start a sentence right


The new comers: Guys HALP! Why are they slapping each others’ butts? 

The inspectors: Yes judging from his shadow it is Jimin in the BS&T era and judging from V’s Gucci slippers it was taken the second week of december of last year #TrueStory. 

The  theorists: They sold their souls to the evil to understand BIGHIT’s Bullsh*t.

The fanwar soldiers: Don’t start an argument with them, they have loads of clap-backs ready and are as savage as yoongi.

The shippers: “OMG their pinky fingers touched ME DEAD”. they gathered more proof about their ship than the FBI would ever.

The aristocrat: No I am not like those basic, crazy fangirls. *She/He is*.

The bias ho*s: Changes a bias on every comeback, but no one can blame her… We have loads of those btw

The content makers: The last time they slept was when BTS had a hiatus aka never.

The promoters: If you are a liiittle bit known in the interweb. Don’t you EVER DARE use the word “BTS” or your comment section will turn into “You should check BTS out, they are very talented, they can sing and dance, plz collab …”.

The broke: Considers water a meal after spending all the money on anything BigSnake throw at them.

The poors:  feed their passion through fancams and salty tears.

The delusional: If I was in korea my bias would have fallen for me. *flips hair*. “Beach he is taken” said the shippers.

The youtubers: React to BTS mainly for views but tell us they are fans.  

The FAKE fans: If you see “I used to like BTS but …” It is them. Stay away! the fanwar soldiers will take care of them.

The dancers/singers: They shoot vdeos everywhere and it turns out either super cool or super cringy. there is no in between

The seasonals: They know two things about BTS: their names and main tracks. They appear twice a year when BTS have a comeback. 

The horny: Dangerously reads smut in public. Gets horny over the weirdest body parts “Look at Jungkook’s elbow bone SHOKE ME daddy”

The fansites: If you see someone with a latter and a high definition camera that can probably shoot the aliens on Mars running in an airport. It is them! Their favorite color is white as they looooove turning BTS into A4-white papers.   

The basic fans: Are here mainly for the music/dancing. Always educating and judging all the above. They start all their sentences by “DON’Tbecause *insert BTS human rights*” 

I hope I didn’t forget anyone ^^ Gotta love our fandom!
By @mimibtsghost

Writer Gothic

- You stare blankly at the page. There is nothing on it. You blink once. It is still blank. You blink again. There’s 4000 words on the page.
- You start a sentence with “The.” You get distracted looking for the right word on an online thesaurus. You go back and the word “The” has been written five times in succession, all capitalized.
- You are typing. You turn to look at the text your friend sent you. You have written the same sentence six times in a row. You sigh and write it again.
- You activate spellcheck. You’ve misspelled every word. You begin to cry, and spellcheck underlines your teers.
- You click save. You write another word. You click save. You write another word. You click save. you write another wo—
- You forget a character’s name. You open up the chapter you think you introduced them in. It’s the wrong chapter. You open up another. You cannot find their name. You swear it started with J
- You start writing at 10:00 PM. You are startled by the morning sun peeking in through your windows. You begin writing at 8:00 AM with fresh toast.
- You finally publish the next chapter of your ongoing work. You proofread it 10 times. Upon you reading the live version, you notice you put the the twice.
- You are crying onto the page. Your tears manifest as words of encouragement. Your character promises you they’ll do what you want this chapter.

"Bisexuality isn't real"

“I’m bisexual,” I say.

A sudden unease creeps upon your face. Your eyebrows knit together in worry. Something isn’t right.

“But -” you start. The rest of your sentence dies on your lips. You open and close your mouth, as if tasting the words before saying them. I begin to worry as the silence stretches between us.

“But -” you repeat, finally. “Bisexuality isn’t real.”

As soon as you utter the words, I start to fade. My skin rapidly becomes transparent and I can feel myself being lifted out of existence.

You are right. Bisexuality isn’t real. I wave goodbye to the Real World™ as my Fake Soul™ descends to Fake Bisexual Hell™, where all the Fakers™ end up.

You sleep better at night knowing you saved the human race from yet another liar.

Good job, you.

INSULTS, THREATS, AND FLIRTATIONS. (4/6). from the lines for all occasions series.

