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EXO’s reaction to you seeing them naked for the first time


Baekhyun: *you’re finally left alone and he rushes you into his bedroom kissing you gently and slightly increasing each second, you start to passionately rip his clothes off*

You: *start laughing*


You: I’m sorry but where did you hide that this whole time?! 

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Chanyeol: *you’re making out and he throws you on his bed he hovers over you and you start to strip each other like your lives depends on it*

You: *can’t help but look down* “HOLY FUCK

“Oh my god sorry it just slipped out O.O”

Chanyeol:*raises his eyebrow and starts laughing like crazy*

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Chen: *sits you on the bed and starts striping for you*

You: *raise your eyebrow and smile awkwardly*

Chen: “What’s with the face?!”

You: I ….um…just thought it would be a bit bi….

D.O:*you wake up from the nap you were taking and he immediately starts to kiss you, he smiles at you and you start taking off everything that’s touching his body*

You: “um…Kyungsoo? …why are you wearing boxers with fried chicken?”

D.O: *embarrassed* Kai gave them to me as a gift and the rest of my boxers are in the laundry…..

You: *laugh and pull his boxers down* “Well I like your gift better” / I’M SO SORRY THIS IS A HORRIBLE JOKE/

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Luhan: *he leads you to the restaurant’s bathroom and locks the door, he pins you to the wall making out with you you wrap your legs around him and he unhooks your bra and starts throwing your clothes on the floor. He then pulls down his pants*

Luhan: *smirks* so…what do you say?  

you: “You’re pretty decent”

Kris: *you come back from a date at the local Chinese restaurant, he picks you up and throws you on his bed you start to foreplay and he doesn’t stop kissing you*

You: *look down*

Kris:  *keeps kissing you*

You: “I’m sorry but how the fuck is it bigger than your hands?!”

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Suho: *you make out while you’re sitting on his bed his hands are on your waist and he stands in front of you smiling*

You:*take him by surprise and pull his pants and boxers with one quick pull*

Suho: *his face falls with embarrassment*

You: “Oh don’t be so shocked you have nothing to be ashamed of”

Suho:*Flattered and gets really into it*

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Sehun:* you lay on your bed and he starts kissing every visible inch of you he strips you completely and finally when he’s in yehet mode you start taking his clothes off*

You:”Well I guess you do have a reason to be cocky after all….” /pan intended and I’m not even sorry/

Lay:*you’re making out on the couch and he takes his boxers off* 

You: “I like what I see”

Lay: *Bites his lip* “not as much as I like what’s in front of me”

Tao: *you’re trying on some new jeans at the store and he walks into your changing room *

Tao: “I like them….but…” *pins you against the wall and takes them off*

You: *strip his pants off* “I don’t know what I like better…that Gucci dress outside or your little friend here”

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Xiumin:* sees you smirking at him the minute he comes out of the shower. he grabs you and lifts you on his back running back to the bathroom locking the door and dropping his towel*

you: ………….

Xiumin: “And that’s not the only option we have”

Kai: *gives you a tour of the dorm while the boys are out. You finally reach to his room and he locks the door behind him throwing you on his bed you two start making out and sweating while taking each other’s clothes off”

Kai: *smirks with confident* “are you ok?” *laughs*

You: “if he moves as well as you do then I’m fantastic”

Paul was once an average nerd and didn’t have much thought to when he bought those stripe funky sunglasses at the local knick knack store. He thought it would be fun to wear for tomorrow’s school spirit day. Upon arriving back at his house, he went to his room and put his backpack and notes on the bed. The sunglasses he acquired from the knick knack shop was laying on his computer desk and he wondered if the sunglasses he bought might be too tight on him. He proceeded to pick up the sunglasses and put them on. He was satisfied with it being so fit and comfortable. At first, he was admiring them in the mirror. However, little by little the stripes started to change and morph into a deep long spiral and the spiral was seeping into his mind until he eventually succumbed to the spiral and fell deep asleep. While the sunglasses took hold of his mind, his body transformed into a hunky jock/ nerd. He may have the body of a jock, but his mind is a nerd. It is what he wanted. It is what his Master wanted. Only the Master, his Alpha was his true purpose in life. He will obey the Master and continue to be the Masters jock nerd…

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This OC has some… problems, but …

Lets start at the beginning:

  • The stripes. Oh, the stripes. Stripes only really work if they’re just a bit darker than the rest of the coat
  • Which. yeah. Pure black on pure red always looks terrible. Its too much contrast
  • Same with the hair. The pure blue and red just clashed. With some lighter colors, they whole hair looks far better
  • The eyes were too dark, a lighter shade of purple works far better

Overall… some problems, but nothing you can’t fix

A Family United... [One Shot]

One Shot - WWE
No pairing
Word count: 1300
[Warning: if you follow WWE and haven’t watched the Elimination Chamber yet, slight spoiler on the results!]

A/N: first one shot I publish here! My boyfriend introduced me to the WWE, and I got inspired to write this. Hope you’ll like it!!
(I only own my OC Olivia Rotunda aka Lethal Liv aka Zoe Wyatt, of course, and this is obviously a work of fiction.)  

