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That’s such a sweet idea! 

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okay, but in regards to the reverse kouhai wars, tbh i think the datekou guys would win that one hands down. when will the third years Give Them Peace

why are they here again 

i finished my first full week at my first job EVER (3 of those days were full time)

i just took a shower and now i’m going to go eat, have some of the mochi ice cream i bought to treat myself AND BINGE WATCH HXH UNTIL 3AM IDC 

Early Morning Commute

by literaryoblivion (AO3)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 1.6k

Rating: General Audiences

Summary: Stiles loves and hates his new shift.

Hates because it means he doesn’t get home until everyone else is leaving to start their days.

Loves because when he takes the train home in the mornings, he always sees the incredibly hot business man with amazing multi-colored eyes, scruff, glasses, and a solid frown that scared Stiles at first but now it’s just amusing.

Read here!

  • Dazai: -and then we held hands and went to go get ramen and-
  • Atsushi: Dazai-san it wasn't a real date-
  • Dazai: Shut up Atsushi-kun you know nOTHING

I have so many feelings about Oikawa Tooru needing glasses (mostly fueled by own recent glasses shopping trip).

He wasn’t wearing glasses in his childhood flashbacks, so I imagine him needing them later, around late middle school or early high school. Imagine the day he goes to the doctor and they officially tell him he needs glasses - he doesn’t even need a strong prescription, but those late nights reviewing game footage in his dark room have finally caught up to him (just like Iwa-chan told him would happen). He calls Iwaizumi as soon as he leaves the doctor’s office and starts wailing into the phone, “But Iwa-chan, my IMAGE.” Iwaizumi hangs up on him (and a few more times after that when Oikawa calls back to keep complaining) but eventually agrees to go shopping for glasses with him.

Iwaizumi regrets that decision when he’s at the eyewear store the next day for three hours with Oikawa because he insists on trying on every single pair of glasses in the store. The shop girls can’t stop fawning over Oikawa and basically play dress up with him until he comes back to a pair of black half-rim glasses (probably a super nice brand like Ray-Bans too bc Oikawa Tooru is definitely a fashionista).

Iwaizumi was probably making jokes about the different glasses before he got annoyed at how long this all was taking. And Oikawa hated it at first but then started leaning in to it and picking the silliest pairs to try on just to see what Iwaizumi would say (“Hey Iwa-chan, what about these?” “You just aged 80 years.” “I think they look quite good!”) (I’m also not going to say that the half-rim glasses were probably the only pair that Iwaizumi didn’t say anything negative about and that’s probably why Oikawa got them)

And don’t even talk to me about what a baby Oikawa would be when he tried to put in his contacts for the first time (he probably got so frustrated that he gave up, went to practice without them, sucked, and then Iwaizumi wheedled it out of him was was off, then stood over him as he tried putting in his contacts again until he got it)(“You can face down Ushiwaka but you can’t put in CONTACTS?”)

The problem with toki pona:
  • *my forehead is pressed white against the train window, eyes wistfully soaking in the expanse above me. Heaven has spilt across the skies and each molecule of it glows empassioned and crimson. Fading sunlight from our far distant star presses its fingers through the cracks in the horizon and streams onto the treetops below in terminal desire for the touch of the earth before dusk*
  • Me: wow look at those sky lumps. I'm on a fast rope.

At least once in their storied history of romancing rivals, did Gai challenge Kakashi to a game of whatever the Kohona equivalent of Twister is.

I mean, it has everything two young rivals could want in a challenge. Enough need of physical strength and skill, a dash of randomness and luck, and a whole lot of innocent and not so innocent physical proximity and touching.

They’re pretty evenly matched for a while, but Gai has no sense of shame nor sense of personal bubbles, so eventually he gets them both in very compromising positions in his sheer determination to win. Who knew spandex was this sexy? Kakashi can see all the details of Gai’s body from this close.

When Gai challenges himself to do push-ups while playing and ends up doing perched above him, Kakashi gives up. He lets himself fall backward on the mat. 

“I won,” Gai yells. 

Kakashi pulls him down so he falls on top of him and kisses his dazzling smile. “I won,” he thinks to himself when Gai kisses him back enthusiastically.