  • I know the real you.
  • Is it a burden, being that beautiful?
  • You remind me of when I was young and clueless.
  • Everyone has a price.
  • Something’s wrong with my eyes – I can’t take them off you.
  • Make  me proud.
  • You’ll be nothing without me.
  • Good luck with that.
  • You left a paper trail.
  • You look cheap – was that the point?
  • Most people live and learn. You just live.
  • Don’t test me.
  • You’re not indispensable.
  • I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.
  • You get tired wrestling with temptation.
  • Plenty of people would love to be in your position.
  • You should come with a warning label.
  • That’s an interesting idea.
  • The higher you are, the higher you fall.
  • Your hostility makes you an easy target.
  • Is this seat taken?
  • I come with references.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • This is not a democracy.
  • Can’t you do anything right?
  • This is how it starts.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 4.949

Warnings: swearing, choking, smut … fluff

A/N: italics are thoughs

“Where is he?” you asked excited. Your whole body was trembling with excitement and you jumped up and down on your spot like a kid. Steve smiled softly and patted your shoulder. You tried to look around his shoulders in hope, he would be standing right behind the Captain.

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Coming Out Prompts

Anonymous said:You’re prompts are amazing (<3) and I was hoping you had any coming out prompts to friends/family? They can be any gender/sexuality!! //  Anonymous said:Coming out prompts?

1) “So, is it offensive if I-”
“You know I can’t speak for the entire LGBT community just because I’m gay, right? But yes, if you have to start the sentence like that, probably.”
“I don’t have any problem with gay people.”
“I know. I know.” 

2) “I like girls.”
“Well,” her grandmother said after a moment. “I suppose you can still have a gay-by at least.” 
“A what?”
“A gay-by. A gay baby! Isn’t that what it’s called nowadays? Because I don’t mind, honey, but I do want grandchildren.” 

3) “I thought you were bisexual?”
“Biromantic asexual.”
“I think you just have a little trouble putting yourself out there. Bisexual is fine, but I’m not sure about this other bit. It is human evolution…oh don’t look at me like that, it is! You can’t tell me it’s not a primary human urge.”
“Lack of attraction. Asexuality is the lack of attraction.”
“Then how can you be bi?”

4) “I’m gay.”
“I know. We all know, it’s really obvious.”
“…that wasn’t the reaction I was looking for. Thanks.”

5) “Why is everyone in our friendship group gay?” Well, somewhere on the spectrum, but still. 
“We lump together like penguins,” their friend replied cheerfully. “Or anime characters. We just know.” 

yourpllot  asked:

hi could you do a harry/uma college au three sentence thing if you don't have requests for it already?

YES I CAN! this ask reminded me of all the work i should be doing…smh

harry isn’t drunk, but he’s the nearest thing; he’s got a light buzz going on and he can’t be held responsible for the fact that he’s completely lost his filter because of it. it’s what leads to him going up to uma and blurting out “yer a right beauty, ya know that? i’d love ta take ya out some time!” the world seems to slow down as harry processes uma’s expression going from surprised to amused. it’s clear that the gods have chosen to spare harry what should be a complete embarrassment and have blessed him instead when she smiles and says yes.

The Little One - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by moon-saph

Requested by csigeoblue

A/N: I really hope you like this one! Thank you for requesting, I hope it’s what you wanted.

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anonymous asked:

You finished the season? Awesome! How do you feel about the ending? Any more Klance headcanons?

im sorry this took so long anon! things got really busy these past couple of weeks but better late than never?? also the ending absolutely killed me i mean who???? ends a season???? like that????? wtf????

and lol my brain just leaks out voltron hcs 24/7 this particular one has been running in my mind all day congrats

  • ok there are a million fics of team voltron scheming to set lance and keith up because the sexual tension is too real BUT PLEASE CONSIDER
  • their lions trying to get them together just fUCKING CONSIDER THIS FOR A MOMENT
  • blue trying to be even just a little bit subtle about dropping hints to lance
  • every now and then she sends compliments about keith’s hair, about how good of a pilot he is, etc. into lance’s brain and lance is like “what the actual fuck blue”
  • and one time lance sees keith running late and rushing to his lion and he suddenly finds himself thinking that mullet-head kind of does have a nice butt
  • and lance doesn’t know if its blue thinking that or him and really, he doesn’t think he wants to know the answer
  • RED, on the other hand, HAS NO SUBTLETY WHATSOEVER and it drives keith INSANE
  • like red doesn’t even know lance’s name she just knows that this sexual tension is too much and she has to do something
  • “hey there’s that blue paladin guy go fuck him keith i know you want to i can read your stupid gay mind”
  • “keith keith keith don’t worry blue tells me her paladin likes your butt and fancy hair. she knows. she read his diary”
  • “FUCK YEAH KICK THEIR ASSES BLUE! and speaking of ass-” “oh my god please stop”
  • and keith is just like please. no more. have mercy.
What have you done? (1/?) (Justin Foley x Reader)

Summary: You’re the new kid in Liberty High, and everybody is freaking out about some tapes from a girl you never heard of. You start dating your neighbor, Justin, that goes to another school. Everything is going just fine until you finally find out what the hell happened to Hannah Baker.

