start from the inside

music stim things:

• bouncin on ur toes bc u cant dance but u Also cant Not Dance

• systematic tapping ur fingers and hands like ur really the song mixer and this is a launchpad video

• my Hands…………………. The Conductor

• i wasnt thinking the right thought at the right time when the song did the thing now i gotta start it all over

• my tongue got tired from secretly singing along Inside My Mouth

• im so full of emotions now??? just from hearing this one really good note??? my chest feels like really happy balloon now AaaaAAAAAA???

• when u got ur headphones in and it hits the Good Frequency™ and everything is just Fantastic

It was a chilly winter morning in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As women were nervously sitting in the Planned Parenthood clinic, they started to hear a loud “pop pop pop” coming from outside. Staff inside the clinic rushed those in the waiting room into a different room with a lock on the door and called police. As police arrived they were met with gunfire by Robert Lewis Dear, who was now inside the clinic.

The police fired back and a five hour standoff ensued. Dear was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and by the end of the standoff, three people were dead: police officer, Garrett Swasey and two passerbys, Ke’Arre M. Stewart and Jennifer Markovsky were shot numerous times and succumbed to their wounds. Beside Dear’s car, police discovered several propane tanks. It’s believed that he had intended to open fire on the tanks and cause an explosion.

After his apprehension, Dear expressed the belief  that he would be met in Heaven by aborted fetuses who would thank him for his murderous deed. None of the people he killed worked in Planned Parenthood and none of them were planning on having an abortion, but he had intended on killing those inside the building. Thankfully, they were quick on their feet and managed to get themselves to safety before he entered. In 2016, he was deemed incompetent to stand trial.


Imagine being the best friend of one of the most famous fuckboy in town, Chris Schistad. And then one day, you need his help to bake a cake.

Authors note:
NOT ROMANTIC. Also, this is my very first imagine, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s a lil big, so I promise the next ones are gonna be shorter and better! Also, english is not my first language, then ignore the errors. Hahahahah thank you!

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♒🌑🌌 Spell jar for clear and balanced thinking, influenced by Aquarius New Moon 🌌🌑♒

(Inspired by a lot of spells and information from other Cosmic Witches on Tumblr)

The New Moon is a perfect time to put things together that help you transit into new ventures, personal growth and problem solving. Channeling Aquarius New Moon’s energies, we can start to work optimistically into transforming from the inside to bring positive transformation to the outside.

- Small jar and cork
- Bay leaf (for strength)
- “I am strong with the Moon” sigil (in white ink if possible)
- Mortar or fire safe bowl with a spoon
- Salt (if you feel this spell is missing a bit of the Water element, you can use Sea Salt instead).
- White candle (for pure intentions)
- Rosemary (for clarity)
- Thyme (for courage)
- Lavender (for healing and peace)
- Rose petals (for self love)
- Something silver coloured (in correspondence with the Lunar energy)
Optional: you can add a crystal in correspondence with the Moon if you prefer it to putting something glittery or silver coloured.

- Light the white candle and start by grounding yourself with your favourite meditating technique (I sat with my legs crossed, closed my eyes and held my black tourmaline).

- Write your sigil on the Bay leaf in white ink. Burn it with the candle and place the ashes on the mortar. This is the time for you to concentrate on your intentions and to devote yourself to the New Moon and/or any Moon related deity you worship.

- Pour some salt on the mortar and mix it together with the ashes, concentrating on the Moon’s strength.

- Now that your Moon Salt is ready, pour it on the bottom of the jar.

- Next, grind (or cut in little pieces and mix) together the Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender and some of the Rose petals, concentrating on the properties of each. Regulate the amount of salt for this mix depending on the size of the jar and how much of it still needs to be filled.

- After pouring the herbal salt, leave some space for your silvery thing and one last ungrined Rose petal.

-Put the cork and seal with the wax from the white candle you’ve been meditating with.

I’m going to keep mine in a safe place, where I can look at it for reassurance at times of decition making.


stationery shopping before the new semester start. I bought them mostly from gramedia and paperclip. here is whats inside my pencil case (left to right)

  • faber-castell connector pen 
  • sakura sharp nocks 0.5 mech.pencil
  • tombow calno bc-gc pen
  • zebra jimnie pen
  • faster high grade c6 pen
  • faber-castell grip x p5 pen
  • standard needle point gel pen
  • snowman 0.4 drawing pen
  • bic marking permanent marker
  • standard needle point refill
  • pilot 0.5 2b polymer leads
  • ziegel germany ruler
  • staedtler rasoplast eraser
  • faber-castell 5mm x 6m correction tape

guys do you remember how they set up james sholto as sherlock’s mirror in the episode of john’s wedding and had a knife planted in his insides right from the start so that he could be literally dying internally for every second of it while maintaining a composed façade so that john wouldn’t see it until the very end?

d’you reckon they were trying to tell us something?


