hitch I let him know the situaion and he says we’re in the complete opposite direction of my intended destination but he’s willing to drop me close enough to walk the rest of the way to which I thought great!

its takes a good two days to get there and he drops me off and i say my goodbyes to my driver, I take down his number so i can repay him later on. At this point im starting to recoginise my surroundings, I walk for a few miles and as im getting closer to my aunties i can here a lots of singing and what appears to be a large crowd which i though was strange. Im about 100 feet from the house and i see my Son which again i thought was strange because he was meant to be in school at this time, but instead of running to me and hugging me as he normally does…he runs away screaming to my complete bewilderment. I get to the the gate and all of a sudden the large crowd alerted by my sons scream has stopped singing and is stood silent. my wife appears and starts to run towards me hugging and kissing me like Ive been gone for months. My auntie appears and immediately faints when she sees me.

I still have no clue whats going on at this point and im exhausted, so we rush to get my auntie inside and I see my picture ontop of a large box that resembles a coffin sitting in the living room….

So it turns out that the guy who robbed me and made off with my car my wallet and all my clothes was in a car crash so bad that they couldnt identify the body and because the only things they could use to identify him was my wallet, they assumed it was me that had died in the crash. since there was no body of sorts they could arrange the funeral preety quickly and that is what I had stumbled upon. My son still has nightmares to this day and and my wife has told me never to pick up a hitch hiker ever again.

TL;DR Got carjacked, robber died and family thought it was me, they arrange my funeral and I somehow manage to stumble upon my own funeral.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Skippers was our best friend.  He was kind, thoughtful, energetic, and excellent at retrieving frisbees.  Sometimes I’d throw one over the hill and he’d come back with two or three.  It was as if he understood them, fully understood them, you know what I mean?  He felt the inner essence of the frisbees and they trusted him completely.  It was a beautiful relationship.

We used to take him for walks, although he never really liked them.  He was always jumping around, never felt really comfortable on a leash, and so we eventually just started driving him out to the countryside where he could run free for a couple hours.  We’d watch the sunset together over a few root beers, and then casually meander back to the car, kicking up seeds and dirt on our way, wishing the friction of the ground could slow our inevitable journey back.

Most times when I was sad, he’d walk over, jump up, and place his arm around me like he was giving me one of those side hugs that fake friends give. But he wasn’t a fake friend; he was a pure, real, true best friend.  I trusted him.  He had faith in me, too.

It crushed me when my girlfriend and I broke up, but it crushed me even more when she demanded Skippers come live with her.  Sure, they had a relationship, but I was the one who spent all my free time with him.  I was the one who carefully filled his water bowl right to the top and gave him pats as we watched Survivor together on the sofa. He was my best friend and I cried for hours at the thought of losing him. 

It wasn’t amicable at all.  She would not give in.  I begged, I pleaded, please let Skippers live with me.  Please let my little Skippers stay.  I’ll give you my Now That’s What I Call Music CD collection, I’ll give you my Playstation 2, anything!  But she would not hear it.  She wanted Skippers and she would not stop until she had him.

After a week of tossing and turning in bed, I came up with a solution.  Hey, I said, calling her up, let’s go to a neutral location and whoever Skippers runs to when it’s time to come home, is the person who can take him home.  Let’s do it fairly.  Reluctantly, I feel, she agreed.

The next day we set Skippers lose at the park and ventured to opposite sides. He leapt from place to place, bounding to and fro, gleefully unaware of the importance of his next decision.  I can not lie, I shed many tears that afternoon.

When the sun set, naturally Skippers began to grow tired.  He sniffed the air, barked a low hum, and then looked back and forth.  We slowly approached him, each eagerly waiting for him to make up his mind.  Who do you want to go with, she said.  Yes, who, I nodded, tears still streaming down my face. Skippers looked up at both of us with a wise look on his face, like he understood what we were each going through. 

Just then, a little boy tossed a frisbee right over the hill. Skippers, of course, dove after it.  We waited for an unusually long time.  I had begun to grow worried.  Just when I had decided to run after him over the hill, he bounded to the summit and produced two frisbees hanging from his mouth.  Slowly but purposefully, he plopped one in front of each of us and wagged his nice brown tail.  Skippers was our best friend. He was kind, thoughtful, energetic, and excellent at retrieving frisbees. 