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Durian Rider is still labeling u fake. Such a shame as he is getting a lot of people convinced that you are not true to your colours and I can only think it will end up with people not wanting to follow you. Durian also mentioned that you are ranking in the money, I suppose too thanks to us morons who thought you were true but came to hear that you are FAKE.

1. I know who I am, what I do and my values in life and what I do online especially. 

2. His reason for me being “fake” is that Jonah my partner was sitting aside at the next table alone when I was sitting at the table just over with fonzie, bonny..etc. Jonah didn’t want to join the table because honestly he doesn’t have the same interests or get along with them comfortably, I told him to come over but he rather sit alone and he was completely fine with that, he only looked bummed out cause his phone has no battery.

For photos he doesn’t like taking photos together to post online and for videos, I’ve made some with him but whenever I actually go to film he hates it so I’m not going to drag him to do something he isn’t interested in doing just to get the views or make it look like we are some social media couple thing hahah (in saying this occasionally I’ll drag him to film a what he eats because as much as he hates filming he still wants to show what dudes can eat being vegan)

He is not interested in being photographed or being in videos and he has his own crowd of people he hangs around which have the same interests as him or just people he can socialise with easily and comfortably.

What’s funny is if I were to have Jonah online or in every photo that would some how end up being fake or whatever but because we just don’t take photos together that is also being fake or equals to me not caring about Jonah… We have been dating for almost 2 years next month, love each other a lot, have been close friends for 5 years and have spoken about anything and everything, especially this topic since I would love to have him in my photos or videos but it’s him that doesn’t want to and I respect that, he rather be behind the camera. another example I would love for him to start training again but he hates the gym now and love skating, I’m not going to force him to do something he hates. Fake for me would be making him train and take selfies together acting like some fitness couple or something or making his what I eat videos something it’s not just to make him look like he eats super healthy hahahah.. so yeah!

Another thing regarding money, I say NO to offers that pay around $1000-4000 for promoting products that I genuinely do not want to endorse.. products like lifesum app for example that everyone promotes (I didn’t want to endorse it because 1. I don’t use that stuff (only cronometer for the nutrients which this app does not have) and 2. it’s about counting calories and what you burned..etc and I actually think about those out there who can possibly develop an eating disorder through these things). and other things like waste trainers, protein powders, weight loss pills or sups, teeth whitening, detox products, games, makeup and the list goes on…

So just because I generate income online does not = being fake. 

Well i found a new reason to say i love avatar series more than ever and is the combination of martial arts with the elements and the protagonist in the hole story. I love this anime 😁
Im going to start training Hung ga because i am a earthbender

The time we shared - Kihyun

Request:  Can I have a Kihyun imagine where we’re friends (and I’m also friends with the rest of monsta x) he treats me like a little sister but then I go away for university for 3/4years and then come back completely different and then he starts developing feelings for me but doesn’t know how to confess so he asks the boys what he should do and comes up with a plan to confess to me and I accept. Could you make it angsty? Thank youuuu 

Words: 2742

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Characters: Kihyun, Monsta X (All members)

AN: Thank you for this request! I’m sorry I couldn’t publish it but I was so busy with school :( Hope you enjoy!

Time passes slowly as you’re sitting on the plane. There’s an open book and a half finished coffee in front of you, but you just can’t stop staring at the clouds. They’re just so beautiful.

But you can’t wait until you get off this place and you’ll finally get to see again your family and your friends.

Three years ago


“What do you mean you’re leaving us?!” shouts your good friend Kihyun.

“I’m not leaving anyone! And don’t shout at me…” you answear while cupping your face with your hands.

“Not everyone wins a scholarship abroad in such a small town, you should be happy for me!”

“I’m happy for you! I just…” you already knew what he wanted to say.


“We should’ve gone to college all together.”

“You know I wanted that too!”

“Then why didn’t you tell us that you applied for a scholarship in the first place?!”

“Stop raising your voice.” You never liked it when he did that.

“I’m sorry.”


“Tell me.”

“Will you… help me tell the others?” you asked not looking at him directly.

“Of course I will. I would do anything for you.” But you knew that I took him all the strength he had to say that.

When you told the other boys their reaction was different, but still heartbreaking. Everyone told you that they were so proud of you. You swore you never had such good friends as they were.

Hoseok cried a little in his room for a while, but never told anyone.