Warnings: there is a spoiler from episode 9.

It’s not finished btw. It will probably have a part two :)


It was still early when you heard a knock in your apartment’s door. You lived alone, so you had to answer yourself. Your hair was still wet from the shower and you had only a black bra and blue jeans on. You didn’t mind. It was a weird time for anyone but Justin, your boyfriend and neighbor, show up. Leaning your ear against the door, you asked who was it for precaution.

“It’s me, babe” Justin’s voice answered. You let him in, and the first thing he did was check you out with a smile on his face. “Okay, you’re teasing. Just admit it. You enjoy my pain”

“I’m not teasing. It’s your fault. If you had arrived just two minutes later, I would be fully dressed” you laughed softly, then turned your back to him, going back to your room. Before you could take a single step, Justin pulled you back by the waist.

“I like it better when you’re shirtless” he whispered, then put his hands on your neck, gently pressing his thumbs on your throat. You felt his lips against yours and what started as a sweet kiss suddenly turned into an intense make out session. Which turned into sex.


“GOD DAMN IT” you yelled, scaring Justin so much he almost fell out of bed. “Shit, shit, shit” you mumbled as you picked up your clothes from the floor and graceless put them on.

“What’s the matter? Why are you yelling?” He covered his face with a pillow.

“Justin, the third period is almost over. I’ll have to hurry if I wanna make it to the fourth” you realized your shirt was inside out, so you had to take it off and put it back on properly.

“I don’t wanna make it to the fourth” he said with a grin.

“Your school doesn’t call your parents when you miss out too many classes. Liberty High does and this is, like, the fifth time this year I skipped school to fool around with you. They will call my mom and she will drag me back to Arizona!” you were totally freaking out, so much you couldn’t even remember where you left your backpack.

“I’m sorry, did you say ‘fool around’? Am I just an object to satisfy your sexual needs?” he pretended to be crying, which made you look at him and laugh. He pressed both hands on the left side of his chest, faking a heart attack.

“God Justin, you’re an idiot”

“Yeah” he said, and got up from the bed too quickly for you to run away. He picked you up by the tights and put you on the table.

“Not agaaaaain” you sighed before Justin could kiss you. “I have to go to school and satisfy my learning needs”

“Okay, okay” he was about to let you go, but that grin suddenly showed up again on his handsome little face. “Oh, wait. I think I can change your mind. I have something to tell you and you won’t be able to resist”

You rolled your eyes.

“You wish”

“Are you ready? Here it goes” he breathed in and out, but the grin disappeared just as fast as it came. Justin looked serious. He coughed a few times, ran his fingers through his hair, then looked away from you and stared at the floor. “Okay, no, you go. I can’t tell you like that”

“Tell me what?” You asked, but he simply put you back on the floor.

“Text me when you get to school and I’ll tell you by message. I can’t do it looking at you. It’s… well… I don’t… Jesus, I can’t even talk like a normal person. Just go away and I’ll let you know in a text” he just went on like a machine gun, so fast you barely understood. You didn’t had a chance to ask again. He picked up his clothes and left the apartment with only his underwear on. Luckily, his place was just next door.


[You | 11:04 A.M.] I’m at school. tell me now and hurry bc the bell is about to ring
[You | 11:04 A.M.] come onnnnnnnn
[You | 11:04 A.M.] babe I’m waiting
[You | 11:04 A.M.] if it rings before I hear from you I swear to god justin foley
[You | 11:05 A.M.] i will MURDER you
[You | 11:05 A.M.] jussssstinnnnnnn
[You | 11:06 A.M.] you’re dead. seriously.
[You | 11:06 A.M.] damn justin. the bell rang. now I’ll have to wait till noon!

You put your phone on your bag angrily. You didn’t reacted well to curiosity, especially when it came from Justin. You cared too much about him and you needed to be in control all the time, otherwise it just felt like you might lose him. To hell with cared too much. You loved him. You started to think maybe he wanted to break up or maybe he cheated, and you were glad you hadn’t told him you loved him yet. Then you remembered whatever was it that he wanted you to know was supposed to make you want to spend more time with him, so your paranoia went away.

“Miss (Y/L/N), do you mind answering the question I just asked the class?” Mr. Hoechlin called you, and you felt your face burn.