I Told You So

So we’ve split the party and the dwarven cleric (me), human paladin, and human bard are all sleeping in separate rooms of a very pushy inn. After doing our poison saving throws, we get attacked by cultists, each in our own rooms.

Bard: *gets beaten with clubs, then stands up* “I’ve traveled for over 100 miles, fought countless orcs, and defeated a dragon. *holds up dragon tooth* If you don’t back down, me and my party are going to kill you. *rolls high for intimidate*

He eventually gets beaten up, tied up, kills some cultists with verbal spells, and gets out of the rope.

Bard: *runs up to the last two cultists, fighting the cleric, who just watched their cleric get knocked off a railing and start to run away, and taps them on the shoulder* Remember when I said we were going to kill you?

Cultists: *drop their weapons and put their hands up*

I swear to god, this will sound super fake and everyone will doubt that this happened but it absolutely did and I’m still not over it.

When I was first starting out at my work, there was a regional issue with fraudulent checks. So I had this huge drunk guy write a check for about $80 and try to walk away with the bags before I even touched the check, never mind that I needed his ID too. So that’s blatantly theft, and little 18 year old me spoke up and told him that he couldn’t take the bag yet.

He started screaming at me and just freaking out (looking back I realize he was probably also drugged) so my manager had to run up front and try to handle the situation. This asshole swung the bag, hitting another customer, and my manager called the cops right there.

So my poor manager (6'5, full grown man) was blocking Raging Asshole from getting behind the counter and attacking the other cashiers, while being on the phone with the cops, and described the Asshole as “about five foot ten, flag tattoo on his shoulder, reeks of whiskey, and weighs around 300lbs-” and the dude cut him off, screaming “ALRIGHT JACKASS IM SIX FOOT AND I ONLY WEIGH 270 IM NOT SOME FUCKIN PIG ALRIGHT” and we were just like… ok? So my manager holds up the phone and asks if he’d like to give his name too. To which Raging Asshole yells “YEAH ITS (real name) BETTER MAKE FUCKING SURE THEY GET THAT RIGHT TOO.” and after a bit more screaming, he stormed out of the building with the bag in hand. The sheriff came back to us later that night to collect the security tapes and said that it was the easiest arrest he’d had to make in a long time, seeing as the dude was sleeping at his house when they got there to arrest him.

Tl;dr: dude robbed a store while drunk (and high?), raged, got offended because we didn’t think he was six foot, told the police his real name, went back to his actual place of residence after robbing a store.

Today in poorly-advised camp activities: “pod racing”! I came back from my time off only to be seized upon by a dozen children, forced into a wheelbarrow, and tied so that I was unable to escape… supposedly this was for my own safety. As the smallest and lightest (i.e. easiest to push) counselor, I was drafted into this and didn’t get any say in my participation.

“Before this starts,” I said, “Let it be known that I think this is a very bad idea and would veto it if I had the authority. When someone gets injured, remember this: I told you so. Also, if I die, tell my parents I love them.”

The campers took off running and pushing/dragging each counselor in a wheelbarrow. Less than thirty seconds into the race, everyone wiped out, a bunch of kids slipped and bloodied themselves on the gravel, one boy might have broken his finger, and my cart went careening into the ditch and tipped over backward. I was fine, but I had to be untied so that I could rush campers to the nurse’s station. Several bandages and a splint later, everyone was laughing again.
“I told you so,” I said.
“Yeah… but it was so much fun, it was totally worth it!”

It… actually was pretty fun. Let’s never do it again.

Do you think Sorin, being so old with so much on his mind, forgets really important shit?

Do you think when the helvault was opened he had a fleeting thought of “oh fuck nahiri was in there” and just had to deal with some other shit first?

Do you think as things started ass-up in shadows over innistrad he was like “there’s something about this. I SWEAR I’m forgetting something. I’ve GOTTA know something about this, I’m thousands of years old for fucks sake.”

Do you think he was sitting down to have a drink when he had the sudden realization of “NAHIRI. NAHIRI IN THE HELVAULT. IT’S NAHIRI FUCK.” before throwing his shit aside to run out and deal with it

I’d like to imagine so.

