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What is soft is strong -  water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.

After the long dark night of the soul that started in TAB and ended with TST, Sherlock has made peace with himself. 

With time and patience, John will come around. Sherlock will settle for making John smile. Just like old times. 

And if John wants him to wear the hat, he’s happy to play the fool for him and go along. 

For now. 

AU where six year old Izuku met a young man with brown hair and kind brown eyes that sometimes turned orange. A young man who had the brilliant Orange Flames that didn’t burn Izuku when he touched the flames and sometimes grew as cold as ice. A young man who taught Izuku how to harness his own Orange Flames. 

Eight short weeks Izuku spent with that young man who believed that Izuku could do anything that Izuku set his mind too. Eight short weeks until the young man had to leave to go home. Eight short weeks that flew by too fast. 

On that last day, Sawada Tsunayoshi knelt down to Izuku’s eye level and ruffled Izuku’s black hair. 

“Keep on doing your best with your Dying Will, okay Izuku-kun?” 

I have a theory.

Disclaimer - Now I don’t know if this is a meta, or just my head canon or whatever. All I know is that I need to stop feeling like such crap about this show so I can sleep tonight and I need to have my own version of the story that I can live with.

Would really love for my favorite tumblr blogs to read this if possible @quietlyprim @inevitably-johnlocked @skulls-and-tea @moriarty @loudest-subtext-in-tv @joolabee @marcelock and let me know your thoughts.

Note - I haven’t done spell check or grammar check, my left wrist is in pain – haven’t typed so much in so long. Also let me know where I’ve swallowed words that makes it hard to understand what I’m referring to I’m so sleep deprived like…what. Apologies in advance.

Let me start off with Moriarty is TAB – “none of it is real”.

It’s consistently been the bad guys, the villains setting up our favorite pair – fooling them, harming them, pulling them apart. What if this time, this time, for once, Sherlock Holmes was ahead of the game?

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Guys. Guys. We always make jokes about Grillby and Sans, and Sans’ tab, how it’s this massive tab, and all Grillby wants Sans to do is pay it off…

But what if his tab isn’t actually that big? What if he only started making a tab once he realized things were resetting? And when the timeline reset, his tab would too, and it would be like nothing ever happened.

Bonus; When they got to the surface, Sans just shows up at Grillby’s new establishment with a check for some ridiculous amount, and Grillby’s like ‘Sans, the fuck?’ And Sans replies with ‘Just take it, get this guilt off my chest’

i….. honestly cannot remember if i ever saw the end of the lego movie.. i remember getting pretty far but i’m also pretty sure i ended up closing the tab at some point bc i just wasn’t feeling it anymore so. i probably didn’t.

ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i’m probably going to be working on a relationship page at some point, and since i’m unsure who would be interested in being on it, if ryuk and ur muse have some sort of relationship ( aka at least one interaction ) and u’d like to be on the page, smash that like button! alternatively; if there HASN’T been any interactions and u like this, i’ll come pop in ur ims and talk about a pre-established relationship of some kind to be added to said page at some point

I hope you all are having a nice day/night/evening/whatever the fuck ( time is a myth )!

aka this is me being lazy and tired atm and Planning Ahead

Did Sherlock spend a week in solitary confinement after shooting Magnussen?

On the plane in TAB, I stumbled over this exchange: 

Mycroft: A week in a prison cell - I should have realised.

Sherlock: Realised what?

Mycroft: That in your case, solitary confinement is locking you up with your worst enemy.  

From how I understand this dialogue, Sherlock did actually spend a week in prison prior to being released for the suicide mission, which paved the way for the near overdose on the day of his departure. 

if there is one thing i’ve learned from the past nine years i’ve been in school, it’s that organization is hard, but organization is key. sure, you might think ‘why should i spent ten minutes a day cleaning crap up?’ but those five to ten minutes each night will pay off when you’re in a hurry and need to find something urgently.

so in this small masterpost, i’m going to give you a few tips + show you how i organize my backpack!

