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i didn’t expect to come out of leverage with so many emotions about the fucking brewpub??? what has this show DONE to me

but ok. like. the brewpub doesn’t turn a profit, right. it is actively losing money all of the time, but it doesn’t matter? because of their fucking alternative revenue stream, they don’t NEED to make a profit, they literally own this brewpub for the fun of it

so, like. they COULD make it turn a profit but: eliot & hardison, working-class boys TM, they are absolutely going to:

  • make everything on the menu $0.50 less than it costs to make at least, because affordable food is important
  • just fucking give away shit for free. oh you can’t pay for this food? that’s fine don’t worry about it have it anyway, also would you like a coffee? some beer?
  • get everything locally, pay a LOT for it (let’s take a moment for all of the feelings eliot ‘grew up in a farming town’ spencer 100% has about corporations paying farmers the bare fucking minimum they can get away with. so many feelings, he goes on long & impassioned rants whenever this comes up, my bitter socialist son)
  • pay all of their staff like three times minimum wage at the least
  • all of the staff have AMAZING insurance & they always pay out if they need to
  • if any of the staff mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • if any of the CUSTOMERS mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • (i REFUSE to accept that hardison doesn’t tip, that is WRONG, the show is WRONG & i will NOT allow it, hardison tips. hardison’s elder siblings were waitstaff who depended on tips to make rent, hardison tips generously. hardison has all this money & he’s not even using most of it so he gives it away All Of The Time)

like. LIKE. the brewpub is basically a fucking nonprofit charity, they run jobs to take down capitalist scum & then come home to their aggressively socialist brewpub, this is just. this is fact. you cannot convince me this isn’t true

One of a Kind (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Can I request a Jughead x plus size reader where the reader has a really loud a unique laugh and even though she can be quite sarcastic like Jughead she can also be his exact and she basically is the only person that can make him smile and laugh a lot ? Maybe throw in him letting her wear his beanie and just a really cute relationship ? Thank you so much.

A/N: Here’s a happier one! I actually felt a lot better after writing this and laughed a lot during this. I hope you like it. Requests are welcome!


One of a Kind (Jughead x Reader)

Jughead Jones III was not exactly a sad person but it took a lot to make him smile or even laugh. The closest thing most got was a small chuckle or his famous half smirk. Some even believed he wasn’t capable of such joy.

The truth was he simply lost that joy when Jellybean and his mother left. Leaving him with his father who was almost always drunk.

It all changed when Riverdale High got it’s newest student.

You groan when you glance at your schedule. You had opted out when they offered to have a student show you around and now you were kind of regretting it. You figured that it would at least be built like your last school but no. Riverdale High looked as if it hasn’t gotten a makeover since it was built.

“I’m guessing you’re lost?” You turn to see a very well dressed guy grinning at you.

“And I’m guessing you’re gay?” Mentally cringing at how harsh that sounds, you went to apologize only to have the boy laugh.

“I like you! I’m Kevin Keller, Riverdale’s only out gay.” He chuckles as you roll your eyes.

“Names (Y/n). Riverdale’s New Student. Who clearly should have taken the tour.” You sigh at the paper in your hand.

“I gotcha girl.” the boy, Kevin, links his arm with yours and snatches the paper out of your hand. “Good, you have next class with me.” and with that, he drags you down the hall.

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😭I Like You Okay? (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You and Grayson have feelings for each other it’s obvious but you guys never came out to say anything to one another. You finally built the courage to tell him but when he was in an interview earlier when he was asked about you he said you’re just a friend and weren’t his type and it kinda broke your heart. So you kinda gave him the cold shoulder but he eventually realized and ended up confirming his feelings and idk give it a sweet and fluffy ending

Warnings: None

A/N: So This has 3 parts! The others will be posted soon! Sophie Kaczynski, is a character played on 2 Broke Girls and I felt the name fit for a model!

Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4

“Grayson stop.” I pleaded as he was tickling my sides. Grayson, Ethan, and I were hanging out today and we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast but about a quarter of the way through, Grayson got the idea to start tickling me. Ethan continued to eat his popcorn and watch the movie trying his best to ignore Grayson and I.

“Now why would I do that Y/N?” Huh?” Grayson teases as his finger press and curve into my sides. I giggled and tried to kick him off, except I kicked his cup off of the armrest and on to Ethan, covering him in soda.

“That’s it!” Ethan shouts and he stands up turning to Grayson and I. His white t-shirt now had brown wet splotches from the soda and oil from the popcorn. Grayson leans off of me and looks up to Ethan.

“Sorry about that E. You know how ticklish Y/N is.” Grayson points to me which I smack his hand away.

“Shut up Grayson. You shouldn’t have tickled me in the first place!” I argued back at him.

“I would do it again too Y/N. Don’t test me.” He teases at which he begins to tickle me again. This time he’s tickling more of my lower stomach regions which is one of my more ticklish spots.

“Stop it! Both of you! I’m so tired of this!” Ethan says storming off to the kitchen. Grayson and I exchange a confused look before we got off the couch to follow him.

“Ethan it’s just a little soda calm down.” Grayson says calmly.

“It’s not just the soda. It’s the constant third wheeling of you two. I don’t care if you two like each other, but fucking tell each other instead of making me third wheel everything. I’m tired of getting junk spilled on me.” Ethan peels his shirt off and grabs a washrag to dry himself off.

“What are you talking about? We don’t like each other.” Grayson defends as I feel my heart being ripped out of my chest. Ethan gives Gray a sarcastic are-you-serious look which causes me to chuckle. Ethan looks between Grayson and I and starts to laugh.

“Okay you two keep lying to yourselves, but I have eyes and so does everyone else. I guarantee you’ll be asked about Y/N tomorrow during our interview and ask if you two are dating or something.” Ethan claims as he throws his semi damped shirt back on.

“And I’ll say we aren’t dating. Simple.” I wish we were. I’ve liked Grayson for as long as I can remember. We’ve all been friends for about three years now and I just absolutely adored this man and part of me felt like he felt the same way. Ethan has never been this bold about our flirting, but hearing him say it made me realize he sees Grayson’s flirting too. Knowing that Ethan has noticed our flirting made me feel more confident to tell Grayson I did like him. Ethan scoffed and walked back into the living room.

“Okay while you two keep lying to yourselves, I’m going to go pick an outfit out for tomorrow. Y/N are you still coming to the interview with us tomorrow? I think Gray will be less nervous knowing his girlfriend is backstage.” Ethan teases us which we both rolled our eyes.

“Yeah definitely I’ll be there, if that’s still okay?” I asked shyly. I didn’t know if after all of the teasing that Grayson would still want me there.

“Are you kidding? Of course it’s okay! I need my best friend there because I might fight Ethan on stage.” Grayson wraps his arm around my neck and kisses my temple which creates butterflies in my stomach and leaves me smiling.

“Then yeah I’ll see you two in the morning!” I hugged both of the boys and they went to their apartment down the hall from mine. I walked to my room and flopped on my bed. My phone buzzed and I had a text from Ethan

Ethan👑: Yeah so Gray totally likes you don’t let anything he said tonight discourage you or anything okay?

Ethan knew I liked Grayson. I never even told him, but he knew. When rumors were going around that Grayson was dating Sophie Kaczynski, an instagram model. Ethan saw how I changed. I didn’t hang out with the boys as much as I did before. Ethan and I started to hangout more one on one and he just figured it out. Since then he’s been basically my best friend. Always looking out for me when it came to Grayson. I texted him back ‘okay no problem. See you in the morning’ and I rolled over and drifted off to sleep.


