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hophigh  asked:

wait but imagine stoick courting valka and she's like 17 and sort of creeped out but strangely attracted to him because he's 27 and 'mature' and the CHIEF for christ's sake.

Hey, it’s vikings. He’s a man with status and land and whatnot, and within twenty years of her age. I mean… I’d say that’s pretty damn good.

Plus he’s such a robust specimen too. Moneeey. ;)

I imagine her parents were thrilled like “You’re a freaking weirdo and the mother effin’ chief of Berk wants you. You’re going with him.”

HAHAHA OMG it just occured to me—Stoick’s “I should have seen the signs” line.

I’m not talking about him seeing Hiccup’s weird sympathy for dragons as a parallel to Valka’s back in the day.  I’m talking about the signs themselves.


Like, yeah, Hiccup was terrified of the thing, but imagine Stoick’s reaction when she explained what she was giving Hiccup.

"What’s that you’re making dear?”

“It’s a stuffed dragon!”

“Oh!  Makin’ him some toys to tear apart! Never can start ‘em too early!  Good thinking.”

“Of course not! It’s for him to sleep with and cuddle.”


He should have known something was wrong…


Emma and Cinnamon

“Thank you, Cinnamon!”

Pregnancy Series #17: Gift He Gets for the Baby

Michael: You were laying in bed relaxing for the day, and it was a quiet day without Mikey at home to keep you company. You were glad that it was quiet, sometimes you liked having days like that to yourself. Ever since you and Mikey had invested in one of those message backs for chairs, your back had never felt better. You used it almost everyday whenever the pressure in your back became too much. You had talked to several pregnant women that you knew, and had asked Liz a bunch of times, and everyone seemed to tell you that you had much more extreme back pain then they did with one child. As long as it meant that Coralee was growing healthy, you knew it would be worth it in the end. Once you had enough of the back message chair for the morning, you went wandering around the house. At one point you ended up in Coralee’s nursery, and you sat down in the rocking chair that Michael had recently added in there that had been a gift from his Mum. Looking around the room, you sometimes found it hard to believe that in just a few short months your daughter would be sleeping in it.

The nursery was your new favorite room in the house, and you loved to be in it and relax. Michael had really gone above and beyond with what he wanted to do with it, and it had been a great project for the two of you to do together. Little momentos of your pregnancy were all over it, You and Michael didn’t want to forget a moment of your first pregnancy ever. You looked at the pink teddy bear that you had gotten for Coralee one day in her crib. There were various things that you had gotten for her all over the room, and it seemed like the two of you could never get enough for your little girl. Somehow, the more you rocked in the chair it actually seemed to be putting you to sleep. Before you knew it, you were out cold in the rocking chair and when you woke up it was already dark outside. Michael still wasn’t home because he would have woken you up if he had been. It was strange, usually Michael was home by now. You went to your room to check your phone and see if you had gotten any messages from him, but there wasn’t anything. 

You went to the kitchen to start making dinner, hoping that he would be home soon. Once you started, sure enough Mikey walked in the door. “Y/N! Sorry I’m late, I stopped on my way home to get something. I got an idea and I couldn’t get it out of my head.” You giggled at his excitement, he acted just like a little kitten sometimes and you loved him for it. “What is it Mikey?” He pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket and opened it. Inside was a little pair of earrings, baby sized, that looked like little guitars. He then pulled out a second box, and opened it. Inside, was the same pair of earrings but they looked to be for you. “Mikey…” “I want to get our little girl’s ears pierced when she’s born. I want her to be punk rock!” You managed to laugh, despite being in awe at how beautiful the earrings were. “These are so beautiful Michael!” “I also got a pair for you. You’re my punk rock Queen already.” He placed Coralee’s earrings down on the counter top, and taking yours out of their box. He helped put yours in and you smiled up at him. “She’s going to love them Mikey, I promise. She’ll be the most punk rock baby out there.”

