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can anyone recommend any TV shows to watch? not the normal ones like Supernatural, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, AHS because I’ve seen them.

I just want to start something new :’)

raicheando  asked:

HI! I'm wanting to make a Queen Marchesa Commander deck, but i do not know if it will be good, as I have never played a commander deck without green and/or blue in it. Green ramps, blue controls... What is Mardu good at? Thanks!

Hey there, thanks for your question.

Building a deck outside of your “color comfort zone” can definitely be daunting at first, but it’s also a lot of fun once you start getting into it. Good on you for wanting to try something new. Mardu is actually a pretty solid color combination for Commander as it offers a pretty wide range of tools that allow you to build your deck to your personal taste.

Mana acceleration is a hurdle you will have to consider for certain. All three colors in this combination do get some access to speeding up their mana, but not nearly to the same degree as Green does and not in a solid enough way to lean on any of them as a “ramp color.” You’re much better off utilizing artifact-based ramp to help power your plays. At three colors and without Green to supplement them, I’d say you should consider around eight artifacts that actively tap for mana. Of special note here is Chromatic Lantern, which does double duty as a mana rock and as land fixing to help you make sure you have the right kind of mana at all times. Definitely worth slotting into a three-color deck.

While it’s true that you lose access to the majority of counterspells and similar effects without Blue, don’t think that means that you can’t choose Control as a deckbuilding path. Mardu is a very solid color combination in terms of board control, getting the lion’s share of removal for most card types. You also gain access to Black’s ability to steal resources from graveyards (Demon of Dark Schemes, for example), which is heartily supplemented by the removal options at your disposal. Black and Red can handily replace Blue in the card draw department, and through Black you also gain the ability to manipulate your opponents’ hands to keep them from accessing their best spells. The addition of White lets you use cards like Blind Obedience and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight to shut down combat-based strategies, and creatures like Sheoldred, Whispering One and Ob Nixilis, Unshackled can further disrupt other players’ plans.

This is more or less the type of deck I would recommend building for Queen Marchesa. Utilize a healthy removal suite to take control of the board and then keep it locked down in your favor through taxation and theft of resources. Mardu is a solid color combination to play in and I wish you the best of luck in deckbuilding. Feel free to send me the list you come up with once you’ve dived in, I’d love to have a look.

Wowie zowie I’ve been inactive for quite a long time 😥 um idk I just got hella depressed and kinda removed myself from the fandom and I can’t seem to get back into it?? That might mean that I need to really overhaul my blog and start something fresh, with maybe a new URL and stuffs…I’ll get back to you guys on that one but I’m sorry I disappeared again 😥

How to 'possibly' find a drawing Style!

So, if you follow me, you know for a fact that I absolutely can not keep a consistent style.

Well maybe I have a solution for that, And maybe for those of you who struggle as well, this may help you out too.

Usually people’s styles are influenced by other art they’ve seen around the internet or in various cartoons.

You’re struggling with developing a style, I would do this.

  1. Find 5 to 10 drawings that you like that were made by others.

  2. Circle things on each one that you really like. (The way that person maybe draws their noses or body proportions)

  3. Look at those images carefully and begin to take those small aspects and start putting them together to create something entirely new!

I wouldn’t exactly call this ‘copying’ since you’re taking very small bits and pieces and mashing them with other things.

For instance I see art that looks extremely Disney looking because of the way the person draws the eyes, but the body proportions are very different.

Don’t feel bad for trying this out! I was told that nobody’s style is completely 'original’ and it’s always influenced by something else someone created, but tweaked a bit as time progresses so it becomes more of their own.

Hopefully this helped you all out! It was just an idea that came to mind ^^!

Keep drawing!!

🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 

Mexican Gold

Today was your last day of being a weapons buyer. You had taught your apprentice all she needed to know, and she had done you proud. A quick learner that oozed confidence was what you needed to replace you. However, as it was your last day, it meant it was your first day of being an actual Blackwatch agent.

Luckily it had come in time quick enough for you and Jesse to go on that bloody mission together. From studying the brief, it wasn’t too complicated; you had to travel to Dorado to take out a couple of Los Muertos members as they had been stirring up quite a bit of trouble. You, of course, have never killed anyone before. You bought in weapons. Not used them. Reyes had comforted you, saying you were supporting Jesse more than anything. That made it slightly better, but you still needed to prepare yourself for the worst. You are a part of Blackwatch after all.