  • get a nice, comfy backpack (here’s some good ones) [x] [x]
  • binders
  • binders will be your best friend
  • binders that are small [x]
  • binders that are big [x]
  • binders of all sizes [x]
  • i usually use a 1 ½ in. binder for all my classes and then a 1 in. binder for math
  • or folders [x]
  • color coded folders are good too [x]
  • once you have two or three binders, or a folder for each class, start orgaNIZING
  • for binders, buy some tab dividers and label them with whatever you want (i usually do homework, classwork, handouts etc.) or if your teacher tells you to label them specifically, do that [x]
  • for folders i usually write ‘homework’ or ‘to do’ on one side and ‘classwork/handouts’ or ‘done’ on the other
  • i keep a pencil case for all my miscellaneous supplies [x] [x]
  • have a homework planner or a bullet journal [x] [x]
  • write in those every day, and you won’t forget anything
  • notebooks that are nice [x] [x]
  • sometimes teaches ask for a specific notebook for their class, that’s okay, follow their rules
  • the biggest tip i can give you is do not ever shove random papers in your bag. take the time to pull a folder or binder out and place them inside. do not use the ‘i’ll organize later’ excuse.

organizing isn’t something i can explain with links to amazon and a shiny, ‘do this and you’ll get it right!’ motivation speech. organizing is something you have to do on your own, but it is so simple and easy that you’ll fall straight into the habit of it. so here i am, telling you that i believe in you and you can do it!!

i hope this masterpost helped! stay organized!

xx bia

@keeping-tabs replied to your post “u kno i really love liara but im desperately regretting not doing…”

guess you’ll have to play the trilogy again to romance Kaidan

tumblr user keeping-tabs continues to manipulate and enable my mass effect addiction

AFTFE Timeline For The Person Who Asked

Pre-season 1: 1 - 24.

Season 1: happens roughly between chapter 25 to about 30ish.

Intermission: 30 - 40.

Season 2: is roughly 41 - 53.

Intermission: 54 - 85.

Season 3: 86 - 159. This is the longest since this is where they start dating.

TAB: 159 - 160.

Intermission: 160 - 163.

The Six Thatchers: All occurring now. We have not reached the end of this episode as of this date (ch 167) but I can see it in the near future.

anonymous asked:

So have you been forced into Sens fandom now?

if by “forced into” you mean “took a sudden and completely unprompted interest in a sport i never cared about before because i’m so gay for someone she literally doesn’t even have to ask” lmao then yeah go sens!!!! what a fucken loser i know drag me. 

The Problem with Porn is... (complete)

So here is the whole thing.
Warning smut (also it is not as edited for grammar as it should be… sorry about that)

Paring NamJin

A quick knock at the door brought Namjoon crashing back to reality. He desperately started trying to close several tabs as the door opened and Seokjin walked in.

“Hey, Hyung.” Namjoon squeaked out before he cleared his throat as he shifted in his seat, turning the computer screen more away from Jin’s line of sight as Jin fell into the other rolling chair.

“Don’t “hey” me Namjoon. Let me see all the new porn you have been downloading. I hope it isn’t any more of that artistic bullshit you have been so into lately.” The older boy sighed as he rolled his eyes toward the silver haired rapper.

Namjoon choked at the words and shifted more in his seat while Jin watched him, highly amused. Even before the world new about Bangtan’s porn watching habits, it was no shock to any of them when Namjoon would disappear into the workroom and overly loud music would start pouring though the speakers as the lights went out. Almost like clockwork, 30 minutes later a much more calm, peaceful, and smiley Namjoon would come sauntering out and everyone would know the computer would need to be wiped clean again… and the hard drive would need to be swiped of viruses again too.

Hoseok once went to do work and came out less than five minutes later with the face of someone who had seen things. That’s when they had all been forcibly set down by their manager who explained – in graphic detail – everything teenage boys needed to know and then said porn was a safe outlet since idols were not truly free to explore their sexuality any other way. He told them that porn was safe. Use it and get over any weird things others might enjoy, “you never know. Give it a chance you might like it too.”

And that is when the work room devolved into the pleasure den. A whiteboard was hung with requests for a specific type of porn that one might find easier, and when found it was marked out. Certain times of day were held specifically for one member and if someone was feeling a little extra needy, there were “free” times when one could hang a handkerchief on the door and no one would bother them.

It was much like a college frat where hit songs were occasionally written and produced.

Namjoon wasn’t usually all that shy when it came to his turn in the room or talking about sex in general, which is why his behavior both amused and troubled Jin.

As Namjoon looked everywhere but at Jin – his hands, the wall, the door, the computer monitor (where he blushed tomato red) and then at the floor where his eyes stayed – Jin was running through several emotions himself. Enjoyment, worry, a brief stint of annoyance, and then curiosity at what could cause the famously sexual rapper to blush that much.

“Please don’t tell me you downloaded granny porn Joonie.” Jin said with a laugh.

The rapper looked shocked. “No! Of course not. Never. I… I just stumbled on to some stuff I wasn’t expecting, and I found it…” The younger man looked at his hands tangled up in his lap and refused to say anything else.

