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once you give it thought mccree’s ult is so damn creepy, like imagine beinga  new  recruit and getting paired with the  strange  southern ambiguously  gay  cowboy bear  and  he’s a great shot and all but then like. during  a  tight situation he suddenly  stands  straight up and  whispers  “its hiiigh noon..” in this booming voice thats everywhere at once and  starts  fucking  glowing  bright orange and  kills like  10 people . his  gun has  only  six  shots. 

and then hes back to  normal  acting like that didnt happen

  • Usnavi: Good job, Sonny.
  • Sonny: Thanks, dad.
  • *silence*
  • Sonny: ...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Vanessa: You just called Usnavi 'dad'.
  • Sonny: What? No, I didn't! I said 'Thanks, man'!
  • Usnavi: Do you...see me as a father-figure, Sonny?
  • Sonny: NO! If anything, I see you as a 'bother figure' cause you're always bothering me!
  • Benny: Hey! Show your father some respect!
  • Sonny: I DIDN'T CALL HIM 'DAD'!
  • Usnavi: No, Sonny, I take it as a compliment.
  • Carla: It's not a big deal! I call my girlfriend 'Mommy' sometimes.
  • Sonny: *points to Carla* Guys! Jump on that!
  • Daniela: Old news! You calling Usnavi 'daddy'-
  • Sonny: HEY! 'Daddy' is NOT on the table here!
  • Pete: You still called him 'dad'.
  • Sonny: NO, I DIDN'T!
  • Usnavi: Well, I believe you...
  • Sonny: Thank you!
  • Usnavi: ...Son...
  • *pause*
  • Usnavi: Do you want to talk about it later, over of catch?
  • Sonny: ...I'd like that.

Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱


    8:54 p.m. | ♪♫
        “Keiko and I have always been best friends ever since I could remember. I wouldn’t trade her for the world, she’s my other half. Our moms were best friends (and they still are) growing up and they both decided to have their first born at the same time.. which resulted in us. I’d say we’re inseparable..something like soul sisters, to tell you the truth.”


Fire and Water are intuitive elements
Fire is running off pure intuition, in raptures that generate movement and new ideas
Water is tapped into the collective, with a hyperactive social intuition and one for the spirit
Fire is the model of solo action but Water is the a connective body that runs through all, Fire people are self starting and initiative, impulsive, bright, and spontaneous
Water people express from their emotional spectrum and flow with the ebbs and tides. They are profound and powerful. The Fire strength is physical and intellectual, the Water strength is all encompassing, divine sorcery

Worth the Pain

A/N : Finale of Rotation. Catch parts 1-3 here:
Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead

This series in its entirety is dedicated to @alrightpetal because without her, there would be no vulnerable, flawed Harry. 

Thank you to all who have enjoyed and provided me with your thoughts. I hope this lives up to your expectations. 


The earth’s actually flat and Harry must have fallen off of it. He was quite clumsy—you had scars from the countless occasions he couldn’t navigate around his own feet and brought you down with him—so him managing to fall off the edge of the earth wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.

At least he better be floating through deep space, otherwise there was no reason your texts and calls should have gone unanswered the last three days. No other reason you would accept, anyway.

When you’d woken up, brain foggy and mouth dry, you couldn’t remember how you’d gotten home, let alone anything that had actually happened. It wasn’t until you reached for your phone—after growing accustomed the dull ache in your skull—and saw the Bukowski poem that you remembered what happened. And you’d laid in bed for a while, trying to figure out how to move forward. Should you text Harry? Call him? Read into the fact that his last poem was much less explicit than the previous and maybe it meant he was trying to tell you something?

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How to make high quality gifs

The question people ask me the most on here besides “are you dead” is how to make gifs and how to make them look good. So I finally decided to make a tutorial how to go from this:
(I know this tutorial is pretty long and I apologize for that, I just wanted to make a tutorial everyone can understand because when I was a beginner I always wished for more detailed tutorials on this topic.)

to this:

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