[NXT, 20.01.2017]

The referee slammed down the count of 3 and the bell rang, making the crowd go wild as the victorious young woman stood up, strands of black hair falling across her face.

“Here’s your winner: Lethal Liv!”

Liv’s lips twisted into a crooked coin smile and a ferocious glow lit up her eyes. It had been a long, tough match – the sweat was starting to fade the black stripes on her cheekbones, as if testifying to that – but it was all worth it now. She was undefeated. She had proven her worth one more time – as if she really needed to, after years in the NXT. She stepped out of the ring and made her way backstage, where her father and trainer Mike Rotunda was waiting for her.

“One hell of a fight! Good job here, Liv!”

“Thanks Dad,” she said and grabbed the towel he was handing her.

“I hope Windham and Taylor were watching. They would’ve been proud of you.”

“They are anyway. We both know that.”

For the Rotundas, wrestling ran in the family. Mike used to wrestle, just like his two brothers-in-law and their father before them. It just felt natural to Olivia and her two older brothers to follow that path too. Now, Windham was on Smackdown Live under the name Bray Wyatt, Taylor wrestled on RAW as Bo Dallas, and Liv was into her 9th year in the NXT and hoped to “graduate” and get a WWE contract as well. It was high time she moved on, she thought.

“By the way,” Mike told her daughter, “there was someone here earlier who wanted to meet you.”

“Who?” she asked and rose an eyebrow in confusion.

“He’s waiting for you. Just follow me.”

Liv frowned. She hated riddles, and that situation looked very much like one. Yet she followed her father through the corridors to some kind of conference room. A man sat inside, whom she’d recognize anywhere. Former WWE superstar and current Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan. Her heart skipped a beat as he looked up at her and smiled.

“There she is. Just the woman I came to see!”

“Daniel Bryan. What brings Smackdown’s general manager to the NXT?”

“Well, I’d be stupid not to want to meet the undefeated Lethal Liv, now, wouldn’t I?”

The flattery brought back the coin smile to Liv’s lips as her brain began to process what his presence meant.

“Please, sit down Liv. You and I have a lot to talk about.”

* * * *

[Smackdown, 14.02.2017]

Zoe felt her heart pounding in her chest as she stood in the Smackdown ring for the first time. A teenage dream come true. With her head held high and the usual ferocious glow in her eyes, she watched her first opponent Alexa Bliss, who had recently dropped the title of Smackdown women’s champion, coming up to her. The blonde radiated confidence, a bit too much for Zoe’s taste. It seemed she was just another newcomer in the eyes of the former champion, and the name she had chosen – her brother’s ring last name Wyatt – didn’t seem make a difference at all.

“Bring it on, newbie. Show me what you’ve got!”

“Gladly,” Zoe growled, her voice low and threatening.

She launched herself at Bliss, trying to tackle her, but she dodged, and Zoe landed on the middle rope. A few punches, arm wrenches and a legsweep later, she was on the ground and Alexa Bliss executed her signature move “Insault to Injury” to make sure her opponent stayed there. The blonde then tried to cover, but a sudden adrenaline rush allowed Zoe to quickly kick out and to rise to her feet.

I cannot lose. Not now.

She threw a few punches and a kick to the mid-section, knocking the air out of Alexa. The newcomer took that opportunity to lift her and execute a Backbreaker. Bliss stood back up and tried to legsweep her again, but Zoe dodged, grabbed her opponent, drove her into the corner of the ring and threw a couple forearm smashes. Alexa grabbed her hair in a desperate attempt to make her stop which succeeded. She dragged Zoe to the middle of the ring, threw her face first to the floor and flipped her around to her back. The blonde went to cover but got hit again to the mid-section – Zoe had lifted her knees just in time to stop her, leaving her stunned.

Now or never!

The newcomer got back on her feet, grabbed Alexa by the back of her head and made her arc her back against her thigh. At that point, the crowd and the commenting team went crazy, along with her heartbeat.

“Is that what I think it is?” David Otunga yelled at the commenting table. “Is that actually Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail?!”

Zoe’s lips twisted into Lethal Liv’s signature crooked coin smile as she bent forward to kiss Alexa’s forehead, and flipped her body around to slam it to the ground. She automatically covered.

“That is indeed a Sister Abigail, and a perfected executed one here by Zoe!” Tom Phillips shouted.

On the ring, the ref slammed. 1. 2. 3. The familiar bell rang.

“Here’s your winner: Zoe Wyatt!”

Pride overwhelmed her. She had won her first Smackdown match, against the former women’s champion no less, and thanks to her brother’s own finishing move. She wondered how Bray was going to react to that – although deep down, she knew Wind was immensely proud of her right now.

Suddenly, the whole arena went pitch black, and a short cinematic flashed on the big screens – a scene from a nightmare. It could only mean one thing. When the light was turned back on, Zoe turned around to find herself face to face with two very familiar figures. The Viper Randy Orton and her brother Bray Wyatt had joined her on the ring. Her eyes went wide as she feigned surprise – just like she was asked to do.

“When I heard that some new wrestler was claiming my last name as their own… I was furious,” Bray said into the mic.