“Let’s go Grayson! I told you to pick your outfit out last night! We’re going to be late and the Uber is here!” Ethan hollers as we wait in their apartment for Grayson to get ready. Ethan was wearing a black shirt with green camo pants and a black leather jacket. I was wearing black ripped jeans with a the twins merch hoodie on. Anytime I went with them to anything I always made sure to wear their merch as a sign of support.

“I’m coming!” Grayson races out of his bedroom wearing a black shirt and a brown leather jacket with black ripped jeans. He looked so good. His hair was even up done in his famous quiff. “Nice hoodie Y/N.” Grayson says and I nodded. I wanted to tell Gray how I felt, but I wanted to tell him after the interview just in case things go down like him getting upset and not being able to focus or me getting upset and not wanting to be around him.

“Let’s go guys!” Ethan pushes us out the door into the Uber as we drive about 20 minutes to the building. The boys showed their VIP pass and I had to show my guest pass to security. We all raced up the stairs before we met with Ellen.

“Hey you guys! Are you guys ready? We’re on in two.” Ellen asks the boys and they nodded with excitement. “Okay you must be Y/N? Wow you’re even prettier in person than on their snapchat with the dog filter on your face.” Ellen says which makes me blush. Ellen called me pretty.

“Ellen! Less than a minute! Go!” A producer shouts before walking away.

“Alright boys let’s go. Y/N you can follow us just stay behind the stage okay?” Ellen asks and I nodded. Grayson looks back at me and flashes me a smile. I flashed one back at him which causes him to giggle. “Wait here.” Ellen says to us as she walks out on stage. She talks some and introduces the boys before they follow after her. They all sit down and talk about many different things. The warehouse, a tour, and what the twins were planning for 2017.

“We have a lot of great things coming this year. We’re so excited to share everything real soon. The warehouse is just the beginning.” Ethan says as he exchanges a smile with Grayson.

“Now what about relationships? Is that something that will be happening in 2017?” Ellen asks and I peep my head up to see their reaction. “Like Grayson let’s talk about Y/N. When will that be a thing?” Ellen asks as the crowd erupts with gasps. Grayson looks frozen, but he then starts laughing.

“Oh no no no no no no No! Y/N and I are just friends. Besides, she’s not really my type anyways.” Grayson was smirking while Ethan was not. He looked back to me to check if I was okay. I wasn’t. I swallowed hard trying not to cry. I could tell Ellen was sort of in shock too not knowing what to say.

“I mean you guys are always on each others socials. I just figured…” Ellen trails off.

“Yeah it’s because we’re best friends. Nothing more and nothing less. Just friends.” Grayson says sternly. His smile faltering to a firm line on his lips. I couldn’t do it. I needed to leave or else everyone would see me cry. I ran off to the exit and went outside. Not knowing what to do now. I texted Ethan letting him know that I was leaving. I called an Uber and waited about five minutes before one pulled up in front of the sidewalk.

“Y/N wait!” I heard Ethan shout as I climbed in the back of the Uber letting my tears fall down my cheeks.

“Where to ma’am?” The driver asks. I gave him my address as we started to drive. “Rough day?” He asks trying to make conversation.

“Yeah. I think I just lost my best friend.” I said as I wiped my tears with my sleeve.

OUAT Summer Rewatch

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I know I’m mssing someone….

So we need to decide:  How many days/week?  Maybe 2  Sunday and another day or Friday and another day.  2 episodes each day?  

The in between we can come up with scenes, gifs, pictures, etc from that episode to reblog…  

Time:  8:00 pm EST?  I don’t think we can finish all 6 seasons but we can make a nice dent.  

Anyone is free to join us.  Just send me a pm….

Bloodlust (Roman Godfrey)

Prompt: You come home on day, to find a note your brother and mom left you in Destiny’s care. So you run to the one person you trusted, Roman.


“I’m sorry your brother was in trouble and we had to leave. I know how much you loved it here, and you deserve better than a life more that a life of running. You deserve a shot at a normal life. Ive talked to Destiny and she will watch over you, ill call you when were safe. I love you baby, its better this way. -Mom”

Her note took the breath from your lungs. The house was ruined and even the cat was gone. They took that damn cat and left you here!

Your eyes began to burn as you screamed grabbing the closest thing, which happened to be a family photo and smashed it into the wall. Your body shook as you kicked, threw and broke everything you could get your hands on. They actually wanted you to stay with Destiny? She wasn’t exactly the greatest role model using her gifts for sex and money, claiming to heal people.

You ran out of the house grabbing your bike, the note snatched in your hand. You began to head to the one person you could talk to and would understand you.


Tears burned your eyes, before you used your sweatshirt to wipe them away. You stood on the front porch nervous, your hands shook above the doorbell. You took a deep breath and hit the button.

You heard footsteps and a familiar face looked slightly down on you confused.

“Y/N what are you doing here? I thought you guys left? Where’s Peter?” His eyes looked around the area but turned back to you.

Holding out the note tears began to flow faster down your cheeks. Roman snatched the note, reading swiftly he finished and looked up into your eyes.

“What the fuck……” he whispered and grabbed your shoulders pulling you into his arms.

You sobbed into his chest as he pulled back and led you to the living room, he sat down beside you on the couch.

“Do you want some tea? Or bourbon and shit?” He said quietly.

You sniffed giving off a smirk “I dont even think shit would taste good with bourbon.”

Roman gave a light smile “Yeah me neither.” He pulled you to his chest, letting you cry until your eyes hurt.

Picking you up he carried you upstairs and into a room, he set your down on something soft which you guessed was his bed.

He took your shoes off, still in silence and set them on the floor. “I’ll figure this out just rest now Y/N.”

He stood by you grabbed his arm “Please stay……at least until i fall asleep.”

He stared down at you for a moment, then he slipped off his belt and nodded. Moving over he laid beside you. You turned putting your head on his chest, he seemed to tense up and the closeness of you. He could feel the blood pumping through your veins and his fangs scraped his tongue. He bit down on his tongue trying to suppress the urge to feed on you.

You seemed to remember moving away suddenly “Sorry i guess i forgot.”

“Your the only person who would run to an Upir, and forget what they are.” He chuckled

You shrugged turning onto your side, you hid the tears that began to start again “Well my brother is a werewolf.”

Roman seemed to sense your change in emotion, he pulled you into his chest “It’s okay, i know…”

You nodded wiping your eyes, and slowly let the emotional exhaustion take over.


You woke up to find Roman had left, hearing the shower running you stood up slowly. Romans clothes were on the ground as steam crept from under the bathroom door. Walking over you knocked on the door “Ro!”

“Yeah?” Came Roman’s voice muffled by the door

“I’m gonna go get food if that okay? You want anything?” You asked shifting your weight slightly from one side to the other.

“I’ll be down in a sec!” He replied 

Nodding you turned and made your way downstairs, you had been here loads of times when either you or your brother found yourselves in trouble. Usually you talked to Shelley but since her disappearance you swayed closer to Roman. Peter had began to notice and always scolded you about how much of a man-whore Roman had been. But since you two had started to hangout the less he seemed to be interested in other girls, only on days when you two were fighting did he have the occasional hook up. It bothered you at first but learning his true nature you realized for him, it was more of an impulse and how he had been raised by his mother Olivia. 