“Well, of course, my beloved teacher. The answer is… uhhhh… no. Definitely no.” you said, jokingly, hoping it was the right answer even though it was absolutely clear you had no idea what the question was. You barely finished your sentence when the whole class burst into laughters.

“Very well, miss (Y/L/N). You’re truly a prodigious child. The future of our nation” the teacher said, which made people laugh even more.

You turned around to a familiar face, Clay’s, and saw a shy smile on his face. He wanted to laugh, but he was your friend so he tried really hard to conceal it.

“Okay, Argila” you called by the nickname you gave him, which was portuguese for clay/loam. He didn’t even frown this time. He was too busy laughing-without-laughing. “What was the question anyway?”

“He asked how much…” Clay started, but then he interrupted his sentence. He was looking at something right behind you. You were about to turn around and look for whatever caught his eye, but he talked again. “Huh… who’s Justin, Y/N?”

“My boyfriend slash neighbor. I told you about him” you answered and turned around. Your phone was lighting up with texts from Justin.

“You never told me his name… but, uh, he isn’t by any chance… Justin Foley… is he?” Clay sounded a little upset, but also something else. Almost like he was worried about me.

“You know him?” you asked, surprised.

“God damn it (Y/N). Out of every asshole in this freaking city, you had to be Justin Foley’s girlfriend?!” He was a little loud, but thankfully no one heard.

“What are you talking about?”

“Wait until this period is over” Clay was somewhere between crazy angry and crazy worried.

It felt like ten years passed by till that bell rang. You and Clay got out of the class faster than anyone else, and he pulled you into an empty room. He sighed loudly and heavily.

“Okay, shoot” you said, anxious. The whole thing got into your skin so badly that you even forgot to check Justin’s messages. You had a bad feeling about whatever was it that Clay wanted you to know. You didn’t want to hear it but you wanted it to be over asap. He didn’t spoke a single word. “Clay! Seriously! Tell me now!”

He looked into your eyes, and all the anger was gone. You realized he wasn’t just worried, he was sad. He knew he was about to shatter your heart into a million pieces. And so he did.


You knocked in Justin’s door with so much strength that your hand started to hurt and bruise. You knew he was home. He was probably procrastinating on his couch like he did everyday after school. That fucking idiot. That fucking, fucking idiot.

“JUSTIN OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR RIGHT NOW” you yelled so loud your throat burned. You heard his hurried footsteps and the noise of the keys while he gracelessly unlocked the door to let you in.

You didn’t even look at him. You were so mad that your whole vision was red and blurry. He reached out for you quickly, tried to touch your arm and desperately checked out if you were hurt or something. You pushed him and, since he wasn’t expecting it, he did move a few inches back.


“You shut up and listen!” you weren’t screaming anymore, but your voice was filled with hate and anger. He shut the door with his foot and walked towards you, but you backed away.

“Babe I’m sorry that I told you by text, but I didn’t had the guts to tell you in person”

“I didn’t even read your text, that’s not what this is about”

He seemed a little hurt.

“You didn’t read it” you couldn’t tell if it was a question or an affirmation. You didn’t care either.

“I was too busy finding out you spread out lies that lead a girl to kill herself and, oh, also you let a guy RAPE your last girlfriend!” your throat ached. Justin looked like he was punched in the stomach repeatedly. His eyes filled with tears immediately. “Oh stop crying, it’s too late for that”

He didn’t move or say anything. He just stood there and cried, not much at first, but then his silent tears turned into sobbing and it looked like he was hardly breathing. Still, he didn’t move a finger. Neither did you.

It just went on and on. He wouldn’t stop. It was so horrible, the whole thing, that you started crying too. The second he noticed, he forced himself to stop crying and ran to you.

“No, no, baby please don’t cry” Justin said with a broken voice. He tried to wipe your tears but you didn’t let him.

“Why, Justin? Why would you do that?” you asked, so low he barely heard. He breathed heavily.

“Bryce… he gave me everything. He was all I had. Since we were kids he and his family, they knew… they knew things about me” he looked away.

“This is not the time for secrets” you spoke more fiercely now.