You and Jesse had decided to meet in the mess hall to go over any final details before taking the dropship tomorrow to a small village outsite of Dorado.
“But what if we set up a trap here?” You emphasised, pointing at the map.
“Darlin’. That’s dumb. A doorway?”
“Yes, a doorway. What’s wrong with that?”
Jesse chuckled and sighed at the same time.
Because that is where we’re set up. I understand that y'all don’t want anybody coming in to where we are, but how’re we supposed to get out?”
You re-looked at the map, your finger still hovering over the doorway. You slammed your hand down on the map in exasperation.
Okay then, where would you put the trap?”

McCree brought his eyes up to meet yours. “I know you’re new to this.” His eyebrows furrowing slightly.
You raise an eyebrow, lips pursed.
“I know. I’m trying to understand all the strategies and tactics and-”
“It’s okay, doll. Really.”
He placed his hand calmly on top of yours. You felt comforted, as his hand engulfed yours. Your shoulders relaxed; you hadn’t realised how tense they were.
“So.. where would you put them then?”
Jesse grinned, gently brushing your hand towards you so it fell onto your lap. He pointed at the back entrace of the building your gear was to be stationed in. You cocked your head.
“Darlin’, think ‘bout it. If they find where we’re set up, they ain’t gonna be chargin’ through the front door, are they?”
You huffed. Annoyed that he was right.
“You’ll learn soon ‘nough.” A half smile forming on his face.
“Jesse..” You warned. He had gotten the hint plenty of times that you despised being patronised. He exaggerated rolling his eyes at you, still smiling. You tapped his hand lightly with yours, a slight frown forming on your brows.
“Okay, c'mon. Got'cha weapons set up?”
“Yes, sir.” You replied. You saw Jesse recoil slightly, cheeks tinged with pink. Amusement lit up your face. “Well I never though you would be into that.” You smirked.
Now it was his turn to frown. “Not now, (Y/N). We’re try'na work on a mission.”
“Not even trying to deny it?”
Jesse looked up at you, both hands flat on the table, you now having his undivided attention. “I can show you.” He growled.
“No, Jesse. We’re trying to work on a mission.” You stifled a chuckle. Your smile, however, faltered when you saw how dark his eyes had become. He was half standing, your positions making it so he cast a shadow from the fluorescent light in the room, towering over you.
“Now lil’ missy, are ya gonna listen or sit there gigglin’ like a schoolgirl?”
Your eyes widened. The palms in your lap became clammy as the laughter was wiped off of your face.
“I’m try'na help you. This is officially your first day in Blackwatch and you’re already attempting to take the piss outta ya superior?”
Your eyes became downcast, mouth downturned.
“Sorry, Jesse. I didn’t mean to-”
“Darlin’, look at me.”
You cautiously brought your eyes up to meet his. Your lips snarled and eyebrows creased when you were faced with a shit-eating grin.
Fuck you.”
Suddenly standing up, you pushed the bench out from underneath you. It screeched, even making Jesse flinch.
“I have had enough of your shit.” Your index finger pointed right his nose, him flicking between looking at you and going cross eyed to look at your finger. “The only reason I’m supporting you is because the head of Blackwatch asked me to.”
“Darlin’, I’m sorry-”
“Don’t you ’darling’ me.”
You snatched your hand back, face the epitome of thunder.
“I’ll see you at dawn.”
You stalked out.


Your duffel bag had been packed with the necessities for at least three days now. You were jittery from excitement, or was it nerves? You weren’t entirely sure. It was too early for your brain to be functioning properly; you needed a coffee and you needed it now. You still had to wait for McCree to turn up at the meeting point though before slipping off.

Yesterday’s meeting left a bitter taste in your mouth. It was all that kept running over in your mind.

Was I too harsh?

No. Maybe?

Should I apologise?

Absolutely. No, wait-

He should apologise to me!

He should, but come on, will he?

“Mornin’.” A heavy thud snapped you from your internal battle. McCree’s head was tilted to one side, eyes searching your face, hand loose by his side from where he had been holding his bag.
“G'morning,” you yawned. “Look, about yesterday-”
“I should'n'ta done what I did.”
“Tease me? Prank me?”
“I thought Reyes said you could handle me?”
“Don’t answer a question with a question.”
“Don’t avoid my question’ by try'na correct my grammar.”
You threw your hands up in mock surrender.
“I can’t be doing this now.”
You hastily bent down and grasped the handles of your bag, walking down the hangar hallway.