Finding some of your favorite cereal you and Shelly shared in secret, keeping it hidden behind the boxes of oatmeal and forgotten cans of soup. Olivia hated when he children ate such unhealthy processed and sugary meals. Most of the time, when she was gone was the only time the kids could eat what they wanted. 

You poured in the cereal and milk into the bowl, hopping on the counter. Taking a bite as Roman came down in his boxers, his hair still wet as light amounts of steam seemed to rise from his body leftover from the shower. 

Roman began making coffee, leaning back to examine you as you ate your breakfast. “You can stay here if you want? It pretty much empty and I know you don’t wanna stay with Destiny. Shelleys room is empty, shit over half the house is take whatever room you want.”

You nodded “Thanks Ro…..I was so wrapped up in myself, I never asked how you were. So….How are you?”

He shrugged taking  sip of his coffee walking over to you and snatching your bowl taking a bite of cereal. “I’m okay I guess, I mean your parents are kinda shitty and siblings are gone. Everyone wants me to take over Godfrey Enterprises, and I’m trying to control myself from feeding 24/7.”

“I can help if you want?” You asked 

Roman paused as you moved your head to the side, brushing away your hair to reveal your soft skin. 

Roman reached out gently brushing his hand on your neck causing shivers to run down your spine. He could feel the beating of your heart on the pads of his fingers, the way your chest rose and fell with your breathing. 

He leaned in intoxicated by your scent as he felt his fangs on his tongue again. Your heart beat faster at his proximity………………… he could hear it, but the only thing on his mind was how you would look covered in your own blood. How your scent would only light the flames of his desire and soon it would not be just your blood he craved, He would crave your body. Needing to the burning of your lips on his. He would ravish himself in your body, pleading for you to moan his name begging you to reach your climax as he thrust into you over and over again.  He closed his eyes before shaking his head “I can’t, I won’t be able to control myself if I do.”

You nodded the breath that caught in your lung seemed to slowly release “Okay.”

Roman handed you your cereal “ You can shower if you want? The waters still hot in my bathroom. It’ll need to warm up everywhere else.”

You were about to head upstairs, when you paused “I left my clothes at the house…..”

Roman nodded “Ill have someone pick them up, you can wear some of my clothes if you want. I let you borrow Olivia’s but your already beautiful plus I dont want you going around looking slutty.”

You gave a light smile trying to hide your confusion “…….Thanks.”

Going up the stairs, you cracked the door wanting to let the steam escape and make it hard to breathe when you got out. You sighed as you went into the bathroom. You had always though Olivia dressed more intimidating and classy but it seemed Roman did like that, despite the fact that Olivia was still his mother. You turned on the water and began to peel off your clothes, stepping out of your jeans you slowly slid down your panties. Unclasping your bra you tossed it to the side and let the hot water cascade down your back. 

Closing your eyes you felt your muscles begin to relax. You looked over grabbing the shampoo that smelled of pine…….it smelled like Roman. lathering your hair and rising off you used the conditioner massaging your scalp. You thought of your brother. 

It was rare for a girl in the family to have the wolf gene, but when your brother turned your life began to change. You had to leave every school you had been to if someone spotted your brother, even sooner if he began to kill more than the occasional deer. You could never have many friends, your mother didn’t want you to get close to many people in case you had to leave. It had become a routine never lasting more then a few months. You would finally have the courage to talk to someone, to try and make friends before your mother whisked you away to the next town. Peter teased you sometimes about being socially outcast but the truth was you didn’t want get attached. After a while Peter was used to it but you weren’t. 

Coming back to reality you noticed the water beginning to chill slightly. You quickly washed you body and rinsed the conditioner out of your hair.  

Stepping out of the shower you grabbed a towel looking up you jumped to see Roman at the door.

Towel still in your hands you froze as your gaze met Roman’s. His breathing hitched in his throat as he looked down clearing his throat. He turned around “Sorry you shut off the water…I just wanted to give you these.”

You looked down to his hands and saw he had a clean t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. You wrapped the towel around your body and stepped forward. Placing your hand gently on his he passed you the clothes. 

“Thank you Roman.” You said quietly your heart pounding in your chest.

Roman slowly turned around and you could see he was biting his lip. His eyes were glued to your neck. His face turned from one of embarrassment into hunger and lust. You felt yourself freeze like a deer in headlights.

“Roman?” You whispered as his mouth began to open and you saw his sharp canines begin to draw closer to his bottom teeth as he growled.


Part 2??


You wanted to
Grab a brush and put a little makeup
You wanted to
Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up
You wanted to
Why’d you leave the keys upon the table?
You wanted to

I don’t think you trust
In my self-righteous suicide
I cry when angels deserve to die

Close as Strangers: Chapter 4

Close as Strangers: Chapter 4

Word count: 3.4k 

Genre: High school au, angst

one | twothree 

It was the day before Halloween, it had been two weeks since you and Jungkook kissed and neither of you hadn’t spoken of it. It wasn’t that you hadn’t wanted to, you were just hoping that he would bring it up first. You had still been closer than ever though. Still tutoring as well, he was getting much better at forming sentences and focusing on main points but he had still spent more time than necessary at your house, not that you minded. You even had started to call him Kook again, which he loved…a little too much.

You hated that your mind would play against you though. Jungkook was a very big part of your brain lately. You hadn’t thought about a boy this much in a while, unless you count celebrity crushes. Speaking of which, anytime you would start to have a fantasy, (sexual or not) somehow in the end the person would become Jungkook. You had been thinking about Dylan O'Brien the other night, wanting to run away together and when you packed and ran outside, Jungkook was there waiting for you with this ‘hot rod.’

You and Yoongi had been spending a lot of time with Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin. Yoongi had started to hangout with them even more on his own. You still did try and make him spend time with you, when you both weren’t doing other things.

Like now, it was Wednesday and Jungkook had just left a few hours ago, after staying for dinner. Your parents were in bed because they both and to fly out tomorrow, your dad had a case to try and your mom had a conference.

You walked up to your room where Yoongi was laying on your bed watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Yoongi loved Will Smith. You hopped on the bed falling on him and cuddling, you being the little spoon. He put his arm around you and said, “Once you start dating Jungkook we can’t do this.”

You turned your head to look at him, “What? Of course we can, you’re my best friend. I mean it’s not like we’re making out each other, you’re my family Yoongi. Plus, who says we’ll date?”

He smiled and then rolled his eyes, “Everyone, duh.”

“Yeah, whatever.” you answered and looked at the TV.

“People talk about it at school and shit you know.”

“Really?” you asked confused, turning back to him.

“Yeah, plus Jungkook never shuts the hell up about you.”

You tried to hide your blush but right then your phone started to ring. You picked it up seeing it was, Jimin. You smiled, you had become a lot closer to Jimin in the last couple of weeks. He was always with Yoongi so you were becoming more used to him. You answered, “Jimin! How are you bud?”

You could hear him giggle, “Y/Ny~” he sang. “I’m good. I was trying to get ahold of you and Yoongi. I tried calling him.”

“His phone died,” you answered.

“Sounds like him,” he retorted, but kept on. “I got our costumes for tomorrow, Ninja Turtles. You’ll be April O'Neil our trusty human sidekick.”

“Awe, we’re not going as The Spice Girls!” you whined, sarcastically.

He laughed and said, “Maybe if we’re all close for college. I call Sporty Spice!”

“Dammit, fine! I’ll be Ginger.”

“Ha ha, good.” He said.

“I’ll tell Yoongi and we can get ready at your house after school right?”

“Yes ma'am, I’ll see you at school.”