Taking it on himself to set everything in Namjoon’s world back to rights, Jin took over the mouse and tilted the screen so he could see it better.

“Fine, if you are so ashamed you can’t say it out loud I will just look and see how horrible a person you are from your browsing history.”

3 clicks was all it took and while it shocked Jin, it wasn’t because of how horrible it was.

“That’s it? Really? You’re ashamed of this? Why?”

Jin browsed the gay porn page that Namjoon had “stumbled on” but found nothing as disparaging as how Namjoon was acting.

“It’s not that it is gay porn… It’s just the one that I really… The one I really enjoyed watching.”

Jin rolled his eyes.

“Stop being melodramatic. What is so horrible about this guy? If he gets you off, what’s so wrong with him?”

“Hyung. He looks just like you.”


Jin coughed in surprise. “I promise you Namjoon, it’s not me. I haven’t had time to delve into acting in porn. Show me this guy though.” The singer said as he leaned back so Namjoon could take the mouse. After a few seconds of waiting Jin turned toward the younger man with a quirked brow.


The silver haired man was looking back at him as if he were insane.

“You… You want me to show you the guy. The guy who looks just like you. The guy I just got off to because he looks like you. Hyung, you’re taking this really well.”

Jin never lost eye contact with Namjoon but did blush a bit as he softly murmured, “I can take a lot of things well Joonie.”

Jin almost laughed out loud at the comical look on Namjoon’s face. His dark eyes were the size of dinner plates and his luscious lips hung open in astonishment at the implied confession. Jin gently ran his thumb over the full lower lip and then softly shut the man’s mouth.

As the moment stretched on, relationships changing and shifting as eyes looked into questioning eyes, Jin wondered with a sense of supreme power and certainty why he had never broached this before. The feelings he had had for Rap Monster, the suave, demanding, sexy rapper had long sense bled into his feeling for Kim Namjoon, the dorky, God of Destruction who had just awful taste in fashion.

“I want to know, Namjoon. What about this guy gets you going?” Jin shifted in his chair, turning it toward his friend and caging him in so his long legs were on either side of Namjoon’s and rested his hands on the younger’s knees. Namjoon’s body shuddered and his long fingers wavered in midair before laying lightly on Jin’s. His face showed his confusion even as he boldly leaned in and laid his head on his hyung’s wide shoulder.

“Please don’t let this mess with our friendship. What if we do something we can’t take back? We can’t change. I don’t want to…”

Jin roughly grabbed Namjoon’s chin and forced his face from his shoulder.

“Don’t think so much. You have got to be the most annoyingly smart man on the planet. It will be fine. If you knew how long I have liked… no. If you knew how long I have loved you, you wouldn’t be worried about the future as long as I can have you now.

“Are you happy Namjoon? I just recited the most clichéd bullshit that is in the romance novels you have hidden behind your philosophy books. Yeah, don’t look so surprised. Everyone knows. Now use those lips for what they were meant to be used for.”

Namjoon looked offended for a brief moment before he crashed his lips onto Jin’s. Rap Monster was known for talking up how great he was in bed, and was able to back up his kissing prowess as he ran his tongue over the seam of Jin’s lip and moved his lips in an intoxicating manner over his friends, but before Jin could allow him entrance into his mouth Namjoon pulled back to lightly bite at Jin’s lower lip.

One of the rapper hands found the back of Jin’s neck and rubbed the skin which was both soothing and highly erotic as the younger man manipulated his hyung into tilting his head and then taking advantage and biting over Jin’s jaw line down to his neck.

“Joon-ah, slow down. Ah! We have time.” Jin panted out as his hands grasped the rappers shirt and fisted the material as Namjoon’s tongue and teeth worked the skin – lighter than what Jin really wanted but both knew that no marks could be on visible skin.

“I’m not taking the chance that someone will fuck this up and open the damn door.” Namjoon was tugging the hem of Jin’s tank top up even as the words left his mouth and then began shedding his own oversized black t-shirt.

Jin stood from the chair and glared at the whiteboard that showed times like a train station schedule and then the clock beside it.

“Free time.”

Namjoon looked up in bewilderment from toeing off his slippers and unbuttoning his pants.

“We have 45 minutes until Yoongi is scheduled. We can do this without acting like fumbling virgin teenagers.”

The older man looked around and found the red handkerchief used to mark the room as in use and waved it like a flag. As he went to tie it to the outer doorknob he called back for Namjoon to pull up the video. He wanted to see his sexual doppelganger.

Luckily no one passed him in the hall as he made quick work with the fabric as he turned back into the room he flipped the lights earing a shocked squeak from the infamous badass Rap Monster. Jin smiled and shook his head.