“I’m sorry. I mean- Bryce and his family knew about the things that happened in my house. My mom took a lot of guys home and they were all just… animals, you know? They would choke me, beat me, kick me, punch me, and my mom would just stand there and watch. They didn’t give me food and didn’t give me money to buy it myself. They let me starve for days. Sometimes there wasn’t even water, just their vodka and their whiskey. It was hell, (Y/N). All the food I had, Bryce was the one who gave me. All my clothes. All the pain killers. It was all him, always. He was a brother to me. I let him share Hannah’s picture, but I hated myself for it. Unfortunately I wasn’t man enough to stop him or even apologize to Hannah. And I let him inside the room with Jessica, yes, but I didn’t want to. I tried to tell him she was my girlfriend and I didn’t want him to touch her. He didn’t listen. When I tried to stop him he pushed me out and locked the door. I could have done more, I know that. I could have screamed and called the cops, but I couldn’t do it to either of them. Jessica would be exposed, Bryce would go to jail. I loved them, both of them. I just couldn’t”

You listened to every word in complete silence, your eyes widened. You didn’t know about any of the things he said about his house situation. He never told you. Also, he never even mentioned Bryce or Jessica. You didn’t even know he used to go to Liberty High until Clay told you.

“I don’t know you at all” you whispered. “I have to leave. I need some time to think… to figure it all out, I mean”

Justin nodded, looking heartbroken. You quietly made your way to the door and left, stopping only to give him a sad glance before closing the door behind you. You entered your apartment, ripped off your shoes aggressively and lied down on the carpet. You felt your phone buzz inside your jeans’ pocket and slowly reached out for it. You saw lots of notifications, the most recent coming from Clay.

[Argila | 3:32 P.M.] Hey
[Argila | 3:45 P.M.] I’m worried about you
[Argila | 3:57 P.M.] Did you talk to Justin?
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] (Y/N) please answer me
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] if I don’t hear from you until 4:15 I’ll send the police to your building

You checked the time. 4:13 p.m., still on time.

[You | 4:13 P.M.] chill

You checked your other notifications and saw the texts Justin sent you while you were at class. You knew you would regret it, but you opened his chat.

[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] Okay here it goes
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m sorry I only said it once in my life and even then it ended up badly
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m afraid and I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you like a normal guy would… looking at your beautiful face and holding your hands
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] but I can’t so you’ll have to settle for this
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] I love you
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] So much it aches
[Justin | 11:29 A.M.] You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t ever wanna lose you

Pebbles : Jughead Jones

request: Could you please do a Jughead imagine where Jughead and the reader both have a crush one each other but are too awkward and nervous to say anything. This leads to Jug asking Archie for advice who tells him to write a song and do the whole throwing pebbles at the window and standing outside her window singing to her and it’s really fluffy and happy (but if they lean in to kiss they bump noses and are really awkward cause it’s both they’re first kiss and they don’t really know what to do. Thanks!

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I tweaked this a bit, because I couldn’t come up with song lyrics for the life of me. I still hope you like it!!!! love ya, xx aubree

warnings: none. 

word count: 731

(gif not mine)


Originally posted by jughexd-jones

Jughead could not believe he was actually going to go through with it. Archie told him it would work, but what did Jughead know about singing? Absolutely nothing. He had opted out of the original plan Archie had. He had wanted Jughead to write an original song to serenade Y/N with, Jughead shot that idea down without hesitation.

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And I can start every poem and every sentence with your smile alone. You’re sleeping right now and that’s okay. You don’t sleep enough. You’re always full of worry even if you’re trying to downplay the whole situation– it hurts less if we deny it, right? It only makes sense when we’re doing it right, so I’ve been trying to be more than just okay. I’ve been asking the heavens if it has a place for my mind, I’ve been asking hell if it’s ready for me. I bend myself into the sharp edges of every star, I still wish myself to bed. I track the time I spend on you because you’re always there even if I want to be left alone. Sometimes I trust myself, but most nights I just realize that I’m full of shit. Sometimes I love myself, but most nights I realize that I’ve got a long way to go and it’s this thing we call love– I’ve had enough of it, I’ve given so much away– but I never keep any for myself. They say the artistic lifestyle is bombarded by depression, they were right. They say the poet writes himself into a deep romance between the words of always kiss me goodnight and the stars are pretty tonight, they were never going to write us down correctly. They say that writers drink madness and smoke sentences made for lovers who can’t see that these words will never truly be theirs. I still break apart this lifeline to find myself in complete fear of myself– I’m really trying to be okay, I guess time is much needed. Sometimes I forget to love myself, but most nights– the tattoo of you is the closest thing that I have to a reminder of feeling better.
—  tattoos and painkillers
Two years after

Ship: Wolfstar
Warnings: none
Thanks a lot to @marvelousmckinnon for doing the beta!

For part 2 click here!