“Bye Jimin, goodnight.”

We both hung up and you turned to Yoongi. “You boys will be the ninja turtles and I’ll be April O’Neil for Halloween.”

“Awesome, that should be fun.” He yawned, “I’m too tired to move, I’m going to sleep in here.” You nodded moving to turn off the light and get under the blanket. “Also Y/N, you need to make a move on Jungkook.” Yoongi stated.

“No, I couldn’t, i’m chicken shit.” you turned off the lamp and left the TV on. You laid down, facing him.

“I believe in you, plus, when girls make a move it’s hot. You have to do it, Jungkook won’t expect it and you two can work this shit out.”

“We’ll see, night Yoongi.” you kissed his head and he yawned again, “Night, little lady.”

You and the boys were all at lunch, talking. They were talking about tonight and the costumes. “I’m Leonardo, with blade skills.” Jungkook said, flipping around an invisible sword, making weird faces.

“Well I’m obviously Michelangelo. Duh,” Taehyung said.

Yoongi spoke up, “I call Raphael, I mean who else would be him really?” He took a bite of his sandwich. “Yeah, cool but rude.” Taehyung added with a laugh and Yoogi shot him an, “Exactly.”

“Good, I was going to call Donatello either way. Cantina Strike!” Jimin said, pretending to hit Yoongi.

“Well you are a nerd like him,” Jungkook giggled.

You spoke, “Yeah, you’re kind of a party pooper too.”

Jimin pouted, “Hey, Ms. O'Neil. You’re our human companion, you should be nice.”

You pinched his cheek and smiled, making him smile. “You know i’m kidding, you’re the sweetest person I know.”

You all went back to your food until Yoongi spoke, “So are we supposed to go to that girl’s party?”

“Yeah,” nodded Jungkook.

Right then Rebecca walked up to the part of the bleachers we sat on. “Jungkook, are you going to Chloe’s party tonight?”

Jimin rolled his eyes and you nudged him. “Yeah, we are.” Jungkook answered, not looking at her.

“Awesome, do you have a date?” she added, twirling her hair.

“Yeah, these guys.” Jungkook answered again, pointing to all of us. Taehyung and Yoongi busted out laughing until Rebecca shot them looks.

“Well maybe we can meet up,” she put on a fake smile.

“Maybe,” Jungkook said, mumbling, practically telling her the conversation was over.

“Great,” you heard her mumble as she walked away.

“Damn, I love your sassy side Jungkookie.” Taehyung whispered, as she walked off.

Jungkook chuckled, “I wish she’d take a hint.”

You all got up and threw your remaining lunch away. We all were going to our lockers. Once you and Jungkook got to yours and he spoke, “Sorry about Rebecca.”

“Why?” you got out your book and shut your locker, turning to him.

“Uh, I just - I know you don’t like her.” He answered, still getting his books out. He put his penguin lunch box in his backpack. You smiled, how did anyone think he was cool?

“You don’t like her either,” you retorted.

“Well, I wish she’d realize that.” He said closing his locker, walking you to class. You couldn’t stop smiling, especially, at the gesture. He also gave you a side hug and before he kept walking.

You were all at Jimin’s house, getting dressed and goofing around. Once it was time we all got into Jimin’s car, since it had the most room. We got to the party and mostly stuck together, yet you all weren’t really having much fun. The party was pretty boring, we had been there almost an hour. You were talking to Jimin and his friend Jackson, you could see Taehyung and Yoongi chatting up some girls dressed as the Powerpuff girls. You couldn’t spot Jungkook though, so you gave Jimin a look and he nodded. You guess he was getting to know you better than you thought.

You started walking around and spotted Jungkook almost instantly. He was up against the wall being cornered by Rebecca. You rolled your eyes and walked over to them, throwing her hand back. He better thank me for this.

“Jungkook, there you are. I thought you were getting me a drink?” Rebecca gave you a horrible look, still holding up the hand you threw back at her.

“Um, uh- I was trying.” He grinned.

“You better try harder,” you smirked. You took his hand and you both hustled away, laughing.

You both ended up going outside, trying to hide your giggles. “God Y/N, thank you, she had me pinned against that wall for three minutes. It felt like three hours, it was awful. She was telling me all these things she wanted to do to me. I just,” he shivered and you giggled at him. He was so adorable, especially in that Ninja Turtle outfit. He looked like a 6ft 12 year old and you just wanted him to be yours. You had Yoongi’s voice in the back of your mind, 'You need to make a move.’

So you did.

You cupped his cheek and brought him down to you, connecting your lips. He immediately kissed you back, you moved your hand from his cheek to his hair and he moved both his hands to cup your face. He then licked your bottom lip and you opened your mouth for his tongue.

This felt better than you could have imagined, it was better than the first time you kissed. You instantly felt like that’s how these kisses would always feel, somehow better than the last.

You pulled apart, his hands still cupping your face. “Wow,” Jungkook whispered. You smiled and opened your mouth to speak when you heard some cat calls and whistles.

You and Jungkook quickly tore apart and turned, you both let out huge breaths seeing it was your three best friends. “Get it Y/N!” said Yoongi while Taehyung yelled, “About damn time Jeon.”

They walked over to you two and Jungkook took your hand in his. You looked down at your intertwined fingers, blushing.

Jimin spoke, “This party is lame, let’s go trick or treat.”

“Really?” you asked. They all gave you looks, “I just meant most houses might be closed for the night.”  

“We can still try,” Jungkook squeezed your hand.

“Yeah, let’s just walk around here. These houses still look alive,” Taehyung alleged. So you all agreed and walked around.

You all had gone to about 20 houses and 14 of them had actually given out candy, a lot of candy actually. This was sort of a rich neighborhood and most everyone was giving what all they had left over. You had candy for weeks or at least three days, knowing you.

You had two more houses when you tripped on your stupid high heel. “Fuck!” you exclaimed, landing on your ankle weird. It had hurt so badly, so you took the shoe off and started rubbing your ankle. The boys all gathered around you. “Y/N, my god. That looks like it hurts.” Yoongi cringed.

“Noona, are you alright?” Jungkook asked.

Noona? You’d always liked that nickname but no one ever called you that, you did think it was sexy though.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just a little swollen. I think I can-” you tried standing up and fell back down. “Shit!”

Jungkook started rubbing it, making sparks shoot up your leg.

“I guess we need to get her up.” Jimin spoke up.

“You guess?” Taehyung chuckled.

“Come on guys we need to get her up.” Yoongi huffed.

“Look, I don’t mean to keep you from going to the last two houses.” You said, feeling like you just ruined the night.

“Y/N, that doesn’t matter.” Jungkook said. Yoongi put his candy in your lap, “Jimin, give me your keys. You guys get me more candy and I’ll take her to the car.”

Jungkook started to pick you up, “I can-”

“No, I can get her, just get me more candy.” Yoongi said, grabbing the keys, making sure you had your stuff before picking you up. You put one arm around him and had the other holding your candy. You were surprised by how strong he was, but still was afraid he was going to drop you.

Jungkook picked up your shoe and put it on your bags of candy. You mouthed, 'thank you’ and he grinned looking more like a bunny than a ninja turtle.

Yoongi started to take you to Jimin’s car. “So Noona,” Yoongi mimicked. You looked at him and blushed, whining, “Yoongi, don’t.”

“You kissed him and you liked it, he called you love, you want his dick.” Yoongi singed.

“Whoa, could you maybe grow up. I don’t want his dick.” you lied.