Bed Hog

Summary: Jensen hogs the bed, but Jared doesn’t really mind.

Warning: smut, oral sex, NSFW gif under the cut

Word Count: 850ish

A/N: This is short, because it is my very first J2 fic and I wanted to ease into it. I didn’t tag my forevers, because I don’t know if you want to be tagged in RPF  or not. I AM tagging @hideyourdemoneyes and @waywardjoy because I know they would be interested :)Feedback always appreciated! Hope you enjoy! XOXO

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Slightly Lazy Days

Summary: Having to take care of Tom during filming season. 

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Hi guys! Sorry for this being so short, I had a little trouble with this one. I hope it’s okay! Please send me your feedback and any requests you have! Xx

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Tyler Seguin #12

Requested by Anon:  Omg I loved your Morgan rielly drabble so much I was smiling so big😍 could you do a Tyler Seguin one where you are taking your two chocolate labs for a run when Tyler’s labs run up to you and you get to talking abt your dogs and he asks you out 😙

*Thank you so so much! I love all my Mo drabbles tooo, thank you again. :) This is kinda, IDK, cute and fun but it starts with dog humping so be warned, I guess. Enjoy!!:)*

Word count: 982

Originally posted by dunbaerrito

You shouldn’t even have been that surprised when it happened. Dogs have humped you more than humans have. So when the big chocolate Labrador bound over, tongue hanging out of his open mouth and started to make love to half of your body, all while your own two dogs sat there looking as amused as ever, you shouldn’t have been shocked.

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making out with Ethan would include....

requested: yes

anon: making out with ethan would include???? tysm

⇉ make out sessions with him would probably start with one quick kiss, and then turn into something more

⇉ lots of lip biting

⇉ him mumbling i love you between kisses

⇉ pulling on his hair

⇉ lots of giggles

⇉ butt squeezes

⇉ hickeys everywhere !!!

⇉ which would probably make you squeal

⇉ “god you’re so beautiful,”

⇉ tracing his jaw with kisses

⇉ running your hands over his abs

⇉ him squeezing your boobs

⇉ watching his face go red when you moan at first but then he’d get more confident knowing you were enjoying as much as he was.

⇉ make out sessions with ethan would probably be super fast pace

⇉ him eagerly slipping your shirt off to see you in your bra

⇉ him not being able to get enough of you

⇉ him pulling away for a second just to examine your face and call you beautiful for the millionth time

a/n – LOL this was requested forever ago. i hope it was good lmao i tried

BTS as things i've done/said in kindergarten

Seokjin *girl throws up next to me* *doesn’t even get on me* *i start crying* “IT’S SO UGLY”

Yoongi *watched a chick hatch in an incubator without telling anyone because i wanted to watch it myself without disruption when we were strictly told to say something* 

 Hoseok *started crying because a kid called my mother’s day card ugly* 

Namjoon “SANTA ISN’T REAL IT ISN’T POSSIBLE FOR A FAT MAN TO GO THROUGH CHIMNEYS” *told to leave the library until shared reading was over* 

 Jimin *grew ½ inch trough the whole year* 

 Taehyung *put play time shaving cream in my hair and had to go home* 

Jungkook *running through a hallway at full speed* *hits pole* *passes out for a few minutes* *doesn’t go to nurse because i was too worried about getting in trouble for running in the hall*

#119 SHINee reaction to their child running onstage during talk session. Requested by Anon.

Note: I didn’t proofread this at all. I felt so bad for not updating in months. So I wanted to gift everyone that still waits for my reactions with one. This one is much shorter than my normal ones - I hope you still like it!


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Onew will be excitedly tell a funny backstage story were he had caught Key debating with himself if he should or shouldn’t eat the cookie. That’s when the fans started to suddenly scream and all five of them will look around rather confused to see Onews baby girl to run towards them just as excited as her dad just told the story about Key. Tripping over air she will fall down, just as clumsy as Onew, flat onto her nose. Tears instantly formed in her eyes as she started to cry out loud due to the pain. With a worried look on his face Onew will jog over to his little girl, picking her up carefully as he didn’t want to make it worse. “It’s okay baby bunny”, he will whisper as he thankfully takes a tissue Minho handed him to dry her tears. He will carry her over to his seat, shortly forgetting where he was as he tried his best to comfort her and calm her down. Once she stopped crying he will take the mic again to apologize, “I am sorry. She got to excited when she saw you all. So I had to calm down this hurt little bunny first. She is fine now so you don’t need to worry”. He will smile brightly as he gently turns her around to be caught on camera for everyone to see.