“You know I’m going to miss you?” you said, trying not to cry too.

“Yeah, right… you’re going to forget us anyway.” Said Minhyuk.

“How could you say something like that?!” answeared Hyunwoo to him while hitting his shoulder.

How could you forget them?

“I can’t believe you would all think something like that…” you said disappointed.

“Minhyuk is the one who said it!” Hyungwon complained.

“Like you all of you don’t agree with him!”

This fight went on and on, until you all couldn’t stand any longer.

That day at the airport was probably the worst day of your life. And it’s forever scarred in your heart. You kept repeating everyone that you would’ve come back, that it wasn’t a goodbye.

But they were not listening to you.

When your flight was called you got scared. You hugged all your friends and your family and left.

You didn’t want to stay any longer. It would’ve been harder to go.



The moment you see your mum waiting for you tears come out immediately. It has been such a long time since the last time you saw her.

“My baby! Oh my God”

“Mum I’m not a baby!” she would always say things like that.

“C’mon, let’s go home! I made you a cake!”

“I missed your cakes so much!”

“Oh… so you didn’t miss me!”


Seeing your old house after all this time makes you smile immediately. It stayed exactly the same, even after you left. You always considered it the most comforting place in place in the World.

“Sweetie! Help me take your suitcases out!” your mum shouts from the back of the car.

“Yes Captain!” You shout back as you do a military salute. You sure missed all of this. You’ve been smiling since you got off the plane.

You can’t wait to go in and relax on your old bed, the same one you had since you were ten.

“Where’s dad?” you ask your mum.

“He’s still at work, he won’t be back until 10. Don’t worry, you’ll see him tomorrow morning after a good sleep!”

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. I’ve never felt so awake!”

“Well… that’s good.” What has she just said?


You don’t even have time to process her words, the moment you open your door you hear a loud noise that makes you shut your eyes.

“Welcome back, Y/N!!”

You open your eyes and you see all your childhood friends and relatives in your living room. You can’t believe it. You’re so happy that you shed a tear or two as everyone comes to say hi to you.

“Thank you so much, oh my God, you’re all so sweet.” This is the only thing you’re able to say.

“Y/N!” you hear a familiar feminine voice coming your way. It’s your best friend Soobin.

“Oh my God!” you say as you hug her as hard as you can.

“Please, don’t leave me anymore Y/N.”

“No I won’t.” you say with a cry. And you mean it. This is where you want to stay. Now you’re sure of that.

Once you leave her embrace you wipe your tears, trying not to ruin your make up.

Suddenly you see a big hand giving you a tissue. You raise your head and you see a way too familiar face.

“Hyunwoo.” You forget about the tissue and hug him immediately.

“Welcome back, Y/N.” he says with his usual reassuring voice.

“Hey! What about us?”

You feel like your heart it’s going to explode from happiness from seeing all the boys in front of you.

“Oh my God, guys.” That’s the only thing you can say as walk towards them.

“Don’t be such a crybaby!” said Hoseok as everyone united in a group hug.

“Don’t even get me started who’s a crybaby between us two!”

You all burst into a big laugh. Yeah.. you really missed all of this.


Your welcome party is going well, everyone’s having fun and everyone’s happy.

You couldn’t be happier. But, there’s a thought that’s been lingering in your mind for a couple of hours.

You’re sure someone is missing. And you don’t like that. Everyone should be here.

Where’s Kihyun? You keep asking to yourself, until you decide to ask someone.

You turn to Hyungwon, since he’s sitting beside you with a cola in his hand.

“Hyungwon…Listen… why isn’t Kihyun… I mean…”

“Why isn’t he here?” you nod.

You must admit you feel a little scared to face Kihyun. He was devastated when you told him about studying abroad and you haven’t really talked during these three, unlike with all of the boys.

“He has a job now, and I don’t think he’ll be able to make it.”

“Oh.” You feel a little disappointed.

“He really wanted to be present, believe me Y/N.”

“I hope so…” you say with a lower tone.

Once the party has finished everyone goes back to their home. You don’t really know what time is it either. The only thing you care about right now is to get some decent sleep.

But first you help your mum and clean up the house.

“Go to sleep mum, I’ll take the trash out!”

“Are you sure sweetie? Don’t you want to sleep?”