When Sirius left his safe so-called home in June 1996 he knew it was dangerous but he knew as well that this was the only way he would feel useful again. Sitting in that house he grew up in all day would have made him go mad sooner or later. He hated it there. Accompanying the others to the Ministry of Magic was the best thing he could have done. Even when Bellatrix’ spell hit him and he fell back into the veil he thought about how right his decision was. He would go. But Harry would live. And so would Remus. From far away he could hear Harry’s scream. Sirius wasn’t dead. Remus was right about that. But he was in a place he couldn’t come back from.

It was June 1998 when Sirius feet were standing on solid ground again. He didn’t know how he managed to get out nor did he remember what had happened in the place where he had stayed for two years. He didn’t even realise time had passed. It felt like it had only been a few seconds. Holding his wand tightly he looked around. Everything looked like it had back then, as if the battle just have ended and everyone had left. What had happened? Where was everyone?

Arriving at Grimmauld Place he found the house empty and dusty. Nobody was here and nobody had been here for a while. At least not lived here. He could see some traces of people who had been visiting this house. But hadn’t it looked different when he left? The Order had lived here. They had brought a warmth to that place that he never felt before. Now it was cold and dark again. Where was everyone? Where did they go after the battle in the Ministry? But sooner or later they would have to come back. They just had to. Where else would they go?

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Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Smut (not overly grapic but it is there), oral female receiving, grace kink, Cas got his wings back buuuut he needs to work on his landings, pissed off reader, annoying Winchesters (I think that is it)

Word count: 1300ish

A/N: I wrote this for  @bloodysideofhells 1 week writing challenge. Today was lust and the prompt was  “I want you to taste how wet you make me.” 

Also this was the first time I have ever written smut for Cas so bare with me - I am sure it won’t be the last time though ;) 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“Y/N I am really sorry…”

“Don’t!” You kicked open the door to the bunker and made your way down the stairs.

“What the hell?” Dean starred at the two of you in disbelief just as Sam walked in from the kitchen, “I thought the two of you were gone for the weeke… what happened?”

The brothers took in the sight of their drenched friends as the two of you made your way down stairs.

“Turns out that even though Cas got some of his powers back his aim is a little off!” you snapped and the brothers quickly looked too Cas who hung his head, “well you wanted to go to Paris…”

“Not to go swimming in the freaking Seine Cas!!” you snapped at him and Cas quickly looked back at his feet just as Dean let out a heartfelt laugh.

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Lying From You 1

A/N: It was a simple request that sparked a much more involved fic. That’s really how some of my favorite things start. Every story has to be a sentence first, right?

The plot: Pulled out of time, now you will pull Captain Cold himself out of his frigid life style. At least you’ll try because you never signed up for any of this and you’re not like them, but maybe you can learn. Learn to be like your handsome hero and learn to love your new life. Does the thief return your heart or do you steal his in kind?

Please enjoy the playlist I’ve made with this story at your leisure and to catch up on the story series list will be here.

Warnings: So much “bad” language, and the sexual tension is palpable as well as there are inferences of actual sex, violence will likely be a factor.

Originally posted by fandomlife-universe

“Holy shit! Holy shit!” You stumbled regretting your choice to leave the house this morning. There was no one event to pin point what set you on this path, but something like this definitely wouldn’t have happened in your apartment tucked away under the blankets. A pushed out chair caught your ankle sending you tumbling. An annoying detail within the crumbling restaurant. “Fuck,” you whimpered seeing your demise speeding toward you in the form of a tacky chandelier.

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what is this?? I’m alive!?!?! Yes! Alas, it is true! Damn I’m struggling through this writers block guys. This is kind of shitty and the ending is a little slapped on but I really, really wanted to get some writing up for ya! Thanks for sticking with me <3 (p.s. I also guess this is my lame attempt at a Christmas head canon mixed with the fact that the only thing that gets me through writer blocks is writing angst so that was kind of a weird mix haha)

Sirius’ hands were numb. They were so numb, in fact, that he had to keep looking down at them, at the gift in them, to make sure he was still actually holding it and that it hadn’t slipped through his feelingless fingers without his notice. James had yet to buzz him in.

He cursed, blinking against the chilly wind, and jammed his thumb into the call button a few more times.

“C’mon James…”

Finally the speaker crackled to life.

“Sorry! Sorry, Sirius!” Lily sounded like she had just been laughing, “Come on in!”

Sirius’s frozen knees bent stiffly, feet clumping up the two flights of stairs to James and Lily’s apartment. He smiled to himself, noting the tinsel wrapped around the stairwell railings that he’s sure had been Lily’s doing. His fingers were only just beginning to tingle with feeling again by the time he knocked on the door. It was flung open quickly this time.