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Key will have playfully decided that he will be the MC for the talk session, so he will do an improvised interview with Jonghyun about him composing. Jonghyun instantly felt like talking about his inspirations. As he mentions that the members, fans and his family are his main source of inspiration he will feel a slight tuck at the back of his shirt. When he turned around to see who was interrupting his speech he will see his boy standing behind him shyly. None had noticed the boy sneaking up on stage not even the fans, so when the camera started to follow the small boy the fans screamed due to his cuteness. Grinning happily Jonghyun will turn around to pick his boy up and sit him down on his lap. “Let daddy shortly finish his sentence ok?”, Jonghyun will kiss the boys cheek quickly before he continued with telling the fans about his composing. That turned out to be harder as he thought as within a minute most members where lost and rolling on the ground laughing. “Yah!”, he will have to laugh himself, “You can’t do that to daddy!”. His boy had been happily trying to get a hold of Jonghyuns microphone, as he pulled it towards himself causing Jonghyuns voice to be really quiet, before pushing it almost into Jonghyuns mouth making him sound way to loud. “Thank you for your hard work”, Jonghyun won’t scold is boy, his baby boy didn’t know better and just tried to help him, but he will try to get the mic away from him passing it to Taemin to talk next.


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Key will be quietly listening to the other members talk, when he looks around to see the fans. Instead of his fans he ends up witnessing his princess trying to half crawl and half walk up the stairs. Instantly he will rush over to her, picking her up as he wants to get her off the stage instantly. “Key! Key wait!”, Minho will stop him, “Bring her here”. The members will grin as Key, unsure if it is the right thing to do, brings her over. When Minho tried to take her onto his own lap Key will glare at him, “My princess”. Positioning her onto his own lap his facial expressions instantly soften when she looked him in the eyes giggling. “Aigoo – look at those two”, Taemin teases as the bond between Key and his daughter is way too cute. “Oh! I just noticed. They wear matching clothing!”, Onew says surprised. When Key heard that he starts to grin widely, “We took a family picture before the show, so we decided to dress similar today”. Showing off her cute outfit he will stand her up on his knees as he wraps his arms around her belly to support her. Just than his girl decided to turn really shy as she turns around to hide her face by pressing her face into his chest. Grinning he will decide that it’s enough and bring her off the stage careful not to drop her.


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Minho will have the honor to talk about their new album and which songs he enjoyed recording the most, when his five year old sneaks up from behind him. Right when Minho noticed the boy pinching him he will run after him trying to catch him earning laughs and giggles from the members and fans. Once he successfully caught the young boy he throws him over his shoulder walking back to the middle of the stage proudly. Sassy he will announce that a certain bad little boy refused to listen well to appa and played a trick on him. He won’t be able to stop laughing at the boys struggle to get down, so he turns around in order to make the fans able to see the cute struggle as well. “He’s cute right?”, Minho will happily pat his boys butt as he flips him over to carry him bridal style. “Want to say something?”, he will walk next to Jonghyun so he can hold the mic towards his boys lips. Pouting the boy will press his lips together protesting. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk?”, Minho will move the one hand that holds his boys back slightly indicating the upcoming tickles. “Ok. Ok. I talk”, the boy surrenders already laughing from the thought of tickles. When Minho sat him down the boy will bow politely towards the fans, “Thank you for supporting my appa!”. Happy Minho will ruffle through his boys hair, “Good boy”.