“It won’t take long, don’t worry!”

“Thank you Y/N.” says your mum before going upstairs. Those words leave you hanging once again. You’ve always wanted to be a daughter to be proud of. Now, you feel like you’ve made it.

The weather outside is chilly and it’s so encouraging on this summer night.

As you’re separating the trash you hear rushed footsteps getting closer and closer. You get scared and looked at your left, where you heard the footsteps.

What you see makes you skip a heartbeat.

“Y/N.” Kihyun calls your name while he’s panting really hard. Your eyes are wide open and you don’t know what to say.

Kihyun is the first to break the silence between you too.

“I’m so, so, so sorry I couldn’t make it, but my boss just wouldn’t let me go, I tried to explain her that tonight was important but she wouldn’t listen to a single word.”

He was really sorry, you could read it in his eyes.

“Please forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. At least you’re here now.” Is the first thing you say after Kihyun as arrived.

His mind goes blank at your response.

“So…you’re not mad at me?”

“How could I be? I haven’t seen you in ages and right now anger is the last thing I’m thinking about.”

He smiles. He missed you too, but he’ll never admit it.

“Do you…”


“Do you want to go inside? I think we have some leftovers from my mother’s cake…”

“The one with the strawberries?” Kihyun asks in an excited tone.

“Yeah, that one!” somehow, the fact that he remembers what is the best cake your mum can bake makes you happy.

“It’s still delicious after all this time!” says your friend with his mouth stuffed with cake.

You laugh at that sight. He looks like himself from ten years ago.

For a few minutes, it feels like time hasn’t passed. It’s like you’ve returned children.

You fear your heart might stop from all this happy feelings you had tonight.

“You’re making a mess!” you say laughing.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’ll clean up myself!” you can’t help but laugh even more.

“What?! What’s so funny?!”

You take a napkin and get closer to him.

“You spilled cake everywhere from being the five year old that you are.” You say calmly as you wipe of the cream from his cheek.

You can’t help but notice his face getting pink at your sudden gesture. His eyes are fixed in your opposite direction to avoid eye contact.

You don’t know why, but feel under pressure. You can feel that he’s not comfortable due to your actions so you move away and go back to your seat on the other side of the kitchen counter.

“Did it…uh… go away?” Kihyun asks unsure.

“Yeah, all gone.” You says bluntly.

That awkward silence comes back and you suddenly feel cold. Since when did it become like this between us?

“Hyungwon said…” you start off after a moment. Kihyun raises his head to face you.

“He said that…you have a job now.”

“Yeah… I’ve been working for a few months.”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it.” The way he says it, the way his eyes get so bright once he starts talking about what he loves. It’s indescribable.

“I have to take the train every day back and forth, but I don’t mind.” He finishes. Then he stares at you.

“What about you…?”

“Me?” you point a finger at your chest.

“Yeah how have you been…you know…”

You start telling everything about your three years abroad. You tell him about your amazing roommates. The places you’ve been. The food you tasted. What you loved, what you hated.

But you don’t tell him about the times you cried yourself to sleep while missing home.

Kihyun is fascinated by all the things you’re telling him, he keeps asking questions and looks so interested.

You don’t realise how much time passes until you see the clock in your kitchen that is about to strike 3AM.

“I think I should leave now.” Says Kihyun firmly as he stands up from his seat and get his jacket.

You just nod and walk him to the door.

“Goodnight then.”

“Kihyun!” you stop him. He faces you with his eyes wide open.

“From now on…let’s see each other more often.” Your exclamation brings a bright smile on his face. Your heart skips a beat again.

“Of course we will.” He reassures.

Months have passed since you came back home and it feels like nothing has changed. Well, not exactly. You found a job outside of town and, to get there, you take the train everyday with Kihyun (Of course after getting coffee for both of you).

On the weekends you go out with Soobin and the boys, you eat, you drink.  You love your new routine.

Monday. Everything starts again. You leave your new apartment at 7AM, like any other day, to come and pick up Kihyun. Once you get to his place you hesitate before knocking. You hear some loud voices coming from the other side. You start to get worried but you can’t understand what they’re saying. You get closer to the door.

“What are you waiting for?!”

“He’s right! Why aren’t you listening?!”

“Because it’s none of your business, stay out of it!”