“Pads!” James looked slightly flushed, meaning he was probably slightly drunk, “Pads, you look positively frostbitten.”

Sirius slid through the door, the warm entrance hall cloaking around him. He carefully avoided James’ dangerously tilted glass, “You’re powers of observation never cease to amaze me. Truly, Prongs.”

James just laughed and threw an arm around him, “You need a drink.” He tilted his chin back grandly, draining the rest of his, “And as it happens, so do I.”

Sirius grinned, wrapping his arm around James in return, “Then by all means, take me to the-“

Sirius’ voice stuttered out as they entered the living room. There were guests all around, laughing and talking and drinking. A fire was roaring in the fireplace, left over drinks and bottles of wine on the mantle. Lights lined every corner and edge of the room, casting everything in a soft, multicolored glow.

And Remus Lupin stood by the drink table, smile having dropped off his face, staring back at Sirius.

“source…” Sirius finished lamely.

Sirius nearly did drop the gift this time. He looked at James, sliding them slightly behind a group of people and out of Remus’ direct line of sight. James at least had the mind to look sheepish.

He held his hands up, as if to keep Sirius at bay, “You wouldn’t have come. If I had said anything neither of you would have come, and it’s Christmas, Sirius-“

James.” Sirius growled, “How could you- Jesus, the last time I saw him…” Sirius tried to discretely glance at Remus who, by the look on his face, absolutely knew he was being talked about.

The truth was, the last time Sirius and Remus had been in the same room, Sirius had been naked in bed, Remus had slammed the door without a word, and and Ryan Stanwood, clad only in his underwear, had been kicked out by Sirius only moments after. Sirius’ heart beat uncomfortably against his ribs.

“Look,” James opened a beer against a table, shoving it into Sirius’ hand, “you don’t have to talk. Stay in the kitchen if you like, just…” James’ hand was firm on his shoulder, eyes pleading, “It’s Christmas, Pads. Come on.”

Sirius narrowed his eyes at him and took a submitting swig from the bottle, causing James to grin and slap his back before walking over to Lily who gave him a cheerful wave. He raised his gift at her, silently questioning where he should put it. Of course, she pointed across the room, at a table filled with drinks and, as Sirius now saw, gifts. Remus’ table. She raised her bottle to him happily before turning away. Sirius had an overpowering urge to smash his.

“Thanks Lil.” Sirius sighed.

He glanced over at the table, praying that, maybe, Remus wouldn’t be standing there anymore. But Sirius let all the air out of his lungs; a sigh that was half despair, half desperation. Remus was there. Half sitting on the table, with his long legs stretched out and crossed in front of him, and thin fingers half peaking out of his thick Christmas jumper, loosely holding his beer bottle.

In another world, Sirius would have gone over, kissed him, stollen him away from whoever he was talking to. Or, he would have walked over and just kissed his cheek, softly, wrapping an arm around him and joining in the conversation.

Sirius picked his way through various conversations, side-stepped laughter as slowly as he could, until he saw Remus’ eyes wander to him and do a double take. He was standing in a second, fidgeting with his beer and clearly not hearing anything the boy he was talking to was saying anymore. Sirius’s ears were briefly clouded with who’s the boy before he had reached the table.

Remus looked at him only from the corner of his eye, shoulders tight.

Sirius’ mind wandered back to the potential, other-dimensional kisses. No, this was definitely not that world. He set his gift down with the others softly. They both stood there for a second, not quite looking at each other yet only aware of the other’s presence in the room. Sirius didn’t know it was possible to feel so seen and so ignored all at once.

“Remus?” The other boy looked amused, hand falling lightly on Remus’ sweater, “Re, are you listening, love?”

Both Sirius and Remus flinched at the same time. Out of the corner of his eye Sirius saw Remus’ jaw muscles working. He saw his knuckles whiten around his bottle. Sirius wasn’t sure his lungs were still working properly, it felt like they might be being attacked by his heart strings. If those were really a thing, that is.

One of Remus’ pale, beautiful hands raised, shaking slightly Sirius thought, and covered the the boy’s where it was on his arm. For a second Sirius had imagined it was reaching out to him.

“Yeah. Sorry, thought I-“ Remus swallowed, “I thought I saw someone-”

Sirius slammed his drink onto the table. He didn’t see if the sound made Remus flinch again, he told himself he didn’t care. He willed his feet to move, to take him away. Anywhere but here.