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“Taemin how about you show our precious fans the key dance moves of our new song?”, Key grins as he giggles about his own pun. Laughing embarrassed he will slowly get up, “The key ones right?”. He will start to explain a really simple one with showing each move really slowly. While he explains a second one the fans will start to scream at, for him, strange times. After a while he will turn around unsure about what is happening to see his girl trying to dance along with her father. Feeling slightly unsure how to handle this situation he decides to let her be while he continues to show what he wanted to show. Once he finished he will lovingly pick her up on his way back to his chair. Due to the mic attached to his shirt the fans were able to witness the cute conversation between him and his daughter, “You danced really well. Like a really pretty flower. Did you practice with mommy?”. His girl will nod with the same shy expression Taemin himself often had. “Yes? Did you want to show our Shawols how good you are?”, he will adjust her ponytail that got loose while dancing as she nods again. Adoring her more than anyone he will look towards his fans excited as they scream charmed by her cute behavior. “Want to go back to mommy now?”, he will ask her. She will shake her had but it won’t be enough for him. At least once he wanted to show the fans her cute voice. “I don’t think they heard your answer baby”, he will grin holding his shirt mic towards her face. Shortly she will look around unsure before a faint ‘No’ will make everyone, including her SHINee uncles melt.

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the mornings don’t always start out like coffee. sometimes, they start off like thick maple syrup. you hit snooze three times before you get out of bed, you don’t shower like you maybe should, breakfast is a granola bar, you can’t speak in class or respond to your coworkers and when 1 pm hits it still feels like the day hasn’t begun. it’s slow and thick and running over the sides of your life but that’s okay. maple syrup may not get you going but it is sweet. maybe, you just need a little sugar. maybe, you just need a day to be slow and go through the motions. tomorrow is for caffeine. 


Summary: Dan tries to watch Phil’s newest video but gets a bit distracted.

Genre: fluff, smut

Word Count: 1054 (not including lyrics)

Warnings: mentions of sex, brief descriptions of masturbation

Author’s Note: Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve, for some insane reason, decided to post 1 fic every day for the 12 days of Christmas which I’m calling 12 days of ficmas. These are all part of a series of oneshots based on Troye Sivan’s album Blue Neighborhood that I’ve already started. Hope you enjoy! Shout out to @chocolatesaucelester for reading this over for me and assuring me that this is good.

Blue Neighborhood Series

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Let’s talk about that new Night Vale episode now that I’m not running on a combination of 8 hours of sleep over 3 days. Or more specifically, let’s talk about one character:

Tamika Flynn.

That girl is probably one of the greatest heroes in fiction right now that I know of. 

Starting out in a summer reading program, surviving by her love of books, and leading a group of children her age against huge monsters that once sent the entire town into shut down when  one escaped.

Tamika Flynn was missing at the age of 13.

She had left her home with the children of Night Vale and they lived in the sand wastes and trained by reading to take down a corporate nightmare that was trying to destroy the voice of Night Vale and reduce the town to nothing but a suburb of Desert Bluffs.

Tamika was arrested as a rebel when she was still a child and told the people of Night Vale that there was nothing to be scared of. She told them that “Sad is not the land that has no hero. Sad is the land that needs a hero.” 

And then she escaped. She stopped being a girl. She stopped being a kid. Tamika Flynn became a young woman and a folk hero whose love of stories and literature has stopped countless threats and attempts at censoring knowledge. She was at long last found.

Tamika Flynn has told us countless things like, “Do not be defined by how you can die but by how you can live.” and  “I am not a hero. Or we all are. Or the word has no meaning.”

Now Tamika Flynn is 16 years old and she no longer wants to stay in the background. She does not wish to be a young woman. She wants to be an adult, not a child, not a young woman, not a folk hero. Tamika Flynn knows that she has a place in this town’s history and is taking it. She has told the city council that hates any insurgence or disobedience that they have to go through her if they want to remove her from her self appointed position on city council. She is ready to help the people of Night Vale in front of everyone and not from the sand wastes or the shadows. She is a member of this town and she has opinions that need to be heard.

In a store I used to work at parents would let their kids play on the flatbed carts. You are obviously not allowed to do that because they can get hurt. We even have little commercials in between the store Playlist that says not to do these things. Well one day this particular kid was literally jumping up and down on the flatbed to the point where it was rolling forward [right next to their parent btw] I told them to get down because wtf you are going to hurt yourself and the parent starts getting upset with me. Like okay bitch let your child bust they head open on this metal cart then you’re gonna wanna sue. Stop letting your kids run wild in retail stores. [P.s. that same kid was playing on the cart when his mom was pushing it out to the car, fell under it and she rolled his ass over. If you fucking listened to me in the first place that wouldn’t have happened.]