Please read Bastard (manhwa), you will not regret it...

More people are reading Bastard now thanks to people who read Killing Stalking who are recommending it …. (I love you for recommending it, I’ve been trying to make someone reads it FOR A WHOLE YEAR and no one gave a fuck literally no one on this earth ever read it from me.)

I’ve been reading from the very start ya know…it makes me sobs a bit inside to know the fandom is growing… I’m leaving the “surprises” here and won’t do a synopsis. Just read, believe me.

Give this manhwa more love, LOVE JIN SEON AND PROTECT HIM.

Recipe for Better Days

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Hi Love! Thank you so much for your wish, and I do hope you like it! ^^


#99  Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

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On a Lazy Sunday - Brendan Gallagher Imagine

are you taking requests? If so can you make one we’re you and b gally are expecting your first child? i’m bad with descriptions basically fluff central. Thank you! have a great day!

Thank you so much for the request! Also thank you so, so much for waiting so long for it. It may not be too long but I think the fluffy-ness makes up for it ;). Thanks for reading, hope you like it! -Accius

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anonymous asked:

Will you do a species chart for angels(or something similar) later like you did with demons? Are glutony demon taxes so high because of their eating habits? Or something else? It is interesting that demons inhabit human society (somewhat). And Faust mentioned demons and angels being similar. Does this imply that angels are cretures of belief like demons of emotions?

I will definitely do one for the angels as well! Here’s a bit about taxes!

Since Gluttony demons belong to the Gula kingdom, their king can take as many taxes from them as he wants. The golems the Gluttony demons have are also much bigger, and some even have multiple golems in them (this is the reason for their big stomachs). Failing to feed the golems will lead to the golems becoming aggressive and they will start to eat the host from the inside.

About what Faust said, demons and angels truly do share alot of similarities. Something neither of them like to admit. Demons and angels come from the same place, their horns and halos are both vital parts, and recently it has also been discovered that demons and angels are capable of breeding together.

Concept: me, coming across Moffat and Gatiss on a rainy day. They ask if I have a spare umbrella, they only have one. I smile. Of course I do. I turn around and pick it up. It is gay pride colors. They exchange a look. I then unleash from inside of the umbrella a sword. They start to laugh, of course she’s a fan, they think, ready for praise. I laugh too and unleash from the sword a dildo with all of TFP printed onto it. “Kindly shove this up your asses where it belongs.” I say. They are speechless, I walk away with my rainbow umbrella, on the back there is the middle finger. 

Signs As Excerpts from Kurt Cobain's Jounral
  • Aries: "I am now in my sad stage, before it was naive hate. I want to be the first to discover and discard it before its popularity. Tomorrow the I wont care stage is predicted, and I'm not looking forward to it."
  • Taurus: "I purposely keep myself naive and away from Earthly information because its the only way to avoid a jaded attitude."
  • Gemini: “Words suck. I mean, every thing has been said. I can't remember the last real interesting conversation I've had in a long time. Words aren't as important as the energy derived from music, especially live.”
  • Cancer: "I like to make insidious efforts to avoid conflict. I like to have strong opinions with nothing to back them up with besides my primary sincerity."
  • Leo: "I like to infiltrate the mechanics of a system by posing as one of them, then slowly start the rot from the inside of the empire."
  • Virgo: “I like to write poetry. I like to ignore others' poetry. I like vinyl. I like nature and animals. I like to swim. I like to be with my friends. I like to be by myself."
  • Libra: "Uncertainty like opening your eyes wide in the dark then closing them hard then open and blinded by the sparkling silver dots created from the pressure on the corneas. Squint, roll, focus then you're blind again but at least you saw light somehow."
  • Scorpio: "It is time now for all the 'fortunate' ones, the cheerleaders and the football jocks to strip down naked and plead with every ounce of their souls for mercy and forgiveness, to admit that they are wrong."
  • Sagittarius: I'm reactionary in a way. I just react to what others say. I don't think and when I do I forget."
  • Capricorn: "I mean I like to be passionate and sincere, but I also like to have fun and act like a dork. Geeks unite."
  • Aquarius: "I like sincerity. I lack sincerity. These are not opinions, these are not words of wisdom. This is a disclaimer. A disclaimer for my lack of education, for my loss of inspiration, for my unnerving quest for affection and my perfunctory shamefulness towards many who are of my relative age.
  • Pisces: "1. Don't Rape 2.Don't be prejudice 3. Don't be sexist 4. Love your children 5. Love your neighbor 6. Love yourself-- Don't let your opinions obstruct the aforementioned list."