“At least not yet,” he murmured. You smacked the back of his head with your hand and Yoongi scoffed, “Abusive.”

You got to the car and Yoongi sat you down on the trunk. He put your stuff in the car and then came back over to you, putting his hands on either side of you, “You know if you date Jungkook we won’t see each other as much.”

You gave him a confused look, “Why do you keep saying stuff like that? We don’t see each other as much already, since you’re always with the boys.”

“Well I thought you wanted me to,” he stated.

“Of course, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.”

“Well, that’s what it seemed like,” he interrupted. You opened your mouth to speak but he kept going. “You know you’re the only person I spend time with. I always have to do girl shit and you even made me lose my first relationship. I need the guys sometimes, okay. I can’t always be there for you and do everything for you.”

You were actually stunned, you didn’t know what to say but you were angry. “What?” you hissed, pushing him away from you, “I have never made you do anything you haven’t wanted to do. I asked Jungkook to hang out with you because I felt bad that you always spent time with me. That 'relationship’ was you fucking some girl who you hated. I had nothing to do with her dumbing your ass, you did that to yourself. Where the hell did this even come from?”

“Oh, why do you care? You’re just going to fuck Jungkook like you made me fuck you. ‘Oh Yoongi, I don’t want to be a lonely virgin.’ He mimicked.

Tears had started to spill and you yelled something you planned on taking to the grave. "I liked you that’s why I wanted to sleep with you, you asshole!”

He just stared at you, quiet and you covered your face. You were embarrassed, angry and most of all sad. Why would he say those awful things to you? How could he, he was your best friend.

“Y/N, I” but Yoongi was interrupted.

“What the hell is going on?” Taehyung said.

“Just put me in the car,” you stated, trying to be calm. Yoongi went to reach for you but you hit his hands away. He stepped back silently and Taehyung walked silently toward you, picking you up. Jungkook was already in the backseat, helping Tae get you inside. Yoongi and Jimin both got into the front seats. Taehyung got in and shut the door, Jimin started the car and you all went back to his house. The ride was silent except for the radio, lightly playing Vampire Weekend.

You all finally got to the house and Jungkook spoke, “I’ll take Y/N home and help her.” Taehyung opened the door and you grabbed your shoe, clutching onto it. Taehyung picked you up, taking you to Jungkook’s car. Yoongi came over and Jungkook started the car rolling the windows down. You looked down at your shoe in your lap and Yoongi spoke, “I’ll bring your car back tomorrow.”

You didn’t look at him, in fear of crying again. “Whatever,” you whispered.

Jungkook got you home, helping you inside. You could tell he was having a little trouble carrying you, this made you smile slightly. “I can sleep on the couch,” you said.

“Nonsense, I can get you up the stairs.” Jungkook insisted. You gave him a thin smile and let him take you. He got you to your bed and ran back downstairs saying something about an ice pack.

He got back with a bag of frozen peas and you huffed out a laugh and he propped your leg up with two pillows and put the peas on. “Thank you,” you said, rather weak, you felt wracked with emotion.

“Are you alright? Not just your leg.” He added.

“No,” you shook your head, not looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” he rubbed your leg.

“I got into a fight with Yoongi, we never fight. Yeah, we have little arguments but that’s it.”

“What was it about?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you answered and shook your head.

“Okay, well. Is it alright if I ask you something else?”

You looked down at your lap, playing with your thumbs. “I guess,” you answered.

He stilled his hand and took a deep breath, “I want to ask if you’ll go on a date with me?”

Your head shot up, “A date?”

He scratched his head, “If you want to. I uh, don’t want you to, uh - think you have too, I just.” You grabbed his face and kissed him. “Of course, I will,” you said in between kisses.

“Really? I mean great, I have to go on that trip with my dad and brothers tomorrow. The one I was telling you about.” you nodded, “Next weekend then?” You nodded again, “Friday?”

After setting the date, you two talked for a while in bed. There also had been a tad bit of making out, until you both fell asleep in your bed.

The next morning Jungkook woke you up, saying he had to get home for the trip, pecking your lips with a smile. You fell back asleep until later, when you felt someone lightly stroke your arm, speaking your name softly.

You woke up seeing Yoongi and took in a sharp breath. “What are you doing here?” you sat up, rubbing your eyes.

“I brought back your car and candy, I wanted to make sure you were doing better.” He sat on your bed, touching your ankle. You flinched and he took his hand away. “I’m sorry about last night, I can’t believe I said those things. I was scared about losing my best friend, I didn’t know how to act. I guess I’ve never felt like this because you’ve never been in a relationship. This jealousy was weird, I’m not in love with you or anything. I do love you. God, so much, I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t always with me. We’ve never fought like this - I mean, last night I cried to Jimin, while Taehyung was asleep.” You realized you were crying, just a little, happy tears. “No, no don’t cry. Cause I will and you know I’m an ugly crier.” He interjected.

You laughed, “I understand. I mean I got jealous when you were with Cindy. That was when I started to like you,” you sighed and went on. “I didn’t want to tell you, then you broke up and I had to try something. Once we did it a week later I realized i was just a crush and I just wanted to keep my best friend.”

“Are you trying to say, I was that horrible in bed?” he gave you a look.

You laughed and shoved him, making him grin. “No, I just realized that I loved you but I could never be in love with you.”

“So are we alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, alright,” you nodded.

“Alright,” he said again.

You chuckled, “Alright!”

“Maybe, alright will be our always.” Yoongi smiled.

“Shut up, Suga.” you rolled your eyes, hiding a grin.

He smiled, pulling you into a hug. “I missed you, I know it was it was only a couple of hours but still.” He sighed, “So did you and Jungkook talk last night?” He asked as he let go of you.

“Yeah, he slept over, left this morning to go on a trip with his dad and brothers. He also asked me out for next Friday.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened, with a smile. “I hope you’re going. Trust me, I’ll be happy. Just as long as you make time for me, I have to watch 80’s movies and eat monstrous amounts of food with you, all the time.”

“I did say yes, and of course. I won’t abandon my best friend, don’t worry about that.” you chuckled.

“I’m holding you to that,” he pointed a finger.

You took hold of his finger, “Good. Now speaking of chicken.” Before you could even finish, Yoongi picked you up taking you downstairs screaming, “Food time!”

White Lies

Drabble game request: Taehyung + “How could I ever forget about you?” + Best Friends AU | for @bangtan-bangbang

Character / Genre: Taehyung x reader | Bestfriend!au, angst | 2,056 words

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Tuesday ➼ Josh Dun

Description: Based on true story. (The names were replaced)

A/N: Not requested, I just really needed to write about it. I’ve been bottling it all up for four years and it’s probably going to eat me alive. You know what’s funny, though? Is that his real name (the guy in the story) is actually Joshua, and he’s half Japanese. (I’m sorry in advance for the many references btw vv)

Y/N=Your Name, L/N=(Your) Last Name, POV=Point Of View


It was a crisp winter day. The day that she decided to go out and face the world. She wrapped herself with a warm sweater and headed out to their garage and took her bike out. She hopped on the seat and began pedaling, beginning her journey.

She aimlessly rode through the streets, having no particular destination. She just wanted to get out of that house. She hated to be there.

She hated how her parents pretend that everything’s alright even though it’s not. She hated how they looked down at her because she’s younger. She hated how they think that she doesn’t understand what’s going on, because she does.

She knows that they aren’t okay. She knows that the only reason they’re still together is because of her, not because they still love each other.

