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heith week day 6: colors
strange nature, to feel your tether… we could coexist - x

the fic i wrote (rated mature) 

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colour palettes with some old favs

story time: yesterday I created this sim to start a new family in my game, I was so so happy with her result. Once I was done, i went to my gallery to pick a male sim i created a while ago to be her husband, but then i clicked on “replace” instead of “combine” ;_; fml


👑🔥🍾🥂 Lookit this fxckin dude. He really out here making moves & snatchin crowns like. I’m so happy for him. I can practically feel his excitement & happiness for this moment. Having to keep it quite all this time that he was in talks w/them to sign on, wow👏🏽 I hope Chase gets signed as a producer. Honestly tho, OMG. I’m ready to get sappy but imma wait for him first 👀

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Hello~~~ I have a new blog and I want to follow more exo blogs, can you please recommend some to me? Thank you~!

hello!! ok so like i had to do this on mobile to stop myself from turning this into a follow forever… so i just listed the top few blogs that came to mind!! but yeah these blogs post mostly exo!! and they are also amazing people!! go follow them and enjoy A++ content!

@achybaekyhearteu @sekaisoosgirl @yeolhighness @jonmyecn @byunchen @xingslove @killeryixing @chanyeolsalpha @touchitjongdae @dulcetyeoll @co-kai-ne @baekhyunsama @baekhyeun @morningsdeer @baekshitbyun @sehunned @sooranghaes

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Dude. When will we get those timestamps already? It's been like a month since WHMS ended, and I need my cockles fix! (Please and Thank You!)

me when i finished posting whms: thank god i won’t have to deal with anymore “when are you updating” asks anymore

me right now:

thank you to @chaostrick for tagging me:)

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people to do them.

Name: Azka

Nickname: Azkaban, Newton, Asoka, Azkayy, Azki , Osaka (i know they are weird)

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5′3-5′4

Orientation: heterosexual

Ethnicity: Pakistani (desi)

Favourite Fruit: mango

Favourite season: winter!!!!

Favourite book: All the truth that’s in me by Julie Berry

Favourite flower: this beauty!! (Bougainvillia) (also there is another flower but i dont know the name sooo)

Favourite scent: the smell of petrol

Favourite color: purple

Favourite animal: giraffes? idk (NARWHALS!!)

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: i have never drinken hot cocoa in my life, so coffee and tea it is!!

sleep hours: sometimes i’d sleep for 12 hours, sometimes i’d sleep for 4 or 5 or i have no idea

Cat or dog: DOGGOS FOR LIFE!!

Favourite fictional character: i don’t have one so let me tell you about some..

percy jackson and annabeth chase!! (percabeth as they are known and their ship is also used by the author rick riordan!!!)

(look at the adorableness this is my OTP!!)

Also, Leo Valdez also known as Flamo’ Hotman (dont question it it’s a long story)

he looks so sad here

Then comes Nico di angelo!!!

and next up is draco malfoy!!!!

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and do not forget luna lovegood!!

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also all fanart is made by @viria the best artist ever!!!!

do not forget eric coulter!!

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and also newt from the maze runner!!

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also gonna add minho

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also donot forget luke castellan

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(yes these are my exact feels towards luke)

(you let a fangirl unleash by this question pls bear with me i have no one in irl to fangirl with or less people will think im more of a lunatic)

also gonna add thomas

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but donot forget neville longbottom

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also peeta mellark!!

(cant add the gif for some reason..)


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too much fangirling may be unhealthy considering it’s 2 am and i gotta wake up to watch the united vs city match at 7 am

now you guys must think im more of a weirdo *sigh* xD

When did i make this blog: june/2016

how many followers do i have: 284 

i’m gonna tag

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“I’m not sure what to do…I’m quite nervous.” Ignis said as soon as you closed the door to the bedroom.

“It’s okay, allow me to praise you for tonight, Ignis. I’ll show you what to do.” You answered, leaning into him palming his crotch, the sharp whining moan that escaped his lips made you smile confidently.

Sure you weren’t worldly in sex but you knew enough to make Ignis happy. Then the two of you could explore each others sexuality together as you really couldn’t see yourself with anyone else ever.


For if it wasn't for the dark, we would never see the stars

“Why me?”
That one question that comes to mind when something goes wrong or doesn’t go quite the way we planned. Sounds all too familiar right?
Understand one thing. You may know your wants but Allah knows your needs, so He has planned your story accordingly.
So instead of saying “why me?” Learn to say
“Alhamdulillah for every good and every bad that befalls me.”
Learn to place your trust in العليم
For how much longer are you going to hold on to that which Allah has told you to put down? Let go.
Listen. Everytime Allah has said no to you sometimes it’s for a bigger and better yes. No. It’s not a rejection. Rather, it is a redirection.
He is redirecting you to something even better than that which you asked.
A bigger and better yes.
Know that for everything which you have lost, you have gained something even better. If it wasn’t for the dark, we would never see the stars.
Have hope. Trust in Him, the Greatest of Planners. For if you were grateful, He will certainly give you more.
One day you will look back and understand why Allah placed you in that situation and smile.
I promise you.
But for now repeat after me:
‎إِنَّ مَعِيَ رَبِّي سَيَهْدِينِ
My Lord is with me. He will guide me through {26:62}

Okay but imagine if Adrien had managed to help Master Fu and still get into class on his first day, before Chloe even

Marinette is still sitting in her spot but Alya is over in the front

Chloe isn’t there to mess things up

Adrien politely introduces himself “Hi I’m Adrien I’m new”

Alya, ever the extrovert - “Alya, I’m also new”

The two hit it off because Alyas a comic geek and Adrien is a weeb they become besties

Chloe is furious and Marinette ends up hanging with Nino more

Love Hexagon ensues