The dropship had been prepared for your four hour flight. Everything from nourishment to take with you on the mission to cards as entertainment. Your shoes clicked on the steel ramp to the entrance of ship.
“(L/N), (Y/N).”
“Welcome, Agent (Y/N).”
“Thanks, Athena.”
Your heart fluttered at the sound of hearing 'agent’ before your name. Athena had perked you up a bit.
“McCree, Jesse.”
“Welcome, Agent McCree.”

You scanned around the interior, finding a place to store your luggage. Jesse had the same idea, coming up behind you and waiting for you to be done. His hand brushed on top of yours to stop you from closing the locker so he could place his on the bottom shelf. You tutted, and made way for one of the seats around the edge.
“Agents, please secure your seatbelts. We will be lifting off in approximately two minutes.”

You pulled a belt from above your left shoulder to lock in between your legs, the same for above your right shoulder. You then pulled down the over the shoulder restraints and clipped them in, something you would describe similar to what they used to have on rollercoasters. Jesse had of course decided to choose the seat to the left of yours. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see him mimicking your actions.

Stop it. He’s only following the procedure to securing himself in. He isn’t copying you to annoy you.

You rested your head against the padded headreast, closing your eyes.

“Take off initiated.”

Your hands gripped the handles on the restraints. The jets started up, the ship lifting. It was such a unique feeling when your stomach dropped. You hated it.

Something warm covered your hand, the feeling making you open your eyes to look. Jesse’s hand was placed on top of yours. He could clearly see you were not used to flying in the drop ship. A small smile graced your lips. You shut your eyes again and succumbed to blissful sleep, the coffee you wanted and your spite with Jesse forgotten.


Coffee. The sweet smell of coffee. You opened one eye hesitantly. You saw Jesse by the makeshift kitchen station brewing a pot. A crick in your neck was sorted by cracking it; you must have slept at an awkward angle. Unclipping your harnesses, you stretched your legs.
“Mornin’ again, sunshine.”
“What time is it?”
It’s high-”
Before he could finish, you had lobbed a pachimari that was by your foot, hitting him square in the face.
“Forget I asked.”
His mouth hung open slightly, shocked.
“What’s the matter? Pachimari got your tongue?” You giggled.
He tightened his lips, however, he gave himself away by the corners of his lips resisting to turn up.
“That was terrible. Have some coffee.”
You gladly accepted, grasping a mug and tilting the coffee pot to pour it.

“We clash, don’t we?”
Jesse looked up from blowing on his coffee to try and cool it.
“Wouldn’t change it for the world.”
You hummed in agreement. That was a shorter conversation regarding that subject than what you thought.
“How much longer?” You pondered, taking a sip.
“Around an hour. We’ll have to make a bit of a trek before we reach the village.”
“That’s fine.”


The last hour passed quickly, you and Jesse making small talk. You learnt a bit about him, nothing that everyone didn’t already know. He seemed hesitant to talk about Deadlock, or anything before he joined Overwatch. It was a change to hear it from him, rather than rumours around the base.

“Agents, please prepare for landing.” Athena’s voice echoed.

You and McCree strapped yourselves in, bracing to land. Looking out the window, you could see the crests of the waves of the ocean, with a brown, grassy edging. Clinging onto the handles, the ship landed without any problems. You couldn’t, however, see any villages nearby.

“So how long is this 'trek’?”
“Did you happen t'even so much as glance at the brief?”
Jesse looked at you.
“It’s about four clicks out.”
“I have no idea what you just said.”
“Clicks. Kilometers.”
“Oh,” you paused, “Yeah, I still don’t really know how long that would take?”
“Around forty to fifty minutes.”

You unbuckled your harnesses and made your way over to pick up your bags. Hopefully the walk shouldn’t take too long.


After countless times of you blaming Jesse for being lost and him arguing back, you finally made it to the safehouse in the village nearby Dorado. It was perfect for setting up an inconspicuous base. Jesse had gone to set up the traps at the back door; you just had to remember to never go out that way. There was a spare room on the top floor where you would unload your equipment: laptop, hardcopy files, weapons. You had all day to scope out who you were looking for, and decided it would be best to attack under the cover of darkness.

A rental car had been prepared for you and Jesse, posing as a tourist couple here for the Festival de la Luz. Jesse thought it would be better for him to drive. You agreed as you weren’t sure if he knew if you didn’t actually know how to drive. You should probably tell him at some point.

“It’s so pretty!”
“Yeah, doll. It is.” Jesse spoke fondly.
The town was covered in lights, piñatas and streamers. You’d never been to a festival before and the sights amazed you. Jesse managed to sneak into a parking space near the centre of the town, allowing you a quick getaway should you need it. The odd thing was that there weren’t many people around. You brushed it off; it was the middle of the day and was probably too hot to be out in the glaring sun.