She pulled up on the side of the street, where some benches were placed. She hopped out of the bike seat and rest her bike on the ground. She sat down on the bench and propped her elbow on the bench’s arm rest and rest her head against the palm of her hand.

She took in her surroundings and enjoyed the view. It wasn’t the best, but for her any view is perfect as long as it wasn’t her house.

Her eyes landed on a particular boy. One with bright yellow hair, mocha eyes, and blue-sky hands.

Joshua Dun.

She immediately began shaking and she felt her breathing become heavy and her heartbeat go faster.

She wonders if he still remembers her. A part of her says that it has been three years and that she’s basically unrecognizable because her style wasn’t the same anymore. (What’s funny is that every time that she changes her hairstyle, she always wonders the same thing, will he remember her or not?) But another part of her wanted him to remember her. Because maybe, just maybe, things would go back to the way it used to.

He was talking to another boy, one that she had never seen before.

One thing that she noticed is that Joshua never hanged out with his old friends anymore. She would know. Because his old friends used to be her friends, too.

When she met Joshua, her life felt complete. They instantly clicked. They both have the same likes and dislikes and his personality was really fitting with hers.

He introduced her to his group of friends who, coincidentally, lives at the houses right next to hers.

His group of friends mostly consisted of guys: Brendon, Tyler, and Dallon. The only girl, though, is Tyler’s sister, Madison.

She remembered how she always does her homework really fast just so her mom would let her go outside and played with them. How everyday she would always hangout in their lounge, waiting for Joshua to call her name for them to play.

She was nine when they started to hangout and on her 11th birthday, she invited all of them to her house to celebrate. She also invited a couple of cousins and a couple of “friends” from school (she was certain that they just wanted to come because there were lots of food).

And a couple of days subsequent to the party, it was Tuesday. Joshua told her that he had to move to another house because their old house was being renovated.

He didn’t move that far. Just at the other side of the village, that’s why she wasn’t that bothered. Besides, he promised that he would come by her house and still hang out with her.

He promised.

She snapped out of her trance and immediately jumped up from her seat. She hopped on her bike and sped through the streets to go back to her house.

And when she passed him she swore she saw him glance at her for a second.

‘Maybe I’m just over exaggerating,’ she thought when she got to her room.

‘Maybe it wasn’t as perfect as I thought it was.’

Her mind was filled with maybes and it was driving her insane.

She sighed and sat down on her bed.

She then remembered that particular time when the guys were playing and she and Madison just watched. She remembered looking at her and telling her something which made her cry.

She doesn’t remember what she said exactly but it was definitely not something mean. Maybe it’s just how she said it or how she looked while saying it.

She remembered how everyone got angry at her and Tyler giving her a dirty look even though she told them that she didn’t do anything, because really, she wouldn’t hurt a soul intentionally. Despite all her protests, nobody believed her.

She also remembers the time when she was at Joshua’s house. They were talking about nothing in particular when she saw a girl on her bike eyeing Josh.

Joshua saw the she wasn’t paying attention and followed her gaze.

“Her name is Debby. We used to hang out together,” he told her.

Used to? What happened?” She asked.

“She told me that she liked me, but I don’t like her back,” he replied.

“And then you never hanged out with her?” She asked.

“Yep,” he said.

She remembered how she was such a nervous wreck that day. She was so afraid that he would find out that she liked him and never hang out with her, too.

She also remembered the times when Joshua warned her about people. First, he warned her about Dallon, and told her not to talk to him. She obeyed even though everything he warned her about Dallon was unlikely true.

The next time he warned her about someone, it was Tyler and Brendon. He told her that they betrayed him and to ignore them also.

She also remembered the time when Brendon was talking and he began rambling. So, to snap him out of it, she decided to playfully slap him a couple times.

He cried after she did that and told his mom about it. He told his mom that she slapped him really hard even though she swore that she slapped him softly.

His mom, being the strict parent that she is, told Brendon to never hangout with her again.

And he did just that.

A couple of months later, though. She and Brendon began to hangout again. They decided to call Joshua to play with them but his father told them that he wasn’t home. A couple of minutes after they left, though. They saw Joshua leave the house with his bike.

She also remembered the times when she would try so badly to speak her opinion, but she would never have the chance. Because really, they never really cared about her.

She remembered how every time she would pass by any of them, they would pretend that she was a complete stranger.

Except Dallon, though.

Dallon tried to talk to her again, but she shut her door on him because Joshua told her to ignore him. She really regret doing so.

She sighed once again.

“It wasn’t really as perfect as I thought it was,” she mumbled to herself.

And at that moment, she questioned herself. What was the point?

Maybe there was a reason that Josh never talked to her again. Maybe he found out that she liked him. Or maybe she was the one that pushed him away.

She’ll never know for sure.

All she knows that Joshua never came by her house, and the last thing he ever said to her is that he had something important to tell her, that something is a thing she’ll never know,

Because that Tuesday was the last time they ever talked.

Being Monty 2.0 In School

Request: Hi! I absolutely love all your imagines and headcanons! I was wondering if I could request something with Monty? Possibly where he’s involved with the reader who’s similar to him. She has a short temper and gets in fights a lot. Everything I’ve read has been about a girl who’s polar opposites to Monty, and I’m curious to see how two similars would coincide. Also, could you maybe include them BOTH getting jealous over someone flirting with the other? Thank you so much!!


A/N: I’m not sure if this is what you were after, so I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting!


Warnings: Implied violence.


Being Monty 2.0 In School…

  • The amount of times in a day you and Monty got compared to each other was insane

  • You’d never met him until everyone started talking, then you figured you should at least try to understand why everyone seemed to dub you guys as the ‘short tempered, do not cross’ kids
  • It was easy to see exactly why the second you met, and though there seemed to be a slight tension in the air between you to compete for the top spot, you also were quite drawn together as friends

  • You started to hangout more at lunch, and he even convinced you to go to a couple of his sporting games
  • That’s about time that the flirting started

  • It was just relentless flirting for ages before Monty finally caved and asked you out
  • The school almost shattered to pieces when you started dating

  • You were the couple with a short fuse, people were scared to look in your direction, yet they had such an obsession with your popularity
  • You were both still getting into plenty of fights, it seemed people ever learnt their lesson

  • Your relationship got pretty serious super quick
  • You were the campions of heavy PDA

  • Monty would even grab your ass when you made out in the halls
  • People become a lot more scared out you both, but it didn’t stop them from picking fights with you

  • You were always bailing each other out of the office for getting into fights
  • Or sneaking each other out windows if the front office was busy

  • You’d sit together in detention and pass notes under the table
  • And also be insanely protective over each other

  • You didn’t have a problem with punching a friend of his in the face if they had an attitude
  • And he’d ruin any guy who dared to look your way

  • You were actually nice people, it just happened that people pushed all your wrong buttons
  • And sometimes out sassing a little brat just wasn’t enough

  • You really did try your best to keep each other calm though if you could, when you got into a fight you were grounded, and weren’t allowed to see each other, so it sucked
  • You both had a lot of damage behind you, and you were misunderstood, but you seemed to work through it together

  • The longer you were together the calmer you got, though you could bet no one ever doubted your ability to flare up again
  • Overall you were a mega power couple, who really genuinely loved each other and shared a unique skill of fighting

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ASTRO for Marie Claire (2017 February Issue)

