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pinkcheekedcold  asked:

Could I request a Viktor fic, with him double-whammied with a nasty cold and a bad sprain? Viktuuri or gen, please!

Thank you for sending me a request! I really admire your writing! Anyway, this is set post-series, with Victor and Yuuri living together in Russia. I hope that you like it!

Victor is not having a good week.

It starts on Monday. Ever since announcing his comeback, Victor has been training practically nonstop, on top of continuing to coach Yuuri. But trying to rejoin competitive figure skating is difficult, and Victor has had his fair share of fumbles trying to get back into shape.

Yuuri is at his fiancé’s side in an instant when he sees Victor take a particularly nasty fall after attempting his signature quad flip. Fortunately, nothing seems broken, but he’s reluctant to move his right shoulder.

“It looks like a bad sprain,” Yakov says gruffly, carefully examining his student for any other injuries. Upon finding none, he sighs and sends Victor off with instructions to see a doctor. “I don’t want to see you back here for at least a week!”

The subsequent doctor’s appointment is silent. Victor pouts and sulks the entire way through, scowling when the doctor repeats Yakov’s recommendation. Yuuri hates seeing him so downtrodden, and tries his best to lighten Victor’s black mood.

“A week off isn’t going to be enough to set you back,” Yuuri points out. “And I’ll stay with you to keep you company.”

“What?” Victor sounds horrified by the suggestion. “No, Yuuri, you can’t miss practice too. I’ll be fine on my own.”

So Yuuri reluctantly heads to practice Tuesday morning, leaving Victor to his own devices. He’d still been asleep when Yuuri had crept out, snoring slightly. He only snores when he’s congested; Yuuri hopes that he’s not coming down with something.

When he returns home, exhausted from practice, Victor greets him hoarsely from the couch. “You sound terrible,” Yuuri says, frowning worriedly. “Do you think that you’re getting sick?”

“I’m fine,” Victor insists, clearing his throat. Yuuri is not terribly convinced, but decides to leave it alone for now.

“What do you want for dinner?” he asks instead, figuring that he’s probably not getting the truth out of Victor anytime soon.

Wednesday morning, Victor wakes himself up with several stifled sneezes into his pillow. “I knew you were sick,” Yuuri says accusingly.

“Ah, you’re so observant, my Yuuri!” Victor says lightly, before breaking into a round of coughing. He’s well past the point of pretending that he’s fine.

Yuuri presses a gentle hand to his forehead. “Hmmm. Well you’re not running a fever, so I think that it’s just a cold.” He withdraws his hand. “You should stay in bed today and rest, though. I’ll make you some tea.” For once, Victor seems to be listening, and burrows back under the blankets with a quiet thank you.

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to stay with you today?” Yuuri asks as he sets a mug of tea on the bedside table within easy reach.

“I can’t have you missing practice because of me,” Victor rasps, before taking a careful sip of tea. “Ah, thank you Yuuri. This is perfect. But you should get going! Don’t make yourself late on my account.”

He’s even more hesitant to leave than he was yesterday, but eventually Yuuri manages to pry himself out of the apartment. Yakov is going to have his head for being late.

The apartment is dark and quiet when Yuuri returns. He’d been expecting to find Victor camped out in the living room, but to his surprise, Victor is still in bed. “You must really not be feeling well,” Yuuri comments, poking his head into the bedroom.

“It’s more comfortable in here,” Victor rasps. His voice sounds ten times worse than it did yesterday, and Yuuri winces in sympathy. He watches as Victor wrinkles his nose against the rising urge to sneeze. It’s unsuccessful, and he quickly has to bring his hands to his face to avoid spraying the blanket. He sniffles wearily when he’s finished and grimaces. Yuuri doesn’t miss it.

“That looks like it hurt,” he says casually, passing Victor a tissue so he can blow his nose properly and placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. “What’s the matter?”

Victor gestures to his injured shoulder, looking slightly embarrassed. “Every time I sneeze, it hurts.”

The quick motion must be jarring his arm, Yuuri realizes. Victor narrows his eyes suddenly, his breath hitching with another sneeze. Yuuri has an idea to help.

He settles onto the bed, spooning up behind his sick fiancé and gently wrapping an arm around his chest. He’s mindful of Victor’s sprain and only applies light pressure to keep him from jerking forward as he sneezes. Victor sniffles wetly again before letting out a little sigh of relief.

“Did that help?” Yuuri asks, sitting up a little so that he can grab the box of tissues.

“You have no idea,” Victor says gratefully, grabbing a handful of tissues from Yuuri. He sounds absolutely exhausted.

“You should get some sleep,” Yuuri suggests, dropping a gentle kiss to the crown of Victor’s head as he yawns. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right here.” Victor is asleep within minutes, cradled comfortably in Yuuri’s embrace.

Purple Flowers (Mike Dodds x reader)

10 Days – 10 Stories: Day 8 – Mike Dodds

Summary: You run into Mike at your new job. It instantly clicks and you go on your first date!