A loud bang brought you out of your daydream. You and Jesse exchanged looks and were on high alert. You sighed in relief as you saw it was just a market stand that had fallen over, a couple of apples rolling down the cobbled street. Jesse grabbed your arm and pulled you to the ground. What you hadn’t noticed was the terrifying group of men harrassing the stall owner, waving rifles around.

Ah. That’s why there’s no people.

They were shouting at the owner in something what you assumed to be Spanish, appearing to be threatening him.

“Crawl.” Jesse whispered.
You were happy to oblige. Everyone else around had scarpered or were hiding. You had some stalls covering your position, but wood wouldn’t stop bullets. Your bare knees bumped against the cobbled lane. A pair of well polished black boots appeared in front of you, and you squeaked from surprise.

“Turistas!” The voice above you exclaimed. You made the mistake of looking up, greeted with a horrifying sight. The man’s face was covered with brightly coloured tattoos.
To be fair, he fit in with the current decor of bright colours but it still shocked you. It must have shown on your face, as the stranger released a dark chuckle.
Hermoso turista.” The man scoffed.
You sat back on your feet, still looking up at the man in shock. A strong grip on your arm made you stand to your feet, and a voice in your ear commanding you run. Your legs were wobbly, having come face to face with someone no doubt part of the gang you were sent to eradicate.

Gunshots were fired. Whether it was from Jesse or the gang, you don’t know. Twisted lanes and stairs to nowhere. The pretty town had suddenly become a nightmare to navigate. You tried to think where the car was but you were in too deep to try and remember.

“Keep running!” A southern voice shouted from behind you. You had no plans of stopping.

Unless of course you ran straight into the same stranger that scared you before. You think you had accidentally ran full circle, but you had no way of knowing as you were seeing stars from running into what seemed like a brick wall. You were spun around and your hands came up to your face defensively. A harsh grip came around your arms and torso and a hand covered your mouth.
“Shh, cariño.” A voice whispered darkly into your ear.
You were panicking. The shorts and tank top you were wearing to deflect the heat now provided absolutely no protection. You tried struggling, small whimpers escaping from you.

“Darlin’, don’t.” Jesse panted. He had one hand resting on his knee and the other hand pointed his gun at the man behind you.

Your widened eyes desperately looked at McCree, frowning as a thought flew through your head. You managed to bash your head backwards, catching the chin of the man holding you. He faltered, giving you enough time to smash your elbow into his ribs hard. He retreated his arms, trying not to double over from the sudden lack of breath. You managed to take one step before you were grabbed again and flung to the side. A sickening thud filled your ears. Your head hurt. You had connected with an actual brick wall. Your knees gave up, collapsing to the ground and your hands came up gingerly to your temple. Your eyelids managed to pry open, staring at your shaking hand that now had blood running down it.

There was a thump next to you, and McCree was on his side trying to push himself up.
“J.. Jesse..” You tried reaching towards him.

The tattooed man stepped in between you two and gave Jesse a hard kick to the ribs, even you shied back. The man now turned towards you, bending down and snatching your outstretched wrist. Pulling you up, a large hand fit snug around your throat.


You tried kicking, but his body was just out of reach. Your breath became shallow. Your sight became blurred. You looked at McCree who was struggling to recoup, and his eyes met yours. A tear escaped the corner of your left eye. You had faced death before.

You were suddenly back on the ground. Jesse had managed to sweep kick the gang member, making both of you fall over. Voices and Spanish words flew through the air.

“C'mon, sweetheart, stay with me.” A calloused hand briefly touched your cheek before disappearing. Your body was screaming for oxygen, your head pounding. You couldnt see properly, as it was blurry and you couldn’t focus.

It’s high noon.”

Six shots rang in your ears and then there was deathly silence.

You closed your eyes, and felt your body slump. Before your head hit the ground an arm caught you.

“It’s alright, darlin’. I got you.”

A warmth you didn’t expect and suddenly you were floating, welcoming the darkness.


((A/N: Sorry this took so long so write! Please excuse/let me know of any errors. The only proof reader I have is myself. Will try to update weekly. Continuation of Cowboys and Angels or can be read separately!))


female awesome meme ♡ [1/10] lead female characters 

riley matthews (girl meets world) - there is no end to my horizon 

Promise Me: Part 1 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

None of the words in this are in Spanish, I just made the title in Spanish for lack of a better title, haha sorry. But anyway, this is the beginning to this storyline, if you like it then I’ll post more. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Edit: So I changed the title from Prométeme to Promise Me cause i didn’t like it. Hope you enjoy, okay bye :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: Just cursing

Your name: submit What is this?