“This story has been going on for too long!”

“You’re so stubborn!”

“If you don’t hurry you’re going to regret it, you know it.”

“I have to go to work now, we’ll talk about it later.”

Quick footsteps get towards the door and your blood freezes at the quick pace it opens.

“Y/N…” Kihyun is standing in front of you, eyes wide open and it sounds like he has been shouting for a while.

“Am I too early?” you ask in a worry. You peek through the door and you see the other boys. Jooheon is standing up with hands of his head, looking desperate. Chankyung is sitting on the couch and Minhyuk is next to him. Hyunwoo, Hyungwon and Hoseok greet you with an awkward good morning.

“Did something happen…”

“No… everything is FINE.” Says Kihyun with irritation while looking back at his roommates.

“Let’s just go. We’ll be late.” And he shuts the door in a way that scares the other boys.

During the entire day at work you can’t stop thinking about the things you heard this morning. Your friends looked so deprived and it looked like they were fighting for a while.

You wish you could understand. Maybe you could ask Kihyun on your way back home but you’re scared of his reaction.

Once it’s 8PM you get to the train station as always and you wait for your friend. He gets there after five minutes.

“Why are you always earlier than me?” he says panting from the run.

“Because I know how to handle time, unlike someone…”

“You’re not funny.”

“It wasn’t a joke, idiot.”

“How did you call me?!”


“Repeat yourself!”


Kihyun messes up your hair and you slap his hand away.

“Run. Now.”

You take his word. “The first one who gets on the train will buy dinner.”

“Deal.” To everyone else in the station you look like two kids but you don’t care. This is too fun.

Somehow, you beat him just in time when the doors close behind you.

“Ah! I won!”

“Just because I was already tired…”

“Stop making up excuses!”

“Alright… what do you want to eat?”

“I want…uhm… pizza!”



“You’re just lame, that’s it.”

You try to hit him on the shoulder but he stops your hand and doesn’t let you go.

His expression suddenly changes and it becomes very serious. You feel confused.

Kihyun puts down your hands and leans over, for what it seems like an eternity. When your lips touch you feel something exploding in your stomach. Your heartbeat races and your face becomes red like your mother’s strawberry cake.

Your childhood friend backs off and studies your expression. You automatically touch your cheeks. They’re burning.

Kihyun notices your reaction.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” He says as he puts his hands on his head.

“I didn’t know what I was thinking, I shouldn’t have followed those punks’ advice, I’m so stupid… I…”

You take him by the shirt and unite your lips once again. This time more passionately. You put your arms around his neck and remove all the space left in between you two.

Maybe it’s the unsteadiness of the train, maybe it’s Kihyun’s soft lips but this kisses completely isolates both of you. There’s nothing else in the universe. At least for now.

When you finally decide to stop he looks deeply into your eyes.
“Is this real?” he asks with that adorable smile of his. You hide your face in the crook of his neck, with your head facing the outside.

“I hope so.”

“Y/N…” Kihyun says softly into your ear.

“Yes?” you say raising your head.

“I… really like you… I think you got that…”

“I really like you too.” Your voice sounds so cute and childish, Kihyun can’t help but smile.

“What I want to say is… do you think we could… be more than this…”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Your answear is so quick that catches Kihyun off-guard. You laugh at his expression.

You stay in each other’s embrace for a while, until the train stops.

Once you get off Kihyun offers you his hand and you take it with no hesitation. A fresh new chapter is starting for both of you, and you can’t wait to write it.

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hey it's smile anon again! honestly your answer was the sweetest and most encouraging thing i've read in a while:) tbh my real smile isn't actually that bad but i'm unable to smile spontaneously for a picture without something being funny without it looking forced. I 100% appreciate what you said, you are so good at making me feel better about things (it wasn't the first time i messaged you when i was feeling down) btw i still ended up finding some cute photos with sincere laughs my friend took

omg i’m so glad to hear this!! and i’m glad i could help (a couple of times???? im a lil bit in shock actually <3)

natural smiles/laughs are the BEST things i swear to god everyone looks amazing when they’re naturally laughing or smiling,,, i’m so glad u have cute photos!!!<3

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What do you think they're gonna do with gina? I mean they said that the whole hit with a bus thing was gonna tie in with some development at some point so what do you think that development will be?