Luke: Liz and Andy had invited you to spend the day with them at the house while Luke was busy at the studio, and you happily took them up on their invitation. It got so lonely for you at the house without Luke there during the day, and you loved spending as much time with his family as you could. They were so excited to meet their grandson, it was so cute how much they already wanted to spoil him. As you walked into the Hemmings household, you were greater by the smell of your favorite meal being cooked for you by Liz. It made you smile, knowing that Liz was making it for you. “Y/N! Its so good to see you! You’re absolutely glowing.” Liz hugged you gently, followed by Andy when he walked into the room. Jason was going crazy with his kicking, and almost kicked Andy when he hugged you. “Strong little guy already I see!” The three of you laughed, but the kick had actually hurt you a bit. “He has strong legs, just like his daddy thats for sure!” You sat down with the two of them, eating and talking about the baby in the afternoon sun.

You got to the topic of the nursery, most of which was finished. The only things that you and Luke had left to do was organize the dresser drawers and put all the clothes that you had gotten for him away. It wasn’t much, but you knew that it needed to get done soon. Your little boy was going to be there soon, whether the two of you were ready for him or not. “Have you guys decorated the nursery at all since the last time we saw it?” “Kind of. There’s various things for him scattered around the room, but we haven’t really added much to it since then. Luke keeps hinting that he’s going to be getting something for him but he wont tell me what.” “Luke does like to have surprises doesn’t he?” Andy asked, and you sighed. It was eating at you that Luke wouldn’t tell you what his surprise for the baby was. When it reached late afternoon Luke texted you that they were all done at the studio for the day and he would be on his way over to his parents soon. You told Andy and Liz, who were very excited to see their youngest son. You loved Luke’s parents a lot, but now Luke could help you answer more of the questions that they had about the baby. 

“Y/N! Mum! Dad! Where are you guys?” Luke called from inside the house. “We’re out back Luke!” He came running to the back porch, a black plastic bag in his hands. You looked at it, curious as to what was inside of it. “What’s in the bag babe?” You asked, and without hesitation Luke ran up and kneeled next to you. He opened up the bag and pulled out a little Batman cape, with Jason’s name monogrammed into the bottom of it. He set the cape on your lap as a little tear escaped down your cheek (you blamed the hormones) and he pulled out a matching Batman mask. “I got him his first halloween costume Y/N. What do you think?” He looked so excited about it, and you were absolutely in love with it. “It’s amazing Luke, he’s going to be the cutest little boy in this.” You kissed him, holding up the cape so Liz and Andy could see. “I see Luke is already spoiling little Jason before we can!” Liz commented, knowing that she had definitely raised her little boy to be a good dad. You of course knew that too, Luke had been raised by two of the best people you knew and had complete confidence that your son would be just like his Daddy. “I really hope so Y/N. He’s my little superhero, he saved me.”

Ashton: You were nearing the end of your second trimester and you knew it wouldn’t be long until Baby Liam made their entrance into the world. Your belly was getting bigger and bigger as the days went on and Ashton was completely in love with it. If he was home, his hands would instantly find their way to your belly, constantly wanting to feel his baby boy moving or kicking. You and Ashton were extremely excited to become parents and you were doing everything you could to make sure you had everything you needed for your baby boy. The nursery was complete, but the two of you still managed to come home with more things for your little boy any time you went out. Whether it was a teddy bear or a onesie with a cute saying, your boy was going to have everything he could ever dream of.

Ashton would often find you sitting in the nursery, rocking back and forth humming to yourself. You had positioned the rocking chair so you could see out of the window and into your back yard. It wasn’t much of a scene, but if you sat there at the right time, you could watch the sun set. It wasn’t much, but it was something you had come accustomed to do every night you were home. You would sit in the chair and rub your belly as the sun set, knowing that in a few short months you would be holding your son doing the same thing. You couldn’t wait to sit in the chair and rock Liam to sleep, soothing him, protecting him. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard Ashton come through the door. “Y/N?” He called. “Baby, I’m home! Where are you?” “In here!” You called, beginning to stand. You were barely out of the chair before Ashton appeared in the room. “Don’t move, stay there.” He instructed and you quickly obliged, settling back into your spot. “How was your day, babe?” You questioned as he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your head and ran his hand over your belly. “It was great. I got a little something for Liam.”