A/N: Okay, I really missed writing for my favorite Dodds.

Word count: 1,411

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/L/N) = your last name

Warnings: just a lot of fluff


* * *

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School’s starting again on monday and I really need to put more effort into my studies, so I’ll mostly go on an art semi-hiatus or hiatus if I have to. I’ll still lurk in tumblr and reblog stuff but I won’t be posting art (there might be just one drawing ‘cause tomato’s Maki’s birthday but that’s it.)

With all that said, have a nice day/night/week or whatever you are having! (Or how they say here: Have a good one! <- I don’t get this phrase lol)



Now as most of you here knows… i’ve been away in awhile at home due to some business errands i’ve worked with in Manila so when i finally came back last night at my place, well what can you expect—everything was quite a mess. So i started sorting things out earlier this morning because i don’t want to start out my Mondays with things all over the place. But nevertheless, happy that i’ve completed all the trainings i need in order for this business to prosper more.

• Was quite tired with all the cleaning i did earlier though plus i was a bit caught up in a dilemma as to where to put my other clothes because my three closets were quite full. Mother did a little sermon about me keep on buying newer clothes to fill in when i’ve got hundreds of them still fine to wear. Ugh, Ma? Parang di ka naman babae. Saka i rarely buy clothes kaya buuut admittedly though guys, i didn’t know or imagined even, that my closets were that full. Guess i have to buy another closet again (?) Ay ya yay.

• This PMSing just gets worsen every day. My nipples are crazily itchy. My boobs are quite heavy and i’ve been craving sweets since my Manila staycation! Hornier than ever. What the fxck! When will this cycle starts? Not to mention i think i’ve gained weight… ugh, i hate it when my father’s right.

Pangarap ka na lang ba? (referring to Lovi’s damn body figure). Peesh.

• I need to be out early tomorrow to process something and there’s a whole lot of meetings lined up for me to attend to in the afternoon until late evening. This is what i’m talking about you guys when i said the moment i step my foot back again in Davao—i would be hella busy. Ugh, not that i’m complaining. Well if some time this week it’ll happen—just confidently ignore my selfish ranting. I cannot wait to be back to grinding again though. I miss productivity. I miss working my ass off so i could earn lots of money again then i and my family can go on a very cute vacation. And so i could gift myself something expensive and amazing this year, on my birthday. He he he.

• In case y'all wondering what i’ve been doing this evening, well i’ve been watching porn NOT. Lol. I’ve been watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 2 because i couldn’t manage to continue watching it while i was in Manila due to the first week’s busy schedule and my internet’s usually jammed and slow while i was at the Condo during the days i stayed in. So couldn’t do anything fun enough to amuse me then.

• Spent a good amount of time playing with Zoe and Massie awhile ago and my brother made Zoe a new home, this time in a cute metal-ish color. Massie’s new home project should be next. Hehe. I like it when my family missed me, it’s the things that they subtlety do makes me realize that they care and love me—they’re not quite known for such big gestures but i like it when they do little things for me. Just like how both of my parents prepared quite a feast today at home because it’s the first Sunday we spent since i came back and the first Sunday of the month also which i didn’t had any meetings and such. They ordered lechon and made me my favorite Sunday (usually hangover) meal—Spicy Soup of Ribs with Sinangag Rice and some very fresh Kilawin—uggh the thought of it made me hungry even more. That’s the things i missed most, it’s when people you love and care do special things for you. And it’s really nice when people do things for you, you know. Sa Manila kasi it’s either i will eat at fastfood or any restaurants available near me eh. Nakakamiss din ‘yong luto with TLC. Hahaha.

Okay, i’m blabbing quite a lot but i’m just so grateful for everything that’s been happening already in my life. Whether some guy rejected me or not, money wasted enough, or a project wasn’t approved which cost me a bit of my self-esteem—i always try to look at the positive side of every situations. I guess that’s one good thing i like about myself. I’ve managed to think differently nowadays compared back to when i was still 22 or what. Ugh, maturity comes with a price but with it comes also a great turning point at one’s life. Anyway, i’m not too sure whether you guys get what i’m trying to blab here but whatever it is, know that this bitch right here (regardless of what level of a bitch am i) is happy with her life. Pfft. Okay then, i shall try to watch some episodes again. Just made them series load more because i so hate slow buffering.

Today's the big day!

No, not my birthday.

But today is the day I’m going to start my big spring break trip!!

I’ll be going all over south California, starting by touring UCSB on Monday.

On tuesday I’ll be at Universal Studios Hollywood, so if you’re there, have fun trying to find me! :D

On wednesday I’ll be touring USC, and thursday to saturday I’ll be running around San Diego. I might go to the San Diego Zoo at some point!

All in all, Tumblr doesn’t work on my phone, and I don’t know how often I’ll be able to get wifi to use my iPod/computer. So you might not see me for at least a few days, tho I’ll try to be online for some of my birthday (wednesday) to recieve anything!

See you all soon!

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.