Cha Eunwoo

Greatest interests recently: Japanese, the drama <Goblin>, driver’s license
Your favourite lyric amongst ASTRO’s songs: It’s a part from ‘Fireworks’. 'I want to secretly leave a little memory on your cheeks that have flushed red’. They’re pretty lyrics which tug at your heartstrings.
The drama of your life: <Rain Man>. My brother came to mind and I cried throughout as I watched the movie.
A special habit: I bite at my fingernails when I get restless
The member who possesses the charm you’d like to parallel: Moonbin. The charisma he shows off on stage is cool.
If you were to express your personality in one word: Simple yet complicated
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: Mobile, wallet, notebook, pen, glasses, contact lenses, cologne
Your childhood dream: Prosecutor, judge, doctor, etc.. It changed frequently.
What you would like to do today if tomorrow was the end of the world: After enjoying the last supper with my family, I want to find a spot in the remote countryside that will become my final resting place and then decorate it
Recent cause of worry: Having failed the driver’s test
Your hangout: The bathhouse at Seoulleung station
A dish you’re confident of making: Instant noodles
Phone wallpaper: ASTRO’s logo
A place you want to really have a holiday at: New Caledonia
Something I keep obsessing over unknowingly: View count on videos and digital ranking
A recent moment where you felt the most happy: When I stand on stage, when I see myself on TV, when the people around me cheer me on
Your life’s greatest escape: Having gone to watch a movie alone late at night not too long ago
What you personally think of as your charming point: Honesty and earnestness. I’m also nice (laughs).
An animal you think resembles you: A bear
An aspect (of yourself) you’d like to fix: I think too much and I get cold feet
Ideal type: A girl who’s wise and kind-hearted. Someone bright who makes me feel good when we’re together.
If you were to go on a date on Valentine’s Day: I want to spend some alone time with her as we have fun camping in the peaceful forest
Someone you want to see as of right now: My dad
No.1 on your bucket list: Receiving 20 licenses

Yoon Sanha

Your first plan for the new year: Building my body. It’ll probably take a long time (laughs).
Your favourite lyric amongst ASTRO’s songs: Lyrics from 'Star’. 'You’re in my millions of thoughts and even in my unclear future. You’re shining brightly in this moment too. Thank you for being my bright light.’
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Crush’s Beautiful
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: John Mayer. He plays the guitar really coolly.
The musician you must keep up to date with: Ed Sheeran
What you think you rank no.1 at amongst the members: Cuteness and beagle-ness, my skills in playing the guitar
The member who possesses the charm you’d like to parallel: JinJin hyung who’s really considerate
How you imagine ASTRO to be 10 years later: I dream that we become a team who performs worldwide
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: Oriental medicine which I’ve been consuming lately
A power you want to possess: The ability to stop time
A job you think you would’ve landed if you hadn’t debuted: A guitarist or a composer
When you last had a good laugh: I’m in fits of laughter all day when I’m with my members
Recent cause of worry: Maybe because I’m experiencing puberty but I’m getting a lot of pimples on my face
The menu you often order at a cafe: Strawberry smoothie, sweet potato latte
A dish you’re confident of making: Rice with soy sauce
A recent moment where you felt the most happy: When I welcomed the new year as a member of ASTRO
What you’d like to do on your soon approaching birthday: I want to go to a ski resort. I’ve never gone skiing before.
Presents you’d like to receive from your members: The latest computer model
Your charming point: Cuteness and shamelessness
A modifier you’d like to attach to ASTRO’s name: A team that makes you feel good by just looking at them
What you fear of: Ghosts. I think I’d pass out if I bump into one.
If you could have any three wishes granted: 10 billion dollars, an additional 50 wishes, fans’ health
What you’d like to buy at some point of time: My own snazzy guitar, an electric kickboard
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ve never had that experience before but if one day I were to meet her, I don’t think I’d be able to take my eyes off of her


Your favourite track amongst the songs you’ve released: 'Star’ which was included in our 3rd album. I was happy being able to write the lyrics for the rap portion that will be incorporated into the song.
Greatest interests recently: The anthology I’m currently reading. I happened to read it by chance but I’ve become absorbed into it.
Thoughts you think of on stage: I want to connect with the audience and relish in the moment together
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Akdong Musician’s album <WINTER>
The drama of your life: <Step Up>. Watching the dancers inside the movie, I thought about how I wanted to live like that as well.
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: The 25 year old me who has become a famous world star
A peculiar habit: My skin’s on the dry side so before sleeping, I have to put on a facial mask, then apply cream and spray some mist for me to be able to go to sleep
What has changed after debut: I think I’ve gotten ore cautious
What you think you rank no.1 at amongst the members: Choreographing. I personally made the choreography for several released songs.
What I do when the standby time drags on: I’d monitor our stages or I’d search for and watch performance stages from foreign artists
How you imagine ASTRO to be 10 years later: I hope that at that point of time I’ll be with my members always enjoying ourselves no matter where we may be, just like now
A power you want to possess: Spiderman’s abilities
Your childhood dream: World star
A job you think you would’ve landed if you hadn’t debuted: A dance teacher or a musical actor
Your favourite food: Every dish my mum makes
Food that you hate: The cucumber that goes inside kimball
A place you want to really have a holiday at: If it’s a place with tons of gras then anywhere’s fine
A recent moment where you felt the most happy: Fansigns
Your charming point: Manliness
An animal you think resembles you: Baby dinosaur
An aspect (of yourself) you’d like to fix: My Gyeongsang-do dialect that sometimes pops out of nowhere
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ll be just smiling on the inside
What you fear of: When I become lethargic
Someone you want to see as of right now: Family


Your first plan for the new year: Building my body
Your favourite lyric amongst ASTRO’s songs: 'I’m more excited when it’s the weather you like’ from 'Colored’ off our 3rd album
Thoughts you think of on stage: Let’s enjoy to the best we can
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Chainsmokers’ Closer
The musician you must keep up to date with: Justin Bieber
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: Usher
A peculiar habit: I hit the side of my neck when I get flustered
What you think you rank no.1 at amongst the members: Running and knowledge on history
If you were to express your personality in one word: Fire. I get keyed up easily.
Your childhood dream: A martial artist who uses swords
Something I keep obsessing over unknowingly: Maintaining my muscles
What you would like to do today if tomorrow was the end of the world: I’ll run straight to the house my family’s at and just as I usually would, I’ll loudly shout, “I’m home.”
The day you last cried: I was talking about how I felt at our mini live which was held not too long ago when I started to cry.
Your hangout: Practice room
Your own way of relieving stress: I exercise for an extended period of time
Your favourite food: Kimchi stew
A dish you’re confident of making: Pancake
A place you want to really have a holiday at: Santorini, Greece
What you fear of: Spiders, criticisms from people
If you could have any three wishes granted: To be good at singing, making all the people I meet like me, becoming courageous enough that I don’t get cold feet no matter what it is that I’m facing
What you’d like to buy at some point of time: An Iron Man suit
Ideal type: Someone who eats well and smiles easily
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ll suddenly get quiet and I wouldn’t be able to make eye contact
If you were to go on a date on Valentine’s Day: We’d watch a movie then swing by a delicious bakery
No.1 on your bucket list: To live happily