Jin stood beside the computer as Namjoon clicked through the site. He unbuttoned his jeans slowly and lowered the zipper. As the sound reached the other’s ears, Namjoon slowed his frantic typing and stared in awe as Jin shimmied his hips like a stripper. He had never seen his hyung move so fluidly before.

It fucked him up.

Jin left his red boxer briefs on and went to sit back in his chair just as Namjoon cleared his throat.

“Found him. Er… I mean I found the video. The one…”

“Never in my life did I think you had such a problem with stuttering Namjoon. It’s cute.” Jin caressed his cheek and then turned to the computer.

Namjoon clicked play.

The movie started and revealed it to be a cam show and at first all the viewer could see was his well-toned back and butt. The guy’s hair was dark brown, and his shoulders were wide like Jin’s, although his ass was more round like Jimin’s. He walked to the bed and crawled onto it on all fours. He glanced over his shoulder, bangs falling to cover his eyes as he gave his ass a coy wiggle. Rap Mon coughed into his hand beside him and then laid both hands in his lap. Jin was having trouble with just wanting to watch his reaction to watching porn instead of watching the porn.

Kim Namjoon was too cute.

But on screen the man turned over and spread his legs and Jin gave a surprised gasp.

“I told you, he looks just like you.” Namjoon said quietly beside him.

“You really get off to this guy because he looks like me?”

Namjoon wouldn’t look at him, instead keeping steady eye contact with his folded hands resting on his lap. Not so much resting as trying to hide the tent in his boxer briefs.

Jin stood from the chair and shoved the computer screen back. The blush was high on his cheeks as he took a deep breath and then pushed his underwear down his legs. He leaned back against the desk, naked, as a long moan from the lookalike came from the speakers behind him. Namjoon glanced up and found his friend staring back at him.

“Well Namjoon. What are you going to do?”


Namjoon looked at his hyung, his friend, his longtime topsecret crush standing naked in front of him and wondered if Taehyung and Jungkook had slipped him something.

Well if I am drugged up might as well make the most of this dream.

He stood from the chair and approached the other man, using his height to his advantage as he cupped Jin’s face, his thumbs lightly caressing the skin of his cheeks and jaw. Right before their lips met the lewd sound of lubed up skin rubbing the skin and the moaned that followed it caused Jin to laugh and whatever strange and uncomfortable tension that had been hanging in the room vanished.

Namjoon leaned to kiss Jin and their lips met softly. Sweetly. With feeling and with wonder at the new and still forming relationship.

Jin’s hands lightly touched the hands holding his face so sweetly and ran up the strong forearms to the corded muscles usually hidden behind baggy t-shirts.

The kiss, as innocent as it started – even with the non-innocent situation from which it developed from – soon became more-needy as teeth nibbled on lips and tongues met and danced. Jin broke away with a gasp when Namjoon pressed his hips into Jin. Their erections rubbing together with only the fabric of the rappers underwear separating them.

Jin dug his nails into Rap Monster’s shoulders as his hips jerked to grind more against the younger man.

“Oh my god. Hyung don’t stop.” Namjoon moved his hands to desperately grasp the older man’s firm ass and dropped his head to Jin’s shoulder and bit the skin he found.

“More. More. Namjoon. Where is the lube?” When he didn’t receive more of an answer other than another mind-numbing roll of the rappers hips Jin buried his hand into the other’s hair and jerked him from the bruises his mouth was working on forming on the skin of Jin’s shoulder.

The pleasure combined dizzily with the light pain and Namjoon let out a loud moan. When his glazed eyes looked at Jin, Jin couldn’t help but smile at how adorable the boy was.

“Joonie. Yah, Joonie, we need lube. Where is it?”

As the glaze left his eyes Namjoon starting looking around in a confusing jumble of panic that it was actually going to happen and pure exuberance at oh my god, this is actually going to happen.

Ripping up drawers until he found plain lube, the bottle half empty, and beside it condoms.

“What the fuck is having sex in here?” Rap Mon wondered out loud as he grabbed one with one hand while desperately ribbing off the remaining barrier from being as naked as Jin.

“You really don’t know?” Jin laughed, “You’re so cute Joon-ah. Yoongi and Jimin have been together since Jimin graduated from school last year. I am kinda disappointed that you haven’t noticed.”

Namjoon tripped over the chair on his way back to Jin, but the older man caught him and pushed him down into the chair. The moans from the man on the computer screen becoming more insistent, getting ever closer to reaching his peak, but Namjoon barely heard it, much to wrapped up in watching Jin place kisses on his chest before reaching down to firmly grab his cock. The feeling of Jin’s hand on him caused him to buck up in the chair.