The audience cheered, and Zoe tried to decipher his facial expression and the look in Randy’s ice cold blue eyes.

“When I saw that same newcomer use my own finishing move, I was outraged.”

He fell silent for a few second while the cheers grew even louder.

“But when I saw that newcomer’s face, it all clicked. I mean… who else would dare wear the name of Wyatt? Who else could manage to execute a perfect Sister Abigail… but the very sister I named that move after?”

More cheers fused. A smile found its way to Bray’s face as well as Zoe’s, and he opened his arms. The siblings briefly hugged, and Bray stepped back and kissed his sister on the forehead.

“Zoe Abigail Wyatt… Welcome home, sis. Now, the family is complete again at last!”

Randy Orton was still shooting Zoe a challenging gaze, which she held fearlessly. The Viper distrusted her, she could feel it. But she had a weird feeling about him too – she wasn’t as certain of his trustworthiness as Bray seemed to be. It seemed they’d have to prove each other wrong…

Off-camera, though, Randy did surprise her by congratulating her on her performance.

“It’s good to have you with us. Bray wouldn’t shut up about you and your winning streak in the NXT, you know!”

“Would he, now?” she joked.

Her brother turned to her, and she instantly knew by the look on his face that it wasn’t Bray Wyatt looking at Zoe Wyatt. It was Windham looking at Olivia.

“No breaking news here. I’ve always been proud of you, Liv.”

“Don’t worry, Wind, I know. I’ve always known you were,” she smiled.

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Oh! I thought it was supposed to be an iris anyways. Some of the more common irises you'll see are purple, much in the same shade as the flag. Heck, I googled "iris flowers" just now and the first results are mostly for purple irises. So I think that flag would be just fine as is! Sorry if this is a bother.

The colors I agree would work for irises, but I feel the center design isn’t “irisey” enough since I made it to look like a passionflower. I made some alternatives that look more like irises though!

[Image: Flag with 7 stripes starting from light blueish purple to dark blueish purple, back to light blueish purple. In the center are 3 big yellow teardrop shapes with light blue, almost white outlines. They’re arranged like an upside-down radiation warning symbol. Between the gaps are smaller lavender teardrop shapes. The shapes together resemble the center of an iris flower].

[Image: Flag same as above but the first and last 2 stripes are more pinkish-purple than blueish-purple].

How are these?


i'm a badass bookworm too!

i read harry potter and the philosopher’s stone twice in one day when i was seven. i was bored.

when i was 14-15, i read 45000 pages in one year. that earned me a 100 euro national prize ‘for a student that reads versatile books’. there was no competition in our school.

i remember when we had a reading lesson when we were supposed to 'start’ the boy in the striped pyjamas. i read it 1,5 times that lesson.

i always won the book reading 'competitions’ in primary school (when we were supposed to do book reviews and the one who made the most won).

we were supposed to read easy reader books in school when i was 8. i went straight into the teen book section.

i ran out of interesting books in my local library when i was twelve.

i have carried tons of book into and out of the library.

i read my first foreign language book when i was 13 or so? it was probably some harry potter, i can’t remember.

when i was 8 and didn’t have a phone of my own, my mom had the library number memorised. she would call there and the librarians would tell me to go home. (at which point i had spent about 3-4 hours there)

i remember fridays on which i would go to the library, check out five books, sit on my bed and read one book after another.

when i was 10, my favourite book was harry potter and the order of phoenix because it was the thickest book i had read and hence took more time to read.

books have gotten me though a lot, including bullying and all kinds of tough time.

ME Fic: Playing for Keeps (1/1)

Note: A very, very long time ago, an anon asked me about Shepard’s Not Onboard the Ship Rule (mentioned in Talking too Much). I ended up combining that with an explanation as to how my Shepard/Garrus relationship diverged a bit from canon (insofar as the progression of the relationship circa ME3). I don’t know if you’re still around, lovely anon, but… uh, here you go? 

Also on AO3

Playing for Keeps

Standing in front of her wardrobe, hands on her hips, Shepard wondered whose job it was to come up with N7-branded clothing, and, more importantly, just how drunk on that power they must have been when they decided it was a good idea to start slapping red and white stripes on everything from underwear to dresses to t-shirts to hoodies. She was as proud as the next N7 Marine to have earned the right to wear her designation, but a tasteful icon on the breast of her armor was, in her somewhat-scathing opinion, a far cry from a vast number and letter emblazoned across the seat of her sweatpants.

She flicked aside the N7 dress that couldn’t have been less her style if it tried, and openly glowered at the shoulderless jumpsuit that had, horror of horrors, once again migrated to her closet. She’d put the last one in the trash compactor and felt no regret as she slammed her fist down on the button that sent it careening out into the void of space. The thing was like a cat. Nine damn lives.

The uniforms and flight suits were out, too. The last thing she wanted on this particular occasion and for the purposes of this particular conversation was any reminder of her rank. She’d have given a great deal for a slim black skirt and a jewel-toned (not red or white) blouse, maybe some work-inappropriate heels, in order to project the image of elegance without being staid, attractiveness without aiming for overtly seductive.

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