Greatest interests recently: Fashion style. I want to earn a lot of money later on and buy fancy clothes to wear
Your favourite track amongst the songs you’ve released: 'Star’, 'Your Love…’
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: Ariana Grande’s One Last Time
The musician you must keep up to date with: Sia
A movie you watched recently: <Master>. I’ve watched it about two times.
The person you’d like to meet in this lifetime: GD sunbae-nim
A peculiar habit: I pick my nose (laughs)
The member who possesses the charm you’d like to parallel: MJ hyung. It’s charming how he laughs.
What you do when the standby time drags on: I write rap lyrics
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: I make sure to have on me my cologne. My sense of smell is on the sensitive side.
Your childhood dream: A singer, a drummer
The day you last cried: On our rest day, I was lying down all alone since I was sick when I started to cry
Recent cause of worry: I want to be good at composing
Your own way of relieving stress: I listen to music loudly or I write lyrics
The menu you often order at a cafe: Iced americano
A dish you’re confident of making: Carbonara rice cakes
What you’d like to do on your birthday: I want to go on a trip with my members to the beach
Presents you’d like to receive from your members: A Porsche (laughs)
Your charming point: My eye smile
An aspect (of yourself) you’d like to fix: My short height. I want to grow a little taller.
If you could have any three wishes granted: My height to be at 181cm, all the clothes in the world, not quite sure about the last wish
Your life’s greatest escape: On the 1st of January in the year that I became an adult, I drank alcohol with my friends
Three things you’d take with you to a deserted island: A camping kit, a fire steel, shampoo in big volume
Ideal type: A girl who smiles easily
Your reaction when you meet a girl who catches your fancy: I’ll smile when we first make eye contact, keep my eye on her for a little more then I’ll approach her first and strike a conversation
Someone you want to see as of right now: My older brother
No.1 on your bucket list: I want to hold a concert this year


Your first plan for the new year: Go on a diet
Your favourite track amongst the songs you’ve released: A b-side track off our 3rd album, ’Colored’
A song you’ve been obsessed with lately: B2ST’s 'Ribbon’ and 'Butterfly’
The drama of your life: <Lord of the Rings>. Smeagol’s image was shocking so I can’t forget it.
A person you’d like to meet: Rain sunbae-nim
A peculiar habit: I shake my legs before I go to sleep
If you were to express your personality in one word: Happy virus
How you imagine ASTRO to be 10 years later: I want us to show off songs and performances that screams of our own color
Things you’ve got to be sure to bring along (with you) on the regular: My members (laughs)
Your method of stress relief: I sleep
Your childhood dream: An architect
A power you want to possess: Time travel
What you would like to do today if tomorrow was the end of the world: I’ll release a song that I personally composed and wrote lyrics for
A place you want to really have a holiday at: Hawaii. I want to see the clear sea
What you’d like to do on your birthday: Going camping with my members
The menu you often order at a cafe: Persimmon juice
Your favourite food: Raw fish and sushi
Your hangout: The Hangang Park
Phone wallpaper: A group photo of ASTRO
An animal you think resembles you: A duck
If you could have any three wishes granted: To go back to the past, to travel to the future, to be reborn as a genius musician
Three things you’d take with you to a deserted island: My smartphone, wifi, food provisions
Ideal type: A girl with a pretty smile
If you were to go on a date on Valentine’s Day: Scuba diving and confessing
Someone you want to see as of right now: My family
No.1 on your bucket list: To win no.1 on a music broadcast

Scans by: MyDeer_0330

Translations by @99pmh​
Take out with full credits

Three Little Words

Hello everyone, it is I heyitsjiminie. I felt like we needed a bit more of Seventeen up on this blog. So I came up with a little something that I think you guys might like. I’m sorry if there is any spelling errors. 


Word Count: 1889

(Credits to the gif owner.)

AU: High School


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There he was the love of your life, which you didn’t know yet. He was there when your friend moved away to the United States. It started out of nowhere. One day he just walked up to you as sat next you as you read a book. He talked to you. Well he just talked as you read. You didn’t pay much attention to him. Some part of you wanted him to go away and leave you in peace. But it was the opposite, he sat next you everyday and talked. You didn’t pay much attention to him. But there were times where you smiled at a few things he said. But one day he didn’t come, which was weird because you did see him in the hallway. You finally admitted to yourself that you liked him being around you and talk about the weirdest things. You saw him in the hallway and waved ‘hi’ to him. He looked at you and smiled and waved back.

“I see you have a crush on Seungcheol. I mean who doesn’t.” You heard a voice behind you. You turn around and see someone with a pretty face. He had nice pretty hair.

“Are you saying you also like him?”

“How can I not?”

You laughed at what he said, “By the way I don’t like him. He’s just someone I know.”

“So? You can know someone and like them.”

“I never caught your name.”


“Pretty name for a pretty face,” you giggled and walked to your class.

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we met.
we met eyes.
we smiled.
we laughed.
we spent time together.
we shared secrets.
we cried together.
we had a special hangout.
we started to drift apart.
we stopped talking.
we became strangers.
i saw you meet eyes with someone new.
i realized i am in love with you.
i pretended to be happy without you.
i walked by our “hangout place” and felt broken.
i saw you go there with new people.
i cried, but you didn’t care.
i now know you aren’t mine anymore.
i know we used to be a “we” but now im an “i.”
i dont know how to move on without you.
i still wonder why you left.
i am all alone now.
i miss you.
i miss us.
—  lamejenn 7:05
Ron was entitled to be a dick

People are too hard on Ron. He didn’t start out as a dick, he was smiling and welcoming Carl to play video games and trying to make him feel comfortable. But then Carl stole his girlfriend and started to hangout with her more than he could of course he would feel a little upset and frustrated with Carl. Then Carl’s dad kills his, and gets with his mom. And ontop of that, Rick cuts off his mom’s arm to save Carl instead of pulling her away from Sam. And Carl was the only one trying to get her to come, he had pretty much everything taken from him from the time the group got to Alexandria.

And mind you, he wasn’t trying to shoot Carl, Michonne just moved him off target and made him hit Carl’s eye. Yeah, Ron did have intentions of hurting Carl in the past but this kid just needed a reality check since all he saw was red from what was happening around him. And ontop of that his dad beat him so he was also living in constant fear. He’s entitled to be a dick.

rip beanie boy


around halfway through my second playthrough of Night in The Woods now and I’m pretty sure that it’s my favourite game in years.

The Escort (Part 1)

Summary: Grad School AU! You are a grad student, one year away from completing your Master’s degree. Despite your successful life, your family won’t let go of the fact that you are single. It makes your yearly family vacation a living hell. On a whim, you call the number you find on an ad for an escort to events, and you meet Dean. He’s gorgeous, charming, and perfect to help get your family off your back. What more could you ask for?

Word Count: 2164

Warning: None for this chapter

A/N: This first chapter sets up the story. I hope you like it, and that you stick around for all the smutty, angsty, fluffy goodness I have in store for you!

You twirled the coffee stirrer between your fingers and stared at the antique clock on the wall. There were still five minutes before Jo was supposed to meet you to discuss the plans for the upcoming week, which probably meant she’d show up in fifteen. The specials board in the little coffee shop advertised several pastries, and you idly wondered if you wanted a snack to go with your drink while you waited.

Why not? You sighed and got up to place your order, ignoring the weight in your pocket as you fidgeted in line.

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anonymous asked:

So okay i dont know how much knowledge you may have about this or how much you can comfirm or not...... But im going to assume that video roy posted of mystal holding hands was partially to punish michael for the shade from weezer last night as well as the shutdown any 'Royal' rumors before they even start since apparently hangout is because of his birthday on monday(¿)and even get back at us for calling out the hand holding previously. Cuz if it comes from roy then obvi mystal is real lolololol

You hit the nail on the head friend