“Do you know how this is going to work Namjoon? Have you ever done this before?”

“No. No. I mean. Yes. Oh god. Harder.”

Jin shook his head at his lover. Taking all the responsibilities of this first time onto himself. He reached over to grab the bottle and condom, realizing that time was passing a bit quicker – they needed to speed things up a bit – and he was finally getting something he had wanted for years and the thought of Namjoon inside of him was making him anxious to feel him.

He kneeled down in front of the other man, spreading his knees out and popping open the bottle and squirting some of the thick liquid onto his fingers, reaching back to prep himself. The slide of his finger against his rim caused him to moan, resting his head on Namjoon’s knee as his index finger slid around his tightness before slowly pressing in smoothly but slowly. He felt the younger man’s hand curl into his hair and calmly brush the strands off of his face.

“Jin hyung, I want to help. Let me help, please.”

Jin brought his face off his knee and mouthed at the hot thick cock in front of his face.

“Next time, we don’t have time now. Just let me…” He slid his own middle finger in and started scissoring the digits, working himself open as he gasped around the head of Namjoon’s cock.

Soon the slick slide of his own fingers inside of him, the sound of his doppelganger getting off on the screen behind him, and Namjoon’s groans as he watched his cock disappeared into Jin’s mouth was enough to make him frantic to get off. He quickly forced in a third finger, to fast, the stretched burned harshly but the pain made the upcoming pleasure seem that much more in reach and as soon as he could start pumping the fingers with any sense of ease, Jin got off the floor and straddled Rap Mon’s chair. Grabbing the condom off the table and almost dropping it in his haste.

Namjoon grabbed it and opened it with sure fingers, his earlier fumbling have turned into the suave, smooth lover Jin knew he must be. He slid the condom on just and added a little extra lube, Jin falling firmly in love with his caring nature even in the middle of sex.

Jin brought their lips together as he started to guide Namjoon to his opening. As he started to press in, the rappers hands rubbed soothing motions onto his hips and sides, moving to grasp Jin’s weeping cock as Jin finally slid all the way down. When he bottomed out Jin let the most beautiful sound Namjoon had ever heard escape his lips.

Jin might not be the best dancer in BTS, but Namjoon was quickly impressed and even more quickly enthralled at how well he could move while being filled to the brim. He was so impressed, and it had been so long since he had been in anyone, and Jin was so god damn tight and so god damn beautiful with his head thrown back and Jin’s nails felt so good scratching lines into his chest, that Namjoon realized he wasn’t going to last long.

He jerked Jin and tilted his hips to be able to thrust up every time Jin came down.

“Jin, I can’t. I’m close.”

All he received was a moan for an answer, but with one quick tilt of his hips Jin cried out. Afraid at first he had done something to hurt his friend, Namjoon stop thrusting to tried to reach out and comfort him.

“No! There! Damn it Namjoon, do it again!”

“Oh.” Namjoon tilted his hips again and hesitantly thrust up, when the reaction from Jin was the same cry, Namjoon felt like the God of sex and started thrusting to the same spot and trying to hit it with more and more power.

In only a few more hits and jerky jerks at Jin’s cock the older man came with a loud drawn out cry, the sound was more erotic to Namjoon’s ear than any porn ever and caused him to reach his own peak gasping as he filled the condom.

Jin collapsed into Rap Mon and they sat in silence as they caught their breath. The sound from the movie now silent, they didn’t know how long it had been over with, but it didn’t truly matter.

Seokjin looked at Namjoon and shyly smiled. They met in a kiss they spoke of a future.

Suddenly the door rattled harshly in the frame as someone started banging at it.

“Stop fucking fucking! Your time is up and so help you god if my lube is gone! You are buying me more!” a slightly lower voice tried to calm Yoongi down.

Namjoon laughed loudly and the pounding at the door started again. Jin pulled off, a light sigh left him as Namjoon slipped from his body.

“Come on, let’s go talk about things in your room.” Jin held a hand out to Namjoon. The smile on the younger’s face causing a smile to form on his own.

They dressed in silence even as they heard Yoongi fuming on the other side of the door. As they opened the door and started to remove the handkerchief, Yoongi stopped them with a blush.

“No, just leave it. This room is taken.”

Jimin blushed beside him.

“You might want to restart the computer. I think it might have froze.” Namjoon said.

Jin smiled at Namjoon, “That’s the problem with porn. It freezes just when things are getting good.”