The air was just as cold as he remembered it, only he welcomed the sting this time. He clutched onto the railing, the metal freezing against his skin. He barely had time to breath, to let the winter air try and shock his heart back into working order when-


It was a pant from behind him. Sirius spun, feeling positively stripped raw at the look on Remus’ face as he stood in the doorway. Remus wet his lips, hands working behind his back to slide the glass door shut behind him, “Sirius, I- I didn’t want you to find out like that.“

He turned back around, looking down at the snowy street. He didn’t know what to say. He had wanted to yell, snap. But now that Remus was in front of him, confirming that what he had saw, what he had thought was correct…

“Oh.” Sirius’ voice felt barely there.

He’d wished Remus had left the door open because now, as he stood there feeling Remus’ eyes on him, snow swirling softly around them, it really did feel like they were the last two people on earth.

Sirius watched snow build up around his fingers, “I don’t know what you want me to say.”

He heard Remus shuffle, probably put his hands into his pockets, “I don’t know what I want you to say.”

“Well, it isn’t like you need my blessing or anything.” Sirius stared, eyes somewhat unfocused, at the snowy streets.

He heard Remus take in a breath, felt him move behind him until his face appeared out of the corner of his eye, “You don’t get to be angry with me for this.”

“I’m not angry.” Sirius’ eyes were hard when he finally looked at Remus, his jaw set, “I just don’t particularly need this shoved in my face.”

“Really. You should have thought of that before you shoved Ryan whats-his-face in mine!”

Sirius’s smirked, although it didn’t really look like any sort of smile at all, “Now who’s angry?”

“I’m not angry-“

“All signs really point to anger-“

“Sirius-“ Sirius could see Remus grinding his teeth, the way he always did when upset.

“Let’s check them off, shall we? Raised voice, flushed cheeks— well, I suppose that could be the cold-“

Remus growled, “I’m not-“

Sirius whistled lowly, “Tone of voice, that’s a big one-“

“I’m hurt not angry, for god’s sake, if anything I’m broken-” Remus rubbed a hand over his eyes, pressing it to his mouth briefly in frustration, stopping his words.

Despite the muting blankets of snow, the words seemed to echo around them. Sirius felt as frozen as his fingers. Remus was breathing hard, and Sirius watched all emotion drain from his face. His shoulders slumped.

“Sirius…” Remus said his name like a plea, like he was saying the word please or stop, “I’m… I don’t know him. I mean, I do, but- I- I don’t know-“ Remus leant his forearms on the railing, soaking them through. Remus watch water seep into the fabric, darkening it. Remus stared down at the street lamps, “Not like you. Not like when we…”

“Are you going to finish a sentence?”

Remus started, straightening, and glared, “You’re a twat.”

Sirius glared right back, “No, you are. You think you’re the only one this broke? Let me remind you who showed up alone to this thing-“

“Let me remind you-“ But Remus broke off, chest rising and falling rapidly, mind blanking at the way Sirius was standing in front of him after so long.

Sirius rolled his eyes, swiping some snow from the railing angrily. It flew through he air around them, “Jesus, Remus, finish the fucking sentence-“

Remus’ lips were cold, Sirius’ lips were freezing, but warmth seemed to fill every nerve ending in their bodies when they met. Sirius’ hand moved to the flushed skin of Remus’ neck out of instinct, Remus’ fingers gripping onto Sirius’ jacket collar.

Remus huffed into Sirius’ mouth, “I’m so fucking angry at you.” He kissed Sirius again, “I’m so angry, Pads.”

The use of the nickname could have melted all the snow for a mile in Sirius’ opinion.

“I know.” But his mind whirled with Remus is letting me kiss him. Remus is letting me hold him.

“I know. I’m angry at me too.”

And the snow swirled around them, melted icily against their skin, but they only felt each other.


Daisy dropped to the floor and started throwing a random tantrum.

???: What the-

The boy turned around to help Daisy up and when she finally got up on her two feet, she lunged onto the boy and hugged him tightly.

Daisy: Don’t cwy big bwo!

???: Not this again… Ugh, get… Off of me!

Daisy: Auntie Cass say big gul and boys don’t cwy!

???: I… Don’t care???

Maru: There you are- Hey! Let go of that boy, right now!

Daisy let go right away and Maru picked her up.

Maru: Were you causing him trouble?… Sorry about that, she’s still so young so-

Before Maru could finish his sentence, the boy starting walking away. Talk about manners, right 0_0?

Maru: See Daisy? You scared him away. Promise me you won’t do something like that again, okay?

Daisy stayed silent and nodded.

Maru: Good girl. Now let’s go find Cass, she must be waiting.

The two began walking away but her eyes were still glued on the little boy.