Your sister Phillipa had been playing Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton for a couple of months now, but you had never had a chance to see her perform, since you had been in hitchhiking all throughout Europe. However, today you had the opportunity to finally see her show. It was quite possibly the best thing you’d ever seen, mostly because your sister did an amazing job. You’d always loved seeing your Philli perform, and you’d never been happier than you were watching her do what she loved.

Afterwards, you met up with her backstage and waited while she talked with a few of her cast-mates. You waited for her to finish a few feet away, and you felt someone walk behind you and accidently bumped into you, causing you to fall on the people around you. You had turned to ream out the person who had just pushed you, but their face stopped you from doing that as he wore an embarrassed smile.

“I’m so sorry, I was trying to walk by and I just tripped over my leg or something, I don’t even know.” He stammered.

You shook your head and smiled at him, his apology seeming genuine. “Its fine. You didn’t really hurt me.”

“Oh good.” His demeanor changed to a more confident one and he said, “Wouldn’t really want to hurt that, now would we?” He said, his hands gesturing to your body.

Your cheeks turned pink and you laughed. “I bet that works on all the girls, huh?”

“I wish.” He said with a smirk. “So did you enjoy the show?”

“Yeah I did, it was absolutely amazing! Did you?”

He looked at you with an amused grin. “Yeah, I enjoyed being in it.”

“Huh?” you asked.

His smile gets wider. “John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton at your service.” He said, bowing his head at you.

“Oh shit! Are you serious?” you shouted. A few curious heads turn to you and the man you’re talking to. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t recognize you!” You said as you lowered your voice.

All he does is laugh. He has a nice laugh, you think to yourself. “Naw its fine. I guess you were just sitting pretty far back.”

“I only sat in the middle rows.” You said. “I must’ve been too preoccupied staring at my sister.”

“Sister?” he asked.

“Yeah, Phillipa is my sister.” You answered.

“Holy shit, Pippa’s your sister! Of course she is.” He laughs. “That’s great.”

All of a sudden, Phillipa walks up from behind the guy you were talking to.

“You called, Anthony?” she said.

Oh so that’s his name, you thought.

He turned around. “I just found out that you have a sister.”

Phillipa chuckles. “Yeah, I’ve mentioned her before.”

“I was under the assumption that she was a younger sister.”

“Well, she is. She just turned 18 a couple weeks ago.”

“18?” he asked, turning his head to you.

You nodded your head. “Yup, I’m a baby.” You said, bringing your hands up under your chin like Shirley Temple, and giving him your biggest smile. He chuckled.

“Y/N, mom and dad wanted us to Face Time them after the show ended. We should probably go to your hotel room now.” Phillipa told you.

You nodded your head and as you were about to turn to say goodbye to Anthony, you saw him getting pulled away by some other people. He turned just as you did, and he smiled.

“Hey Y/N! How about when I get back, we all strip down to our socks?”

Some of the cast heard his comment and there was a chorus of Aye’s and Ooh’s all around. Your face turned red but you laughed. Phillipa linked her arm with yours gently and you both started walking towards her dressing room. Phillipa collected her things, and the both of you walked out of the room to a much less crowded hallway, since everyone was already starting to go home. Phillipa gave her goodbyes to the remaining cast mates and you offered yours as well, giving last-minute praise to those that were there. When you pushed the door open to leave the theater, Phillipa whispered, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“I love Anthony. He’s sweet and all, but he’s not good with girlfriends and he’s way older than you. I love you, and I don’t want you to get hurt. So, I’m asking you to please, choose any other guy but him.”

You turned to her. “He can’t be that bad.”

“Maybe, but I just want you to stay happy, okay? Promise me you won’t go after him?”

You nodded your head. Phillipa seemed like she was exaggerating (especially on the too old for you part, because 6 years was barely an age difference), but she was obviously just looking out for your wellbeing. You couldn’t very well just ignore her concern. 

So you uttered the three words that you would soon regret. “Yeah, I promise.”

In a healthy relationship,...

everyone needs to make compromises.

But that doesn’t mean you should feel like you’re losing out on yourself.

When you started going out, you both had your own lives and that shouldn’t change.

Neither of you should have to pretend to like something you don’t, or give up seeing your friends, or drop out of activities you love.

And you also should feel free to keep developing new interests, making new friends and moving forward.