okay my thought at this point is that gina is probably undergoing some pretty serious physical therapy in order to fully recover from her injuries

so while i love the idea of her starting training at the police academy, i had a thought

what if she gets really interested in all of the careers she encounters in the aftermath of her accident? starting from the EMTs who revived her after she was legally dead for 2 minutes all the way to the physical therapists who are helping her regain strength in her neck and spine and stuff?

really what i’m hoping for is that gina takes another significant step forward in getting her career started. like we know she only works at the nine nine because jake got her that job (at least those were his words), and that she’s been taking evening classes and has presumably done really well in those - maybe the nine nine closing will be the opportunity she needs to advance her career in the direction she wants to go!!

I just can’t wait

to see all those Gillovny haters hop back on the Gillovny train once Gillian starts publicly loving on David again, said no one ever.


Prompt:Kol helping you with your magic


You had been having trouble as of late controlling your magic and while you would normally look to your coven for assistance,they had shunned you for being in a relationship with one of the Mikaelsons.After blowing up your fifth vase this week,you relented and turned to Kol for help.While he didn’t currently possess any magic of his own,he was the only mikaelson sibling who had had magic.Of course the minute you asked him to help with your control,a bright grin had stretched across his face in excitement.You were well aware of the emptiness he felt without his magic and hoped your sessions together would help to fill that void.

Kol had delegated that your first session be in the greenhouse since it would provide a natural source of magic.As you stepped inside the familiar warmth of the greenhouse,you spotted Kol in the far corner setting up a few candles alongside some wilted flowers.

“Hey.“You called out to him though you knew he had already heard your entrance the minute you opened the door.

“Hi,darling."He greeted you with his familiar smirk,striding toward you and grabbing your hand.His dark brown eyes were dancing with their usual excitement as he dipped his head to capture your lips in a quick kiss.Even the brief brush of his lips against yours caused your heart to race and you felt a blush warm your cheeks.Your eyes fluttered open and we’re met with a smug smile as his gaze traveled to your neck or more specifically your pulse.

"As much as I would love to do more dear,we should get started on your training."You simply rolled your eyes in response and headed toward training area he had set up.

"I know you’ve been having some issues lately and I wanted to start off small."Kol stated as he followed behind you,stopping when he was positioned beside you in front of the flowers.

"I want you to restore these flowers."You looked over at the black and wilted stalks nervously.This is what he considered easy?Closing your eyes,you tried to focus on the magic within and around you.As you envisioned what you wanted to happen,you smelled a certain burning smell and your eyes shot open in panic.Your worry had been confirmed when you saw the flower in front of you had burst into flames.

Kol was quick to douse the flames in some water as he smiled at you reassuringly.You eyed the pitcher of water beside him curiously before raising your eyes to meet his gaze with the same unspoken question.

"It was a precaution."He shrugged,running a hand through his hair."Let’s just try again.Focus on what you want to happen and feel the magic flowing through you."You nodded and returned your focus to the new flower in front of you.You envisioned the flower gaining more color,returning to its former brightness and the way it’s petals would slowly open.Opening your eyes,you were annoyed to see that this flower had too spontaneously combusted.

The next three flowers met the same fate and you were beginning to feel your confidence wane.Kol sighed and wrapped his arms loosely around your waist,his body pressing against your back.

"Let’s try something different. Concentrate on the flower again."Kol said as he held you.

"How exactly is that any different then what I’ve been doing?"You retorted.

"Just listen to me."He replied with a smile and you sighed heavily before closing your eyes once more.You’re eyes flew open at the feel of his lips pressed to your neck.

"Relax darling."He muttered with a chuckle,his warm breath against your skin causing a shiver of desire to run through you.You took a deep breath and tried your best to relax.Feeling a kiss pressed to your lower jaw,you let out a gasp.More kisses were pressed to your neck,jaw,and collarbone.Letting out a soft moan,your eyes fluttered open and you saw that not only was the flower restored but so were the remaining ones.

Letting out a breathless laugh,you surveyed the newly bloomed flowers."I think it worked a little too well."Kol’s face lifted from the junction between your neck and shoulder to look at the flowers as well.

"I guess I’m just that great of a teacher then."He smiled,turning you to face him