You smiled, knowing Ashton would come home with the entire baby store if he could. “What’d you get today, Ash?” He smiled and picked up the bag from the floor behind you. He reached in and pulled out a black onesie and held it up to show you. It was a Green Day onesie, that looked exactly like one of Ashton’s shirts. The one that you were currently wearing. Because Ashton had cut it into a tank top, it still stretched over your protruding belly and it has become one of your favorite items of clothing. “Oh, Ash! This is perfect!” You smiled, laying the little onesie over your baby bump. Ashton quickly took out his phone, snapping a picture and uploaded it to twitter. “Gotta start ‘em out early.” was the caption. “Where did you even find this anyways?” You asked, taking the onesie and folding it up to put away. Ashton shrugged. “I had it made. I took in a picture of the shirt and they customized it.” You smiled up at him. “I swear, I fall more and more in love with you every day Ashton Irwin.” Ashton smiled, that smile. You know, the one with the dimples. He knelt down in front of you, holding your belly from either side. “I have never been more in love, Y/N.” He kissed the top of your belly before looking up at you. “Thank you for giving me a son.” 

Calum: The days were passing more quickly lately, and you knew it wouldn’t be long until Madison and McKenzie were born and you and Calum couldn’t be more excited. You were constantly adding things to the nursery, whether you picked it up or it was a gift. You were also working on a plan for when the babies were born, knowing it would be twice as exhausting with two babies. Calum made sure he would be home for at least three months after the birth, to help you as much as he could. His mum and Mali also offered their helping hand and you were so thankful. You were so lucky to have the love and support you had, and so were your unborn babies. You found comfort in knowing that if something ever happened to you, or to Calum, or even the both of you, your babies would be cared for and loved more than you could ever imagine. Not that you planned on having anything happen, but it was nice to know if something did, everything was taken care of.

Today, you decided to add a few things to the nursery while Calum was at the studio. It wasn’t anything big, just a few family photos, and a few sayings to put up on the walls. Calum hated it when you would do things without his help or supervision in the nursery, because he didn’t want anything to happen to you or to the babies but you always told him to stop worrying about you. You were pregnant, not handicapped. You stepped up onto the step stool and leaned forward to position the picture of you and Calum from one of your first dates up on the wall when you heard the door open and slam shut. “Y/N? Babe? I’m home!” Shit. He was going to be furious if he caught you. You started to step off the stool when you heard Calum again. “Y/N! What are you doing?!” He rushed over to help you. “I told you not to do stuff like this! Especially when I’m not home. What if you fell?” You sighed, your feet rested on the ground. “I know, I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted to hang up a few pictures was all. It’s not that big of a deal.” “I just don’t want anything to happen to you guys, okay?” Calum sighed, placing a kiss on your lips before rubbing his hand over your belly. “I’m sorry.” You placed your hand over his.

“I got you and the babies a gift today. Well really, it’s for all of us…but especially for them.” He told you. “What is it? Show me!” You smiled. You loved it when Calum came home with things for you or the babies. Calum left the nursery and returned wearing a red shirt a few moments later. You laughed when you saw it. It was like those Thing 1 Thing 2 shirts from Dr. Seuss, but instead it said “Hood 1.” “What on earth is that?” You laughed as he handed you another shirt. “Hood 1 for me, because I am the original. Hood 2 for you, because you’re my lady. Hood 3 for whichever baby is born first, and Hood 4 for whichever baby is born second.” He cheesed, showing you each shirt. “Oh, and Hood 5 for Junior.” He held up a dog outfit. “You are such a dork.” You snorted, leaning forward to kiss him. “But I love you, and this…this is brilliant.” Calum smiled, kissing you back softly, resting his hands on your belly. 


(Michael and Luke written by Danielle, Calum and Ashton written by Nessy)

Happy 2016!

2015 has been a fantastic year for dinosaurs.

With the best information I can find, the total of new dinosaur species announced in 2015 is 34! And, just as exciting for some of us, Brontosaurus has returned from his long scientific exile to rejoin society as a scientifically valid taxon! Maybe there’s hope for the Planet Pluto in 2016 ;)

2015 has also been great for this blog, The Doodling Dino. Starting in June, it has had its first 131 posts and its first 1,454 followers! Thank you all for your support and for joining me on our adventures in prehistory.

Last but not least, 2015 has been the highlight thus far for my family. My wife and I were joined by our first son a few months back, who is already sinking his gums into dinosaurs. Start ’em early, right?

Happy New Year, and happy doodling!